It felt like it was just yesterday that she came back to Evermore, and she didn't even stay for long the first time. If she could recall clearly, when she came to Evermore 12 years ago, she only stayed for a week before hopping back to Oslo to continue her research and now, a dozen years later, here she is… in the eternal city once again. A place she was slowly starting to call home, though it definitely didn't come at a cheap price. When she came to Evermore, Sofi didn't think she would be greeted by hopeful faces in the tribe, especially the Grand Master himself. The other Masters had looked at her with looks that she still couldn't quite describe fully. And just like that, a few months after she returned, the Grand Master passed away and most of the Masters did too. 

Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element. Sighing to herself heavily, she stretched out her arms and twirled the twin blades on both her grip. The blonde had always preferred to train in the open, especially when it's windy, it always gives her a good space for her head to rest and physical training had been her way to meditate without staying still. While she was busy practicing her balance and stance, Sofi closed her eyes and allowed the metal in the blade to guide her. No matter how reckless Sofi is, she’s not stupid, self-preservation is a skill someone like her needed very much and throughout all those years traveling around and perfecting her elements, she had enough supply of them to carry her.

 Which is why she could detect the person intruding her workspace. She can defend herself very well, both mentally and physically, though it does take a toll on her over time. Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. It was a possibility and there were plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer. She couldn't think that way, one, Rowan would nag at her for a whole decade once she fluttered her eyes open, the Scottish lad would never leave her alone nor will he ever let her live that down for as long as they live. Two, she's not alone now. The independence is still there, ingrained inside her but she's no longer fending for just her own, aka she has a whole tribe to look after. It's a huge responsibility, to be a Grand Master. 

Being a Master alone is already a big weight on your shoulders, much less being more than one Master, and of course… being the head of the Evermore Initia council too. The Ukrainian born female hasn't even settled properly in the eternal city, she still has yet to check in any updates regarding her sessions and shifts as a transferred psychologist, though being a Master alone is already considered to be a full-time job since she would be teaching any Initia who wishes to learn the Psychic element. For now, she wasn't in as much demand as Rowan, mostly due to the fact that no Diverse Initia would want to learn Psychic, probably by far the most unpredictable element ever. 

Nobody knows the full history of it, and she remained the only evidence that anyone has to a teacher. Even she wouldn't call herself trustworthy. Sofi just got a call from her investor that she would start working next week once the space if finished fully furnished, so she had a few free days since she didn't have any students to teach the Psychic element to. While she was exploring the city yesterday, she heard about a weaponry in the city that provided a good service and she was interested, her twin blades will always have a special place in her heart but she wanted to shop for a dagger. Or a few. The moment she arrived in front of the place, she pushed the door slowly as it creaked and stepped inside. "Hello?"

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Eirik slightly rolled his eyes, at her oldie joke when it came to technology. “I know, I know.” he grumbled. “I’ve always been old fashioned, call me a technology virgin, if you must.” Whilst he knew some things about technology, he wasn’t as well versed in it, like the majority of people in the city. Some things just proved to be pointless to him. The Valkyr was amused at her comment about her middle name. “Mhh, Sofiya Dramatic Zahara, just doesn’t seem to have the same ring, as your real middle name.” he winked at her playfully. But it did sum her up to a tee. Eirik knew her so well, that he could agree with that point. “You should have, would have been a natural.” he smirked, as she mentioned not taking part in the drama club, at school.

Sofi seemed to sum up Evermore and it’s people, down to perfection. “I think, most people get that general impression from the city.” It was strange in a way, how one city could lure people in, so easily. But he supposed that was all part of the Evermore charm. Eirik’s eyebrow twitched at her comment about his age, chuckling. “I am over 1200 years old.” he reminded her. “Hardly, an age of a spring chicken.” Of course, he knew Gideon. Known him for centuries. “I dare say, Gid’s only got a few hundred years on me, so I am not that far behind my ambassador.” 

