His stark contrast to the other people his age was evident, Julian finding solace and comfortableness in tranquility the silence offered. Keeping to himself and rendering himself to be quite the ‘introverted mystery guy' that was hard to approach back in the boarding school seemed to be a particular trait he's kept to himself even after growing up. It's been quite a while since he's moved to the rumored supernatural haven; Evermore City, a place located so far up in Colorado. A place that could offer him a chance to start anew and develop himself into becoming a better person. Julian has had his own fair share of travelling around the continents of the world in his youth, as soon as he graduated off boarding school, but this was by far the most adventurous and ambiguous journey that he's ever taken up to.

During the first few months settling in the eternal city, the raven haired male found himself basking in the freedom the city exuded-- an enigmatic energy that just drew him closer than ever. He had hoped to seek out more people like him, and maybe someone from the past. But he doesn't know that, not yet. Leaving his home in Westminster, England, was hard despite being fairly familiar with the nomadic tracks he's been affiliating himself with, but moving permanently to a place that's over 4,720 miles away. The angel child was a bit skeptical and hesitant to leave his parents and family behind, but the transfer position from his occupation made it a lot easier to comprehend. Julian is an aeronautical engineering officer, which surprisingly suited him far better than being a biophysicist. It allowed him to successfully transfer his department to Colorado as a military officiant. It was certainly better than nothing.

Staring at the pile of snow that has begun to stick in on the stony pavements across his residency, he fished out his phone and dialed a number before waiting for the caller to pick up. After a few rings later, the person on the other end picked up, and a small smile made its way up to his lips. “Hey, how are you doing? Is mom okay? Or has she not gotten over the fact that her eldest son is doing fine in another country per usual?” Calling and contacting his younger siblings and father was a normal occurrence for the nephilim, seeing as his occupation usually entailed him to travel across the world to operate whenever he is called upon. Although this time, he applied for a transfer-- specifically to Colorado. Apart from his siblings and himself, no one actually knew the real reason why he came here, and he intends to keep it that way until a decision is made. He's heard of the nephilim ambassador but has yet to actually meet her, so his permanent marker is not really permanent. Though it's more likely that he'd stay because so far, Julian enjoyed the city.

Not an hour passed and his other phone's ringtone blared loudly on the mahogany desk situated just a few meters away from his bed. Noticing the messenger ID on it, he pursed his lips slightly before informing his younger sister that he'd call again when he has time and ended it. Seems like today's a field day, after all. Not even the winter could stop the progress of his work, it only added more to pile, it seems. Wrapping himself with his outerwear, Julian grabbed his car keys and tucked in his phone as he make his way downstairs, and over to the garage. Waiting for the garage door to open fully, he then drove off the compound to get to his workplace. Or site. Anything that suits, really.

Not long after, he arrived to his located destination and parked the car a few blocks away, simply because he preferred a low-profiled appearance. The winter tickled his skin per se, but nothing that would bother him nearly as much. Perks of working on site, the temperature and weather change literally molds you into a new vessel. He went over and read the clipboard given by the supervisor before nodding and telling the latter that he'll be back with the solution and report in a few days. After a small chat, Julian took his leave. He decided to stop by a cafe to get his daily coffee in his system before he proceeded on working on whatever it was that he received earlier. A problem that needed a solution, no doubt.

Shortly after locking his car, he entered the entrance door and made his order directly at the counter. When he received his coffee, he gave a small smile towards the cashier and went to talk a walk outside. He was just strolling down the shopping lots like a regular resident, taking in what was before him.

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For a while Cora have been starting to feel a little bit trapped in the manor. With how things are now, it all is different. With Vladimir’s mysterious death setting it all of. Things were like how they were back with the down fall of Isle of Skye. Everyone was on high alert, broken and scared of the unknown threat. Almost like a waiting game in a way. Nowadays Cora could barely leave the manor without having Crane following in her shadow. To make sure no harm would come to her. Cora knew she was just a pain to him as he was with her, but that's how things worked. Maybe now she’s have more of a reason to get out of the manor and not needing her bodyguard to follow her. Depending on whether or not Julian would put up with her company, to make up for lost time in a way. Cora had a lot of things to make up for too, trying to gain back his trust was where she was going to start working on. 

Hearing how he may be sticking around permanently made her happy to know he was going to leave any time soon yet she knew by the sound of he was disappointed if he would be discharged. Cora knew it was something every military person hated to think about. Always wanting to serve their life with the services and to stop would be giving away part of themselves. “I’m sure there’s many other routes to go down if things don’t go your way, doesn't mean you have to give up” She knew that he already knew that. Truthfully she couldn’t see him fixing up some planes in airports, that wasn’t who he was. It wasn’t a giving job with no benefits coming to it. Knowing that Julian only end up complaining about the job at the end of each day. “I live her permanently, I’ve been living in Evermore for a couple of years now. By the looks of it my family aren’t  going anywhere so that means I don’t” Cora sighed a little as Julian knew how she hated being trapped. “I even have my own personal bodyguard” She mused little bit sarcastically with how she wasn’t a people person, hating the idea of someone else protecting her. Always believing that she could always protect herself not needing someone else to do it.

Cora couldn’t help to pout at the mention of not being allowed at the hanger. “Why not like old times sake, you wouldn’t even know I’m there. I could pass you the tools and stuff” She persuaded, conning her way into it. Cora knew she couldn’t easily sneak into Julian’s work like how she used to in the old days. It always surprised her how the security wasn’t never as hightneded in places like those to how it should be. Soon as she asked if they were all good, Cora knew it may be too soon to ask something like that. Biting her lip she waited for his answer, self doubting herself in a way. With the shook of his head she knew she was right but kinda expected it in a way. Knowing that Julian has always been closed off from people in a way, taking time for him to open up to someone. At first they didn’t get on the right foot at the beginning so Cora knew now wouldn’t be so easily. “I understand” She mumbled

From the way she said it sounded as if she is gonna stay longer than him, "you can stop by occasionally, but… don't think a hangar is the best choice for hangouts, Cora" he scoffed, hell, even he doesn't want to stay here any longer than he has to, but unfortunately his work cannot be dragged home. Not the physical components at least. When she said he deserved to know the truth, a part of him wondered what is the actual truth, "Is that really a thing? I thought truth is a matter of opinion?" Julian wasn't a pessimist, he's more of an optimist if anything, no… he's a realist. He shook his head the moment Cora asked if they were good, nothing would jeopardize their friendship, he didn't like to cut off his connections with ease, he's a family guy and that alone speaks volumes about what kind of individual Julian Lockhart is; he's responsible and compassionate. How can he leave her just like that without offering her the chance to speak up and explain herself? And now that she has, he had no reason not to accept it. It caused a dent in his heart perhaps, but it wasn't a big deal that could not be resolved at all. 

