It felt like it was just yesterday that she came back to Evermore, and she didn't even stay for long the first time. If she could recall clearly, when she came to Evermore 12 years ago, she only stayed for a week before hopping back to Oslo to continue her research and now, a dozen years later, here she is… in the eternal city once again. A place she was slowly starting to call home, though it definitely didn't come at a cheap price. When she came to Evermore, Sofi didn't think she would be greeted by hopeful faces in the tribe, especially the Grand Master himself. The other Masters had looked at her with looks that she still couldn't quite describe fully. And just like that, a few months after she returned, the Grand Master passed away and most of the Masters did too. 

Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element. Sighing to herself heavily, she stretched out her arms and twirled the twin blades on both her grip. The blonde had always preferred to train in the open, especially when it's windy, it always gives her a good space for her head to rest and physical training had been her way to meditate without staying still. While she was busy practicing her balance and stance, Sofi closed her eyes and allowed the metal in the blade to guide her. No matter how reckless Sofi is, she’s not stupid, self-preservation is a skill someone like her needed very much and throughout all those years traveling around and perfecting her elements, she had enough supply of them to carry her.

 Which is why she could detect the person intruding her workspace. She can defend herself very well, both mentally and physically, though it does take a toll on her over time. Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. It was a possibility and there were plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer. She couldn't think that way, one, Rowan would nag at her for a whole decade once she fluttered her eyes open, the Scottish lad would never leave her alone nor will he ever let her live that down for as long as they live. Two, she's not alone now. The independence is still there, ingrained inside her but she's no longer fending for just her own, aka she has a whole tribe to look after. It's a huge responsibility, to be a Grand Master. 

Being a Master alone is already a big weight on your shoulders, much less being more than one Master, and of course… being the head of the Evermore Initia council too. The Ukrainian born female hasn't even settled properly in the eternal city, she still has yet to check in any updates regarding her sessions and shifts as a transferred psychologist, though being a Master alone is already considered to be a full-time job since she would be teaching any Initia who wishes to learn the Psychic element. For now, she wasn't in as much demand as Rowan, mostly due to the fact that no Diverse Initia would want to learn Psychic, probably by far the most unpredictable element ever. 

Nobody knows the full history of it, and she remained the only evidence that anyone has to a teacher. Even she wouldn't call herself trustworthy. Sofi just got a call from her investor that she would start working next week once the space if finished fully furnished, so she had a few free days since she didn't have any students to teach the Psychic element to. While she was exploring the city yesterday, she heard about a weaponry in the city that provided a good service and she was interested, her twin blades will always have a special place in her heart but she wanted to shop for a dagger. Or a few. The moment she arrived in front of the place, she pushed the door slowly as it creaked and stepped inside. "Hello?"

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It felt like the good old days; he and Sofi talking. About anything and everything. Maybe it had been their strong genuine connection; that made them last as long as they did; compared to some of his previous relationships. Rik had to admit; he missed having Sofiya around. So it was indeed good to see her again, to catch up; after all 20 years was a lot of missed events.

Of course, he was aware how Initia’s were connected to their elements; so he wouldn’t blame her if she rejected his offer of fixing them up for her. The Valkyr smiled, watching her twirl the blades around with precision. “Don’t worry...I understand.” he assured her. No hard feelings. Slightly chuckling at the feelings comment. “That’d be like, someone asking me to give up what I love doing most.” Eirik couldn’t part from the store...and his love of weapons. So he was sentimental towards that. In a way, it was his first love and passion. So he understood where Sofi was coming from, when it came to her first blades. “I am sure, you’ll do a great job fixing them up.” After all, if she made them herself; she’d surely fix them too.

The Valkyr tried not to chuckle at her phrasing. “You plan on pulling the likes of a Nephilim pain torture on them?” he teased her, when she reffered training would be mental torture. Her element probably sounded more complicated, than the rest of them. “Well, that sounds exhausting.” He breathed out after a few moments; as she explained what some of the training would entail. But since this was her element; of course she needed to be more well versed in it; than all of the others. The other Masters, would handle the remaining elements. “As long, as you love what you’re doing...that’s the main thing.” No matter how exhausting something was. That was his motto.

