Settling into a routine in Evermore City had been easier than Sunmin had expected it to be. Ever since he started working at the little cafe, things started to look up, he finally felt like he had some control of his life, even if it was by choosing to serve coffee to the Karens of the world. The money he earned he paid back to his brother, when he refused to take it the younger male would hide in places he would find it eventually, like in his pockets or down the side of the couch. He felt better knowing he wasn't simply surviving off the back of his brother's good graces and honestly the two of them had been growing to know one another better. Perhaps the little nudge he had been given in the right direction had helped. 

It had been a long and difficult day at the cafe today though, not only were the customers being extra difficult today but they had a new manager in the store and she didn't seem to understand the first thing about managing. Sunmin thought he was bad with people but she brought it to a whole new level, constantly reprimanding people for the smallest of things and generally making the mood sour. Sunmin had been close to cussing her out a few times but in the end he had decided it wasn't worth it and avoided her by working in the back most of the day. Typically, what made the day a little better was Astraea, she was always this stupidly bright ball of energy that filled everyone with the spirit they needed to get through the day but he could tell even she was feeling the strain of today. 

By the time the shift was drawing to a close, he honestly felt exhausted and he hadn't even been working the floor. It made him wonder who had put itching powder in that damn manager's pants because she clearly had them in a twist. She knew better than to challenge him though, by now everyone at the cafe had learned it was better not to be on their bad side and that he could come back with a clever statement before they even managed to full start a fight. Usually Sunmin would wait until the shift ended and then chat to Astraea for a little while before they headed out, turned out they both came from the same way so sometimes he would walk with her to the subway too. He had just finished clocking out when he heard more yelling coming from the front room which made him frown before taking a few steps towards the doorway

It wasn't exactly a secret that Astraea was the star waitress of the store and that the owners loved her so he wasn't all that surprised that the manager had singled her out. Jealous and threatened came to mind in the celestial's mind. Still, he could see that the telling off and nit picking comments had definitely taken the edge off the Aurazin's spirit. He cleared his throat, interrupting their conversation "We're going to miss our train if we don't get going" he spoke bluntly, staring down the head bitch with a look that said he wasn't going to take any of her bullshit. It had been a long day and everyone needed a break from this place before they all went insane. 

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He made a good point, they might be creepy but they were tiny and she would most likely step on them. "But why would I step on them…" she whined softly, "Still doesn't change the fact that we have tarantulas and black widows… Australia is crossed off my list for future travels because of that." Do not underestimate Astraea when she's projecting her fears because they were very much real. When he mentioned guns, her ears perked up almost instantly as she tilted her head in wonder, "Is there any specific reason to why you are afraid of guns? The sound? The prospect of being killed if you're shot at?" Did she know what a jellyfish was? Of course she did. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly did it hurt you?" She was going to add his pride to the line too but decided against it because that would surely make him retort back sassily. She couldn't imagine waking up in a strange world with no recollection of your memories and no one to take care of you.

 As if sensing the sadness lacing his tone, she nudged him gently, "You turned out right though, hm? You had to witness a lot of unfairness and you probably experienced it yourself firsthand too but you didn't turn out bad. You're still someone with a clear conscience and a good heart." The Aurazin was sure if he was more bad than good, she would be able to discern that detail out by the very least. "Oh yes, new era. Only this time I actually stayed long enough to befriend someone who could lie to me." It was her way of telling him she intends to stay for future days too; she likes his company and wouldn't trade for it. "How would I know what you mean and don't mean… you sound like you mean everything you say. Did you know that nonchalant look you give people actually scared some people? It's intimidating." Though she was talking it more in awe than a criticising jab. "But I think I'm getting a tad better at recognising your sarcasm button." It was a start. 

There it was again, that sarcastic tone he embodied so well. "I know you're being sarcastic but take my word for it, you are. I mean, physically speaking, you're handsome and obviously attractive. That's why you have your regular fangirls every Tuesday. But they can't see what I can, these colors? They represent who you are. That's why I know enough to separate good people and bad people." Though he would shrug it off easily the same way he did to the flirtatious remarks from the freshmen and juniors, she would still say it. She had nothing to clamp her mouth on. She narrowed her dark hues upon the Celestial who jested, "I think I'll leave it be. You being mysterious… it's a give away. To leave it as it is… sometimes those are the best ones. Besides, I like you the way you are anyway." While she expressed her like on a lot of things and people, everyone has certain people they prefer. 