“You take care of yourself too Julian” She reminded him too, sighing a little as she crossed her arms looking to him. Shooting him a look almost saying why does he have to be pestermic all the time yet in a way she was the same. “I’m glad I found you too, I guess we found each other because we’re alike in many ways. Not much of a people person either of us. Yet we’re both able to put up with each other” Maybe it's why they found each other. “Well you know where I am now, where to seek me out” Letting him know she’s not going anywhere, open invitation in a way. “Oh my guard hates the whole thing. He only got put with me because he was asleep during the meeting. Now we’re stuck with each other” She mused scoffing a little at the stupidity of people these days. “I tend to sneak out behind his back as apparently these days I’m not allowed to go anywhere without having someone protecting me” It was bad of her always trying to ditch her personal guard but she was just trying to teach him the lesson that he wasn’t doing his job well enough to know she wasn't one to listen to orders. 

Cora knew the whole thing or what was happening with her and Rashesh was wrong for many reasons. “Ergh why do I have to fall for someone who's taken and should be my enemy” She sighed knowing that it all was wrong but it’s already too late with her heart had already been taken. “He’s been starting to take down all his ex’s stuff and photos. That's the start of moving on right?” Maybe she was being too hopeful wouldn’t expect Rashesh wanted to move on so soon with how things never fully ended with him and his ex. Emily really just disappeared into thin air. Cora nodded her head as Julian listed all the reasons why he chooses not to date in the workplace. “Maybe that's a good thing, work relationships always end up messy. Especially if things don’t end in the best place” Cora could tell that Julian didn’t want her to try to set him up with someone, choosing to leave her match making skills for someone else. Maybe Crane she’ll try to set up with someone next. 

A grin appeared on her lips hearing how Julian said he don’t do one time thing. Reminding how somehow they managed to get most of their tattoos all in one go. “Very drunk” Cora winked reminding him, it’s been a long time since she’d gone to a club. She’s been on good behaviour in a way plus with her family around she found it difficult prefering to get drunk at home these days. “What about a small out?” Pouting almost when he said no. “Oh honey we both went past that many years ago” She marvelled sarcastically winking to him, maybe she was a bad influence on him but it’s his fault and choice. “You know me and trouble, troubles always tend to follow me. But that makes it all fun” Reminding him to live a little, let loose even with how difficult it may be for him.

Usually, he wouldn't care as much to mend broken ties, especially if they were people from the past. Make no mistake, Julian isn't cold nor harsh, he's usually very friendly and warm in general, but there were certain parts of his past that he does not wish to delve back and with people from that particular area keep coming back to his present and future, it begs the question to be asked; can he handle it? Can he handle this without remembering all the abandonment that happened? The bad stuff? He wasn't sure anymore, which was why he tried to keep himself indifferent around Cora but that was so much more easier said than done. Cora was a big part of his past, someone he confided in for years because she understood him the way others never did, but then she left him. He never quite got past that but he also knew it was never her intention, that's why he's still listening to her right now. "I don't give up, Cora. You know that. I just evade them for a while and then I'll get right back on it. Giving up is not in my dictionary." 

Staying there operating as an engineer who works on aircrafts all day long wasn't a bad prospect to think about, but Julian had always been quite the imaginative child, he's always had ideas everywhere he goes hence the small journal he always carried around with him; it contained all the ideas he ever had envisioned for the future. But where he is now, far discharged from the military itself, he may get a chance to delve into that area better but at the cost of not being able to go anywhere. Was he willing to sacrifice that for the sake of staying? Maybe. Evermore has been good to him better than anywhere else. He raised his eyebrows at her and scoffed upon hearing that she had a bodyguard, "Somehow I am so not surprised that they actually got you one. The question is, how the hell did they manage to get you to agree on that?" Cora wouldn't easily be tempted so he was curious about that. That, on her free will, or she was forced to. 

"You could pass me the tools and stuff? Cora, the last time I asked for a screwdriver, what did you give me?" he had his hands propped, waiting for her response to his question because they both know he'll never let her live that one down. But knowing her, she'd probably find a way to get in, one way or another. That was how persistent Cora could be and Julian always found amusement in it. "I can take care of myself just fine, it's you I worry about. No offense, but you're not exactly a damsel in distress type of girl but you have a knack for landing yourself in trouble" he shot, yeah the numerous times of trouble they've gotten themselves into, not something he'll ever forget. "Ugh, you're being melodramatic again" he exclaimed playfully, "That's not you Cora, you're making me feel afraid now" Though it was clear that Julian also knew her the way she thinks he would, they both understood one another, better than others would and he was grateful to have someone to accompany him on the ride. It wasn't an easy choice, he knows that. 

"So he was paired up with you because he dozed off, god what an unlucky guy, I imagine how hard it must've been to stick with you all the time, does it ever get boring for him I wonder" he pondered aimlessly and tapped his chin as if he was trying to think hard on it, "Or does he go crazy because of it? Knowing you, you probably drove him crazy for the first five minutes of babysitting." When she said she snuck out, which does show when she showed up with nobody else tailing her, Julian spared a concerned look, "But if he's your bodyguard then maybe you should make his job a tad easier by not leaving him? Cut the guy some slack, it's not easy having to trail after you" he murmured softly, he too, cares about her safety, obviously. His ears perked up automatically at the sudden mention of her crush being someone who was already taken and an enemy, "That's a tough business to roll over." Especially when they're at odds with each other's factions. Hell, there were times when people also choose faction before blood, much less this. 