It was interesting to hear her say, she wanted to stay young forever. “Immortality Isn't always fun.” he mused, with a chuckle. After a while, you just end up watching the people you love, waste away and die. Not something, he wished on anyone. Maybe that’s why he never committed to a relationship past the dating phase. Not wanting to go through that, pain of losing someone. As she suggested to give him a taste of a shock, he rose a slight eyebrow but chuckled. “Alright, give me your best shot.” He held out his arm towards her.

Eirik laughed lightly, at her comment. Shaking her head. “Why...why do you always question, when someone gives you a gift?” he asked teasingly. “Does there need to be an occasion?” he questioned, with a raised eyebrow. “Just think of it as a gift, but if you need an could be a congratulations for you being the Initia Grand Master.” If it’d make her feel better, to have it be for an occasion. He chuckled at her sarcastic comment. “Well ouch.” he shook his head amused. “I think you got more sarcastic over the last 20 years.” Not to mention, she got more sass. If it was possible.

Sofi finally couldn't hold in her laughter and burst into fits of laughter, gosh when he put it that way it does sound a bit absurd to hear, "I've heard plenty of things before but gosh, technology virgin? A tech virgin? That's a weird term, Eirik. Even for you. You have to know that I'll never let you live this one down… I'm gonna get your number and save this name for sure" Speaking of which, she didn't remember if she's asked for his number yet. Perhaps after this, she's lost plenty of contacts the last time because her phone cracked. That's precisely what happens when you were too into your element, you forget everything in your surroundings. "Oh please, people still believe Yekaterina is a tongue twister challenge. They can hardly spell my name correctly so I'll spare them to torture of having to go through a tongue twister to get to my full name." Not even Rowan found it easy and with his Scottish accent, it just sounded twice as funny. "I wasn't suited for drama, never saw myself as one of those girls who sits in her dressing room being prepped here and there memorizing lines. I belong to the outside world." 

Everyone knew that despite her feminine style, Sofi does like to engage herself better in physical numbers, her bond with her twin swords were basically forged from the deepest pit of hells itself. It basically meant she wasn't about to let go that part of her that was connected to the metal element, even after assuming the role of a Psychic Master. If anything, people always found her participating in sports activities such as netball or tennis aside from martial arts. "Gosh, you Valkyrs are so old" she jested, but truly, sometimes older beings make a better company. Eirik was a fine example of that. "I guess for you who's experienced immortality for 10 lifetimes, it's different. I'm only passing over my 80 year old mark and I still have so many things I want to do with my life. So many things and places I haven't explored… I need time. Let's just hope time loves me enough to spare me enough" she chuckled, she wasn't afraid of dying, Sofi accepted that so long ago.

 Her tribe was harsher than most, well they were based in Kiev, after all. They trained their younglings with a certain mindset, some of which she still held until today. No point in regretting anything. When he beckoned for her to give him her best shot, the blonde lit up and chewed her bottom lip in enthusiasm, she wasn't a sadist, she just enjoyed trying out her abilities, that's all. Shocking Rowan wasn't as easy because the latter is an Electric Master. "You sure? Can you truly handle it?" she taunted teasingly and grinned bashfully while batting her eyelashes at him as if she wasn't about to deliver him a shock. "Most people don't give gifts to people for no reason, my dear Eirik" she chuckled before nodding gently in response to his answer, "Fair enough." Sofi shrugged casually when he said she got more sassier over the years, "It happens. I mean have you seen people? It's hard not to build this mechanism when people keep finding a way to piss you off... "

Whether his comment was meant to amuse her, or not. It seemed like Sofi was having a day, with the whole tech-virgin comment. “Oh boy.” he chuckled, already regretting using that phrase, when she said she’d save his contact under that name. “I am pretty sure, even from the beyond you wouldn’t let me forget that comment.” He was sure they hadn’t exchanged numbers. So he grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, quickly jotting down his number for Sofi. “Don’t make me regret it.” he laughed. “Because, it is a tongue twister of a name.” The Valkyr teased. The name Yaketerina, always sounded weird, at least to himself; when he tried to pronounce it. It usually took him a few tries to make it sound decent enough. But her words rang true; he wasn’t sure he could see Sofi being a movie star, as much as she had a natural flare for the dramatics in the real world.