Hearing teasing, caused the Valkyr to chuckle. Yeah, the way he phrased it; probably didn’t sound technical enough. Although Rik was more and more sure, that one of his students/friends he agreed to help with training had a bit of a crush on him. As much as he did enjoy Zeus’ company, the female was bold and kept him on his toes with her witt. But she was definitely a girl, that deserved something serious. And Eirik...well he wasn't entirely sure, he was the right person for a long commitment like marriage. When Sofi spoke about her own love life; it hadn’t changed much over the last 20 years. “Last one standing huh?” Well, that was a bit of a surprise. Of course, Eirik knew off the sad passing off her first love.The Valkyr always felt for her; it was hard to recover from. But she did deserve happiness too. Hopefully one day, she’d find it.

Sofi usually hits off pretty well with most people she chose to talk to. And even when she wasn't as close as a friend would be, she would always make sure she was able to maintain a close line between acquaintances and close friendship. She was a big fan of a company, after all. The Initia hated being alone the most. Her biggest fear was that someone would come in her life, make a big impact on it, only to leave her after they've gotten what they wanted. Was she someone who wears her heart of her sleeves? God knows. But Sofi knew she was a passionate lover, despite having few of them over the decades, Eirik being one of them meant something. Especially when they were able to strike a friendly conversation with no hard feelings. What they had was special, it was worthwhile. She'll never forget that. But alas, Sofi longs for something serious, something she could smile upon thinking about it one day.

 She had no qualms with having lovers but after the death of her first love, she couldn't handle the pain it left her with. "Exactly, you're always so quick to understand. It's like you know me so well-" a chuckle escaped her when she realized the irony in her words, "Well, technically, you do know me well" In another context, it may have applied. "I'm glad you still have faith in me" she shot playfully upon hearing that remark about her fixing her blades up well. Confidence is such a thing Sofi never quite got around but she loves the feeling of it. "God no, not Nephilim kind of pain, no" she shook her head and chuckled, "Clairsentience is not something I wish to incorporate in my teaching. I believe in the strength of a will. Each person will differ, of course. So I'll only be able to see what to do once I see them" It was a complicated way to explain how she runs her teachings, but then again, the element itself was already complicated to understand. She didn't expect much from it. 

"Don't worry, I love what I'm doing. I'm glad I could open the doors to this element everyone thought to be a myth" At first, Sofi thought it was a myth too. Not anymore. "I'm not shutting the ideas of finding love but I'm not sure if I can find them" She was afraid that if she places her hopes too high, she may not find it. "It's fascinating, but I'll survive without it, so I'm not worried" While she may want to fully experience what that life would be like, Sofi could stand on her own without feeling discouraged over the idea. "If I'm lucky, then maybe it'll come. If fate has something else in store for me, what can I do to refuse, right?" she glanced at him for a brief while and giggled, "I have to admit I missed sparring with you." For a metal Initia, to fight is a nature instilled in them, after all. 

Despite how tough and intimidating Eirik could come off; many did consider him a good friend. There was a certain charm and charisma to the Valkyr; that attracted a lot of people/making it easy to befriend him; once they got past the initial moments; when they first meet and shocked at his towering, bear like physique. Sometimes, it proved a little harder to get on his good side; but once Eirik let people in. He remained a loyal friend; that they could rely on. Even if things didn’t work out with him and Sofi for the long term; they both had fond memories of their time together. Sof would always mean something to Eirik; the Valkyr still cared for her; as a friend of course.

The former Viking rose an eyebrow at her comment, chuckling. “Well, we did date. It’d be...unlike me, if I didn’t know you well by now.” He joked. No matter how long, his past relationships lasted. Eirik generally knew his past lovers pretty well. Sofi was no exception. But that was because he paid good attention to detail, the little things. Even when someone thought he wasn’t attentive. “Always, I know you’re more than capable.” He assured her. Besides knowing she made the blades herself and how long they lasted;he was sure she'd be able to fix them up in a jiffy. As she assured him, it wasn’t the Nephilim kind of pain. He was relieved; even if he had been joking with her, moments prior. “Good, I didn’t think that was your style anyways.” But he figured, that each of her students would handle the matter differently; especially if they were learning the ancient element. “I am sure you’ll figure it out. Different approach for each student, I suppose.” That’s how he was with his own combat students too; as everyone had different level of knowledge and training; some learned faster than others. So that could also apply with elements, when it came to Sofi teaching.

