Clara had arrived early at the library that morning, a storm had looked like it might be brewing on the horizon which was typical spring weather. As Clara always seemed to prepare for cases like these she had slipped out the door but not before grabbing a raincoat and some boots along with an umbrella which she put in the back of her car.  Now Clara quite enjoyed the rain, especially when she had to work, the warm lighting in the library and the storm outside the windows always added a certain ambiance to her workday, that couldn't really be replaced. 

Busying herself she began to put away all the overnight returns, though her fellow co-workers would be here in an hour she usually did them herself anyway. Moving the books on the book cart she grabbed the elevator to first return the children and middle school books away first, along she went to the third floor, she turned on the first set of lights as she exited the elevator to her floor, the dark hardwood creaking under every step she made, 
It didn't matter how many times she'd put the books away up here, but being alone on the third floor still had the power to make her a little more cautious of every sound she heard and every step she made. Obviously, it was just nerves she repeated to herself. 

By the time all the books were put away on each individual floor, and the library dusted and vacuumed, her co-workers had already shown up, the lounge being filled with the smell of coffee that wafted through the halls leading to the room. She'd grab a cup probably in an hour.

When the clock hit nine o'clock, she went to the door, turning over the sign from closed to open, another day at the library just about to begin. 

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Aureus closed the door to the car and looked up at the building. Libraries were certainly far and few between nowadays, but he was glad to see this one standing. Nothing magical or dangerous inside except for the writings of worlds the authors had created in their stories. He had lived a long time and been to many interesting places around the Earth, but still, libraries were always somewhere he enjoyed visiting, even ones that weren't exactly famous. 

Reus headed up the walkway to the front door and pulled it open, stepping inside where he was met with the pleasant smell that came with many libraries; the collection of thousands of books. There were a few people walking about inside which somewhat surprised him. Normally libraries were rarely visited anymore, but it was a Saturday morning, so he supposed this may be normal which made him smile softly. So many people relied on the internet and technology for their reading now, that physical copies almost seemed obsolete. He much preferred the feeling of the hard copies in his hands. It felt more tangible.

Today though, he wasn't here for books, but was actually looking for use of a computer. Yes, he had the ability to use one back at the manor, but he desperately needed a small escape from his home. There were too many people occupying the place with Evermore in a state of unrest with these strange happenings and he needed some time to decompress from them all and their heightened emotions. Even keeping to his room wouldn't really stop anyone from knocking on the door in search of him.

He walked over to the front desk and waited for one of the librarians to come, knowing you need to actually sign in and have them access the computer for you once paying to rent some time using it. The Aspect wasn't exactly sure if he would even find anything, but it would be worth a shot.

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