Eirik chuckled, as she commented on Valkyrs age in general. Shaking his head. “Tell me something, I don’t know.” he laughed. By now, he knew that a large portion of his faction were quiet old creatures. They had a few younger ones among them. But the majority had a few hundred years of experience, if not more. Of course, he and Sofi would have a different perspective on the matter. After all, she was much younger than he was, and not immortal. “Knowing you, I am sure you’ll do it somehow.” She always enjoyed her life; work aside or not. He had a feeling, she’d get to do whatever it is that she wanted. “Please, I am sure you’ll still be kicking at 150, like a 20 year old with your energy.” He offered her a smile.

The Valkyr raised an eyebrow at her comment. “Please, I am a former Viking. I had worse injuries in my life-time. A little shock doesn’t scare me.” With his long life span, Eirik had injured severe and harsh injuries over the centuries; so pain and injury didn’t phase him. So, he wouldn’t let Sofi scare him away that easily, when it came to shocking him. He had a pretty high pain tolerance. And a good poker face; that not many people could see through, if he was in pain. Waiting for the on-coming zap. Her comment about the gift made the Valkyr chuckle “I swear, people made gift giving more complicated, now-a-days.” It wasn’t so complicated, back in his olden days. People would accept gifts, even when there was no certain occasion for one. “Mhh, suppose that’s true.” Sass did work as a defense mechanism. "Or people, just don't learn their lesson and carry on being stupid."

No, she wouldn’t let him forget the comment at all. She was sure she’ll end up remembering that absurd nickname she gave him for more years to come, and if there was anything that Sofi was good at, it’s remembering things most people probably wouldn’t. “Perks of being a Psychic Initia, you remember things most people wouldn’t… so I think you’re going to have me go through a lobotomy session before long, Eirik” she jested, all of this laughs and chuckles only proved her point that she wasn’t ready to discard her old life completely. Instead, she’s going to bring them forth and see where it takes her. She had space for new things but make no mistake, the blonde also had enough space to store the past with her too. She raised her eyebrows playfully when she caught him writing his phone number down on a piece of paper, “Seriously Eirik, you do realize I could give you my phone and have you key them in right here on the spot, right?” she shook her head and fished out her phone from her pocket, waving it teasingly in front of the Valkyr.

 “Jeez, you’re even worse at this than I originally thought. You sure you won’t be needing any tech classes in the future, hm?” Sofi was having way too much fun teasing him, so why not? “Besides, why would you regret giving me your number, I don’t have to remind you that you used to love how carefree I was, Valky” she rolled her eyes dramatically and batted her eyelashes at him, they had quite the history, and it wasn’t one she wanted to forget either. It was all good in living your life to the fullest potential, after all, and she wasn’t an immortal to start with. “Technically, it only takes 5 syllables to form that name…” she huffed, admittedly, Yekaterina wasn’t an easy name to pronounce. “Oh I could tell you more, if you’re sticking to the ‘tell me something I don’t know’ basis, because it does seem like you’ve been living in this world for a while and still have no idea how most of it works” A tease after another. 

“I hope I live up to 150, thank you” with all the workload she had, it was hard to say, but it didn’t mean she was about to give up easily either. “Alright, tough Mr Viking” she rolled her eyes in feigned annoyance and cracked her knuckles before offering one of her twin blades for him to touch, the handle was facing him and she was holding the tip of the blade, “Go ahead. Touch it.” Since her twin blades have been with her the longest, there was plenty of energy stored in there. Picture almost up to 50 years of metal energy inside. 

The Valkyr shook his head. Leave it up to his ex flame Sofi, to have such an incredible memory. “I don’t think, even a lobotomy would make you forget the tiniest detail.” he chuckled. But he would survive, somehow.How exactly? He still wasn’t sure. But the Viking could put up with her teasing. After all, he did a grand job at it so far. But Sofi would probably do a better job at teasing him more; she was reveling in it; he could tell.  Of course she had to wave her phone in front of him. Earning a slight groan from him. “Just take the number, woman.” he huffed playfully.