“I’ve only heard rumors about the element too..and I am not even an Initia.” The Valkyr chuckled. But he was old enough, to have heard about it. So it was something special; that Sofi got to explore an element, and teach it to others. “Is it popular, in terms of people wanting to learn?” Wondering how many students, she already had. The subject of love, wasn’t exactly one Eirik thought he’d be talking to Sofi about. Despite being past lovers; she knew, he wasn’t the type to have a serious relationship, like Sofi one day wanted; so it probably came “I am sure you will, guys would have to be stupid not to notice how special and amazing you really are.” Eirik spoke honestly. She was worth more than she realised, sometimes. “Besides, you deserve happiness Sof.” he reached over, squeezing her shoulder lightly. “True I suppose, you never know what fate has in store for you.” The Valkyr agreed, with a light chuckle. As she admitted to having missed sparring with him, he just smiled. “I missed it too, you did always keep me on my toes with your technique.” He admitted. Like him, she was a warrior. Afterall, it came with their backgrounds and species.

When she first got herself settled down in the eternal city, she's been thinking about plenty of things, there were times when the Initia wondered what her life would've been like if she stopped moving forward and opted to stay in her tribe as Metal Master, working under her adoptive father. Would things be different as it is now? Surely it would. Especially when Sofi has learned so many things over the decades, and she's met plenty of people; Eirik stands as one of them. She's made friends and she loves the way things are going for her. Albeit perhaps not as hectic as she is having it right now, with the ambassador duties and whatnot, but it's fine. Seeing a familiar face after a while did make her feel a bit giddy, though. "Point taken" she quipped humorously when Eirik said it would be highly unusual for him not to know her habits considering they've dated for a while back then. 

From all the lovers Sofi has had over the years, Eirik remained as one of those that she would always treasure and cherish. His company as a friend would always outlast most of the others. There was a reason why the Ukrainian female fell for him in the first place. Endless charms, she'd say. "If I wanted to torture someone, I won't think for doing it somewhere others can't heal" she chuckled lightheartedly, she does have a soft soul but it didn't mean the Initia wouldn't do what needs to be done once she knew it's necessary. She believes in her skill around the blades more than most and it wasn't surprising, seeing as she would never be able to forget her roots as a Metal Initia. "I'm not sure if the element existed in our books, ancient rites and all, people never thought it was real, it remained as nothing more than a piece of myth for most tribes; a bedtime story" For her tribe, however? They debunked the theory of it being a myth altogether. They never stopped believing in anything in a full period. 

When asked if it was popular for others to come and learn, Sofi shook her head, "Not exactly. It's a very complicated element, I'd say. I mean, everything is complicated, in general. But Psychic is still so very new to me as it would be very old too. I am not confident on teaching it yet… but I can't keep it to myself forever so, I can't say no if someone wants to learn. They'll have to pass my test first too, though" Sofi made sure that they were willing to go through several lengths to learn it as she wasn't doing anything by the book, "At the moment, I have 4 in line, none that I have confirmed I will teach though, still waiting for them to pass it." While she may be lenient on a lot of things, Sofi Zahara takes her work very seriously and you will find it hard to try and penetrate that shield. 

A smile was plastered over her lips when he said she deserves happiness, "I think everyone deserves that." A chuckle escaped her when they reminisce their sparring days, "If I don't keep you on your feet, then who will" she cooed teasingly, it had been an inside joke between them because every other female would fall over him before long.

The Valkyr was always a man, that liked to keep himself busy and occupied. And being part of the Valkyr community here at Evermore, and owning his little weaponry store. He had plenty on his cards for work. But recently, he had gotten an assistant to help him. A fellow Valkyr, by the name of Javier. The work was getting too much. It would be nice to get some time off; Eirik had been stubborn. Before he had realised that and sought out someone to help him. Or more per say, the help was offered to him. As she agreed to his point, he smirked. “I always have a point.” he teased.

