Malva knew it from the very beginning that she wasn't going to last long without her siblings. It's nothing regarding their strength and life as one entity. It wasn't that she wasn't independent. If it was up to her, she would've withdrawn herself from everyone from the start, but there was a reason why she couldn't. She could never live alone without going insane. Not now. And maybe, not ever. Not after what she's gone and been through. The dried tears that stained her pale complexion has been there since a few hours ago. The Aspect of Magic did not bother to wipe it away, and left it be as she descended into the state of being a broken girl. Hugging her knees as she shivered under the pre-winter weather, where she wore only one layer of a dark blue dress, it was almost the first time since forever that she felt the cold. She grew up in North America that was Atlanta when she was a Fae, and hailed from the cold harsh Russia, so the cold didn't bother her as much. But now, she could feel every single tingle.

Her room was a mess. Books and parchments were scattered all around the spacious space. The windows were wide open; the cold wind blowing through the curtains from the balcony and into the room. There were also a few broken glasses on the floor alongside broken paintings that had their fair share of blood staining it like a new addition of paint. Unfortunately, the room wasn't the only thing that was a mess. The person that is Malva Ailward who looked nothing more than a traumatized puppy, was hugging her knees as she settled down on the carpeted floor, trembling in what could seem to be fear and distraught. Her slightly lighter shade of hair was unkempt and her hands were also stained with blood. She knew she should've known better better than to attempt that on her own, without anyone being present for backup. Without anyone that would bring her back. Without anyone that could bring her back. And most importantly, without anyone that could comfort her. 

She was sure she would've been so far gone if she didn't try to get herself out in the last minute. The Russian born woman was too deep in her thoughts to notice that she was in fact, drifting away. The tears began to stream down her puffy cheeks, for it resumed its pace when the dragon covered her face with both hands and cried some more. Malva couldn't remember the last time she had been so affected and scared. All that anger dissipated and was replaced by a monumental moment of contempt.


8 hours earlier...

Malva has been away from Evermore ever since she had a new personal mission that required her utmost attention. And by personal, it meant that it wasn't known to her siblings. She has been venturing back and forth to Atlanta for the past week. Yet she wasn't anywhere near closer to where she was supposed to be. It caused the Aspect of Magic to be very distressed and has been then, trying to do everything she could that was within her power. But now she was back in Evermore, specifically her room, where she has been busy searching for god knows what. She's been too deprived off proper and decent healthiness for a while and it was starting to take its effects on the Aspect. However, an hour later, she found the item she sought out. There, it was laid before her eyes, the ancient book that contained all the dark arts that were quite the malpractice back in the early centuries; especially the late 15th century. It was exactly the very thing she needed for references to aid her current search.

Breaking off the boundary spell that kept the grimoire sealed for centuries long, Malva opened the first page and began to skim through the old pages. Her steely blue hues were analyzing the book carefully, Because if she wasn't careful, she could end up getting a bit too immersed in it and she does not want that to ever occur in her lifetime. The Aspect of Magic was inexplicably weak and incompetent when it comes to dark magic and she finds it burdensome when she needed to intervene directly.


Long story short, the flaxen haired Ailward didn't expect for her magic to backfire on her so aggressively since it has never happened before, without any notice. And she was then thrust into the world where darkness looms over, in her head. She felt the effect taking up to her and spent hours trying to evade them. But it was her own terrors, how could she truly get rid of it. It will always be there. She called out for her siblings, but most specifically, she had called out the person who had witnessed this side of her beforehand; Aureus. Malva had probably woken him up from the small sleep he could have as she called for him loudly in his mind. The Aspect of Magic curled herself up in the corner as she tried to close her eyes shut and push every thoughts away that was plaguing her.

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