One day in your life. They say that one day in your life could completely change it and Leigh had never really paid mind to that thought before. But since that evening when the bookstore had got held up for the takings of the till, Leigh had seen the world a little differently. Thankfully, Eun had been there to stop the attack and neither of them had been harmed in the process, over the past month or so he’d been working with the police to prosecute the attacker and get back the money that was rightfully his. It had been a long and somewhat stressful process but Leigh was happy to see the justice system run it’s proper course the way that his new friend truly believed in.

He had also felt something trigger in himself, it was a combination of things, from being held at gunpoint and feeling the fear of having such a weapon pointed in his direction to meeting someone who was incredibly bold and brave, someone who made the therianthrope want to be a stronger and bolder person. Someone who had become his friend from that day forward. Honestly, Leigh had a lot of things he could thank Eun for but he knew he didn’t need to tell the dhampir them, from the way they had chatted over the phone and through texts here and there since. Leigh was trying to put himself out there more, make friends and not just immediately dismiss the thoughts in his head or the people who walked into his life.

It was easier said than done, of course, he had met Irene through the book store and struck up a strange arrangement with her and he had managed to work up the courage to attend one of those cooking classes Willow was always raving about where he had met Ha-joon but it still felt like a conscious effort on his part every time. He had to work up his own confidence and tell himself that he was going to be okay and that this was good for him, there were days when he felt like he could do it and there were days where he couldn’t. But it was progress and that was what was really important to the therianthrope.

It was late afternoon in the store and he was doing the last few tasks of his closing up routine, which essentially gave him an excuse to pace up and down the shop floor as many times as he wanted without it looking weird. It was ridiculous, he knew, but ever since he was a kid he had always begged his parents to let him do horse riding lessons. He never got his way back then but now he was older he could afford to do it for himself. So he’d signed himself up to an open lesson today. And now he was freaking out about it. He was trying to tell himself it was all in his head and he would be fine but it just wasn’t one of those days where he could talk himself down so he was debating whether he should cancel or now. He froze when he heard the bell on the door open “Sorry we’re just about to close” he spoke as he turned to face the customer only to be met with the familiar face of Sangeun Moon “Though I’ll make an exception and let you stay a while” he added with a bright smile happy to see the dhampir.

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The sudden suggestion given by the other male regarding his hair surprised the dhampir, purple? "Purple, really? That's quite a bold choice, don't you think? It's a very bright color… do you think I can pull it off?" he laughed nervously and craned his neck considerably as to hide his ears that were slowly turning red, "I mean… I'm not you, Leigh. Just because I can pull other things off, doesn't mean I can actually pull a bright haired head off." It was funny to be the transition of a confident Eun to a shy Eun, the elder Moon had insecurity issues, contrary to other people's beliefs. He had plenty of flaws and faults, he either hid them well or people choose not to acknowledge them. It's either one or two. He could feel his ears flushing, a definite sign whenever he was flustered. "But I'll keep your advice well, I'll stay blond for a while." Truthfully, he wasn't sure what he looked like, the mirror can deceive someone like him, after all. But if Leigh says it looks good, then it probably does. "And how much is the change?" he wiggled his eyebrows playfully and giggled, it's been awhile since he actually had a proper laugh that wasn't filled with awkwardness or sarcasm. 

Ever since he set foot here in Evermore, things were looking up. Even his case was being handled better than the ones he did in Korea. Was it the change of air? Or was it his escape from his entrapment? Lord knows. Placing one hand over his chest when he was called a 12, Eun was beaming with pride and he feigned a bow, "Why thank you." There were plenty of people who suffer from social anxiety and find it hard to uplift themselves alone, which brings a positive energy to Eun to keep on encouraging Leigh. "Then don't worry, I'll be here to cheer you on, Foxxy" he murmured softly, his eyes following the same gesture as he pressed his lips together to form a reassuring smile. He was quick to grumble at the debate about coffee and tea though, "I prefer coffee breath over anything any day" he scoffed and crossed his arms in retaliation, "And to think I was gonna give you your what- Earl grey tea, a chance?" he shook his head as he continued with the dramatization. Narrowing his dark hues at the therian, he placed both his hands on his hips as he clicked his tongue in annoyance, subsequently gaining the attention of the latter, "That's it. No more putting yourself down, mister. If I hear a word about you condemning yourself, I'm forcing you to take a sip of black coffee with me." His tone was strict and held no hints of playfulness. He was actually going to do that if it persists.

 Receiving compliments, no matter how small it seemed, mattered so much to Eun. It had him smiling widely because he could feel the genuineness lacing it. "It's possible to find something I love more than myself but that has yet to come" he said cheekily, for now he's content with loving himself. Eun purposely paused momentarily and pondered before snickering, "Well…most sly people don't admit they're sly. They're called sly and cunning for a reason. It's also not a bad thing, I say that's a skill." Though he wasn't wrong, Eun couldn't really picture Leigh to be sly at all. He seemed way too genuine and true to be acting that way. Perhaps that was just him. "Rabbits and mice… poor things" he gasped and giggled after sending a teasing jab towards him. "I would like to think that I have control over my life a lot more than I actually do so yes a bachelor" he chuckled, though it didn't sound as happy as he thought he would sound like. Countdowns… he probably should start worrying over that. 

Shaking his head at his remark, he couldn't help but laugh heartily, "You're my friend, Leigh. Quite possibly my only friend here in Evermore that's not my brother, my friend that actually cares for me more than they say they do… spending my time with you is a blessing and not a whim." Sometimes chatting or texting with the therian alone could send him good vibes, it prevented Eun from thinking too much about his wedding preparations too which was a big thank you from his part. "Long story short… I received a book filled with stamps on my birthday by my little brother, yes, that rascal Jae… and I just… I didn't remember much but I remember being so touched I was ready to bite off anyone's arms off if they took the book without my permission. It was the first real present that I received in a while…"He never stopped collecting after that. It was meaningful to 10-year-old Eun. "I think my favorite was the flower stamp. It was a daffodil… limited edition. Mine was one of the 5 that was released. It was pure Hunger Games and I was 16." It was such a hectic day then because his parents did not take it lightly when they heard he skipped his tuition that evening to go and queue to buy a stamp. 

The dhampir felt his ears turning red again because the talk about getting accepted into law school was making him flustered, "Yeah well… I was glad I got in. I would've gone crazy from all that library sessions…" he murmured sheepishly. Seeing the optimism Leigh was radiating was slowly making Eun grin even brighter, that's what he wanted to see. The talk about chinchillas got Eun wrapped in awe, they sounded cute, and he's always wanted pets like sugar gliders, perhaps he could get one of these chinchillas. "Squirrel… bunny. Sounds like a hybrid" he pointed out teasingly. Eun tried his best to get everything settled so he could return back to Leigh as soon as possible because he didn't want him to be alone. Thankfully, it didn't take long and he was right back by his side before it started. If anything they were thanking him for his participation because there were definitely more spots left. "Yes, Leigh, you're not alone anyway, I'm here remember?" He was so excited to see the horses he actually was paying attention to the guides given attentively like he was studying for his bar exam, "Can you speak to animals?" he quipped randomly and flicked the next page.

Frankly, Leigh was pretty sure that Eun could pull off quite literally any look he wanted to, he could wear a trash bag and still look handsome “Of course you could pull it off” he spoke without a doubt and shrugged his shoulders “If you’re going to be bold enough to go colorful, might as well go all the way right?” he smiled shyly, purple was a color he wanted to try at some point too, he thought it would be an interesting look. “And I just don’t care what people think of how I look I guess” he shrugged slightly, he looked after himself and kept healthy but he wasn’t the kind to worry about others staring at him or anything like that. Most people didn’t really notice him at all. He nodded enthusiastically when Eun agreed to keep his hair dyed blond “The blond makes you really stand out...but in a good way” when Eun asked him how much change he had he pulled out all the coins in the pocket and held them out, adding up the total without so much of a blink “3 dollars and 72 cents” he responded with a grin and offered them out towards Eun with a mischievous smile.