With the way she was being, it was clear that she too, was hopeful that things would work out between them and the Nephilim wanted that too, "Maybe the odds would even out, you never know. What I do know is that if you love someone, don't let them go. There's a reason why wedding vows go till death do us part, Cora." And of course, he would know that better than anyone, he was almost married once, after all. "I don't need to worry we much for my part in working relationships though, you know I'll never find someone like her again" After the tragic death of his fiancee, Julian never quite sought out for another, fearing that his heart would be broken for being too hopeful. "You can't be serious, Cora" he gaped at her request, there was nowhere else they could have at it. 

Cora knew well that she have done quite a lot of bad in her time. Things that she regrets and wishes she could take back and things that she doesn't regret. That she couldn’t go back and think to tell Julian the truth for leaving before she actually left. Always been the one to just think of one person, herself. Her selfish nature that explains how most of the time she’s cold and sarcastic whilst those are just fronts. Losing a friendship instead of thinking of a way to keep her friendship with Julian whilst leaving and being there for her people at the same time. Yet she didn’t think of the what ifs and others first, Cora knew that she’d have to live and face the consequences one day. That day has come today. Cora was lucky that Julian wasn’t one to hold grudges for too long he weren’t like other immortals who still not forgiven for something that happened hundreds of years ago. Almost similar with everything that happened and still happening with her people and celestials. More complicated for her, finding herself in the middle of it all. “I’ll be in your bad books for a while but I’ll work to get off it”  Not giving up easily to easily either too wanting to prove she valued Julian and their friendship 

Everything was so much more easily back to the time when they were friends spending years in each others company managed not to kill each other along the way. Somehow Cora managed to keep the secrets of her supernatural-self away from him making Julian believe that she was Instar Diviner mostly. Back then the whole Aspects were still quite a secret with not many people knowing about them whilst in Evermore other Supernaturals knew. Making Cora more relaxed and not as worried, reason to why she opened so quickly to Julian. Missing when everything was simpler to the days when she used to hang out at the hanger whilst Julian worked. Managing to pick up a few skills along the way but Cora knew that she’d never be as good as Julian. With how he was the best Aerospace Engineer or whatever he does around. No wonder he was picked to be based in the city next. All cities he was to be stationed to it was the one she was based in. 

Hearing his snarky comment about her being landed with a bodyguard, she couldn’t help to cross her arms and glare at him in response. “Aureus said that I needed one, he didn’t even let me choose a bodyguard for myself. Even if I might not like any guard members but still” Sounding like a broken record still annoyed at the fact that she has a bodyguard. She knew that he would know that it was something she didn’t like, not liking to be followed around by people. Always preferring to have her own space and freedom yet lately that was something very unlikely to her with all that’s been happening. Maybe her plan on helping to pass Julian his tools whilst he works on an airplane engine wasn’t the best as he reminds her of the many arguments they had in the past when she tried to help out. “How am I supposed to know the difference between a spanner and screwdriver and how many different type of screwdrivers are there. I give you one then you say it’s not the right size” Still irated years later having left all the DIY after someone else was a better idea. “I do not land in trouble I’ll have you know” Cora complained trying to defend herself whilst actually she knew he was right. With how her and Rashesh first properly met was when she gave him a black eye then he used his powers back at her and she ended up cutting her arm and head in the process. Yet she wasn’t going to tell Julain that part. 

The whole idea of having someone following her everywhere she goes was just a painful thing to think about. Always liking her own space reason why all guards avoided her at all costs and knew not to be in her path to the times she’s in a bad mood. Whilst people like Julain and her siblings knew how to handle her when she’s in one of her warpaths. “I try to escape from him from time to time then he panics trying to find and track me down” Then she ends up getting shouted at by either Crane or Aureus for trying to ditch her bodyguard. “He’s like third wheel” She complained how her bodyguard is there in the middle when she doesn’t need him there, but lately he’s started to let her go over to Rashesh’s on her own. Cora knew her relationship or whatever it was, was a complicated. Star crossed lovers, iconic with how one of them was actually a star and all. “No one else really knows not even my siblings but I kind of think that Malva knows because she’s good at knowing the secrets we all hide” Cora knew it wouldn’t be the end of the world if others knew that now as more time passed people were more relaxed about the two aposing species. 

Cora never pictured that today she’d be getting relationship advice from an old friend. Relationship advice was something she’s never really had or needed. Having not been in the sistation she’s in or even just there being someone she’s felt something for like she does now. “I just wanted to be loved in a way that everyone else feels once in their way” Opening up on feelings she’s kept hidden for many years. Cora gave Julian a saddened look able to know what he was telling her about never finding someone again. She knew of how his fiance tragically died, Cora was there for him after it happened.Picking up the pieces Knowing how it broke him. “Maleah would want you to be happy, she wouldn’t want to waste your life away by not finding someone. You’ll find someone just give it time, it’ll be unexpected but you will open your heart again” She smiled softly giving him hope, Cora wanted for him to be happy how she was now finally happy too starting to find love herself. “You wuss” She muttered sarcastically teasing him for not wanting to get a tattoo like old times.

Cora wasn't the first person Julian has met that had a rather mysterious past that she didn't seem like she wanted to talk about them, neither would she be the last. He knew there was something secretive about the female yet he never prodded much about it seeing as it wasn't his place to pry into personal things. Even if he was an actual good friend to the Aspect of Darkness. He does, however, wish to know how far did their friendship stretch out. How far does his significance go in terms of this to Cora? "Right, you and I both know I don't have any bad books with anyone, Cora" he sighed and massaged his temples briefly before darting over to stare at the raven-haired female, "And even if I do have one, you know you'll never be one name listed on it. You're like a sister, how could I ever do that?" It didn't matter even if she did leave him, in the first place. Sure, it hurts like hell back then, the Nephilim was trying to get over his pain after losing his fiancee tragically and when he finally found someone he could confide to, she left without saying or leaving as much as a goodbye. It made him feel better for a brief while. But that's the word; brief while. 

