When he first came to Evermore, which was over a month ago, the first thing he did was try to understand how many factions the eternal city housed and their rules. Of course, the first one had to be the Valkyr faction; led by someone very familiar to him, Gideon Ashworth. It seems that even the city attracted people like Gideon and Cecilia. He has yet to meet the Valkyrie and would love to be granted an audience with him, though the same couldn't be said regarding the other one. Don't get him wrong, they had no rivalry or the likes but he would rather stir clear from the Italian who received plenty of complaints because of him. You really don't want to stir up more problems than needed, right? Especially considering how new he is to the eternal city. 

He's never stayed at one place too long. Much like his usual nomadic patterns, Adriel only stayed in one city for a span of 6 months or less before he tried to move to another. It does interfere with his work line, but thankfully, he had a way to make them understand. Fortunately for the Valkyr, his work allows him to travel a lot, especially when the company he works in had branches all over the country and others alike. He did try to get to know every single species in the city, of course. It was needed if he's going to find a way to navigate himself around. Did he memorize them all once he found out? Well, not fully, but he did have a book tucked away for his referential purposes. You can't remember everything, after all. 

One of the species that piqued his interest above all would be the Celestials. It was quite possibly one of the most significant species to him aside from his own. How could he forget about them when it was all that Ophelia raved on finding, almost three hundred years ago? He aided her into finding more about them but unfortunately, under certain circumstances, was forced to leave the Wayfinder before he could even accompany her to go find more of people like her. He's also heard about the infamous Volakiri bond too. Having a Volakiri meant he didn't have to be weak around Phe again. And if he wants to make a place in her heart again, shouldn't he start working for it? So he tried to narrow down the Celestials who didn't have their Volakiri just yet and managed to find a few. He had his eye on one, in particular. You can't simply initiate such a lasting bond with just anyone, after all. You're giving them permission to get inside your head, breaching every contract of privacy one person could ever have.

 Rashesh Patel. He works at the morgue, which was a strangely eeiry place to work at but nonetheless, Adriel decided it would be an effort to get to know him. You need to know the person to even think of initiating, in his mindset. So today, he was standing right in front of Evermore General, making his way to the reception counter to enquire where the morgue is, but not before checking to see if the person he's looking for is present for this day or not. He gave her a quick thank you before making his way to the lower level, where the morgue was located at. You can't sneak into a morgue wearing casually, so he draped a random doctor's coat he found in the other room before pushing the doors to the morgue open. There, he found a male who was actually doing… something, to the corpse. "Rashesh Patel?" 

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