Leigh wasn’t just teasing when he called Eun a 12 either, he had honestly never seen someone quite so good looking in real life, he looked like should be a model or celebrity or something because he took Leigh’s breath away every time he saw him “You’re welcome, it must be hard to be so pretty” he giggled softly, Leigh had never really been considered all that good looking but he didn’t mind all that much. When he called him foxxy Leigh laughed softly in response “You know, I think that’s the first time someone’s called me that” he glanced over at Eun and smiled softly, he kinda liked getting a nickname from him. “I’ll pass on the lingering scent, no one’s gonna wanna kiss you” he teased before he realized what he said and blushed softly averting his gaze away from him. “You’re missing out” he mumbled softly under his breath but let the topic go now instead glancing at Eun when he chastised him “Oh no, the horror” he pulled a face though because that sounded awful.

He grinned as he glanced over at Eun, he was a little jealous sometimes how confident the dhampir was but it was also a positive influence on him so he couldn’t complain too much, Eun was always the kind to brighten someone’s days and tell them off when they were being overly negative “Well you’ll have to let me know if you ever do because it must be something pretty spectacular” she glanced over at the dhampir and chuckled softly “Well that’s true, you’d never actually know” he laughed softly, but Leigh actually wasn’t that cunning when it came to people at least, most people said they could read him like an open book and they were probably right. He had a slightly shy look on his face and ducked his head a little at Eun’s gasping “Hey the fox has a mind of its own sometimes, I just have to play along” he only really turned on a full moon though, he wasn’t the sort to put himself through the transformation when he didn’t have to. “Alright, a bachelor it is” he responded with a smile, if that’s how Eun wanted to spend his time for now then he wouldn’t argue with that.

Leigh enjoyed it when Eun called him his friend, he’d called him that pretty much since they met and it was a really nice thing to hear, especially because he never expected someone like him to want to be his friend “Okay, if you say so then I’ll take your word for it” he smiled softly, it was nice to feel important in some way to someone and it reminded him that he wasn’t all alone like he sometimes felt he was “Though do tell me if it ever gets too much” he insisted because he didn’t want to scare off the first good friend he’d made in a long time. Hearing Eun talk about stamps probably would have been the most boring thing in the world to some people but Leigh was genuinely interested in the things that interested the dhampir, so he had a bright smile on his face throughout the whole time that he talked “That’s really sweet, do you still have the original book?” he was going to assume he did if it was that important to him that it started a whole hobby “I love flowers” he spoke softly “I especially like lotus flowers” he blushed softly “So you fought off a bunch of people for that stamp huh? Must be special” he could imagine Eun was quite competitive when he wanted to be.

“Are you saying you have something against reading books?” he teased, slowly gaining more confidence around the dhampir the more the two of them spent time together and got to know one another “Your parents must have been really proud when they found out” his parents he been really excited when they found out he got into college, not that there was a doubt he would but he supposed it was just a really important milestone. He laughed when Eun said it sounded like a hybrid “Yeah except they’re actually nothing like them at all, they’re little furry ninjas who live in the mountains in Chile” he giggled softly, he really liked his two, one of them was cuddly and the other one was just hyper and active all the time. He was glad for the lesson to start as they headed into the stables, he glanced over at Eun when he asked if he could talk to animals and shook his head “Sadly not, that would be an amazing power though” he giggled softly “Sometimes I can sense things about them though, I can tell easily when an animal is scared, even if it’s good at hiding it” the instructor-led them over to the stable and picked out a stall for each of them to meet their horse at, Leigh was placed outside the stall of a black stallion who seemed to be one of the more confident horses and quickly came to poke his head out and see what was going on, Leigh smiled, soothingly running his hands over his mane and cooing at him a little glad he didn’t seem to be afraid of the kitsune.

He was sure that at this point of the stage, Leigh could quite literally make him blush effortlessly by saying a few words. Which was weird for the elder Moon seeing as he was used to compliments being thrown his way for long but why do they sound so different coming from the therian? Why is it so impactful to him to hear it from him? He figured it was the whole friends thing and their ever-growing friendship. Yeah, definitely that. Eun also likes to hear genuine stuff from people because he doesn't need a lie detector to know if someone was being genuine or fake, or maybe he wouldn't know for some people who are given the ability to lie without whim; namely the male in front of him. No, Leigh is not like that. "I like the way you think, Leigh" he tapped his head playfully, "Great minds think alike, I swear" Purple, yeah he could do purple. You never know if you've never tried it, right? "Don't expect me to go rainbow though, I don't think I can pull that off no matter how handsome I am. Though you really should try it too, that purple color, I mean" he quipped, he could imagine him in purple, and like the pink, it is very likely for the latter to pull it off just the same, if not better. 

The moment Leigh showed him the change he had stored in his pockets, Eun guffawed and had to hold his stomach and control his composure because he would've been a laughing pinball right there and then, "You're wrong if you seriously think I won't crush my pride and do whatever you want me to do for these changes alone" he of course, shamelessly took it from him with a coy grin. He placed his hand under his chin and made it look as if he was pondering on something, "Oh yes it is very hard being pretty." Ironically? It does. Eun couldn't remember the last time people look at him and comment on his skills rather than his physical appearance that will eventually wither away if he doesn't switch on his immortality switch and with the way things are going, he couldn't leave his future human wife grow old alone. "I do wish people can also see behind this though... " he murmured softly to himself, unbeknownst whether Leigh was able to hear or not. 

"Take it as you may, Leigh, it is now your official nickname" He pulled out his phone and quickly renamed him on his contacts just to show his proof, he had his phone in front of the male with a beaming smile, "There you go. Foxxy Leigh." Eun covered his mouth and gasped when Leigh said he'd pass on that, "You sure nobody would kiss me at all? None at all?" he mumbled in disbelief, coffee isn't that bad. Clearly some people thinks so, much to their amusement. "For all you know, people may get hooked on my blueberry chapstick and my coffee breath, if anything they may not get enough of me" he even stuck his tongue out in retaliation to their debate regarding coffee and tea. But the never-ending grin etched on his lips reminded him of how much he missed this; being able to laugh freely without anyone condemning you. "I have to be careful around you then, you sneaky fox" he narrowed his hues at the taller male and made the playful gesture of 'I'm watching you with my hawk eyes' with his hands, "Who knows you may even trick me into thinking more than I probably should." 

That was definitely a possibility. Who knows if Eun could mistake their friendship gestures? It wasn't as if the dhampir knew any better, anyways. Bear in mind, Eun didn't have actual genuine friends that lasted longer than a month or two when he was in school. "I wonder how the mind of the fox is on about, can you control yourself during shifting?" with his doe eyes widening by the second upon asking that question, it made the dhampir look a lot more innocent and youthful than he actually is. Calling someone his friend, that feeling never left him quite. It was something he held on since the very beginning and he had no intentions of letting go. He wanted his friendship with Leigh to last long, no wonder the thoughts of returning back to Seoul had been burdening him. Did he even want to go back?