It didn't last long, mainly because Julian couldn't even keep a grudge longer than he wished he could. That's just not him. "Well, Aureus is right not to give you that freedom to choose your own guard, let's be real here, would you have chosen someone who would tail and report back what you did? No. You'd choose someone you could easily intimidate and whilst I'm sure that's quite a number too, that'll be too far up your benefit's area which is not exactly the motive of that" he exclaimed hotly, "You couldn't even complain about that because you know it's true." "Nobody likes being followed around, Cora, I get that. But with what you've told me, you're not just someone else. You're not ordinary, not that you've been much of a normal ordinary person ever since, but you get my point." He understood that she needed to be kept safe. 

He rolled his eyes at her dramatic self complaining about not knowing the differences between a spanner or a screwdriver, "I thought being with me for awhile may have led you to pick up a few skills, Cora, I must say I'm disappointed" he teased and grinned wryly, admittedly there were plenty of screwdrivers to be picked from and he understood her confusion and distress over choosing only one when she didn't have the background for it, but still, teasing her was his favorite pastime thing to do. He wasn't about to stop now. When she insisted she didn't land herself in trouble, Julian gave her a look that says 'really?' He find it hard to believe she didn't. "Whatever floats your boat." "I mean if I'm tasked to guard over you and you end up going awol, I would track you down too. Be considerate, Cora, try putting yourself in his shoes… taking care of you is not an easy job" he quipped humorously, isn't that the truth?

 "Third wheel, you say? Does he intervene in your… dates, then? You have got to tell me that" he gushed excitedly, the thought of her own personal guard third wheeling her dates would've been insanely hilarious and Julian could already picture it with ease. "Malva? I assume your eldest sister? You talked about her a few times back then" While he may not know of her real identity back when they were close-knit, she still talks about her siblings. Minus the whole dragons part and Aspects thingy. "I can imagine my sister finding out about my relationship" His sister actually did, the first time. And it will never stop serving him as an embarrassing reminder at family dinners. He placed his arm on her shoulder reassuringly, squeezing her a bit to tell her it's fine, "And that's okay. Everyone deserves to be loved and you have every right to want to be loved. You haven't done anything wrong to warrant a huge rejection letter for that request" he murmured softly, "Unless you've been a very shitty person in your previous or past life." 

Maleah would have wanted him to be happy, yes. But he wasn't too much in a rush to search for a new love anytime soon, of fate has it stored for him, then who is he to say no? "You're trying to make me relent by calling me a wuss" he retorted dryly, of course, she would do that. "And it works, alright, where else do you want it hm? You're already a tattoo monster, Cora" he jested teasingly. Surprisingly, their runic tattoos looked good on them. 

Cora forgot how much she missed Julian’s company. Now seeing how much she really valued him as a friend, with years apart made her see that she missed having him around. Missing his company. His witty comments, the constant brooding and complaining. All the little things that would bug someone but she was so used to, like they’ve never been apart. With how their friendship remained the same. Thankful bumping into and reconnecting once again. Now she was feeling relieved to know she hasn’t screwed up her last chance of their friendship. With how Cora knew deep down that he couldn’t hate her that it wasn’t in Julian’s nature but she let him be mad at her for a while. Knowing too well she deserved the cold shoulder. She too would be the same in the same sistation. “You always was more of the peace treaty type of person than the fighter” She added to why he chose more of the mechanical side job instead of the psycall one for the military but Cora knew too well he could fight too. With how she used to help him with his sparring lessons from time to time. “And your like another brother to me” She admitted giving him a soft smile, meaning everything she said. 

Sometimes she felt that she was a broken record with the times she would complain about having a personal guard with how she still wasn’t too happy about having one. Cora knew that Julian was right the reasons why she needed a personal guard and why it was best for one to be chosen for her. Despite her demise. “I have been told that I scare a few guards” She went on saying frowning a little still not knowing why they were scared of her. Not knowing it was her constant resting bitchy face and cold shoulder. “Crane is like a third wheel at times” She complaining moaning once again but knew he couldn’t help it. “You know back then those years back I was supposed to have a personal guard back then but I kind of got away with not having one” Adding to how not many people knew where she went. Not knowing that she and Julian were even friends, and why she was even colder when she returned because of what she left and had to leave behind. 

Cora glared at Julian hearing how he was continuing to tease her about how she wasn’t the best person at knowing how to use tools or fix something. “Maybe I was too distracted by all those military men walking about” She revealed, smirking to the Nephilim waiting to see his reaction. “Maybe, I’ll leave all the DIY and fixing things jobs to you, since you're the expert and all” Seeing how apparently she was hopeless at helping him anyways. “I think there’s some things back in the manor that I’ve been meaning to get some guards to look at” Not exactly the type of thing that Julian was qualified for, forgetting what his proper professional job title was. “But I’m not alone, I got you to protect me. Right?” Using his own statement against him, but she knew he was right as always but choose not to tell him. 

She found it amusing to see how excited Julian now was wanting to know about her love life and how she manages to sneak around being followed around by her personal guards. “It’s not so bad now, Crane know if I’m going out with Rashesh or at his then he’ll leave me be” Luckily it wasn’t so bad now she had more freedom unlike before. “At first, I didn’t even get a chance to tell Rashesh that I was given a personal guard. One day when i went to Rashesh’s flat with Crane, well Crane invited himself in straight away and made himself at home without introducing himself” The Aspect started to recall what was quite embarrassing and very confusing to Rahesh. “Crane is good at cock blocking let me tell you that” She mused sarcastically but saying the truth and how much it annoyed her. Sometimes she forgot how much she actually talked about her family back then, but she could see that Julian did take note and notice the little things. “Malva likes to know everything, I’m very sure there’s other secret relationships going on in the manor too. She’ll be right there knowing it all. I even think she’s hiding someone too from us” Everyone has a nosey sister who likes to know about everything and that what Malva is. 