"Then they should be listening, I wonder if they know you've been very mean last Tuesday when you excused yourself to the back room after a girl confessed to you" she scoffed playfully and shook her head, she was there to witness it and she also saw how sad the girl was. It wasn't his fault of course. "Wait till you find out how twisted the other side can be too… my aunts hexed my biological father and caused his death for simply… knocking my mother up, and giving well… me." She always thought it was the worst bedtime tale to tell your kid but her mother insisted knowing her history is good. When he guessed who Arcadia was, she nodded in affirmation, "Mhmm… she helped me get where I am." Her mentor. "You are quick-witted though. And you're… good. I won't say necessarily kind because I'm not supposed to lie" she exclaimed bluntly. With her eyes glued to the sky, she crossed her legs and let out a small sigh, "Astra means stars." How ironic. "Do you have a favorite constellation? Mine is Gemini. Unfortunately, you can't see it that clearly tonight."

He chuckled under his breath “You won’t even kill a spider you’re afraid of huh?” she really was the kind of person who would apologize if they accidentally knocked a flower, he shook his head in amusement. “Not to mention they have snakes and really hot weather” he grinned slightly, he couldn’t say it was on the top of his list of places he wanted to visit at some point honestly. He shrugged when she asked more about his fear “Nobody wants to die” he responded honestly “And guns, they don’t even give you a chance to get out, just bang and that’s it” he nodded a few times solemnly, he’d known someone once who shot themselves and that was the real stem of his fears but he wasn’t ready to talk about that with anyone. “It was probably around a 7, but then knowing me a 10 would actually kill me so” he chuckled slightly “It literally felt like I might need to cut my leg off” he admitted shaking his head slightly.

He shrugged, he wasn’t sure how exactly he had turned out and whether things would have been different if someone had been there. Would he have been less cold? When people came along offering him friendship and kindness, would he constantly feel like it was a trick and they wanted something else? “Thanks” he responded when she said he had a good heart “I’m not sure you’re completely right but it’s nice that you think so” he had done bad things he regretted, things which made his conscience more cloudy than he’d like. He stopped by now, learned from those mistakes, but he still made the mistake in the first place. He raised his brow when she said she had befriended him, he tilted his head slightly “Doesn’t that worry you? Knowing someone could lie to your face?” she didn’t seem bothered by it

He chuckled and shrugged “If people are intimidated by my normal expression they really need a lesson in actual fear” he was just unbothered by most people and had no interest in acting nice to people he didn’t like or care for. He raised his brow when she continued despite his sarcastic response, sometimes it seemed she was completely immune to his prickly demeanor “So you’re saying I’m a good person huh?” he responded with a wry smile, he wasn’t good with compliments so he didn’t really know what to say to them, but responding with snark he could do. He narrowed his gaze as though he was trying to read into what she meant by her saying his mysticism was a give away “Honestly I don’t have much to hide” he responded and shrugged “I my life...simple as that” he did everything on his own terms, alone, which meant people rarely got an insight into the things he did and why.

He rolled his eyes when she pointed out that he walked out on some girl who confessed to him the other day “Firstly, I don’t even know her, there is no way in hell she could like me” he responded shaking his head slightly “Secondly, I’m not the hearts and flowers guy they’d want me to be, sex is fun and all but I’m not looking for someone to cling to me and call me their boyfriend” he pulled a face and shook his head. “You’ve known me a while, would you say I make good boyfriend material?” he asked it directly because he knew Astraea never liked lying and would answer honestly and he knew the answer was no. He frowned when she talked about what her aunt did to her father “That’s fucked up” he responded bluntly without filter, what else did you even say to that?

He glanced over at her when she said her name meant stars and then chuckled “Ironic” he commented as his first thought before looking back up towards the stars, watching them with careful eyes, he had studied the constellations before, he wanted to know more about where he came from “Gemini huh” he commented in amusement “I mean, if you look close enough, you can see it right now” he nodded before taking her hand making her finger into a point motion “Right” he made it sweep across the sky and then pointed it at him “Here” he stared back at her with an amused grin waiting for her to realize what he meant.