Sofi seemed to be one of the few that could actually keep up with him. And liked to challenge him. It had made their relationship fun. And one of the reasons, why he still considered her a friend. Eirik didn’t usually have favorites, but he could admit, that she was one of them. He felt at ease around her; like the good old times. “Mhh, still...wouldn’t see you torturing someone.” He said truthfully. Sofi was soft and kind hearted. She did have a tough/feisty streak too. Of course, she could take care of herself/protect her tribe. So there was no worries about that. “Mhh, I suppose it has opened up new opportunities for your tribe then.” Knowing Sofi, she wouldn’t keep it to herself. Not for long anyways. Especially if rumors would spread and her tribe members curious about the element. In a way. Her tribe was lucky, to get to dabble in that element; whilst others were in the dark. Guess it gave the Evermore Tribe, an advantage with the ancient element.

He hummed in agreement, nodding. “Everything is complicated, in your world.” he joked, chuckling. As she mentioned, they had to pass her test. It amused the Valkyr slightly. “Ah, making it even more complicated with your little test.” he smirked. But fair does. Guess, he could partially understand her thinking behind it. “But I suppose making them work harder for a complicated element, sounds fair.” Whom knows, how her students would handle the task.

It was one of the things, he loved about Sofi. She always wanted the best for everyone. There was that old running joke between them. Chuckling. “Mhh, that’s why you’re one of my favorites.” he winked, smirking. “Pretty sure, others would have to try harder to keep me on my toes.” It wasn’t often, that someone managed to keep him on his toes easily. Mainly, because not a lot of women could handle his tough demeanor; like some. Even if they’d fall for his charms. “If you ever want a sparring session. I’am sure, we could work it around our free time….eventually.” It seemed like both their schedules were busy.

“Did you need something else for the store? Or just the new daggers?” Eirik asked curious. If Sofi was seeking out anything else. Or if the new weapons would do for now.

Sofi spared a roll of her eyes towards the Valkyr when he pointed out wryly that he always did have a point, while that may be true, she wasn't about to give him something else to fuel more of that ego. She loves to tease, after all. Throughout her entire life, Sofi had a few lovers who come and go, most of which she parted with a lesser nod but Eirik was one of those she actually does like a friend so it didn't hurt as much to keep him around. Why wouldn't she do that when the male could be one of the few that could actually make her laugh genuinely? He also knew the story of her previous lover, the one just after him, someone she really did love before she passed away. "I don't like torture, you know that. Too messy, anyway. I'm not the type to get myself in a mess like that" Despite liking the physical challenges ahead, Sofi didn't like the idea of hurting someone else without any context. It defeats the purpose she was trying to hold onto for decades now. 

An Initia is usually a warrior, and warriors do not do that. They don't mistreat their powers and authorities. "I want them to learn that there is so much more than what they've seen, it helps them to connect with nature better that way." Her main duty was to look after them but it was also her responsibility to take the reins and guide them. What's the point of being a leader if you can't even do the bare minimum, no? "It's not just power… Once people understand why it's there, and learn why it was bestowed, only then can they truly see the beauty in it." That was how she viewed her element, it's not just something old or ancient or even powerful. Every element is just as powerful. 

"If my world is considered complicated, how have you ever survived it, hm?" she huffed and nudged him back teasingly, "It's not fun when everything is offered to you on a silver platter, please, you would take the same step as I would if you were in my shoes. Would I really attempt to waste whatever time I have if they're not determined enough to learn it? Criteria was created for it to be fulfilled and I'll provide that. Assuring that they stick to it, of course." Sofi bit her lip almost instinctively when he smirked and teased her, the attraction was still very much there. "Oh, Eirik, ever so charming, aren't you?" 

He is one charming man, possibly the most charming in her book and Sofi has met plenty of people from a single glance. "See, it's not that hard to keep you on your toes, they just don't know what you like, if they do, it wouldn't be such a challenge." Hearing that he was willing to free some time for them to spar another time made the Initia grin enthusiastically, "I'd love that. Besides, I need someone who won't hold back." She loves her tribe members but they love holding back it was driving her crazy at times. "My weapon to go is always my twin daggers. But I am open to whatever you think would suit me. So go ahead, Mr Smith, enlighten me, I am a customer, after all" she cooed playfully and leaned against the counter with her arms crossed. 