Cora leaned into Julian a little giving him a soft smile. “I’m sure you’ll find someone else too” Letting him know that it’s not all over yet for him too even if he may be thinking that it was. If she could find someone, he would be able to find someone else too. She knew that it would be hard for him that he still was not ready to move on after Maleah. “Hmm unhinged maybe but not shitty” She reminded laughing about it now. Cora continued to annoy him but complaining about how he was against them getting more tattoos. “What about the inside of our wrists, having matching ones. Marking out friendship, one of us having an O and X?” Suggesting her idea but let him think if he had any better ideas with how it would be on his body too.

Julian may not show it as much but he is a man with plenty of emotions, and the fact remains that he is a Nephilim, a creature of nature that is very easily emotionally affected. He misses her, her quips and witty remarks, whilst he had an older sister how served him a good reminder of familial love, Cora was another sister he never thought he'd have. And one here was sure he didn't want to let go. She reminds him of everything he thought he's lost. Everything he thought wasn't possible. Perhaps it was because when he met her, things hasn't been fine for the raven-haired male. His fiance's death took a heavy toll on him and Cora was there to fix the inkling he thought he lost. He needed her. And now that she's back, maybe they could rekindle that fire inside them that was once there.

 He needed a friend to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, and a confidant to go to when he's feeling it. Cora was that for him. "I swear I didn't hear you sassing me about being a fighter" he shot playfully, Julian could hold his own, he's a Nephilim by blood, much like dhampirs, they were trained enough but he got the joke, "You know, we don't always have to solve everything with a raised voices and a fist" he rolled his eyes at her and shook his head, he is, indeed, a man of diplomacy. "I already had an older sister who would squash me if I slack, you're reminding I have another who would not hesitate to hex me." It was a playful phrase, back then Cora would often threaten him playfully by saying he could wake up blind, one day.

 "You think? No offense, Cora, but you can scare a lot of people away" Even with her beautiful appearance and charming personality, Cora is not someone you should trifle with. But he also understood that she doesn't necessarily focus it to scare everyone away. He's there for a reason. But then again, Julian doesn't know the concept of giving up. "Do I even wanna know why you got away with no having a personal guard until recently?" If her other siblings ended having one or more that comes with replacement, how come she doesn't? He is admittedly curious on that part. "How come your sisters and brothers get to have them and not you? Did you bribe them or something?" The sudden mention of her ogling at the military men made him roll his eyes once again, "Yes yes, they're quite a sight, aren't they?" 

He was a bit worried about her being alone, without her personal guard too scurry after her. But he also trusted himself enough to be able to protect her if anything were to occur. "Yes, I can protect you just fine but let's remember I'm an engineer and a pilot, not exactly a qualified bodyguard like those people who probably trained themselves all the time to protect you." The thought of leaving the personal guard behind so he won't third wheel their dates did make him snicker, "So he knows not to interrupt your dates, got it. Did you threaten to rob him of his sight or something?" The picture he had painted in his head was rather hilarious, how he could imagine her personal guard walking in without knocking and straight off saying he's there for her. "Well, I guess Malva just wanted to have an eye and ear in everything, there's just something about eldest siblings, brothers or sisters, they're the same, at the end of the day. They'll want to be sure their siblings are eyed for" As ridiculous as that sounds, it was legit in some cases. 

"Or she could be knowing all those information so she could blackmail you people into not revealing her hidden relationship then." Sounds like it was possible too. "Yeah, maybe I'll find someone." He wasn't rushing into it, but who knows if fate will grant him another wish? "Whatever you want, Cora. I'm pretty sure we still have a few spots left and something small by the wrist wouldn't hurt." He pursed his lips lightly and glanced over at her, "I have to ask though, are people not targeting you? You know, for who you are?"

Cora always has considered Julian as a brother how he was much closer to her than any of her brothers were. That he spent more time with her and paid more attention than anyone. She knew she could trust him, now these days she was annoyed at herself more than anything for leaving and disappearing that day in thin air. Seeing that she did all the wrong things, it would have been a lot better if she told him the truth. That he could have handled it all. She just believed that it's for the greater good if it was best to keep all about the Ailwards and organisation under wraps. Now it was all different more people knew about them so they weren’t really a secret anymore but she cut ties when others didn’t. Cora was hoping that they could have their friendship back to how it was. It was no secret that Cora didn’t have many friends, only a few and her Ailward sibling but that was it. With how she wasn’t a people person but Julian never got tired of her company. 

He was right that she never complained or teased him for his training or much so lack of it but she knew that he did work out but out of work hours. “We never did spare that much, maybe we could see who can beat each other up in a figth” She teased softly always the one to talk them both into doing something most were stupid ideas she thought was a good one. In her spare time she loved to spar with guards back in the manor to see if she could beat them one by one. Or to see if she could outpower anyone. “But where's the fun in that” She mused softly, smirking to him. “You haven’t seen how Aspect Meetings goes at some times” Pointing out how not everyone was so level headed but they all managed in the end to work things out. “I won’t hex you don’t worry maybe Malva would but she likes to hex anyone for fun or for work” Almost saying that he wouldn’t be so sure of avoiding what could happen but it was the normal for them in the manor. 

A pout appeared on her lips hearing Julain say how she scares lots of people away pretending to feel hurt that he would think that of her. “I feel hurt that you would think that of me, you're supposed to be my friend” Gasping a little as he was accusing her of it even if she was the one who said those things. Before her shocked face turned into a grin. “I’m just teasing you” Although she knew he already knew cause how often she’d tease him. Now thinking of it Cora started to wonder how she did manage to get away with not having a personal guard for so long whilst all the others had theirs for years. “I don’t know maybe they couldn’t find anyone who could put up with me” Shrugging her shoulders a little before looking over to him. “I’ve always distanced myself from others, from them. But you and a few others were different, made sure I didn’t” She admitted with how she had only herself to blame. “I guess it’s the only way I think can shield people away from myself, from the darkness” Now she’s only just letting the light back in. Cora could see him rolling his eyes when she mentioned how she enjoyed watching all the military men in the army barracks. “I may have had a fling with a few of them to pass the time” casually dropping the comment in like it was nothing. Cora was sure that during the nights when she and Julian had too much to drink they probably had a bit too much fun too. 