She shook her head, further affirming his thoughts, she wouldn’t kill them. It was both in the mix of being afraid and the fact that she couldn’t bring her heart to end such a tiny creature’s life. Every life is valuable, right? “I think I would like to tell myself I shouldn’t kill it because… that’s not kind of me. But there’s also a pressing part in me that insisted it’s because I’m still afraid that Arachne will come haunting my dreams because I killed one of her many… many… furry children.” If the Gods were real, then who’s to say the figures from history weren't real either? She’s an Aurazin, literally a creature that was created by them to be given a new purpose after death. Nothing is impossible for her. Astraea scoffed at his blunt remark about dying, “Well when you put it that way, of course no one wants to die. But I guess, those… things just take away any attempt of you fending it off huh…” She could understand why one would be afraid of guns. The loud noise and what comes after is not exactly a good example for anyone. 

She had inwardly winced when he said he felt like he wanted to cut his own leg off, “That bad?" People are bound to think about those vague ‘what ifs’ in their head, even Astraea and she has died for quite some time. It wasn’t surprising to see Sunmin contemplating and wondering if things would be different. “I don’t wanna say I am never completely wrong but, I can assure you I know good people when I see them. It’s just… an instinctual feeling I get after being surrounded by some good people over the years. Besides… good people aren’t necessarily kind so don’t beat yourself up over your own conscience. I wasn’t like this once upon a time ago, people grow.” Sunmin asked a relatively good question, which had her wondering too, doesn’t it bother her? “I think I can’t control people, so there’s no point in trying to manipulate something that wouldn’t even work in the end. They have their own autonomy to think on what’s right and what’s not. It’s not my place to dictate them. But they’ll have to know what’s on the line if they keep pushing the bad ones. Sometimes, things so little like a friendship could easily be broken with a single misstep. Not everyone is inclined to forgive and forget.” 

She hoped that he wouldn’t betray her trust like that. Her heart has been broken so many times over the past few centuries due to her trust, even when she knew they were lying. Perhaps, she wanted to think they could be better if she would just give them a chance. “I like to think you wouldn’t… play me like that.” She wasn’t sure how scarier he could be but she knew not to ask, hell, even she was intimidated by him at first and still is when he had a particular expression, which was thankfully never aimed at her. Yet. “Can’t deny your stare is piercing though… much less your… glare.” She was just being honest. “Yes, you’re a good person, or else your air would be so foul and dark and I’m honestly not seeing it.” The Aurazin found his mysticism to be quite interesting, she would simply liken him to a rubix cube, and she likes to solve them. A lot.

 “Well… she’s part of that group of girls who has been sitting at the same spot every Tuesday at your shift time for the past… 3 weeks? Aren’t crushes a thing? That’s how modern people court each other, right?” Though it was clear that he wasn’t the type to settle for something so constricting like a relationship. So when he asked her honest input on whether he would make a good boyfriend, Astraea knew he caught her in the trap, there was no way she was gonna lie about it. The look on her face was enough to give her answer as a quick no. “You know how people can be, they see someone good looking or attractive, they… start to develop a crush… they confess? I swear that’s how things are supposed to work but the internet can be misleading.” For someone who was used to the idea of courting, this baffles her when she reads those up, and things that went along the lines of flings, and one-night-stands. “It is messed up. But then again… mama’s line has always been so… crazy.” Of course she did her reading on their family history. A long line of necromancers, why not? 

“No way. You can’t see the Gemini constellation that clearly from here” she shook her head in disagreement, it was impossible. It was clear that he knew the kind of reaction he would elicit from her when he said that. The moment he took her hand and made her point her finger at the sky and then to him, it took her several seconds to register what he meant. By then, Astraea had already widened her eyes in awe as her lips formed an O, “No way… you’re a Gemini Celestial?” Counting the stars and studying the constellations had been her personal favorite ever since she was a child and it was as if she was meeting a whole celebrity right now. “I can’t believe it…”

He pressed his lips together and then smiled when she assured him that she thought he was a good person, even if he disagreed with her he couldn’t disagree with her own opinions, she was free to decide whatever she wanted about him. He wondered why she kept making time for him, it wasn’t just that first night or today, she always sought him out and by now he had given up avoiding her or pushing her away “But what if they grow in bad ways” he commented almost curiously, wondering whether she thought people could become bad because of their environment. She seemed smart when it came to people which was surprising considering how naive she could appear at times “So basically you choose to hope people will do the right thing?” it seemed risky to him but he was sure it must have paid off for her at least once.

He went quiet when she specifically targeted him with her words and he pressed his lips together “Why do you think so good of me?” he asked in an honest and somewhat vulnerable curiosity, he’d given her so many hints to give up on him and find someone else to bother and yet here she still was, maybe she saw something in him that he didn’t. Maybe he wanted to know why she chose to befriend him of all people. “People know better than to mess with me, even the manager is scared of me” he laughed softly, so she should be if she was out here bullying employees.