Of course, the eye roll was a typical Sofi reaction to most of the things that Rik did, or said; in relations to his ego. But knowing what a tease he was; it wasn’t a surprise, that she didn’t do more to fuel that ego of his. “Of course, I know it’s not like you.” If it was. Eirik would have to rethink, just how much he knew about Sofi Zahara. As that’d shock, even him. Whilst Sofi may be a woman of many surprises; he didn’t think she’d do anything like that. Not by a long shot. He had never known her to resort to violence to try and solve a problem. Eirik was probably the polar opposite of Sofi. After all, with his upbringing and Viking Nature; he grew up with violence and various forms of torture. He had only used a few, back in the olden days against the enemies. Cruel cruel and terrifying techniques; that he didn’t share with many people. Most people outside of Viking upbringing didn’t even know the significance of those actions. Over his centuries of being alive; only few people could get through the tough and rough exterior, and bring out a more softer, caring side in him. And it was rare when it happened. Eirik wasn’t one to let his guard down around people, that easily. 

He always found that she had a unique perspective at looking at her elemental powers. Her explanation attested to that. “Not everyone has the same outlook on things like you do.” He pointed out. But he was sure, she knew that. So it’d be interesting to see if any of her students would come to realise the rarity of her element. “Hopefully, you might change some of their minds, on how to look at it.”

Eirik couldn’t help but chuckle, at her teasing. “Please…” he smirked “My middle name is complicated.” he joked. He was no stranger to complicated. His life certainly wasn’t a walk in the park either. “If I can survive my complicated world, I can survive in yours.” he pointed out. But for a few moments, he was deep in thought after what she said. Would he really take the same step as her? Maybe he already did, in regards to keeping his true name a secret from most of humanity? Unless, he trusted people enough to disclose that information. “True. You don’t want time wasters, right?” No one wanted time wasters. He didn’t like, if his own students wasted his time, by playing around instead of being determined enough to learn new combat and weapon skills. His reaction to him, caused him to grin. “Always...besides, we both know, you were always a sucker for my charm.”

“Mhh, maybe. Unless I am just getting pickier.” Sometimes, he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Whilst he did enjoy the flirt and the chase. Some women, just didn’t stand out enough for him to bother. Unless, it was his own way of slowly realising, he would eventually want to find someone for a bigger commitment; even if he always told himself, it wasn’t his avenue. Her excitement, made him smile. “I take, it’s been a while since someone gave you a good sparring session?”

He knew, it might be a bit of a challenge to try and persuade Sofi in use of another weapon. But he thought, he had something that would suit her. “I do believe, I have something that would go well, with the dual daggers you have your eye on.” Moving back towards his stock of weapons. Eirik briefly walked among the different shelves; trying to find what he was looking for. When he laid his eyes on a certain sword. He took it down along with it’s sheath. Carrying it back over to Sofi. Where he laid it down on the counter. The sword handle, had similar engravings to the dual daggers that had caught her eye. “I know it’s not your usual, to go to weapon. But I think it’d be suitable for you. I actually made it as an addition to the two daggers you like so much.” The sword was as deadly and beautiful, like any other weapon in the store. Rik watched her, curious of her reaction.

Despite her hardened exterior that was mostly just a facade until you get to know her, in which she would later indulge you with a smile of her own and how far she would go to prove how much you're worth, Sofi didn't succumb to how most Metal Initia were meant to be. Metal Initia are trained to be handy with weapons altogether and she basically spent her entire childhood until she reached her 40s to perfect that element when she first opt for her mastery path. But even then, Sofi wasn't the type who would use violence before diplomacy. There's a reason why she was always proven to be more level-headed than she looks. 

Her piercing blue hues may pin someone down but that didn't mean the softhearted gal would pin them with a dagger either. Unless they were trying to pick a fight. In which she was more than willing to put them back in their own place. Sometimes people needed to be taught a lesson and it didn't hurt then. "Yeah well… people are not meant to be the same. Then wouldn't that defeat nature's purpose of creating humans?" she jested wryly, knowing exactly what Eirik was trying to imply at but it was just her nature to play around with people she was comfortable with. Eirik was definitely one of those. "I don't intend to force them to go out their ways but things are going even better than I initially expected so I guess we can hope to see some fruition in the near future." 