 "It"ll never get too much, Leigh. I am curious though… don't you think I'm annoying by being so loud and obnoxious like this? People don't like narcissistic people too so far as I know which is justifiable too. But don't you think so? I van dial it down if you want" he offered, really, the last thing he wanted was a jeopardized friendship just because he couldn't stop being loud. A part of him was still gaping in disbelief when Leigh continued to hear him talk about his passion for stamps without amiss. Wasn't that boring? "Leigh… aren't you… I don't know, bored?" He was careful when asking, this is important to him. "Yeah, I still have the original book I actually brought it with me… I like watching it again and again. It helped me figure out sometimes the most beautiful moments in life isn't in front of you, it's what you experience in your memories." He would definitely bring it around some time later to show to Leigh.

 Nodding enthusiastically at Leigh's claim for his love to the stamps, Eun could still remember that day as if it was just yesterday, "Yes. I really did fight for it. It was a hectic day, I tell you. Hundreds were camping out. Hundreds." Maybe he wasn't the only weird one there. "Why lotus?" he asked, the tone wasn't judging him, it was rather soft, "Is it because you resemble a lotus? The meaning it brings? Purity of the soul, mind, and body? Wow Leigh" he teased, he was quick to flail his hands around in a defensive manner when Leigh mentioned the books though, "Of course not! But have you read the books I had to read? They are grade A boring…" He guessed his parents were proud of him. "Now I want one…" he pointed out, chinchillas? He has got to get one of those furry animals now. "Can you sense if I'm lying? You can, right? Can you also sense if I'm afraid then?" he quipped softly, he had peeked out to the black horse and his hand gently brushed against Leigh's own while he was also busy admiring the therian's horse, "Sorry" he grinned sheepishly before returning to his own, "His mane looked soft, I had to touch."

Leigh couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped when Eun mentioned rainbow “Yeah even I’m not that brave” he teased back with an amused look, he personally thought rainbow tended to look better on females because the longer hair made the colors fan out better. “I probably will one day” he nodded slightly and smiled “I like shocking myself in the mirror every time I forget that I dyed it” Leigh shook his head slightly at him as he watched him take the money, really he was thinking about how he didn’t need to worry about adding more coins to his overflowing jar of change because he never used it and it kept piling up. Leigh heard the soft murmur that Eun gave about wanting people to see behind his good looks and smiled gently, he didn’t respond because it was clearly something said to himself but the Kitsune could relate with wanting people to see more to him than just one thing.

“Official huh?” he laughed softly, he didn’t really have any nicknames other than the shortened version of his full name and that was because he was too lazy to say it most of the time, he couldn’t stop himself grinning as he watched Eun type the revised name into his phone, it was even funnier because he added an extra x “That definitely makes me sound like a stripper or something” he commented unable to contain the urge to laugh anymore. Eun pressing the topic of kissing first made Leigh a little shifty, his gaze going anywhere but him “Well my dog would probably still want to lick you” he shrugged his shoulders “So you’ve got that going for you” then again, Minha would pretty much cuddle up to anyone, she was a very sweet dog but now all Leigh could think about is what blueberry chapstick would taste like and how sweet it would be if they shared a kiss, a hole which was very dangerous to go down so he cleared his throat trying to look for any other subject to talk about.

The questions about his kitsune form were usually something he didn’t really like talking about but given the topic it was moving away from he was happy to share a little information about it, plus any topic didn’t feel as hard to talk about with Eun as it did with other people “I can control it but then also when I shift I become a slightly different version of myself, one with simpler and more primal instincts” it was a real adjustment for him at first but now he was used to turning on the full moon. He spent most of those nights running and hunting, it wasn’t as bad as he first imagined it to be but it did hurt like a bitch. He lifted his gaze and smiled at Eun for a moment “Do you like being a dhampir?” he got the feeling that he did because Eun seemed like the proud type and he said that he did a lot of training and had known what he was pretty much from birth.

He couldn’t stop his lips twitching into a smile when Eun said he would never get enough, there was something about that statement that was incredibly uplifting for him, knowing that someone wanted to stick around and while he wasn’t stupid enough to delude himself into thinking Eun was going to stay in Evermore, he enjoyed the idea of making the most of their friendship. “No” he answered honestly with a shake of his head “It really just makes me wish I had a friend like you back in school, someone who would have brought out any level of confidence in me” he grimaced at the idea of Eun wanting the change his behaviour for his shake and shook his head “Loud and obnoxious works for you, it would feel weird for me if you weren’t yourself” you could say he’d gotten used to being around the dhampir and learning some of his quirks and charms. It became evident to Leigh by the second question that Eun seemed worried about what Leigh thought of him, which he was honestly flattered by “How could I be bored when you speak with so much passion in your voice?” he asked it pretty honestly and gave a sheepish smile “There is nothing better than hearing someone talk about the things they care about, so I’d really love to see that book one day” he nodded slightly.

“Damn, then it must have been really special when you got to take it home, victorious” he grinned slightly, perhaps it was a strange thing to collect but he thought it was really admirable how committed to his hobby Eun was and how much he clearly loved it. Leigh’s gaze softened a little when Eun described the meaning of the lotus flower, he thought he was one of the only people who actually did research on those kinds of things “Well that, and it’s really pretty, don’t you think?” one day he would love to have a pond in the yard so that he could grow some of them “Do you have a favorite flower?” if Eun researched what they meant then he supposed he would. “You are talking to the mathematician who reads books about numbers for fun remember” he giggled softly and raised his brows slightly “But I do prefer novels” for the actual reading part anyway, not for work, he couldn’t write fiction to save his life.

Leigh shrugged slightly when Eun asked him if he could tell if he was lying or afraid “People tend to give off different scents when they have certain moods, I can tell those scents” he nodded slightly “Some people are better at hiding their natural reactions than others” he pressed his lips together “So yes, I can tell when someone seems afraid or like they are uncomfortable which usually means they are lying” he could also smell arousal but that didn’t seem like an appropriate thing to mention. Leigh was so focused on the horse that when Eun’s hand brushed against his he was a little shocked and widened his eyes slightly only to blush pretty heavily “He is pretty sweet” he commented a little nervously before fiddled with his hands slightly “And who did you get?” he looked towards the pen Eun had been assigned curiously. After a while, they passed out pitchforks, because the start of riding a horse was caring for a horse, which meant cleaning out the stalls. Leigh didn’t mind too much as he started clearing up the old bedding and straw into the container they had in the middle of the room but he was breathing through his mouth because the smell with his enhanced senses, was a little overpowering “You should be really glad you have a normal sense of smell right now” he joked to Eun as they passed one another as they went back and forth.

He raised his eyebrows at Leigh upon hearing that answer from him, "Really? You wouldn't try? I mean, I think you can pull it off… maybe. But we'll never know unless one tries, right?" Was he actually giving a suggestion to go and dye his hair a rainbow color? Yes. "If you're wondering whether I am suggesting for you to go rainbow one day, I want to say that's not what I'm trying to say but that's exactly what I'm trying to say." The sheepish grin on him made his cheeks puff up like a chipmunk. It was no wonder his siblings often called him a chipmunk or squirrel. "I can't imagine waking up and looking into the mirror just to find my hair another color, I would have a heart attack. I applaud your… composure" he snickered, he did that when he forgot he dyed his hair blond, earlier this week. 

He nodded enthusiastically when Leigh asked about his nickname but was so quick to scrunched his nose up and shook his head so quickly as to dismiss that, "No, no… not like a stripper-" he narrowed his dark hues at him as he crossed his arms, "Wait, why did that even pop up in your head? Leigh" he covered his mouth with one hand and gasped, "Do you perhaps...have a fetish on that?" It didn't last long though, the act. Eun was tumbling down in his own fits of giggle after a few seconds. "I mean knowing even dogs are attracted to me to the point where they want to kiss me does give me an assurance that I am that handsome" he snickered, still flaunting his self-confidence around like it was no problem, Leigh did take it with a laugh so he supposed it was fine, who else would laugh at him? Honestly, Eun wondered if what he asked about his kitsune forms would be a bit too personal but Leigh still indulged him by responding, which he smiled in gratefulness, someone was actually willing to keep on interacting with him like this so purely even when he was mostly babbling. 