He rolled his eyes when she pointed out the girl who had practically been showing up like a stalker every day, she wasn’t exactly subtle with her staring at him “I don’t know, I don’t date people” he responded in a sarcastic tone “And no one says courting anymore” he raised his brow towards her. “People can’t have a crush without actually knowing someone, it’s like saying you love a celebrity you never met, they don’t return the feelings” he was talking in a grumbling tone because honestly he didn’t like the attention.

One thing he noticed is how passionate and even loud she could be when she thought she was right, he couldn’t help but chuckle at how she insisted you couldn’t see the Gemini constellation from here. So when he took her finger and pointed it at him it did take a while to sink in before she finally realized what he meant “Mhmm...that brother I keep mentioning...supposedly he’s my twin” the only proof he had was their tattoos being in the same place and hearsay but it did kinda make sense he supposed. The way she was staring at him in wonder did make him a little uncomfortable and shift his position though “Join the club” he commented when shes said she couldn’t believe it “It still sounds crazy to me just saying it” it hadn’t been all that long since he found out after all.

She knew he wasn't an easy person to get along with. Sunmin keeps to himself, everyone in the cafe knew that and very few tried to interact with him outside of work. "Environment influences you to do things. I believe in giving people second chances even after they have committed atrocity in the first. But honestly, you don't use the reasoning the world made me do it. It doesn't work that way. Nobody is born bad… they just choose to be it." The world may mold them to be the person they are but at the end of the day, they had a choice to be the better person or not. "I choose to hope people would do the right thing because I don't have any control over their autonomy. Like I said how people choose to be bad, if they're adamant on that decision, then nobody can change their minds. Not even me." There was no point in pushing on a losing war. 

When he asked her why she thought so good of him, she shrugged, "You intrigued me the first time. I didn't sense bad mojo from you either. I learned that people who don't hide behind their shells are usually the most genuine. No matter if they're bad or good. You've shown me time to time again that you're good. You could've pushed me away more, insulted me or something to get me off your back, hell you can tell me how annoying I am… but you didn't. I know you've given me hints that you wished I would bother someone else but you weren't being outrightly mean to me." Perhaps it was bare minimum but not to her. He wasn't wrong, the manager was afraid of him and maybe that's another reason why she sought him out. "I know you're not supposed to be responsible for me but whenever she lashes out, you offer me comfort." He didn't even need to speak, sometimes the silence heals. She just didn't want to be alone. 

She let out a small grumble in response to his remark, "I know that, bear with me I'm still learning the slangs…" she huffed, "Courting is dated but it was pretty flattering. You don't do it for the sake of doing it… you only pursue them when you really think they're worth it. It's an arduous process but at least you know you're not really getting played." At least, she didn't think so. "So… casual crush?" She was so sure they had a crush on him either way, whether it was solely due to his looks or the other. Of course she knew he was a Celestial but she didn't think he would be the constellation she spent her entire childhood looking up to. "Supposedly? Gosh… the Gemini twins here in Evermore. Sounds like an auspicious event." Astraea couldn't contain her excitement, she supposed it was also ironic, considering how sad she gets when she realized they couldn't see the Gemini constellation that easily due to the timing. Turns out one of them is so close to her the entire time. "Does the idea of being a fallen star that hard to digest?" she chuckled, but then again she's an Aurazin, she supposed she accepted things fairly easier compared to others. "I mean… you know what I am, being a fallen star doesn't sound too weird after that."

It wasn’t like he wanted to make the hard choices he was forced to in life but when the world deals you a hand like this, it was a case of doing what you needed to stay alike. People might say money doesn’t make the world go round but it certainly did influence whether a person could stay off the streets and out of a life of crime. “You make it sound like people have a choice to always do the right thing” he commented in a soft voice, he wished he had fallen and someone had taken him in and cared for him because he was sure that would have changed the person he became “The world isn’t as black and white as that” there were grey area right things to do, was it wrong to steal if it was the only way you could stay alive? “Sometimes people need to do what they have to, whether it’s right or not” perhaps he was wondering if there was forgiveness for the choices he made in the past.

