One day in your life. They say that one day in your life could completely change it and Leigh had never really paid mind to that thought before. But since that evening when the bookstore had got held up for the takings of the till, Leigh had seen the world a little differently. Thankfully, Eun had been there to stop the attack and neither of them had been harmed in the process, over the past month or so he’d been working with the police to prosecute the attacker and get back the money that was rightfully his. It had been a long and somewhat stressful process but Leigh was happy to see the justice system run it’s proper course the way that his new friend truly believed in.

He had also felt something trigger in himself, it was a combination of things, from being held at gunpoint and feeling the fear of having such a weapon pointed in his direction to meeting someone who was incredibly bold and brave, someone who made the therianthrope want to be a stronger and bolder person. Someone who had become his friend from that day forward. Honestly, Leigh had a lot of things he could thank Eun for but he knew he didn’t need to tell the dhampir them, from the way they had chatted over the phone and through texts here and there since. Leigh was trying to put himself out there more, make friends and not just immediately dismiss the thoughts in his head or the people who walked into his life.

It was easier said than done, of course, he had met Irene through the book store and struck up a strange arrangement with her and he had managed to work up the courage to attend one of those cooking classes Willow was always raving about where he had met Ha-joon but it still felt like a conscious effort on his part every time. He had to work up his own confidence and tell himself that he was going to be okay and that this was good for him, there were days when he felt like he could do it and there were days where he couldn’t. But it was progress and that was what was really important to the therianthrope.

It was late afternoon in the store and he was doing the last few tasks of his closing up routine, which essentially gave him an excuse to pace up and down the shop floor as many times as he wanted without it looking weird. It was ridiculous, he knew, but ever since he was a kid he had always begged his parents to let him do horse riding lessons. He never got his way back then but now he was older he could afford to do it for himself. So he’d signed himself up to an open lesson today. And now he was freaking out about it. He was trying to tell himself it was all in his head and he would be fine but it just wasn’t one of those days where he could talk himself down so he was debating whether he should cancel or now. He froze when he heard the bell on the door open “Sorry we’re just about to close” he spoke as he turned to face the customer only to be met with the familiar face of Sangeun Moon “Though I’ll make an exception and let you stay a while” he added with a bright smile happy to see the dhampir.

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Eun has a few thoughts, what would it be like when he leaves? He wasn't stupid nor was naive, he wasn't going to stay here forever or any longer than he thought he would. The stares he gave Leigh and the way Leigh always looked so genuine while chatting with him, even if they dhampir ends up making a fool out of himself, Leigh always laughed it off, showing off his strikingly attractive set of dimples that could quite literally make him rethink his words. He couldn't afford to think of that now, why was he thinking about how much it'll hurt when he leaves when he's still here, having the time of his life today with a very good friend that never seemed to belittle him, much less judge. His priorities were clearly misplaced if he was busy worrying what will happen in the future rather than choosing to bask in this moment he's having. "No, I don't think you'd judge me for what I love and I love that about you" It was kind of blurted out without any pause, Eun didn't even stop to think or filter his words before saying it outloud.

 "I mean, it's your character to be so approachable in my sense" Was he trying to cover his own embarrassment? Maybe. "Your voice is golden, trust me" he insisted and pursed his lips slightly when Leigh urged him to tell him what his favorite book is, as tempting as that is, Eun wanted to save it for their next meeting. The idea of having a next time after a next time makes him elated. He couldn't wait for their next outing that they've pretty much planned next Saturday at the local sushi place. "I'm sorry, but that will have to wait, Leigh. It's not fun spilling about myself too much on a day when we can have another outing together, what if we finished things to ask?" Was he being dramatic? Just a teensy bit. "I promise you I will tell you the title next Saturday. I'll even bring the book with me." Yes, he brought the book with him to America. Was he excited to show Leigh his favorite book? Very much so.

 It was another thing to share with the therian and the elder Moon was more than happy to participate. When Leigh reached out for his hand, Eun swore his breath hitched the moment his hands was on top of his. "I won't" It was nearly inaudible because he was staring at the other male in a dazed situation while saying those words. "Your motive for giving me a mystery to solve? Why, you yourself, of course. You and I both know, at this point, I would find everything about you fascinating." And where is the lie in that? He remembered when they first met, Leigh had been so shy but now? He's stepping out of his shell little by little and the confidence is killing the dhampir. In a good way, obviously. He quickly shook his head and assured Leigh he wasn't interrupted his work earlier today, "You didn't. I needed distraction and air anyway. Can't keep myself cooped up any longer or I would've gone crazy." Eun's eyes lit up almost instantaneously when he talked about eating contest, "That's why you and I, we will have dinner. We'll see then" He was highly curious to see how his or an appetite the fox possessed.

 He purposely pressed his lips into a straight line and looked all serious, "Maybe I was serious about the whole flying fox thing. Technically, you're a fox that will be flying then" Had he kept it up, and if Leigh wasn't a good lie detector, it would've been believable. The dhampir was interrupted during his daydreaming when Leigh returned with that smile of his that never ceased to melt people, "Yeah. Let's go." Their journey had just started, and today marks the day Eun desperately wanted to add an addition to his stay. 


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