When asked if he likes being a dhampir, he grinned, "I think so. I was raised in a dhampir household. My mother is the only one human. All my siblings are basically dhampirs. Training and fighting had been something I remember since the very beginning. I was able to train with my father, which no matter how strict he was, he was still a good fighter. I like having the ability to protect people who are defenseless… I don't want anyone to feel oppressed. So with this job, and with what I am, hopefully I can live up to my own expectations." That means a lot. Due to him being held down by the weight of expectations placed by others, people often forget he, too, have them. Well, to be fair, even he forgets himself. Seeing the smile bloom from the therian made the dhampir smile unconsciously too. The sight of people being happy, in general, gives him something to smile about but this guy, it feels different. Perhaps, it was because Leigh is his friend. When was the last time he went to an outing with a friend? Did he even have one that wasn't consisted of hi-tea or annual dinners?

 "If this makes anything better, I wish I had a friend like you too when I was back in my academy. I don't have a lot of friends… well, I hardly call someone who I haven't talked longer than an hour with who is not my teacher or tutor, a friend. Unless you count the librarian or the caretaker" Now that he recalled his schooling events, Eun realized the person he talked to the most at the academy was the librarian and the caretaker respectively. He also chatted with them about some of the most mundane things ever; sometimes about how mint chocolate is a disgrace to the human's invention. "I'm glad you think my current behavior is fine, many doesn't seem to think so. Now that I see it through, I realized they only ever liked to see me as this idea they pictured me to be, someone ideal, no doubt. But… not fully me." It was sad, really. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and pressed his lips together, "I guess it's because I'm too used to people making this picture of me. I'm used to being chastised on my behaviors and I forgot that's just the people I'm used to, the community for me back there. Not everyone is like that, you are not like that" he beamed, "I'll be sure to bring the book over the next time we meet." Oh, there it is. Eun was already so looking forward to their next meet.

 "It was a victorious day, I remember my mother treating me to this cake because she saw how red my face was, I was sweating like hell too. Then I remember sleeping for 14 hours because the day after that was a Saturday. Went back for volunteering work on Sunday though. But it was worth every energy" It was why he preserved the book carefully, he always made sure there wasn't even a speck of dust tainting it, much less the content inside it. Eun agrees that lotus flowers are quite the beauty, he could understand why the other male would be so enamoured by it. "Dandelions. I remember how much I loved it when I was a kid because I could always blow them, my mother told me I was sending the babies to a better place to start their new life. It was a pure thing for a child to believe. But when I grew older, I noticed how strong they are. Having to separate themselves, to go far away from their own family… their independence and resilience made me admire them. They look so simple yet they're quite headstrong" he chuckled softly, "I mean if you can count being a stubborn weed, headstrong." 

Sometimes he forgets how smart Leigh really is, good with numbers. "Well, memorizing law acts aren't fun when you're being pressured" he shot and stuck out his tongue to retaliate, "But I do end up remembering soon so I guess I should thank that hardass tutor." When Leigh said he prefer novels, he was reminded of his brother, Jae, "My brother's a literature student. I swear he memorized Shakespeare in his own sleep. Well… I guess it's better to memorize law acts instead of… Shakespeare. No offense to him." Hearing about the difference is an individual's scent and how they give off alarms when one feels things made Eun gape in awe, "So… if I'm scared of nervous, you can sense it?" he asked curiously, he didn't notice the blush on Leigh since Eun was quick to focus on his own mare, one hand brushing its beautiful well-groomed mane with a stupid grin present on his lips. "Her name is Tera" he mused softly, it was a white mare, contrasting Leigh's.

 He took the pitchfork and started cleaning the stall, laughing at Leigh's response to it, "Yeah. Thank god. I'm almost curious to know how they smell but I'll keep my curiosity to myself" he winked playfully, "You know, because I'm considerate like that."

Leigh had his hair all sorts of colors throughout the years but somehow he could even begin to picture how rainbow would look on him which made him laugh softly “Maybe one day when I’m feeling really reckless and brave” he chuckled softly, somehow he didn’t see it happening mostly because it would be so hard to maintain and would fade really quickly. “It’s an adjustment but once you dye it a few times you start to get used to seeing everything but your natural color” he shrugged slightly, he liked looking unique, it gave him a sense of control and confidence with his own self.

Leigh couldn’t help but blush when Eun called him out on his mind going to strippers, admittedly, the name was very cheesy and the type of on the nose thing that a stripper might call themselves “I don’t have to like something like that for me to know it sounds cheesy and slightly dirty” he insisted back and shook his head slightly though his bright red cheeks definitely gave away how embarrassed he was. He cast his gaze to the ground hoping it might swallow him so he couldn’t say anything more incriminating. “Well Mina admittedly likes most people and she especially likes people who smell good” he paused that sentence there realizing he was implying Eun smelt good which wasn’t untrue but still not the sort of thing you randomly commented to a friend. “I’m going to be quiet before I curl into a ball of shame in three, two, one” he took a long breath and smiled, something about Eun had him keep spilling embarrassing things, it was becoming a problem.

Leigh enjoyed hearing Eun talk about the species he was because he seemed pretty proud of what he was, he supposed being born the way he was he’d never known any different but Leigh had done some reading on dhampir since meeting the other male and learned a lot about their intertwined state with weapons and the way they could use runes. He had a lot of questions about them but he didn’t want to overstep with Eun, especially when they were starting to get close. “Do you ever need your training for actual real-life situations or is it just theoretical mostly?” he’d read that most dhampir communities tended to take the role of protecting humans which he really liked the idea of. He knew there was a Dojo in Evermore too though he doubted that Eun was a member of that considering he was only staying temporarily. The thought of that saddened Leigh a little because he was really enjoying having a friend like this, someone he felt like he could be close to and himself with.

Leigh smiled gently as he looked back at Eun, the other male didn’t know anything about what Leigh had been through in school but he was sure if he had one friend as good as the dhampir back then, things could have been different. Maybe one day he would feel confident enough to share that experience with someone and not feel like he was going to have a panic attack but he wasn’t quite there yet. “Well I find librarians quite nice, I mean they’re only one step from book shop owners after all” he was surprised that Eun didn’t have many friends though, he was the charming friendly type who he thought would be really popular, especially because no one could deny Eun was handsome. “Well if your friend doesn’t like your real self, are they really your friend?” he asked curiously, Leigh wouldn’t want someone to like him only for parts of him, he wanted them to like him because they got along with him well and enjoyed his company. “Are you worried about what people will think of the real you at home?” it seemed like he had to play a certain role there and here was his first taste of freedom.

Leigh was really looking forward to getting to see that book because it clearly meant a lot to Eun and therefore it meant a lot to him “Oooooh so he likes sweets, what’s you’re favorite kind of cake?” treats were definitely something Leigh could get behind and after he got out of rehab they were the thing he turned to whenever he felt himself veering off the edge. He had a bright smile as he looked back Eun because it was nice to know more about the things he liked though he did raise his brows in surprise when Eun answered a dandelion but he went quiet to listen to his reasoning because he knew the dhampir always had good rationale behind his thoughts. After a moment he parted his lips a little in awe and then smiled “I don’t think I’ll ever look at a dandelion the same way again” he spoke it softly as he looked back at the blond-haired male “So you’re kinda like one now then? Far away from your family but managing to fend for yourself” he smiled, it was a really nice analogy.