The blonde rolled her eyes teasingly upon hearing his remark about how much of a sucker she was for his charm, "Please, you're flattering yourself a bit too much there" she shot, "Or maybe you're just getting older, old man. I heard old men are more prone to being very choosy. Pfft... " Admittedly, with how attractive Eirik remained, it wasn't going to be hard to score himself anyone else but she won't tell him that straight to his face as it would fuel his ego even more. She nodded gently when asked it's been awhile since one gave her a good sparring session, "I sparred with my former roommate awhile ago, but he's not fighter. His brain, however, works wonders." Rowan had good defense mechanisms in which Sofi was still very impressed by but seeing how often she sparred with people with combat background, she was bound to want a challenge. 

When he brought back a sword, Sofi took a hold of it and unsheathed it carefully to eye the intricacies on the blade, it was carefully molded, for sure. There was a slight tip to the edge that made her grin in satisfactory, "It's not heavy and not too light… when did you make this?" She was sure she could recognize his work anytime. 

The way Sofi was playful with him, made the Viking chuckle. “True, I am not saying everyone needs to be a carbon copy of each other. Boy..that’d be a boring and predictable world.” Be breathed out. No one would have the element of surprise, if everything was pretty much the same.What a bore, for sure. It seemed like Sofi was making some progress with her tribe. “Good news, indeed. It’s always good to have some matter how big or small.” 

“What? You’re denying it?” he quipped at her playfully, his brow raised sharply. Tutting her playfully. When she called him old. Eirik shook his head in amusement. “Gee...ever so flattering...thanks Sof.” But she wasn’t wrong,he was over 1200 years old. So supposed, it did make him ancient of sorts. Yet, it was no secret. Women still found him appealing, despite being as old as he was. One of the perks of being a Valkyr he supposed.The Eternal Stud. Hearing her tell him, about how she sparred with her  former roommate whom wasn’t a fighter, made the Valkyr chuckle. “Not everyone is a fighter..not from the same backgrounds as we. But he probably had some other tactics to put to use.” Everyone had different styles of fighting...or they chose to be passive; and not opt for the fighting at all.

With her inspecting the sword in front of her.  Of course, she knew his work pretty well. If he would put his own piece of mastery and someone else’s on the table; she’d spot the difference, no doubt about that.”I actually finished this one off, not long after we split up.” He said truthfully. Eirik had been working on it, in-between their time together back then. But after their time as a pair came to an end; he had more to finish it off. Somehow Sofi always came to mind, when he looked at that particular weapon

"But also not impossible either. Who knows, With the modern age of technology coming before us, artificial intelligence would be taking over everything in the future. Then a singularity will erupt, leaving us mankind to a doomed path" she exclaimed dramatically, "I mean, technically, AI technology has slowly keeping its grip firmer around everything. It is possible, it's only a matter of time now." Now that would be a really scary world indeed. She's seen plenty and she knows  the supernatural side can be very dwindling and intimidating but then again, what was it compared to the technology now? If there was anything that really frightened the Initia Grand Master, it's those technology that was bound to get out of control someday. 

"I think I actually found my calling here. Leadership wasn't expected but… it's fine." Sofi didn't expect to end up leading an entire tribe, she only expected to find a few people who wanted to learn Psychic. The world is mysterious in its own ways, you can never truly fathom what's about to happen. "Hey, old didn't need to be an insult but you took it as one" she teased, she wasn't that young either, especially for an Initia. But compared to the male, she was a baby. "He's an Initia. I mean he's shocked me more times than I could count but that hardly counts for physical proof. I need someone to knock me over." 

Sofi immediately sink her teeth deep on her bottom lip once she realized how wrong that could be interpreted, "Someone needs to tell me that I need to keep training and so far the only one who could actually keep me on my toes is the Metal Master, and she's not around much lately" Jennifer was pretty much busy, there were plenty of Metal students, after all. "Gosh, you say it as if we broke off and part our ways on bad terms" she jested and shook her head, the more she inspected it the more she could see the significance in every edge, there was a twist to it, "It's really pretty. I guess it is safe to say that I'm always somewhere in that head of yours, huh? I'm flattered."