He tilted his head slightly when she talked about her own impression of him, she was right when she said there had been times when he had been tempted to push her off or tell her that she could be annoying at times and he wasn’t denying that she could be. Maybe the real question was why he was letting her stay around “You realize quite literally anyone else in the cafe could be a nicer friend to you right?” except for the manager but that went without saying, no one who worked there actually liked her, they just did what they were told to stay out of her bad books. “I’m not responsible for you but” he shrugged slightly “When you’re miserable so is the whole atmosphere of this place” he pressed his lips together, was that this motivation? “Besides, you said I could make better choices right…” the manager wasn’t stupid enough to report him and Astraea because she would expose herself in an instant.

He shook his head in amusement when she said she was still learning the new slang for things “If you mean dated as in it hasn’t been used for over a century now, then sure” he commented in a sarcastic tone and chuckled when she talked about how courting words “Sounds like someone is waiting for someone to come and court her” he jested playfully, though he wasn’t the only one who had amassed people who stared at them during the work down, difference was he was purposely ignorant and she just tended to be completely oblivious. “I don’t have time for casual crushes” he responded shaking his head “Besides you’re one to talk...that guy Mark comes in and asks for you every single time” he gave her a pointed look “Don’t give me the he’s just being friendly line” he chided, if the girls fawning over him were crushing in her eyes then she wasn’t allowed to turn a blind eye.

He laughed at the way she talked about him and Han “I’d hardly call it that” he commented shaking his head slightly “I mean supposedly we’re twins but we couldn’t be more different from one another, I’m starting to wonder if they wrongly paired us up” he had grown to kinda like being around Han though, he was a good person and it didn’t hurt him to be surrounded by more good people. “I mean a little? They seem so...out of’s hard to believe someone here could be connected to them” he stared up at the sky and frowned “Plus I don’t remember falling...all I remember is what they told me in the hospital” he glanced at her and smiled “None of this even fazes you huh?” it was impressive really.

She wasn't aware that she had hurt him or offended him in any way until he responded in a rather soft voice, causing the Aurazin to turn to her side, "Yes… of course the world isn't just black and white. There are things we can't help but do when the circumstances call for it." She pressed her lips together as she tried to generate a better way to word what she meant, "I meant that… we owe it ourselves to accept the wrongs we have done. Even if we did them because we had to. I didn't mean to say it like that… I'm sorry." She didn't mean to offend him like that. "We all have done questionable things in our lives, even the saints" she added softly, Astraea night not be able to recall the full picture of her past due to her abandoning everything that was related to her in that era, but she knew she was nowhere near the person she is today. "Sometimes when you do something bad, it's okay to accept that you did it. Several instances of that doesn't make you a bad person. You'll find that acceptance is a powerful tool in life."

She knew he didn't really find her to be a good company at first, she wasn't stupid, she noticed the times he would grunt silently when she came to him instead of the other employees there. "Anyone else can be nicer, yes. Just like anyone else outside the cafe. But I choose you, for some reason." She won't lie and sugar-coat her words and say he's the best option out of everyone, no. She had no idea why she was glued to him but she did and she told him that honestly. Astraea grinned sheepishly when he said the atmosphere changes when she's upset, it makes her feel significant. "Mhmmm… It's never too late to make better choices." Her cheeks were tainted from the red of the blush when he said the term hasn't been used in a while now, "In my defense, the last time I was on earth was like… an actual century ago so… that's a given, right? My case is solid."

It wasn't a surprise to know that Astraea was that traditional type who would probably live happily just being a whole housewife. "Maybe once upon a time ago, yes. But that's no longer in the book for me. I have other things to do now than wait for someone who might never come." A part of her believes her fate was sealed the day she died. This time, she was on her own. No strings of fate to tie her down. Before she could say a word about her regular customer, he had shot her with the most judgmental look ever, resulting in her pouting and frowning. "One, I do think he was being friendly because I didn't look at him like I was going to bite his head off the first and second time. Two, I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend." A relationship wrecker, she is not.

The idea of twin Celestials existing in this very timeline and plane and she had the opportunity to witness it was pretty much an auspicious moment Astraea would gladly write down. "Well… not all twins are similar to each other. And who knows? Maybe you two are more similar than you give credit for. You wouldn't know because you're you. Have someone else comment on it when they know both of you. That's the real way to know." Celestials are otherworldly beings, literally. From what she knows about them, they were not biologically created like the other species. One couldn't make another Celestial unless they were already born as one. "When you've lived for half a millennium helping and keeping an eye out for species from all walks of life, you tend to get used to it. Besides, unlike most, I didn't die a human. I was born a supernatural and died for being one. Celestials aren't common like the others but they come around." She always wondered how old Celestials really are when they basically live up there. "This is my first time being so close to a Celestial though" she quipped, the smile etched on her lips showed how enthusiastic she was to find him as one. Almost as if he was special.