His expression fell for a moment at that mention by Eun and it made Leigh wonder for a moment if that was the path he would have chosen for himself if his parents hadn’t nudged him into it which in turn made him think about what he would have picked “Did you not want to go into law then?” he raised his brows slightly, Leigh had always been lucky in the fact his parents supported the choices he made himself. They accepted him despite his sexuality and they did raise some questioning brows when he told them he wanted to own a book shop rather than go into stock trading fully but they understood after he showed them the little place he had kinda fallen in love with. “Oh I’m not quite that level” he spoke softly and shrugged, he loved stories but not the point he could recite any.

Leigh nodded when Eun asked if he could tell if he was nervous “Sometimes, it really depends on the situation and how much attention I’m paying” he didn’t want Eun to worry and think he was a mind reader or anything, he could just smell when someone was sweating more than usual. “She’s a beauty” he cooed softly at the white mare, interesting that they had gotten quite possibly the most different horses ever “Mine’s called Raven, which seems fitting” he chuckled slightly as they continued cleaning out the stables. “Believe me the curiosity isn’t worth it” he commented and pulled a face. Once all the cleaning was done they handed out curry combs so that they could brush and bond with the horse they would be riding. Leigh smiled peacefully as he stroked over Raven’s mane slowly and then glanced over at Eun and Tera.

"When you're feeling brave and reckless, you say?" he narrowed his dark hues as if he was trying to think hard on it, with his hand perched under his chin like he was pondering, quite the dramatic pose really, "And when would that be, Mr Kingsman?" he asked playfully, purposely deepening his voice just to add in the comical scene. "When did you start dying your hair? Or… when was the last time you had your natural hair color?" Eun was curious to know more things about Leigh, generally, getting to know the therian seemed so effortless. He noticed that the other male had this affinity of being flushed, which was no doubt due to all the blushing but it did make him chuckle because of how cute he posed to be, "Slightly dirty? Really? Did you just put cheesy and dirty in the same sentence?" he gaped at him dramatically and shook his head, "Really, Leigh?" He knew better than to comment on his red cheeks appearance, of course, Eun may be forward and shameless but he wasn't rude. He wasn't about to point it out when he knows there are boundaries he shouldn't be crossing.

 He arched his eyebrows questioningly at the therian upon hearing those words coming out of his mouth, "And suddenly I smell good now? Come on, Leigh. Which one is it? You know it's totally fine to admit that I smell good" he winked and chuckled softly, it was so fun interacting with Leigh. He couldn't stop himself from laughing when Leigh clamped his mouth shut afterwards, what a cute guy, he thought. "It's fine to tell me all those things, you know. I mean, of course, you'd be inflating my already big ego but… look at the bright side, at least you know I like hearing things that compliments me?" He wasn't sure if his attempt on trying to diffuse the awkwardness Leigh may have felt earlier was working or not, hopefully it was. When asked whether he ever needed to use his training to real-life situations where his skills would he seen to be quite handy, Eun shrugged casually, "A few times. Nothing too big that a normal guy couldn't handle, though" either it was an automatic switch to him to keep on this slight humility to him or it was just Eun being Eun.

"Chasing a few bad guys trying to assault a minor late at night when I go back home from work… helping the local bakery owner apprehend the guy who tried to rob the place, something like what happened to you before" To him, that was just him doing what a person should. Even if his community is filled with harsh and condescending views, Eun still viewed it as his duty. "I wish I could have more time to train though. It feels like time is running away from me most of the time. It's kinda sad" he smiled sadly, work took up every space in his life but he loves what he does, so there was really nothing to complain without implicating it back to him. But who wouldn't want to request more time to spend it on things they like? He couldn't even make it home for family day most of the time too. He grinned gleefully when he noticed the similarities between the librarian and Leigh now that he's said it, "You're right. You are even similar to him. I remember he always wore glasses and snores. But quite intelligent. Albeit not as cute as you but, you know" he shrugged, totally missing the point that he gave him an indirect compliment despite knowing how quick Leigh was when it comes to stuff relating to him.

 He shook his head and grinned softly upon hearing that, "No. They aren't, are they?" His words were soft and he never tore his gaze away, it was still fixated on Leigh per usual. It seems that Eun has a thing for eye contact, for sure. Leigh seemed to understand him a lot better than 99% of the people back home and it was refreshing to find someone who thinks that way, "I guess I am. I didn't them to be disappointed in me, you know? I try telling myself or won't affect me because I love who I am today but it's definitely easier said than done." It was a shame, Eun was filled with optimism yet he couldn't use the amount on his own life. He could see the effort Leigh poured in to get to know him and he was grateful, it felt nice, he likes this, "Cake? Red velvet cheesecake. My mother used to bake me those whenever I got upset. I guess I grew attached to it" It didn't surprise him seeing as he can be quite sentimental.

 "You?" Now it was his turn to blush, he could feel the scarlet seeping in as his cheeks grew warmer at the way Leigh spared him that look, "It's just flowers" he murmured shyly, "But I do want to be a dandelion yeah. I aspire to be that strong and independent. I want to build a family of my own too." Anyone can take a look at him and know instantly, he's a family guy. It shows. He saw the expression fell on Leigh and that made him but his lip apprehensively, it was an automatic thing for him to do; almost instinctively. "I… like to think I can contribute to the world better if I understand it. I went into law because then I'll get to know all the different types of people existing on this earth… so I can be sure I won't be fooled easily. So I can defend people from behind the curtains too. It's not much but… baby steps, right?" Even if his area is criminal defense, some of them made mistakes and he believes in second chances.

 "Maybe one day you'll be at that level. With a voice like yours, a podcast is not too far away, remember" he wiggled his eyebrows and snickered because Leigh really did have a lovely voice. The kind you can definitely fall asleep after hearing the audio peacefully. "Look at ours, such a contrast. Do you think it symbolizes something? Maybe we're that different from each other yet we still have something in common" Give it to Eun to rely on cheesy lines, of course. "Raven? That's ironic. But hi Raven, it's nice to meet you: he cooed and ran his hand against her mane softly, sometimes he wished he could switch places with some animals on some days. "If you can have any animal you want, what would you want to have?"

Leigh laughed shyly when he asked when he would feel brave and reckless “Probably never” he admitted and ducked his head a little with a shake of his head, Leigh just wasn’t a really confident person, at least not when it came to being around other people. He was confident in his academic skills or his ability to recommend good books but not what other people might think about him. “I started playing around age was more of a distraction from real life than anything, my parents gave me the biggest look of shock when I bleached it” he grinned a little and shrugged “And then I never really stopped, didn’t really wanna be reminded of the times before I dyed it, sounds stupid but I guess it was my way of drawing a line” he smiled slightly, he was doing better now. Leigh blushed softly as he looked back at him “I guess I did” he laughed softly and averted his gaze “You have to admit you’re a slightly cheesy person” he chuckled slightly.

There was something about Eun that kept making him want to spill compliments to him, even though every single time the dhampir seemed to pick it out and make some comment on it, Leigh wasn’t even trying to do so but it was so easy to compliment the blond-haired male when he was so charming and sweet “You smell like sandalwood” he spoke softly and grinned slightly “I really like the smell of sandalwood” it reminded him of a welcoming home, a strange thing to relate to a person he supposed but Eun was welcoming and kind so it worked. “I’m not trying to keep complimenting you but it keeps happening” he commented with a frown “Maybe that ago is having strange effects on me” he commented teasing slightly with a laugh. Leigh could tell from the lighthearted way that Eun talked he was trying to calm the kitsune and make things feel less awkward which he appreciated.

