Irene’s blue hues glared a hole into the papers left scattered like a wind just blew everything to hell on her desk in her office. Today was supposed to be decent because the weather seemed promising earlier this morning, but the moment she set foot outside and specifically, into the company and her office, she was bombarded with plenty of paperwork given by her personal assistant aka who’s also her secretary, Nadia. Usually, Irene didn’t mind doing the work since it is her work, to begin with, but what does bother her, is that those papers are filled with numbers; quite possibly one of the many things the Farley heiress despised with all her might. Despite her many years of experience as a CEO, she’s never been good around numbers.

 Even though most knew her behind a proxy, seeing as the dark diviner never aged no more than one year or two and retained her youthful appearance even after 60 years while everyone else from World War 1 and 2 either kicked the bucket already or is living what’s left of their life in foster homes or their own comfortable home with their family. Meanwhile, there’s her who looked not a day older than her 20s and would still be able to pose herself as young as 21 or 22 if she wants to. Nadia, for example, has been working for her since 1999, two-decades-long, and knew of her supernatural identity only because the flaxen-haired female trusted her enough to do so. The font printed on the white sheet regarding their financial ledgers had the diviner riling and it was only nearing lunch hour. The day did not go well with her today. 

Lately, her company has been a bit of a burden to hold on to, but nonetheless since it is her family company; something she’s also worked on for the past few decades, that wrapped up her entire lifeline of work there, shouldn’t she at least, try to fix things? Losing it over a few days of frustration seemed way too childish for her. Then comes this call, from that one guy that has been pestering her to sign the deal with empty promises. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of investments on multiple branches of businesses throughout their many years of operating, but all of that took heavy precision and a long time to reach a consensus. That’s why she never stopped having weekly board meetings to discuss where they’re currently standing at. She’s going nowhere with this, especially considering the time now, the only people there were probably her, her secretary, and the security guards. 

Everyone else was nine to five people anyway. Morning turn to late evening. Pressing the button on the side of the mahogany desk, it didn’t take long for Nadia to come scurrying in, “You should go home now, it’s late. It’s 11 already, Nad. I’m gonna clean up and go home too, so you should do the same. We’ll talk about electing the new financial consultant tomorrow, okay?” Of course, she agreed. No one could actually find the will to say no to Irene anyway, either they fell for her charms that were surprisingly so genuine-like that managed to deceive a lot of people, or that she would never take no for an answer and it was better to abide rather than mess with the harpy. Her light locks looked messily out of place and her glasses kept sliding down her nose bridge until her secretary aka her personal assistant knocked and told her to go home. Nadia was quite possibly the only confidant she had that she actually trusted and she’s been working with her for over 19 years, hence why the blonde took the older female’s advice and is now on her way down in the elevator. 

The moment she got out and bid farewell to the security, she sucked in the breezy night air with a small smile. She decided to get a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe first, but much to the dark diviner’s dismay, it’s closed. Fishing out her phone, she let out a heaved sigh since it’s understandable because it’s already 11 35 pm. So she chose to drive to the other cafe around the block and thankfully, she finally had her coffee. Irene was lucky the owner couldn’t bear to reject her late-night request. While walking back to where she parked her car, she was trying to relocate her keys but dropped her keychain and the ring around it rolled over which prompted the blonde to follow its direction and tuck it back into her bag until she looked up to identify the store before her; Maddox Mediums. Weird name.

 It made her tilt her head thoughtfully as she eyed the array of items displayed at the front, the place seemed legit, they were in Evermore after all. No harm is done to check out a few things right? Irene twisted the doorknob softly and pushed the door aside as she stepped inside, it was dark but there was light illuminating the place. “Hello? Is anyone here? It said it was open…”

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Abraham had spent the majority of his morning speaking with his Mother, Catalina - they had one of the closest bonds one could imagine; it may be a push, but Abraham potentially regarded his Mother as his Best Friend. She had been with him through everything, from his childhood days when he was struggling at the iron fist of his Father, to the days where he was the most adorned boy in school, right to the days where he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Therefore, to not speak with her daily would seem concerning to him - it would worry him in fact, if she did not call at the set times they made when he decided to leave Bulgaria and explore the real life word; the phone call this morning mainly consisted on how well his own store was going and how it was even bringing in more revenue back at home but despite all the happiness she was radiating down the phone - there was still a level of concern. “You need to make friends, Abraham” She would constantly say on repeat and more often than not, he would dodge the statement and start a fresh conversation or simply state that he didn’t need anyone. 