He arched his brow when she apologized, she was always doing that, the moment his mood faltered for even a second she would detect it. Honestly, he found it interesting how in tune she could be to other people’s emotions because people rarely went deeper than surface level when it came to him but somehow she was pulling it off “You don’t need to do that” he spoke bluntly as he glanced over towards her “You don’t need to worry about hurting my feelings just because you see the world differently” if everyone saw things the same then the world would be awfully boring that was for sure. He offered a half-smile when she spoke about how everyone made mistakes and that it was okay as long as you learned from your mistakes “Sometimes I wish I was a better person...had less regrets” he commented in a solemn voice, but the cards he had been dealt weren’t easy.

It wasn’t exactly her that he didn’t like the company of, it was more that he didn’t really like being around people in general and she was pretty insistent on getting his attention. She didn’t seem to get the hint that she should probably go bother someone else about it “The fact you can’t even explain your own decision says a lot” he joked in a sarcastic tone but he had given up by now because she didn’t back down or go away, no matter how much he hinted she should. He had gotten used to her being around by now and perhaps he even kinda liked it, she wasn’t too pushy but she was always there with some new random fact to tell him or something about her day she wasn’t to ramble on about. “Better choices...I can work on that” he responded in a small voice, for some reason he wanted to live up to these expectations she had of him.

He chuckled under his breath when she defended her old terminology by using the age card “I thought you said you were good at blending in with modern society” he challenged in return raising his brows. She had definitely gotten the whole fashion thing down though, he swore she wore her hair differently every day he saw her which was kinda a weird way. He pressed his lips together when she said she didn’t think that dating was on the cards for her, for some reason he sensed that was more her saying she couldn’t than she didn’t want to because she had a certain sadness in her voice “You’re worried you’re going to have to go back?” he asked casually. She’d expressed some of her worries to him already and he could understand why she didn’t want to get attached to anyone. He did chuckle when she defended that she didn’t think Mark was right for her “You can’t call me out for rejecting them when you do the same thing” he teased and nudged her shoulder playfully before shaking his head as he looked out at the sky.

He gave a dry laugh when she pointed out not all twins were similar to one another “Yeah no kidding, he may as well be a saint leaving me to be the sinner” he commented with an amused shake of his head. He and Han still had a long way to go but he felt like they had overcome some hurdles, mostly because Sunmin had dropped his walls just a little and let him in, which was really hard for him to do. “We both like art I guess” he offered as a compromise of something which was similar between the two of them “And we’re both stubborn as hell but aren’t most people” he laughed under his breath. He chuckled softly as she explained how she had seen it all when it came to the supernatural world “You lived your life in the middle of the supernatural world huh?” he shifted a little, turning to face her so he could read her expressions while they talked “Sorry I don’t sparkle” he teased with a grin “Or know how to throw balls of light I didn’t get any of the cool parts of being a hero” he huffed slightly, some character he would make.

"Maybe. But I'm used to caring what people think, it's like I've been around those people my entire life. Just know your feelings are valid too." She didn't want him to think she was just doing this for the sake of it. Even though it was only a half smile, it was something. She wished he would smile more often but it wouldn't be easy so she took what she could get. "Everyone wants to have less regrets as they move onto the next chapter of their life. As for being a better person, who ever said there's a time limit for that? It's not too late, you know. You can still be a better person than yesterday. Or a better one tomorrow. Don't people only live once? Enjoy it" she didn't say while you still can because it somewhat made her feel sad. 

She has never heard anyone call her annoying before but he wasn't the first person who tried turning her away because they simply don't want her presence there so Astraea was used to it. If she gave up, then she wouldn't succeed as an Empath back then. "Well I don't always have a sound mind to everything, mind you" she scoffed teasingly upon hearing his sarcastic remark, "But I'm tenacious. Somewhat." He clearly didn't mind having someone encourage him and judging from how he was taking her words, she was doing good by staying. He kept chuckling at her responses and the other, "I am" she whined, defending her choices by pointing at her clothes. She tried her best to see how people dress nowadays and was working on it. "Yeah… I don't know how long I have here. We're told to adapt and make ourselves comfortable but I feel detached, you know? Like everything I know is different from what it is now and once I get attached, I'll have to leave." It sucks. 