Leigh had to admit that maybe a very small part of him felt sad knowing it wasn’t the first time that Eun had run in to help someone the way he did that first day at the bookstore. He was deluding himself to think he was special or different from anyone else the dhampir knew really and he knew that but he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to be around him anyway “Well, aren't you just the everyday hero” he spoke softly with a smile, he was a really good person, Leigh knew that much and he was proud to call that kind of person his friend. “Busy life tends to get in the way of all those little things you tell yourself you’ll do” though he had made more time than usual to try new things lately and it had been quite successful. Leigh raised his brows when Eun likened him to the librarian he knew “Are you implying that I snore?” he asked, he wasn’t wearing his glasses today but he did often wear a pair. He did blush slightly when Eun called him cute yet again though.

Leigh had definitely noticed how intense it was to talk to Eun because he was always searching for eye contact, which was something Leigh tended to avoid because it made him nervous and whenever he got embarrassed he would avert his gaze so they couldn’t tell so obviously but the way Eun always held his gaze made it harder to hide, and harder not to stare. “No, I think you meet a lot of fake friends throughout your life” he admitted it with a shrug, he had always struggled to find people he truly related with, especially when he was quite intelligent and therefore often wanted to talk about deeper and more complicated topics. Hearing Eun admit he was worried what people thought of him did make him soften his gaze though “If someone is disappointed in you doing the things that make you happiest then maybe they need to rethink their priorities” he made the comment quietly not wanting to harshly insert his opinion into Eun’s life, he knew things were more complicated than that. “Ah the power of nostalgia” he commented when Eun mentioned liking the cheesecake because his mother would make it for him “My favorite is blueberry muffins, I can never get enough of them” he laughed gently.

Leigh looked back at him seeing the way he got very slightly flushed and felt a small sense of achievement from being able to catch the dhampir off guard, even for a small moment. Hearing Eun say he wanted to have his own family made Leigh smile slightly remembering how he had a fiancee that was waiting for him at home. Sometimes the therianthrope would let his mind run a little wild and ask what if but that’s all it ever was, a silly daydream he kept to himself “Me too” he spoke softly “Though I’m not sure that’s on the cards for me” he admitted in a gentle tone and bit slightly on his bottom lip. Hearing Eun talk about law it became evident that he liked it for reasons the kitsune hadn’t even thought about “So kinda like a therapist except you went for memorizing all the of the literature rather than science” he grinned slightly and smiled “I bet you’re really good at it” Eun was a good talker which usually translated into a good lawyer though he imagined it could be a pretty stressful job.

He laughed softly and shook his head “No I think I’m more likely to fully go into mathematics if I decide to take a different professional route” he chuckled and looked up at Eun “You really like the sound of my voice?” he asked it curiously because he’d never really noticed anything special about it and this was the second time that the dhampir had brought it up. “Well we’re kind of opposites too aren’t we?” he suggested as he ran the brush over the horses’ mane and hummed softly to himself “So maybe they represent us” he chuckled “Or maybe they’re just two horses in stalls opposite one another, who knows” Leigh didn’t think too hard about happenstance, he just kinda let it happen.

Leigh liked how sweet Eun was with the animals and how he had this natural confident demeanor that seemed to work well with them. He was enjoying the session in the stables a lot because it meant they got to joke around with one another while being surrounded by animals. When Eun asked him what animal he would love to have he blushed “It’s a silly answer” he admitted with a slightly shifty gaze “Ever since I was a kid and we went to a really big sealife center, I have loved penguins, like to a crazy level” he hid his face from embarrassment “So if it was a dream world I’d have a penguin, if I have to be sensible then maybe a bunny” he bit his lip “Now you have to tell me yours” he insisted with a laugh.

“Eh, you say that now, but who knows, one day you may feel that reckless and brave and dye your hair that color. I just hope I’ll be able to witness it though. Send me a picture, at least, when you do that, okay? I would hate to miss out on it” It was sad, really. Eun didn’t want to go back but he has to; no he needs to. That is his obligation. He has a fiancee waiting back home and a family to impress. But at least, he wouldn’t be losing contact with Leigh, right? Even if they would only communicate from afar when he’s away and he’s here. When Leigh said his parents were shocked when he bleached his hair, Eun’s hand moved to his hair instinctively, wondering what his parents would feel about this new look, would they even approve it? Would they ask him to change it back to his natural shade? “And were they fine with it?”

 He had a soft smile etched on his lips when Leigh said it was his way of moving on and burying all the past memories that brought him nothing but pain, “I’m glad you drew the line then. You’re too smart to be bossed around like that, Leigh. You deserve better and I’m sure now you’re living your life contently.” If only he could do the same without giving his parents a reason to disown him, the last thing the elder Moon wanted to do is to give them a good reason to throw him out of the family registry; which is his biggest fear. He grinned shamelessly because perhaps he was a bit cheesy in real life, nobody ever really took him that seriously most of the time though. “Fine, perhaps I am. But are you really complaining? I mean, it’s not like everyone can get the same privilege of receiving my words of cheesiness” he cooed playfully and chuckled because it made him cringe for a moment there. “Sandalwood?” How does one describe the smell of sandalwood? Eun listened to him intently and parted his lips in awe, so that’s what it meant. 

Sometimes, he wondered if Leigh wasn’t just a mathematician but also a guy who delves in deep with the literary works and ended up quoting them. “You like them? But you just told me you disliked the smell of coffee. If I drank coffee and came close to you, would you push me away then?” he asked curiously and stepped forward just to test that theory out, hey if you don’t test, then how would you know, right? “Good, just keep on complimenting me then. Maybe I like it.” With his soothing deep voice? Oh, maybe he does like it. He could feel the blush creeping up when Leigh pointed out that he was an everyday hero. “Definitely not it” he grinned sheepishly, “I just help if I could. Unfortunately, I’m not as reckless as my brother who would literally swoop in to help any defenseless person without thinking twice. Though I suppose I should applaud him for such bravery…” Eun likes to help people, yes, but when it comes to that, he mostly tried to think of the best way to carry them out before actually doing them. 

The dhampir quickly shook his head when the therian asked if he thought he snores, “No no, of course not. I wouldn’t even go as close as to even judge anything on that. I just… Uh…” Well, this was a mess, it was the first time that Eun found himself tongue-tied. Literally. He wasn’t used to this but why does it feel so lighthearted? When he met Leigh’s eyes, he had to search for the contact because the other always managed to escape his intended eye contact which does make him grumble and whine, he blinked a few times when Leigh said he’s had fake friends in his life, “I was aware… I mean I liked to think that I was. Maybe a part of me just wanted to belong, you know? People always look up to people and I desperately wanted validation. Any form of them.” Now that he’s said it, he felt embarrassed. “Does that make sense?” Somehow, the therian’s words always made soothed and calmed him down, it was an effect he didn’t know the existence of but he was definitely not complaining at all.

 “You know, at this point, you can be my personal therapist” he pointed out humorously, Leigh has heard most of his worries and he felt so comfortable being around him. Even if he couldn’t change all those things, he wanted to have someone to talk to. Other than Jae. He wanted an outsider’s opinion on it too. “Blueberry muffins huh? I used to bake muffins when I was in high school, my mother asked me to stop though because my siblings kept stealing two or more every day and they had to go to the dentist” he grinned, he could recall those memories as if they were just yesterday and yet the youngest of the lot, Jae, is already 22 years old. How time flies by. When Leigh mentioned how wanting to build a family was not in the cards for him, Eun frowned and tilted his head to the side, “Why not?” Leigh seemed like he would make a great father one day, so why wouldn’t he jest around the idea of it? Eun was curious. He scrunched his nose up when the talk of memorization came along though, “It may be helpful but all the memorization always made me dash back to my memory lane, a door I honestly don’t wanna open because I remember how hellish law school was.”