Of course, that was a lie - he did need someone, but that someone was an individual he would never get back; at least, he didn’t believe his power could do such a thing and besides, it had been too many years for that now, her body would have decomposed and become one with the dirt which surrounded her, comforted her like a duvet. Instead, he made it his mission to crack the code to actually communicate with the dead, it was better than nothing anyway - she could still be there with him, for him just not physically; and in Abraham’s mind, that was better than nothing. Catalina knew that was his end goal, but nevertheless she wished her son would make companions in the city, and not further enemies like Bexley who owned the shop next door. Due to the phone call, he decided he would open the store a little later, but continue to close it at normal time - purely so he could focus on his own things rather than lying through his teeth to his customers; telling them their deceased loved ones are proud. 

“Goodbye, thank you for popping in” Abraham waved goodbye to his final family of the day, they had paid extra to speak with their deceased son for longer and somehow, that tired the Diviner out; perhaps he was tired of lying, yes, that must be it. Therefore, the moment that they left and the sound of the soft bell chimed their exit, Abraham quickly went behind back and began to collect multiple of different dark artefacts and the many books which could help him figure out what they did, and how they could possibly be used to aid his quest. With that, he dimmed the light and began to study - he flicked pages back and forth, muttering under his breath as he did so; despite being a Diviner, latin was not always his strong point thus google was always the answer if another book could not help him. The pad of his index finger traced along one sentence which explained how one of the artefacts came into existence before he heard a soft sounding voice ring throughout his shop. 

The simple sound made his spine straighten up fairly quickly, his eyes narrowed and shifted from side to side in a suspicious manner; there was no chance in hell that he had managed to break the barrier just by reading to bring Luciana into this realm, even just partly. Slowly, the young Diviner stood and cautiously, for a reason unbeknownst to him, he pulled back the curtain to enter the main shop to be greeted by a blonde. A messy brow quirked upwards as he regarded the young woman standing in his closed shop; the man remained silent for a few moments as he figured out how she got in. “I really need to learn to close up properly” He waggled his finger towards the door, his words were laced with some amusement. “Shopping so late? You miss the crowds, I can’t quite blame you…” He nodded some. 

She was sure that today wasn’t even supposed to be that eventful. Irene was far from stupid, admittedly she can quite inexperienced and dry around the areas of numbers or mathematics in general, she is not someone who delves in arithmancy for fun after all, but she had other skills equipped to survive the business world. She's not entirely hopeless around it, if not she would never have preserved her family's legacy by protecting the company till today when so many men had tried to take it from her grasp. Even the shareholders and sometimes, the board of directors, were against her choices and decisions yet they were still being made. 

Whilst Irene respected the opinions of many, it didn't mean she would bow down to the likes of the power-hungry people who wished to do nothing more than destroying the legacy she has continued and created all the same in Unruly Eve. The blonde definitely rake in their thoughts and it has made her company flourish so far, but most of them were humans so they passed away quite easily. The flaxen-haired female was in no way, an immortal, she can still be affected the same way a disease can robe a human's life. She is a mortal, after all. But being a supernatural surely has made many people skeptic about their surroundings and one of those people would be her. It was clear that despite her dislike of other corporate leaders, she loved the company, it was quite possibly the only thing one can relate when talking about Irene Farley.

