One minute, three, four, an hour, five, six… Logan took a deep breath solely through his nose. He had been staring holes in his ceiling all night too afraid to fall asleep and too ashamed to admit why out loud. When at last he sat up he took a deep breath but one of relief this time when the violent buzzing of his phone reverberated through his ears. He caught it and answer just before it vibrated itself off his bedside table. He had not even gotten the chance to say he was on the line before the chief of police, his boss, began cramming the call with talk of a dead body. “Got it. On my way.” Was all he could say before hanging up and that was alright with him, the less he spoke the better.

Beating the sun was a normal basis for me, but I usually watched it rise instead of rushing out to get to work. I still took a moment to stop and stare at it as its Ray’s touched my skin. I walked to work, not really comfortable behind the wheel anymore, it did not help that all my cars were from my birth mother. Nothing ever really helped if I was being completely honest, but like everyone I did my best to hide my pain. With one last breath I enter my precinct immediately hit with the wave of movement, life, and state of panic this place all held. I slip through the crowds and clusters of people and slide down the steps to the forensics lab, my personal office. I shut the door behind me only to learn against as I took in the silence of my personal office. Until a familiar scent curled into my nose. A kitsune…

For the briefest of seconds, he thought his sister had come to visit but as soon as that thought had come it was gone as he knew she hated him. Or that is at least what she left him to believe. He opened his eyes to find whom he could only assume was the woman whom had found this said body. “uhh… hi.” He said in a friendly tone but did not smile he was sure she had been interrogated by now and if he knew some of the cops here, they were probably already coming up with how she was guilty. Logan on the other hand just needed to give her one good look in the eyes to know the truth. He moved around his office calmly gathering his forensics kit. Restocking what he had run low on from the last case he had “I am Logan. Pretty sure the chief who sent you down here told you about me.” He never really looked at her yet, wanting to make sure he did not forget anything.

“You will have to lead the way back to this body. “I frowned I hated the idea of a civilian being involved like this but… “The boss says it is in a weird location.” I scoffed and shook my head. “Yeah…” I huffed “that just means everyone else was too lazy to have you explain the spot to them.” I sucked my teeth at their laziness and careless nature over this situation, this could likely be a trigger for her but they would never know because they could not give the time of day. I gathered the last of my things and walked up to her at last looking her right in the eyes. That was all I needed, that one look, she was far from guilty, so I finally smiled though that smile never reached my eyes. “Well, after you. We should get there before others find it, or someone tries and cover it up… if that is… you know what… what… never mind. We should just go.” I followed her out the door only to curse under breath and ask for one more second, trotting back into my office to grab the forensics camera and then trotting back to her as we walked out.

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Early morning is where you can see the kitsune doing some warm-ups with her crossbow to bow and arrows but this time she chooses to take a small hike around the area. Seraphina always likes to do things on her own as recently she really wants to find herself. Her hike didn't go as planned, however. Seraphina found a body that was traumatizing to her. It was someone she once knew, Sera was shaken up she would not make words when she made the call. Tears streaming down her face as she turned around to not look at the blood and how bad the body looked. Why would someone kill someone else it didn't make sense to her but people are cruel. 

When they got there the police took Seraphina away from the scene to talk to her how long she found the body, where it was and other things. The kitsune didn't know how to explain things properly as they told her they will take her down to the police department and file a report. She only agreed due to it was her friend, another person in her life is gone and she couldn't do anything about it. In fairness to her, Seraphina didn't know it happened or heard any screams. It was peaceful and calm she didn't even hear a pencil drop. 

When she got to the station, Seraphina filed the report as she is told she would be talking to someone named Logan she nodded but stayed quiet for most of the time. After a few minutes that seemed for a long time, she heard a voice talking to her. When she heard his name Seraphina looked up with a light smile to him with a nodded. "Yeah, am Sera." She said lightly. His scent told her he was also part of her kind. Kitsune or Therian? A question that is not important right now.  When the male told her she has to take them to the body Seraphina felt sick to her stomach again. “Why should I? Do I have to see my dead friend again?” she asked hoping it was not true but she can tell it’s something she has to do. 