 Keeping yourself stable around the grades was one thing but being a top scorer? That’s another. Especially with such a competitive environment. “Maths? So I’ll get to hear you talk all day long about calculus, got it.” He nodded excitedly when he was asked if he liked the sound of his voice, “Very much. It sounds like something you’d hear from an audiobook or a podcast while you’re laying your head on a pillow of grass while staring up at the sky.” Too specific? Now that he’s taken a closer look at Raven and Tera, he chuckled, “Yeah… but you know what they say, opposites attract” he winked playfully, he found his company endearing, helpful even. “Should we rename them to Leigh and Eun, then?” A penguin? Now that made Eun grin mischievously, “I guess a penguin wouldn’t be afraid of a fox since you don’t eat seafood, do you?” he teased and pondered at the idea of rabbits, “Sensible, perhaps. But how are you going to take care of it when it’s too active? I hear rabbits have quite the stamina and that mating seasons for them are…” he coughed and chuckled softly, “almost every month.”

“Maybe you’re right” if Leigh kept surrounding himself with confident and outgoing people like Eun then maybe he would feel more confident in himself and they would be able to drag him out of his shell a little. He was going to back out of this class until the dhampir agreed to come with him so that was already proof. Plus his mind went back to the cooking class with HJ where he had made another new confident friend. “I’ll take a picture, it’s a promise” there was a bit of a sad undertone to the conversation because he knew Eun meant that he probably wouldn’t still be around to see it himself. It kinda upset Leigh to think about not having someone around who he had just started getting used to seeing often. “I mean they yelled at first because my school wasn’t exactly encouraging of that stuff but they always forgive me” he had good parents who raised him well, never had he felt any different in their eyes.

Leigh shifted his gaze towards Eun and smiled slightly when he said he was too smart to be bossed around “I know that now, maybe I was just realizing that then” he shrugged slightly, kids were cruel and that sent him down a spiral which definitely impacted a lot of his life. He never really talked about his addiction or the PTSD he suffered but he was sure Eun knew a little considering he had seen the Kitsune’s reaction the first time they met at the bookstore. “Content is the word for it” but one day he wanted more than content, he wanted to look back and think that he lived and he thrived, not that he was simply content. But he had time to figure all of that out.

Leigh shifted his gaze slightly when Eun commented on the fact he had said he disliked the smell of coffee but also liked the way Eun smelled, the coffee scent didn’t linger forever but that warm, soft, earthy smell was always there. The Kitsune froze up and just stared back at the Dhampir was he stepped closer wondering what he was supposed to do in that situation and ended up clearing his throat a little awkwardly and giving a sheepish grin. “I guess everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, even if they have no idea how to appropriately react” he was always awkward and shifty when someone said anything nice about him so he definitely fell under the list of people who sucked at taking a compliment. Eun was much better at not getting flustered. “Well most people would just walk by so that makes both of you pretty brave” he responded with a shrug, he was still grateful for the dhampir being there that day and making sure he didn’t get hurt or lose a lot of his money “Well I think you are” he spoke softly and shrugged letting the topic go.

He smiled slightly at Eun when he stumbled over his words in response to Leigh asking him if he thought he snored, he giggled softly because he was gaining confidence with the other male and it showed in the way he could tease him a little and not feel like he was being awkward or mean “I’m kidding Eun, I actually talk in my sleep” he raised his brows and then laughed, he actually did, his ex-boyfriend had always complained about it, hearing Leigh babbling about numbers in his sleep. He was getting better at not completely avoiding eye contact with Eun but it was still hard for him, especially because his gaze was always so expressive. His gaze did soften slightly as the other male talked about how he felt when it came to other people and wanting them to like them “Yeah I know how you feel” he spoke it gently and shrugged “When I was younger all I ever wanted was for people to like me for me” which they never really did because none of them had similar interests “And I guess it always kinda came along with me, the shy guy who wants friends but isn’t brave enough to look for them” he laughed a little nervously.

Leigh couldn’t help but laugh at the way Eun talked about him being his therapist, it was strange because Leigh had been to see many actual therapists but talking to the dhampir had a pretty similar effect and they hadn’t even got into any of the deep issues Leigh had. Ones he didn’t really talk to anyone about if he was honest. Too difficult to remember and process the memories. “It was literally the only thing I ever learned to bake and my mom would always get fed up with me asking her to go through it with me” he smiled listening to Eun’s story about muffins though “Damn you must have been a popular brother then” it was clear from the way Eun spoke about his siblings that he absolutely doted on them which was really sweet. Leigh would have liked a sibling but his parents weren’t able to have children and didn’t want to go through a second adoption process after him. He had the perfect picture of a family growing up so of course, a part of him wanted one of his own “I’ve been single for about 5 years now, I just don’t see that changing any time soon is all” and he definitely wouldn’t do well as a single parent, that was for sure.

“I mean I tend to keep the number talk to myself because most people look at me like I’m crazy when I get into the zone” and while math fascinated the Kitsune and could keep him engaged for hours, it wasn’t exactly the type of thing you brought up with random friends. He guessed he liked to keep that professional more than anything. “I think that’s a good thing, though it sounds like too much effort to have to read through an entire book out loud without stumbling over any words” though he was good at speaking he was sure his voice would hurt after a while too and he would get bored. It was a nice picture though, thinking about Eun laying out on the grass with headphones in, listening to some wild story made him smile. “Well I think they might be a little offended to be named after men, though technically our nicknames could be used for girls” he grinned slightly “Well I personally eat seafood, I like shrimp” he laughed softly “But the fox much prefers duck or rabbit” he snickered slightly and shrugged. “You do remember I told you I have two ninja squirrels right, I think a little bunny wouldn’t be able to trump their energy” and even if it could he was used to running around after them. Now they were done brushing the horses the next step was to fit the saddle, Leigh watched the demonstration intently before going over to Raven and getting ready to try and fit it.

“Do you think we’ll get to go together on the ride?” he asked with raised brows, there were a few instructors around helping so he assumed the plan was to split them all into smaller groups for the actual learning part. Leigh was enjoying bonding with Raven though she was sweet and was enjoying the carrots he was given to feed her every so often, she nuzzled against him a few times when he went past in the stable too.

"I don't mean to brag but most people say I'm always right" he pointed out humorously, attempting to make Leigh feel better by cheering up the mood, the last thing Eun wanted was for them both to talk about serious topics that would eventually call upon the somber clouds, why must it be so serious all the time, right? He heard the way his words sounded less enthusiastic, not because of the lack of excitement to take photos, for sure, it took him awhile to realize that it could have been because of his return to Korea, he would be leaving a good friend behind and the thought of it made the dhampir frown, "I really hope that I won't have to leave. I honestly like it here but it's just not possible for me to stay" somehow it sounded like he was telling that to himself rather than the therian standing so close to him. He was glad that Leigh had people supporting him in the end, "Your parents are lucky to have you. A son who can appreciate their parents, that's what every parent should be proud of because that is one of the many things a child owes to them." 

He was guessing the case with his own, it's similar. A bit. He's doing what they want because of this, right? "We were young, we don't realize most things, don't we? But it's important that you know your worth now, Leigh" he placed a reassuring hold on his shoulder and grinned, "You're priceless." Honestly, Eun has never met anyone quite like Leigh and he likes that he really enjoyed his company, his little quirks, the way his dimples formed whenever he giggles, how the glasses would perch perfectly on his nose bridge, his liking to green tea that Eun couldn't comprehend until now, everything. "Be happy, Leigh. I hope you'll find your happiness. Whether it's your dream job, or your dream pet… your dream partner, anything." He wanted that too, god he wanted that too so badly. "If I had walked by, I wouldn't have met you, right? Then I wouldn't be able to be here today with you either. Which means I would've lived a boring life in Evermore being surrounded by documents and no fun other than my brother who's probably off kissing his boyfriend, I don't want to intrude that and i hoped that I didn't intrude your time either" he wondered if Leigh truly liked his company or if he was just being kind as usual, but a part of him as confident that the therian was genuine. 