 Irene wasn’t used to talking from personal views, the only way you would get her to talk is if you are her client, presenting documents in your hand to talk further on your business with her, or if you are one of her workers. Even then, she made sure to keep minimal contact with all her employees for future references. She’s harsh, but not cruel. No, not that. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to get to the heiress, be it either one of the two. This is why it was already surprised to see the blonde approach the male with a curious outlook masking her delicate features as if the thoughts of being kidnapped or death didn’t even bother her. The shop looked shady even from the outer look but from the way the interior coated the entire place as soon as she set foot inside, Irene was sure whoever had this place was at least knowledgeable.

 He was tall, well, taller than her. Irene stands at 5’8” which makes her taller than most females, especially with the heels she adorned, the professional and formal look she wore due to her exit from her office omitted the part very well. Glancing back at the entrance door that she just came from, she shrugged absentmindedly and nodded, “You probably should, people can attempt to break in, especially when your protection spell doesn’t go over the borderline” It was easy to point out the line she met over earlier, the blonde has been around long enough to know how to identify a diviner when she sees one. 

Although he was biased and would argue until the sun went down that his shop was the best Magical/Mystical shop in Evermore, and would support his argument by showing evidence that his family had an international status in this avenue of work; he couldn’t stop the thought process of wondering what made people come into his shop rather than a very similar store run by Bexley next door. Of course, each time a customer came through his door, he felt incredibly smug and hoped that the other Instar Diviner, albeit a Guard would notice and he hoped that she would feel a pang of jealousy; would it be wrong to say that he thrived off of the jealousy and hatred that she often showed him? Absolutely not, he received great satisfaction each time she lost a customer to him, but to say that was what he aimed for daily would be a lie; that was just a minor need in the grand scheme of things. Yet, their stores did differ in other ways - for example, they both offered services the other didn’t so more often than not, their sales just depended on what the customer needed; and in all honesty, he couldn’t help but wonder what the blonde woman in front of him needed, especially at this hour. 

Abraham found that the most interesting characters appeared in the middle of the night or at least close to the hour in which any normal being would be considering to wind down for the evening. The Diviner noted that it was not the first time that a mysterious woman had wandered into his shop gone 11pm and with that, the city just intrigued him more - what on earth was going on within the streets for people needing dark artefacts or objects at this time of night? His lips rolled in thought, and he knew that his curiosity would simply get the better of him and he would need to find out one way or another and perhaps, just perhaps this blonde woman would be the gateway into finding out the mysterious goings on. Although, he had to say from the way she was dressed, he wouldn’t expect her to be into the dark arts; yet, if she was from the business world which was conveyed in her smart attire, he knew that business individuals would not let anything stand in their way of them achieving goals. 

The Diviner rolled his lips in thought as he walked further into the shop only to lean upon a slight countertop which held many stones and gems which offered a wide range of charms; such as luck and protection - which to him were nothing but pathetic and it surprised him daily how many people believed they would work. Abraham nodded in amusement, his lips curling ever so slightly at the mention of his protection spell. “A fellow Diviner? Of course” He commented, his arms crossed over his chest. “However, I do believe if anyone were to steal something from here, they would return it as soon as possible” He glanced up to her. “Especially when strange and haunting happenings would begin in their home” He was a firm believer in the Supernatural, and had experienced some of the activity which came from the more haunted and ‘possessed’ objects in the shop. 

Abraham cleared his throat. “How can I help you at this hour? I don’t suspect you're here for some love potion?” 

Stumbling across any shop littering the city centre was never her intention, much less stepping a foot inside a shady shop such as this. Who the hell names their shop Maddox Mediums? Can they talk or communicate with the dead or something? In all her years of experience as a dark diviner, she has never come across that ability. Sure, necromancers such as them are given the ability to resurrect someone from the dead, given that they have not exceeded the 24 hour time frame hanging by the hourglass. But nothing that stated they could communicate with the other realm. It didn't take Irene long to know that whoever the shop owner was indeed, a diviner. Dark or light, however? She'll need to meet him or her, herself to know for sure. Though it was pretty much a given that she leaned more towards the fact that the owner should be a dark diviner rather than a light one. 