“I know you can fight, quite well actually” Pointing out to how she knew Nephilims were trained to fight from a young age. Even seeing him fight a few times too. “True a lot of the guards have trained for years” Reasons why all their guards are very skilled. “Hmm more like put him darkness yet that can be the same things” She always did like the dark feeling when using or thinking of her powers maybe a bit too much. “Or that she’s nosey” Rolling her eyes to him talking about her sister. “I’m very sure she’s gotten herself a job at the hospital to work side by side with Rashesh on a case” Revealing to how she’s able to know a few things that others try to keep from her knowing. “I think she’s done if for both work then to try to find things about my personal life” Almost making a mental note for herself to pry herself into her sisters own personal love life next. Cora grinned as Julian was finally giving in to her idea of them getting another tattoo. “See that's the spirit” Cheering a little feeling that she’s won almost. For a moment she almost forgot about how not all of them are safe. That there’s a target on all of their backs with all of them constantly looking over their shoulders. “There is someone after us” Cora admitted opening up to how things weren’t all okay. “We thought that we were safe then one day we sent two of our oldest and valuable guards on a mission something we’ve done so many times but this time was different. They didn’t come back, we lost all contact. We tried everything then one day Octavia came back during one of our meetings holding the urn with his ashes. Nobody knows what's happened to him, or even why” All Aspects blamed each other for his death that they were the ones who sent him out. “Since then there’s been some sort of darkness in the city and it’s not me”  

Sometimes he wondered if he did the right choice by choosing to rekindle their once lost friendship but seeing as he misses her and there was no harm in doing so, why not? He could use a familiar face, a friend, especially. Cora knew him better than most people and considering how Julian doesn't mingle as much, that's a big feat. From where he stood, he's gotten a new friend again, or reclaimed one, without having to introduce himself again and do all of those awkward first time meetings. He's never been good at giving a first impression. The bitterness had dissipated long ago, it wasn't as if he was that pissed off. Generally, Julian is a calm person, a simple soul. He lives and he tries to make the best of it. Overall, his life could be said to be quite normal. As normal as a supernatural can go, anyway. 

He raised his eyebrows questioningly at the Aspect of Darkness who seemed keen on having yet another sparring session together, "You sure about that? I won't have anyone trying to tackle me because I beat you?" he teased, whilst they didn't have enough time to spare on doing that before, they had it once or twice, enough for the Nephilim to remember how she moves. Perhaps, she's gotten better. "I'm just saying… I don't want to be jumped by anyone when all I'm doing is just abiding by your request" albeit a ridiculous one, the moment he said that, he had both his hands up in defense."You always did have a penchant for having fun, as you say it… but I swear sometimes you forget most of your 'fun' is not my fun. At all. "How does an Aspects meeting go?" he quipped curiously, eyes glazing over her dark ones before eventually shaking his head, "Nevermind… I don't think I wanna know."

 The thought of her other sister hexing hin was giving him enough shiver, "Okay I get it, your sister has a crazy temper and your family is dysfunctional. Sheesh, Cora, you could've just said that. Why would someone hex someone for fun?" he mumbled silently, the thought of that does make him swallow hard. Don't mess with ancient beings, noted. He narrowed his eyes at her when she feigned offense once he said she wasn't scary to people, "You know it's a thing, right? When people say scary people usually won't admit they're scary, they were not lying" he whispered, of course, he'd still say she's scary. A title like that wasn't easy to take away. "And a friend is supposed to be the one who tells you all the hard truths even when nobody else would." He desperately hoped it wouldn't give her the excuse to actually… hex him, though. 

When she said she was just teasing him, a grumble escaped him, of course, she would do that, "When have you never teased me... " Just to make it better, Julian was sparing her a look that said 'you think so?' when she exclaimed that perhaps people just couldn't keep up with her. "Yeah… there is some truth to that, I guess." It was as if she just told him the most horrible truth of all that got the Nephilim to give her the look of horror, "Ew no stop! I don't need you to tell me how many of mates back in the military that you slept with... " he shuddered, yeah, he definitely did not need to know about such information, "Jeez, Cora… there's something called TMI" Where apparently she didn't get the memo. "Of course, I can fight… what kind of a Nephilim would I be if I can't." A pretty terrible one, he'd imagine, especially when you hailed from a long line of Nephilim family, that has gotta bruise your ego, at some point. It almost did for him, once upon a time ago. Not anymore, thankfully.

 "Did she purposely try to find a job at the hospital just to get closer or was she already a doctor or nurse there?" Doesn't fit the scheme if she was already an employee there. But then again, he couldn't even question the stability of things when it comes to that. It was clear that her family could do plenty if they set their mind to it. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "I imagine where you're at… you must have eyes on you all the time. Enemies and friends alike. But that's gotta be usual, right? Not everyone will like the fact that there is a higher power or authority that would cause a stent in their plans" Hence why they probably needed a better security intel. The thought of having a new-found darkness in the city and neither knew what it was made him hard to swallow things down, "And do you have any idea… what it could be? A person? Or something?" 

Cora could already see that Julian hadn’t changed much in the last few years, he was the same person he always was. Happy that he hadn’t changed. She knew they couldn’t go back so easily to how they used to be knowing she’d had to prove herself to him. How he could be stubborn but a pushover at the same time. Having a few years to catch up on along with her spilling all her secrets to him. Cora knew she could easily trust Julian that he wouldn't share her secrets to others. How he stood on up holding people’s private conversations, that's what military people do. She was happy she had someone else to confide in who wouldn’t judge her, something she always liked about Julian. How they easily became friends, he quickly saw that she through her cold exterior and used to her sarcastic personality.   