"Wait-you do? How does one talk in their sleep, no no the better question is, I can't believe you say you're not confident and yet here you are, teasing the hell out of me" he huffed and crossed his arms in feigned offense. "Do you count in your sleep?" he enquired curiously, of course he still wished to know what Leigh did in his sleep. That is so him. He frowned when Leigh said that he wanted to befriend people but never got the courage to approach them, "Well, I'm here, right? I like you, a lot. That's a big start. You're becoming more confident if you can tease me" Eun sincerely believed that Leigh could reach out in the future and would flourish in the friends department, something he longed to see too, too bad he couldn't stick around to actually see that happen before his eyes. What a shame. Hearing that Leigh baked with his mother made the dhampir grin, he was reminded of the times he spent with his mother too, even if it wasn't much, "Maybe we could bake together one day. I would love to give you something to test for, it's been a while since I've done any cooking. I didn't have the time to cook anything ever since I got here." 

The thought of serving something for Leigh made him excited, he wondered how would the therian react. He covered his mouth and giggled sheepishly when Leigh regarded him as a popular brother, "I was their only big brother who they know would actually give them everything so… can you really say that?" How could he ever say no to them? He really didn't expect for Leigh to tell him he's been single for 5 years, "That honestly sounds hard to digest. You're a good guy, intelligent, cute, tall, not to mention that voice worthy of an audio book, your strange obsession with tea… how come nobody snatched you up?" He couldn't think of a reason why anyone wouldn't want to be with Leigh. "Well, if anyone came to be spouting numbers I'd be weirded out too, but then I would also try to get his number so we can talk further. Friends don't discriminate." He liked seeing Leigh talk to him about his life, even if it was the smallest incidents that occurred, it made his day most of the time because of how mundane it sounded, it made him wonder if it's fine to want that life too. 

"Practice makes perfect, Leigh. That was me when I had to read storybooks to my siblings. Especially my sister who's always fussy on my dictation... It's a wonder my brother got into literature and not her" he scoffed lightly, recalling the memories of when he had to bite his tongue and comply to her every wants. "Eun means silver in Korean. I'm actually going to name my pet Silver one day. If I have the time of course" he wasn't sure if he had the time to commit for now, not with his current working schedule, he's guessing. "Shrimp? So if I ask you out for dinner with seafood on the menu, you wouldn't decline?" he teased, sighing in relief as I'd he was relieved to know he wouldn't eat him. "I need to see those two ninja squirrels one day. Get me an appointment with them" he whined, tugging on his sleeves slightly, it was a weird showcase of personality from Eun yet not surprising. "I have no idea… I sure hope we do, though. No offense, but I don't want to leave you out of my sight, Leigh. You may fall down and no ones gonna help you then" he grinned sheepishly as he fixed the saddle on Tera. 

It always seemed like Eun knew how to read him better than most, with the way he commented on Leigh’s sadness that he had to leave, he couldn’t help it, it felt like everyone came into his life for a short time and then moved on for one reason or another. But Eun wasn’t just another person to him either, Eun was someone who Leigh felt like he was on the same wavelength as, he always felt weird around others or like he might say something awkward to upset them but with Eun, everything felt more natural, the other male had a way of putting him at ease which he had never experienced before. “I’m lucky to have them” he responded and shrugged his shoulders “Things could have been different for me if they hadn’t chosen to give me a chance” he couldn’t have imagined growing up in the system would have been good for him.

Leigh flicked his eyes up towards Eun and then back to the ground again and he shrugged “I wouldn’t go that far, I still have issues putting myself first even now” but he was getting better at that as time went on, thinking about what he had to offer the world, building his own achievements to the point he was pretty proud of them. He glanced over to Eun’s hands on his shoulders and smiled softly when he said he was priceless “So are you” he responded softly and nodded, especially because he was being used as something of worth in this marriage he was heading into. “You’re pretty good at giving advice you won’t take for yourself huh?” he commented it with a wry smile “I don’t know exactly what it is I’m looking for but I’m pretty sure I’ll know when I get there” he nodded slightly “And I’d probably be still dealing with the mess in my shop after the robbery and wondering if ends were going to meet” he gave the other male a pointed gaze because it seemed evident they brought out the best in one another.

“Well I thought it was a lie at first, that my parents made up but then one night I recorded myself and I mumble stuff in my sleep” he laughed softly and glanced over at Eun “Maybe you bring out the confident side of me” he shrugged slightly, he couldn’t really explain what it was about Eun but he just didn’t worry so much about him because he didn’t seem like judgemental type. “I don’t think sp, it’s mostly me just grumbling about some food or another” for someone who couldn’t cook, he watched a lot of cooking and baking shows. Eun was really one of the only people in his life that he’d just clicked with from day one, even when he met Radley back in college he had been pretty distant at first but then his confidence had grown with time. No one had made him feel so at ease from day one “Well I definitely need more practice, the world does not need to see how horrible I am at cracking eggs or setting a timer” he laughed and shook his head in an amused fashion “Wait do you still bake?” the way Eun talked about it made him think it was as a kid but then he wasn’t surprised if he did, Eun seemed like the type to be good at nearly everything.

He laughed softly “I mean most older brothers are knowing for teasing their younger siblings, though I wouldn’t know because I don’t have any siblings” it had always been just him and his parents which he didn’t mind too much because he always got all the attention and love he wanted but perhaps he would have liked someone to be there when he was growing up. “But you bribed their love with muffins hey?” he grinned and winked, though the wink wasn’t very good and kinda looked like he blinked too hard. He saw the look of surprise on Eun’s face when he spoke about being single for a long time “Well I don’t exactly go out all that often” he admitted with a sheepish grin “Parties and bars aren’t really my thing” and that was where most people met potential lovers. Leigh knew his thing for numbers kinda defies most people’s logic so he tried not to push it too much “You’re really unique” he commented with a smile “I don’t think I’ve met many people who think like you do” Eun was more open-minded than most people, especially for a Korean.

Leigh found it kinda adorable picturing a younger Eun reading stories out to his little sister while being told off for not reading clearly enough, it wasn’t hard to imagine considering how good Eun seemed to be with people, he was patient and kind “Yeah I’m not sure reading books out loud is my calling but I’ll keep it in mind” he grinned slightly as he listened to the way Eun explained what his name with “What pet would you get?” Leigh liked people who liked animals, he felt like you could tell a lot about a person by how they acted around animals and also how animals treated them right back. Leigh nodded a few times when Eun asked about shrimp “I will never say no to seafood, I practically live at the sushi bar downtime” he gave a slightly sheepish look but was quickly caught off guard by Eun tugging at his sleeve “First you have to get past my dog, she’s the gatekeeper for the chinchillas” he laughed slightly “How about next weekend?” he was always happy to show off his pets, he took really good care of them.

Once they had finished saddling up the horses the instructor came around to check them and then lead them out in small groups out to the paddock. Much to their luck, he was still standing by Eun’s side as they were fitting riding helmets onto their heads and he laughed because of how flat it had made Eun’s hair look underneath “Now we look the part too” he grinned as he turned his attention to the instructor who was showing how to mount the horses “This is about the part where I start to get nervous” he glanced over to Eun and suddenly felt a small sense of relief.


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