Scamming people is not exactly the most honorable occupation there is, especially for light creatures such as them. Call her biased or prejudiced, but it's better to have that mindset instead of ruining it over with her own personal experience having an enemy who's sworn to take her down even though that person is a light diviner. The flaxen-haired female had no idea what to expect when she first set her foot inside, nothing too weird she supposed. Meeting face to face with a dark-haired male wasn't what she expected but it didn't stretch out far from her own belief seeing as it was enough to discern this guy to be the owner of this shop. That, and he's a dark diviner. A diviner knows their kind. Light and light. Dark and dark. Occasionally, both. With the way she was dressed right now, she was sure he probably thought she was there to ask for a remedy on her problems. Honestly, he wouldn't exactly be wrong on that. Irene does have plenty of problems and certain pressing ones that requires her utmost attention, but it's definitely not to take down another random company. 

What she wants to take down is just one individual. Period. With the disappearance of Mira Harridan, her life would be so much easier. No more threats from the likes of her anymore. She shouldn't have a reason to fear her had it not been due to her obsession with the Farley heiress going so far as to burn 4 of her branch premises last two months ago. "Unfortunately, not a part of the local coven community" she fake curtsied just for the laughs of it, something tells her he wasn't a part of that either, "And I suppose you're not a member adls well? I assume the coven wouldn't take it lightly knowing you're scamming honest people thinking you can heal their broken hearts into offering a chance to communicate with their dead relatives" she pointed out coolly, a smile still gracing her cherry red lips as if it didn't bother her or if it was the most amusing thing she's ever stumbled across. It wasn't hard to see that when he had a poster hanging about it on the left side. He definitely had humor, dry and morbid maybe, but nevertheless; humor is humor. 

"Classic move right there. I'm impressed. Most people wouldn't even bothered putting in the effort." Her sapphire blue hues wandered all over the objects decorating the shelves in the store, careful not to touch anything she knew not to mess with, cursed items aren't something you want to be dealing a portion of your life with, it's pretty much known in Witch 101. "You have quite the array of stuff here, well some are fake charms but… the others I must say, quite the eye catcher" Upon hearing the love potion mention, she scrunched up her nose and shook her head, "God no. If I wanted one I wouldn't be paying a service fee for it. Who knows what the side effects would be like" It was better to brew it yourself but Irene wasn't a big fan of alchemy in general. Too much fuss. "Do you offer services on cursing someone?"

Abraham allowed his gaze to fall upon the woman, his mind running on all the different personality types which she could fall under; yes, she appeared in his shop in what looked like a very expensive business suit, but there was something more about her that she didn’t let show, or at least not very often. That was simply concluded by the recognition that she was just like him, an Instar Diviner; he found that many of his kind, as well as other supernatural beings had many different masks which they showed to the public, and he had a sneaky feeling that he would get to see a side to her this evening, if only just a little of who she was. He found that those who had wandered into his store this late at night were never up to any good; why would they be? If what they planned to do was legit, then purchasing whatever it would be, would be perfectly acceptable during daylight hours. Either way, Abraham shrugged it off, as mentioned - he found the most interesting characters appeared at night and to know they were coming to him for whatever act they wished to play out was enough for him. 

Both of his brows pushed upward at the mention that she was not part of the Coven here in Evermore, yet part of him was not surprised - he knew when he saw a lone witch. “May I ask why?” He queried, his head naturally tilting to the side before his lips curled in amusement at the fake curtsy; the amusement soon turned into a husky chuckle which vibrated well within the confinements of his chest. “I am not, no” Truth be told, since he was released from Prison, the last thing he wanted to do was to join another Coven; his trust for such a group of people had hit rock bottom from the last Coven leader who sent him to prison for a crime he did not commit. Unfortunately, he had to respect the fact his parents remained in a coven, it worked for them and kept them save; for his own being, it was not for him and despite hearing that the Evermore coven was more understanding - he simply could not bring himself to do it. 