He had a point when he said that, she didn't have any interest in entertaining any requests such as that and she tried her best to be friendly but not too friendly? Which she was clearly failing at. "So one is the saint and the other is a sinner. You sound like twins alright" she chuckled, she didn't find anything weird about it. Twins were similar yet so different sometimes. "You are pretty stubborn so I can't imagine anyone more stubborn than you" she quipped honestly, she has never seen someone quite as hard headed as he is. Sometimes she's even impressed by how strong his resolve is. The way he huffed made him look a bit child-like which caused her to smile, under the moonlight he looks more youthful and though the grump is still there, he looks more… free tonight. She wouldn't point it out or else it'll be replaced by a scowl. 

"Not to worry, I can sparkle for us both. Though I imagine the rainbow is pretty exhausting to look at, no?" He could see the glow around her. "But yeah… I basically grew up in a supernatural community. Both my parents were supernatural so the percentage of me coming out human was like non-existent due to their genes." She did enjoy her life as one, though it was blurry. "But I don't regret it. Not one part of it. I hate that I'm done harshly because of something I never asked for or could control but… I met good people too. That's why I said try not to have any regrets in your life, even if it's… not beneficial or bad." The night was bright, surprisingly. She could see the stars littering across the sky, "Why don't you go see the Wayfinder?"

He raised a thoughtful brow when she said she was used to caring about what people thought, he supposed that was another thing that made the opposites because he rarely cared for other’s opinions and tended to only focus on his own self “It must get tiring, worrying about everyone else” he commented pretty bluntly, people tended to have enough issues of their own without taking on other people’s too. She was so optimistic that it was almost frustrating at times, if he hadn’t gotten to know her for a while now he would honestly have believe she was faking it “Being better doesn’t erase the bad you’ve done” he commented and pressed his lips together, but maybe it did make things better, let you feel more at peace with the choices you made.

He let out a dry chuckle when she explained away her reasoning for hanging around him to insanity “Now that I can believe” he commented shaking his head in amusement as he glanced over towards “I guess you have to be huh?” he commented when she referenced her own tenacity, it couldn’t be easy to be what she was and be in a world that was literally filled with temptation. He wasn’t sure how he would handle things if he was in her position, on the one side it was an opportunity to seize freedom for a while, a chance which could be gone sooner rather than later but then also, the more accustomed she became to earth the more she would likely miss it if she had to go back “Sounds complicated” he mused thoughtfully “But if you only have one chance, seems pointless to waste it right?” the sentiment of it’s better to love and lost than never to have loved at all came to mind. Though take out the love part.

He grinned playfully when she commented about how him and his twin seemed to be pure opposites of one another “Believe me, he’s more stubborn” he commented with a shake of his head “I swear trying to get that guy to give up on anything is like trying to move a mountain” Han was a complex person but there was one thing Sunmin had noticed about him and that was that when he decided something was worth fighting for he would literally never give up on it.

He laughed when she pointed out how her glow was probably hard to look at “Well I always thought rainbows were pretty obnoxious” he commented with a laugh and shook his head slightly “But your glow it’s like….pure boom’s when you look at a diamond and it shines and then you move it a little and there are flashes of different colors when the light changes” he nodded thoughtfully, yeah, she looked like that.

He arched his brow when she confessed both her parents had been supernatural “So what were you?” he questioned it curiously, he had been supernatural all his life too but the idea of being something and then something else was even crazier in his mind. When she asked him why he didn’t go and see his leader he let out a soft sigh “Because I don’t think I’m going to like what she has to say” perhaps in this case to him not knowing was better because then he didn’t need to be hit by the wave of disappointment that was looming over her.

"It is" she chuckled, it was enjoyable making people smile but like he said, it was also tiring, "But at the end of the day, some things are worth it." She glanced over to him and tilted her head slightly, it seemed as if he was holding up some of his past, it was the kind of energy she sensed from him. "Holding up to your past and bottling it inside you, letting it haunt you until today… that's unhealthy, not to mention upsetting. You're giving a thought so much power over you, so much it halts your progress to a better tomorrow." Could she really say this? "Ah… that makes me sound like a hypocrite, sorry" because isn't she doing the same? Letting other people's thoughts and feelings trump over her own. She had to admit, she missed this. By this, she meant talking to people, listening to their problems, actually be able to relate to their worries and hardships… and most of all, being able to give advice and help them move forward with their lives. 