“I just prefer the old fashioned ways.” Eirik rolled his eyes at her teasing comments. “Maybe because you’ll tease me to death?” he joked, his eyes wide for emphasis. But the way she battled her eyelashes at him, just made him smile at the fond memories. The two were always the life of a party together. “I do remember Sof, I wouldn’t forget.” he smirked, flashing her a grin. The Valkyr raised a sharp eyebrow, as she hit him with more teasing comments. “Damn, maybe your middle name should be Sassyfrina instead.” The former Viking smirked teasingly, chuckling at his own joke. But he’d like to think that he knew how the world worked...well for the most part. But some things did still floor the elder Valkyr. Something Sofi seemed to be taking advantage of. Dang for his exes knowing him so well.

“I hope you do too.” Whilst she may not live as long as he had; Eirik hoped she’d be in his life for a few more decades. But she was healthy and determined; so he didn’t see why she wouldn’t live up to 150. He smirked in amusement seeing her annoyed look. Preparing himself slightly. The Viking wrapped his large hand around the handle of the weapon she was holding out to him. Bracing himself for the impact of the metal energy. His palm slowly began to tingle from the energy. Due to his high threshold for pain; he seemed pretty unbothered by it for a short while. Eventually his face scrunched up slightly. But didn’t voice his discomfort. The energy running through the blades indeed was something. If pain had easily bothered the Viking, he’d be yelling in pain like a wimp. But he wasn’t like that. “Damn...well you could easily hurt someone with that kind of energy.”

"You're spot on, Eirik" she even clapped her hands as means to applaud the elder male in a dramatic manner, a coy grin playing itself on the curve of her lips as she hummed in affirmation, "Not even a lobotomy would actually make me forget about things. Not permanently at least. Really? You're gonna try a lobotomy on a Psychic Initia, of all people? I expect people to actually be smart enough to think that may not happen as easily as they think it would." People could try, hell even Sofi wasn't sure if the aftermath would be similar to a person who survived from being lobotomized or not. Was she willing to find out? Maybe one day. Whatever day it was, it was definitely not anywhere near the future, much less now. Her laugh escalated further when he groaned at her, telling her to just take the number he gave her, to which the blonde shook her head and clicked her tongue playfully at him, as if she was judging him.

 "Yes sir" she saluted mockingly and keyed in the number he had written down earlier. "Point taken, I may trade you to death. Who knows? Unfortunately for you, you are technically undead. So… even if I trade you to death, you won't budge anyway. Sucks to be you." Leave it to Sofi to come up with the most logical explanation and reasoning ever. "Sassyfrina? Really? Honestly though, that could actually be a middle name… Just imagine, Sasifrina. Yeah… thanks, I'm going to name my future daughter that one day. You would get to brag on naming rights" she teased, despite being a career woman, everyone knew Sofi was the kind who wanted to settle down one day with her partner, and build a family together. An Initia is not immortal, they probably lived to less than 200 at most, how would she know? The oldest in her former tribe was over 180 years old, surprisingly. Maybe she just needed to lead a healthier lifestyle and be wary of her surroundings.

 "Who knows, maybe I just need to stop stressing too… it's aging me by a decade every 10 minutes, I swear" Her job wasn't the most stress-free one, but the human mind is such a complex thing to pick out. Maybe she even formed a fascination over how they worked, that's why she's here today, working as a neuropsychologist and not a psychiatrist. When he didn't even yelp or wince, Sofi chuckled because that was so Eirik. He did frown and that was enough for her to stop her demonstration, "Yeah, the more I train the stronger the voltage gets. The years I spent on them eventually clogs up inside, but it makes a good conduit." As she leaned against the side and kept her phone away, she tilted her head slightly to the side as she stared at the Valkyr, "We really should hang out more in the future."

The Valkyr was amused. His shoulders shaking up and down with his laughs. “I think people would have to be nuts to try a lobotomy on a Psychic Initia.” Wether Sofi hoped that they would be smart enough to think off the out-comes, not everyone would have those smarts, surely. You still get stupid people around, no matter the century. “Don’t judge me blondie.” Eirik taunted her, as she clicks her tongue at him. His tone is still a joking one. 