Abraham had to accept the dig that she gave to him about him scamming the population of Evermore; there was every ounce of him that wanted to bite back but in all honesty, after tonight he hoped she would return to his shop again as a regular customer. Broad shoulders gave off a shrug as he contemplated his words carefully. “Scamming to some people, but to others, they are are firm believers that this is true and perhaps one day, it will be” Abe replied, whilst stealing a glance over his shoulder towards the back of the shop before returning his attention to her. “Besides, everyone is worthy of some comfort, even if it is brought on by tiny white lies” He gave her a coy smile as he tried to figure out what her own smile meant; either way, he knew she was not here for anything good so that did not place her in a position to judge his means of income. 

Proudness washed over him as her eyes wandered over the array of items which decorated his shop; she clearly knew her stuff as she distinctively avoided some of the more darker objects which he placed on show - when in reality, they were just small curses compared to the others he kept locked away from the general public. “I tend to go wherever the darkness takes me” He commented as he then walked around his shop, his fingers brushing over certain objects as if they would not harm him - as if he was their parent, their caregiver. Abraham nodded in agreement over the dangers of love potions and it was definitely not one he would advise, perhaps only to his sworn enemy. He paused in his tracks of a moment at her enquiry and a slow smirk formed; he knew she was up to no good. “Do I” He commented almost too enthusiastically, like a child who had just wandered into a candy store. “Who is the poor sod that you want to curse?” 

Usually, the last thing Irene would find herself doing is venturing into a shady store who does god knows what to others, despite the services being offered. Truthfully, she wouldn't exactly be opposed to a few cursing here and there if it meant eliminating her opponent but the blonde wouldn't go as far as to kill and curse them into insanity. Contrary to other people's beliefs who seemed to believe in how cruel she can be, Irene is not that cruel. Sure she'll incapacitate them but it's very rare to find the heiress resorting to dark magic just to make sure everything goes well in her path when it comes to her business. Don't get her wrong, she wanted to succeed very well, because who doesn't? But that'll be due to her own efforts and not because of her diviner abilities that holds an advantage. But it wouldn't hurt to look around now that she just so happened to find herself walking straight into the lion's den, all she needed to do is to be mindful of her steps and be cautious about her surroundings. Always the best top two tips on any codex. 

Besides, it was unlikely to find her wandering around in the daytime anyway, the only time she could actually have enough reign of freedom is during nighttime due to her working schedule that is always packed hectically. She quirked her eyebrows in amusement upon hearing his question, it wasn't an out of the box kind of question and it was definitely not the first she's received whenever she stumbled across any other diviners but something about this guy just oozes danger, which she supposed she could respect, in a sense. "Why not? I wasn't originally from here anyways as you probably could find the hint in my accent" Irene hailed all the way from Manchester, and had only settled in the eternal city purely because of her new branch opening here and the blonde decided it was a strategic place to lure out Mira; her number one problem. Can't say it has failed her so far seeing as the light diviner took the bait like an obedient fish.

 "I didn't come here to join the local community or the coven. I came here because my new headquarters are moved here… temporarily for the time being. No reason for me to join a coven that's most likely not going to accept me, no? I have no intentions of staying long anyway" she shrugged absentmindedly, she really wanted to solve her problems as soon as possible so she could return back to Paris. The city is beautiful and fascinating, even Irene couldn't say no to that. There was a certain enigmatic energy about the city as a whole and perhaps it was due to the way other species coexisted with one another under a mutual peace treaty. "They probably won't even accept me, honestly." Rumors travel fast after all, and it can ruin one's reputation forever, such as the case for her. "Why aren't you? Seems just fair for me to ask you back when you've asked me why" she had a smile adorning her lips, and it looked so genuine yet so well-rehearsed it was hard to discern whether she was actually being genuine or artificial. 