It was a shame only she could hold onto those memories because it was simply too complicated to leave them be with their memories intact. It was to save them all the questions too. After all, you won't miss a person you won't remember, right? "It is complicated… I have no idea how I've managed up to this long but… I did. But not without a price." A hefty one, if she was to recall. "Though I'm willing to pay it and I say it's fine, it definitely doesn't make it less hurtful." Astraea couldn't help but start at him for a moment when he said that. He was right, it's a chance most people would take and honestly, she would do the same. A while ago, anyway. "If you had told me that a few centuries ago… I would have taken it and not look back. Live my life to the fullest and not regret anything even when the time comes to take it all away because at least I would have lived a content one, right? But I don't think I can handle the heartbreak that comes after it." She's not that strong.

"A diamond can be impenetrable but after you keep roughing it up after a long while, it'll turn to dust eventually." When Sunmin told her his twin was a lot more stubborn compared to him, she couldn't believe her ears, "Really? I find that hard to believe, because you… my friend, are really stubborn to the core. I feel like I could push you all I want and you would not waver because you really are that stubborn." It's a compliment, of course. She respects it. "Twins are more similar to each other than they are different, honestly. It might not be that big of a notice but it's there. Maybe you are more alike than you would give yourself credit for. I wonder if he's as interesting as you are." She's never actually had anyone describe how her glow looked, from their own eyes anyway, so she was interested to hear what he had to say and it made her smile. "I didn't know you could make a compliment sound that good" she teased, in a way, it felt like the celestial just called her pretty. Her glow, anyhow. It was nice when people regarded you in a positive light. 

When he asked her what she was, Astraea grinned and leaned back and looked at the sky before returning her gaze on him, "A kitsune. I'm guessing my father's gene was the more dominant one. Do you know what a kitsune is?" Sunmin was trying to save himself the disappointing truth and she could understand why, but perhaps there was more to it, "I've never met a case like yours, you know. I think you're not defective or broken… which is all the reason why you should go and ask for help. Didn’t you say you would rather live an honest life than one that's sheltered and covered up? That's why you don't like it when people try to keep supernatural information away from you, no?"

Sunmin lifted his gaze to watch her as she talked about how letting his past haunt him wasn’t a good thing to do before immediately calling herself a hypocrite “Everyone lets the past haunt them, there’s a reason people say to learn from your mistakes” he commented almost matter of factly and shrugged. She always apologized like it was somehow offensive for her to have an opinion which he found interesting “I’m guessing you were raised in a time when women weren’t allowed to have their own voice” he commented in a curious tone, maybe it was a rude question to ask but he was curious.

He nodded slightly, of course he couldn’t understand what she had been through because it was so insane and unique but he could imagine in his head how tough it must be for her “I get it” he got the feeling Astraea didn’t have a lot of people to talk to which was perhaps why she had always been following him and telling him things despite the fact he often seemed disinterested. He wasn’t disinterested tonight though. He shifted his weight and sat in a cross-legged position as he listened to her talk about what she would hypothetically do with the chance she had been given, a chance to have a life on earth “I think you can handle more than you think” he commented and shrugged, he wouldn’t force her to take a chance, that was up to her but from what he had seen, she was stronger than most gave her credit for.

He bit his lip when she spoke a rather bleak outlook about diamonds turning to dust “Not if you take really good care of them” he commented and shrugged, he didn’t have the first idea about taking care of gemstones as he’d never owned one but he’d managed to preserve important things to him for years despite not always having a safe place to put them. He chuckled when she called him extremely stubborn “Well I work in customer service so I must have some bend in me” he commented with a wry smirk before turning to watch her for a moment. “Maybe...we’re still getting to know one another so maybe I just don’t see it yet” Han had been there for him when he needed him and the younger star respected him for that.

He adverted his gaze when she pointed out that he complimented her and shrugged slightly “Just saying what I see is all” he pressed his lips together and nodded. The mention of a kitsune made him raise his brow, glancing over at her curiously “I mean I know what they are in...lore but that rarely seems to translate to the real world” which was his way of saying that he would appreciate an explanation. He didn’t know why he wanted someone else to say it, but it did feel nice to have someone say they didn’t think he was broken, even if she was saying it just to make him feel better “I’ve spent my whole life thinking I was the only one like me” he commented and shrugged “People can be...hard” he commented, naturally frowning a little as he wondered if things would have been different had he been in Evermore when he fell.

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