“Yes, it’s in the creek but hidden,” Seraphina said as she chocked up putting her hands in her hair with a big sigh. She knew how lazy people can be but it didn’t surprise her somewhere in the department who is in charge of keeping people safe from harm’s way. “I will only go there because it’s the right thing to do and closer to bring my friend justice,” she said standing up. The thought of someone covering up the body made her more sick to her stomach. She walked out with the male as she got in the car. She didn’t want to say anything knowing she is about to go into tears that she does not want to show. 

A blatant frown appeared on Logans face, he knew what it was like to be forced to see the lifeless body of someone you cared for. He took in a sharp breath forcing the thought from his mind before the haunted memories could follow. "I am sorry." He whispered, he personally would have never asked or wanted her to join him if it were not for the surrounding circumstances. The trek to the crime was a rather quite one as Logan was no good with words and the heaviness of the possible murder sitting on his shoulders. 

Once we had arrived at the scene I grimaced at the scent in the air. It was clear what it was for those of us with a heightened sense of smell, it was no wonder she had found it. I cleared my throat as we drew closer the scent growling stronger. "You do not have to go any further." I knew she knew what I was, so naturally she could probably tell I could smell it out and find the body from here. I just... I was just doing what I would have wanted some to do for me if I were in her shoes, and that was to keep me from having to see my loved ones body again. 

He continued on following his nose from there but he froze and winced seeing the body. Frowning deeply and taking a few steadying breaths; fighting through the reaction he always had seeing a victims body to do his job. He snapped a few photos of the body and the surrounding area before putting on rubber gloves to begin and collect evidence and put them in the appropriate plastic bags. There was one thing that stood out from everything else, It was a tiny piece of wood most likely from a tree branch but there was a strange substance on it. He examined it for a moment or two holding it up to the peeking light through the trees, he twisted his mouth. This was going to have to examined back at the lab to determine what this was. 

The kitsune didn't mind helping people but she has a gut feeling what happened didn't happen on purpose. She didn't really want to think the negative. Hearing Logan spoke up Seraphina shook her head knowing it can't be helped. "I just don't have a good feeling around the area and that says someone who always goes on that trail almost every day. it does not add up at all," she said. In the back of her mind, she does not want to think it's a warning. She shook her head to get the thought out as Sera stood up knowing she had no choice but to go.

When they got to the scene Sera'a stomach turned upside down. Walking with the other the scent got stronger and stronger as she covered her nose. "If you want a statement from me, this does not see to be an accident but a plan. It was meant to be found by someone around the area. Someone like us. It does not feel right at all." she said with a low voice but enough for the male to hear her. Seraphina nodded as she stands put watching from the distance. 

As she waited she felt her phone vibrate in her back pants pocket. Sera pulled it out to see if it was her father as she sent him a message about what is going on and that she is alright but she can't talk at that given moment. She hopes whoever did this the family will get justice.  The kitsune walked a little further near the male but not enough for her to see the body.  "Did you find anything?" Sera asked with her arms crossed. "I don't know if your people told you but I found the body when I was doing my exercises with my crossbow a few trees away maybe 10 or less I don't know. I think my arrow is where you are it's kinda metal. I was coming to get it when I found what happened. it must have happened last night or earlier this morning before I came out. I thought it would be safe for me to practice since hardly anyone is in the middle of the woods." Seraphina said retelling how she found the body, she never saw the details of what could've happened but it made the question why would someone do this to another. 

Seraphina knows she can hardly do anything but she can do is bring out information that might help find the people responsible. They can't hide or cover up what they did but if it was planned then who are they trying to warn or bring out? There are so many questions the kitsune wanted to ask but there are no answers coming forward to bring her to calm down. Something is going on and it's not something she feels will be good but all the bad. 

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