As she joked about trading him to death, he raised an eyebrow. “Mhh, trying to kill me off?” he joked. “Dying sucked once enough, don’t need to go through it again thank you, very much.” he jested with her. His second chance at life, had been a blessing. And Eirik had grown accustomed to being a Valkyr over the centuries,despite the first initial time of denial and struggle with blood addiction. But everything made him the man he was today. Better for it all. As Sofi seemed to like the amusing term of Sassyfrina, he rose an eyebrow. Shaking head in amusement. “Seriously?” he laughed. Leave it to Sofi, to pick it as a name for her future daughter. “If you do name your future daughter Sassyfrina, I call shoots at being the favorite amusing uncle.” he jested. “Along with the naming rights of course.” Eirik smirked. Even if he and Sofi weren’t related, he could still be considered an ‘uncle.’ to her future children, of sorts. Given their friendship.

“Pftt...please. You look scars and wrinkles.” he assured her. Whilst it may have come off slightly flirty, he was being genuine and a good friend, at assuring her she looked good for her age. She seemed like him, invested in her work and job; that she didn’t take much time off for herself. Something they both needed to get better at, clearly. Her reaction to his none reaction to the voltage, of course she had to chuckle. Dropping his hand back at his side. “Well to someone who has a low pain thresh-hold, that’d kick them on their ass.” he said with a chuckle. Smiling at the blonde Initia. “ know where you can always find me.” They had a lot more to catch up on, he was sure of that. There was always something going on for them both in their lives. “But it was great seeing you again, thanks for stopping by my little store.” It was a fun reunion.

With her eyes narrowed playfully at the Valkyr, Sofi shrugged absentmindedly when he said it would be near impossible to perform a lobotomy on a Psychic Initia such as her. "I mean, the whole perk about being me is the fact that I am fully immune to mind control or anything that would tamper with my head. But I won't say it's completely unthought of. If they don't know I'm immune to their mind tricks, one might actually try and give it a go, you know?" It did make her shudder at the mere thought of going through that kind of process. As a neuropsychologist, Sofi had her own fair share of seeing people performing lobotomy to some patients. It wasn't a pretty sight and she would rather minimize the whole eyeing part. "Admittedly, I would be very pissed off if anyone tries to pull the move on me" but then again, the blonde had a short fuse in general. "See, if I don't judge you, it won't be half as enjoyable to tease you, Eirik" she pointed out dryly, "you need to let me have my fun." 

Between the two of them, only he knew the experience of going through the limbo within the two realms, it was something Sofi didn't want to experience until her time truly arrives, "I wouldn't trade you even if it kills me, don't worry" she reassured lightly, say what you want about her but fidelity and loyalty are some of the traits Sofi liked to find herself affiliated with. When Eirik expressed his surprise and amusement over the name she decided to give her future daughter, the Initia shook her head and shrugged as if to say why not, "There are weirder and worse names around, Sassyfrina is hardly a crime compared to something like… Portia. I swear if you ever suggest me a name like that for my offspring, I will wipe you off my book" she warned, ever since this girl named Portia teased her for 4 years of her childhood, Sofi really did not like the name. It didn't help that Portia grew up to be a bully too. 

"Who the hell would name their daughter Portia? Like what were you thinking of when you see your daughter and thought… Portia, yes what a good name." The way she scrunched her nose up in disgust clearly showcased her dislike over the name. Old habits die hard and unfortunately, Sofi wasn't the type to forgive and forget easily. It was going to take more than that to get anywhere near. Sofi pressed both hands against her cheeks and sighed in relief, "I mean they better not make an appearance anytime soon… I quite like looking youthful even if I'm nearing my 80s." Overall, today has been a fun one. She didn't expect to be reunited with an old flame and friend such as Eirik but she was glad she met him when she did. "This won't be my last time stopping by" she winked playfully and waved the pair of blades she received from him like a cheerful kid who received candies for reward, "I'll come back for my blade so… until the next time" she made the gesture of tipping her hat and spared him a sheepish grin before exiting the store.


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