Sparring and training was something she’s always loved to do. Using it was a way of getting out all her anger or things all troubling her. Like many people who get lost in the moment, who’d go all in. Sometimes she would find she’d go in too hard with other guard members who weren’t able to keep up with her. Or others would make a comment with what the training bag ever did to her. Most people in the manor were like her who’d go all in with their training. “Hmm we’ll see about that?” She smirked teasing him back again, looking forward to having a proper sparring or training session. Curious to see how and what he’s capable of. Yet she 'd not be a match compared to the older guards like Octavia or Aurelia who've spent centuries training and building their skills up. It would be amusing seeing someone quickly take Julian down because they miss read and misinterpreted “That would be fun to see” Grinning picturing it maybe a bit too much. “Don’t worry, when me and Rashesh met properly he attacked me so i gave him a black eye in return” She was still very much proud of giving Rashesh a black eye something she’d never let him live it down. 

Cora rolled her eyes as he commented on ways she used to constantly drag him into trouble. “Hey, just admit that you loved the more adventurous life, to live in the moment things we used to get up to” She mused, pointing out the truth knowing how Julian tried to keep up his do no wrong self. She was surprised hearing him begin to ask about what the meetings were like but soon changing his mind. “Full of chaos” Shrugging, letting him a little about what it’s like, she’s more of the one who sits and just gives what she thinks when needed.  Her family was known to be quite crazy to come the least, how nearly everybody knew it. “Malva is Malva” She pointed out the obvious, sounding her hexing something that was nothing out of the ordinary. Cora listened as he made a sly comment to her saying people say she’s scary at times. “You know I can easily take away your sight and put you in darkness in seconds right?” She smirked cunningly. Reminding him not to underestimate her although mostly liking scaring him the process even if she’s only teasing him because she could. 

She did love to tease people, some were more easier than others. Finding fun out of it. Sometimes she wondered how Julian put up with her but somehow he did it easily. As she mentioned how she casually used to have flings with his old work mates she saw horror go all across his face. “Hey, at least we never slept together. Or maybe we have once or twice when we were drunk” She pointed out like how it was nothing known whilst Julian was more on the horrified side. Thinking he would have known she used to have flings with others. “Like why did you think I spent so much around the barracks?” Cora added, shrugging her shoulders. “I’ve never really seen you fight that much” Seeing how he was more of a person who prefers to spend most of his time fixing up planes or whatever he does rather than to fight. 

That was something she could never figure out exactly. “She’s up to something but she has a background with medicine that dates back many decades' ' Even herself has dabbled in medicine from time to time. As she opened up to him about there’s people after them she felt a sense of relief lifted off her shoulders. Finally able to talk it to someones outside of her own faction. It was something she couldn’t talk to Rashesh about not wanting to freak him out till they exactly knew what they were up against. “This time it’s different” It was a weird thing to say something that should be the usual. “Whatever it is we’ve already lost one of our long serving guards to it. We’re all clueless as to what it is, that's what the problem is. How can you go up against something you don’t know anything about '' Everybody deep down was afraid even if some down show it, that it’s different to anything they’ve faced before. “It’s like we’re blind sided” 

He wasn’t going to be so fast on cancelling Cora, honestly how could he? Julian didn’t have that many close friends, he had people he mingled with here and there, but they were mostly his colleagues, and the only person who had been his real friend was his sister; Jane-Ann. Until Cora came around, he remembered missing her presence and the Aspect of Darkness graced him with plenty of happiness. She made him laugh. But whether she knows that or not, he’ll keep it to himself. He still wished to see if Cora was willing to make it up to him for years of absence. “Pssh, you and I both know how that will turn out to be, Cora” he clicked his tongue playfully and rolled his eyes, he never dialed down his moves when it comes to Cora, simply because he likes to show off in front of her, because why not? He scrunched his nose up and shook his head when she said that, “You can’t be seriously wishing to see someone jump on me even though I’m doing you a favor, gosh are you sure you’re not upping your masochistic tendencies because it sure looks like it to me, I should be scared.” 

No one would be expecting him to befriend Cora Ailward, the Aspect of Darkness, certainly not him either. Upon finding out her identity, Julian had to backtrack and think about it. “So I have no need to worry to suffer a black eye by someone else because you and I are buddies, right?” Honestly, he would prefer steering off the path if possible. He didn’t want to see other guard members tailing either. “I like the adventurous part, yes. But the suicidal part where I’m constantly risking my life every time we do something extremely stupid? Not really.” Admittedly, he never actually said no or declined her offers before. “You know what they say about ancient families… they’re crazy” he even made the gesture over his head just to make his point, “Malva is Malva- what is that supposed to even mean?” he grumbled, nope, he has no idea what she was even trying to say when he said hexing people is ordinary. 

Her threat did not go unnoticed to him as he shuddered and narrowed his hazel hues at her, “That’s nowhere near funny, I hope you know that… Please, I don’t want to be blind. I’ll take a rain check for never…” If there was anything he knew about her, it’s that Cora likes to tease. A lot. He’s been her victim for that every time. When he talked about her endless flings with his colleagues, Julian gagged and shook his head, “I do not need to know what you were doing in the barracks… fraternizing with my… guys. Gosh, and here I thought you were there for me” But the idea of sleeping together with her once or twice when they were drunk almost made him look at her as if she just grew two heads, “I’d like to preserve my virginity, thank you very much.” He wasn’t embarrassed when talking about that. He knew he kept his chastity for his fiancee the last time and that didn’t quite go around. 

“I don’t like to fight, I’m not a fighter” he murmured, he hated the thought of having to hurt another, though when push comes to pull, he was able to defend himself and the people he loves. “Well, at least we know she won’t misdiagnose people…” Of course, beings as old as them have probably dabbled in plenty of arts over the centuries. “If you’re spooked by it, I feel like the rest of us have a reason to be even more spooked by them…” he mumbled, he had no idea what was coming but whatever it was, it doesn’t seem to bring a good notion to it. “Are you sure we shouldn’t be worried about this? Because the fact that you’re worried makes me even more worried. And I’m just your regular citizen.” 