Sofi’s comment about technology, caused the elder male to make a slight face. Everyone knew his thoughts on technology by now. Eirik was more set in the olden ways; being old fashioned when it came to technology; he tried not to rely on it. Unless he had to. But the blonde Initia had a point. “You always had a flare with dramatic words.” he teased, with a dry chuckle. “But, despite my view on the subject. You’re right.” It was probably why he had a certain dislike to technology. Back in the olden days, things were more simpler. Preferring to keep to old methods, as he was stuck in his ways. So to speak.

The Valkyr nodded slightly. He found that every once in a while, everyone seemed to find their calling here, in this city. It was just a matter of time, before others found theirs. “I think, Evermore has that effect on people. Everyone seems to find some sort of a purpose, sooner or later.” The Valkyr shook his head, at her teasing comments. “More, like amused by the comment. Could have been worse, if you used the word Ancient.” he joked. “At least compared to some Immortals around the city, you’re still pretty young.” Compared to him, yes. Sofi was much much younger. But the city was crawling with quiet ancient immortal beings, some even older than he. “Mhh, no shocking doesn’t sound so much fun.” Eirik chuckled. He was sure, that could be a bit of a nasty jolt.

Raising a slight eyebrow at Sofi’s last comment. But it wasn’t long before she made it clear what she really meant. “Seems like you need to find another spar buddy, outside of the Initia clan, that can keep you on your toes.” He shook his head smiling. “I didn’t mean it to come off that way. Guess, I was just feeling a little nostalgic.” The Viking mused. But he smiled at the way she looked at the sword. “It’s yours, along with the dual blades you like so much. Consider it an extra from me.” Eirik told her. Chuckling. She wasn’t wrong, She was in the back of his mind. “You know, I care for you Sofi. That won’t change. So you’ll have to deal with the flattery once in a while.”

She could handle a little old friend here and there, it helps that Eirik was someone she actually liked spending time with, that only meant she could always look forward to some of his ‘backhanded’ compliments too. Rowan was right, she needed to get out there and mingle, at least be a bit sociable, maybe that’ll help her get through this and that, right? “Technology will be both our ally or foe, at the end of the day. I sure hope the only type of foe it’ll serve would be towards the oldies,” she jested, pointing her index finger at him just to serve a point, “like you, and not to people who actually enjoy using them.” She’s not tech-savvy, not like Rowan, who’s practically surrounded by it, always. But she could get around it. Learning is a good habit. “Dramatic is my middle name, don’t you know that by now?” Always the drama queen, especially during her college years, actually. Sofi got into college later than most, she only chose to pursue psychology at the age of 48 because of her element, after all. “I’m surprised I didn’t participate in the drama club when I was schooling if anything.” 

But no, she always kept to herself, sticking her nose in the books at the library, every possible book she could find on neuroscience. “Now that I thought about it, I was a bit of nerd too…” Evermore was definitely enigmatic and unique, some would say special. “I think I like it here. People aren’t too bossy but aren’t too selfish either” back in her tribe, people tried to mind their own business without feeling the need to even be the slightest bit of considerate. No wonder she tried her best to steer clear when she was younger. Every stare was a burning memory in her book. “Please, you’re not that old to be called ancient, mister. Haven’t you heard of how old the Valkyrie is? Dare I say, I think he’s the oldest being ever” Ever since she was elected as the Initia Grand Master, that meant a seat in the council, where every other ambassador of each species in the city convened. She knows a Gideon Ashworth, who doesn’t? 

“I’d like to stay young, I’m not immortal like you people” she grumbled, a few years down the line of the job is fine but it makes her wonder how long she’d be holding this one for. Sofi raised her eyebrows playfully at the shock comment, “I mean I could give you a taste of how it feels it if you want to give it a try, I’m still a metal master” Metal is considered a conductor, a little bit to swish here and there, would naturally produce enough electricity to shock someone. “It wouldn’t be like what an Electric Master would do, of course. But it shocks half the same.” The blonde Initia looked as if Eirik just gifted her a present, or rather, an early Christmas present if anything. “My birthday hasn’t come around and it’s not Christmas, what’s the occasion?” she asked, the quality of his craftsmanship is hard to beat, after all. “I think you’d better think of ways to sweep me off my feet and not the other way around” Flattery shouldn’t bother the Initia, especially when she knows it’s genuine, “Oh, I don’t mind, I like flattery. Your copious amount of flattery was what got you me, in the first place, anyway” If sarcasm was a person, she’s damn well near.


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