She was now starting to look forward to being friends again. Having a lot of time and things to make up for knowing that she didn’t want to lose their friendship. She valued and thought a lot of Julian. That they always got a long a lot better than anyone else she’s been around. Even her siblings she weren’t as close to as she was with Julian. Both similar but different in both ways that drew them together to be friends in the first place. Now she’d found her missing piece again she was making sure not to lose him again or do anything that could ruin things. Cora always likes to tease people finding that Julian was always the easy target. She knew his reaction would be amusing, which it was. “Oh stop being a drama queen you know I’m only messing with you. I only tell the guards to jump people who I want to” Cora rolled her eyes at him, shooting him a serious look that he needs to loosen up something she’d used to do when he would be paranoid over nothing. 

“I’ll keep your pretty face all in tack don’t you worry” She reassured laughing a little seeing him panic again slightly. Cora was someone who liked to get into trouble being the one who would normally drag over people into things. It was what always ended up being the way with her persuading Julian to do or go somewhere against his will almost. Thinking it would be fun sometimes being illegal too something Julian was never too fond of in case they were caught. “My people always do stupid things, it’s like our thing” She reminded him thinking maybe he would have heard a little about what the Aspects are like. If not she was now ready to spill and share any secrets now that there were no secrets between them. Wanting for the start of their new friendship to go well, knowing to do so she would have to be open and honest. Not needing to be worried being able to trust Julian keeping it all between them. Cora knew it was a big mistake for lying to him those years ago, why she’s doing right now to make up for her mistakes. “We’re crazy as you can be. I remember there was a time when Malva made Argent and Dominic swap bodies with each other for a while. That was a sight” She couldn’t help to laugh remembering how everyone teased the two for ages after. Cora could see that Julian was confused how she described Malva but thought her story would be enough to give little insight of the madness that comes being around a manor full of immortal supernaturals. 

 Sometimes she forgets how her powers were dangerous when used being the reason why she tends to not use them. How they were all too powerful even if it all made the darkness pull the more stronger. She could see by Julian’s reaction to her saying about her powers it was something he feared. “I only hex the people that I don’t like, don’t worry '' She reassured him once again finding amusement in teasing him for having years of catching up to do. Cora was someone who liked having fun even back when she was hanging around the barracks waiting for him she’d make use of her time. Even if it meant toying with people. “I was there for you” She gasped pretending to feel both hurt and surprised. “Wait, you're still a virgin?” Looking over to him confused thinking he must have meant something else by it thinking that it was just him trying to avoid her saying any more of her past flings. 

The Aspect nodded her head agreeing with him, knowing he was right in saying he wasn’t a fighter. Which he wasn’t but trained enough to be in a situation he’s able to get himself out of and be protected. “I’m a bit of both now” At the beginning she wasn’t but lately she’s found herself drawn into fighting, working out and dealing with others. Finding that it helped with all her anger and frustrations to keep her darkness and powers intact. With all going on and happening around her. Cora was like all the others who were feeling that something wasn’t right, now starting to live in fear of a new threat nobody knows about but is near. “Whoever or whatever it is has to go up against all 8 of us Aspects before they can get to any other people” All of them swore their lives to protecting the world and those living inside it even if it meant risking and sacrificing their lives.  

Julian understood that while things may not be as it once was, he was looking forward to rekindle his friendship with Cora, he already admitted to the Aspect of Darkness that he misses her. There was nothing else he could say to deny that warm feeling towards her. No point in acting as if the upsetness he experienced earlier didn't last as long as he thought it would. Maybe he really did just have a soft spot for the dark-haired female. Or else, there was no way Julian would be able to forgive her so easily and not to mention, quickly. It was either that, or he never actually got mad at her. "You do realize that doesn't make it sound… tamer, or better, right? Jump at the people you want to? That's quite a list you got there Cora… you don't need me to remind you that you even had one" he scoffed dryly, it was clear that the Aspect of Darkness had a reputation to precede and she never once proved them wrong either. Well, technically speaking, the girl could easily rob your senses away if you try to cross her, so that was pretty terrifying. 

"Face and body too please" he grumbled to himself, patting his thighs absentmindedly as he shook his head, "I would like every part of me intact… not just my pretty face" he reiterated, knowing he wouldn't miss out the chance to snark at her. "Our thing? Huh… yeah, you say it like that's what it is. How many of your things do you even have" he murmured and disbelief, sometimes it was hard to believe that Cora led quite a challenging lifestyle. But it was not surprising by the slightest at all. A part of him knew she was definitely not the type of girl who would settle today sit on the stool and do nothing for the rest of her life. Seems a bit too dull for the likes of her. When she told him her sister once made her other sister and someone else swap bodies, the Nephilim widened his eyes and gaped, "Seriously? They swapped bodies? How does that even work- why did it even happen in the first place? Did they touch something they shouldn't? Walk into a mystical shady trap? Wait… did she swap their bodies for fun?" He had so many thoughts clogging up his head.

 "Your family is so weird... " That sounded like the understatement of the century. "There it is with you going with the people I don't like card, have I told you how scary you can be sometimes? Cute but scary" he teased, he never stopped short when it comes to teasing the female, it was basically a part of how they greeted one another. It didn't take him long to get used to how things were back then. "Yeah, in a way you were, I guess… I got back on track because of you. Or else I would've just mulled over my life and be very boring" Not to say he's the most fun person to hang out with but compared to the previous years, he was better now. His cheeks flushed considerably when she asked if he was still a virgin, it wasn't something he was particularly embarrassed about but when she said it out loud like that, it made him slightly shy, "Mhmm, never got around about it." He knew it wasn't like he could ask her to take things slowly but he wished she would take care of herself in the midst of fighting for others too, "Just remember to take care of yourself. And be careful. You take care of others but who's gonna take care of you?"

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