The entire aura surrounding him literally screams out dark diviner, if there was a smell then she could say she could smell one from a distance. "Perhaps" she quipped following his remark that one day that kind of ability could be achieved, Irene wasn't too connected with her magical roots, however, she does practice casually to know that it is not entirely impossible to gain that access with proper studies and efforts thrown into the cauldron. "Are you sure, everyone deserves comfort? Some people would say their views contradicts" she mused, her blue optics staring at him with awe and was generally impressed on how he carried himself, a wry smirk telling him that she wasn't thoroughly convinced but she was around there, somewhat. 

When he asked her who was the unfortunate person that fell short on her list, Irene shrugged and leaned against the counter while she examined the charms displayed, knowing fully well which was the real ones and the decoys, her hand taking one of the onyx stone bracelets that could be used as a tether to channel dark energy, "Just an old friend who decided it was fun to burn 4 of my establishments over the past 2 months. I don't appreciate people terrorizing me childishly. Nothing too harsh because I don't want another death count." Pursing her lips lightly, she trailed the stone and sighed, "I would do it myself if I had the time but I can't be bothered. How far are you willing to go, though?"

Abraham, himself had never used any of the dark and cursed artefacts he had collected over his travels on any one being, he had never even used it on a group for his own selfish needs; this often came as a surprise to many, but to him, he was able to do his bidding, at times without the wonders of magic. Saying this, there was the temptation to do so - he would be lying if there wasn’t, but if he were to curse someone, he would want to do it properly, he would want the act to be well thought out; and orchestrated perfectly. More so to the point, Abraham adored chaos, perhaps even more so than the act of killing; there was truly something absolutely beautiful about watching people panic, and he gained more satisfaction over that than death. Despite his fascination with the dead, and death in general and the utmost believe that there was life after death - he still believed it was very final; whereas chaos could impact a city for days on end whereas time heals wounds of grieve. 

He remained upright against one of the countertops, his arms crossed over his chest as she relayed the answer to his question about why she was not part of the coven here in Evermore; he nodded as he noted the British accent which cascaded from her lips. His lips parted for a moment as he contemplated his next few words carefully - from what he had heard, the two of them were quite a like; and because of that, he believed there was an underlying reason as to why she didn’t want to join. This reason probably being more personal, a threat to her confident facade; vulnerability. “I’m sure all those reasons are very legit, but I think there is more” Abraham commented. “Your accent is a concoction of many different locations, so I think you have a fear of settling down somewhere, making roots and thus relationships with others” He knew he was stepping on very dangerous territory, but he couldn’t resist. “But who am I to judge” Abraham threw his arms up in a slight shrug before having his own question thrown right back at him. 

Abe smirked as he began his reply. “I did not have the best experience in my childhood coven, the very fine line of innocence and purity I had was stripped from me” Which was true, Luciana was both of those things for him; it was her death, not the act of what the coven did to him which turned him this way. “All at the very hands of the coven leader, so humour me this. Why would I want to join another coven, a group of powerful souls, who more than likely detest the ground the other members walk on” His shoulders rolled off a shrug, he had not watched the Coven here in detail, but to him - all covens were the same. “Being a lone Diviner has more freedom, perhaps slightly less power but, I’m willing to let that one slide.”

The Diviner nodded in agreement that not everyone deserved comfort; his mind automatically running to Christian, the man who took everything from him. “Oh certainly, but I do not ask them if they are worthy of speaking to the dead. They would only drool lies to me anyway so I may as well give them what they want so they can leave me in peace.” Abraham liked this woman, she challenged him in a respectful manner.  The backstory as to why she wished to curse someone made a slight exhale of amusement to bypass his lips as he shook his head ever so slightly. “Arsonists, they never realise their actions get old” He tutted under his breath as his eyes narrowed towards her in a curious way. “I don’t know the individual, so my lengths know no bounds. What devilish idea is running through that mind of yours…” He trailed off, noting he never caught her name. 

From the first minute she set her foot inside the store, her eyes never stopped wandering from every nook and corner of the space, taking in everything before her and was careful to analyze her situation, at the moment. So far, there was nothing for her to worry about. The guy, the shop owner, didn't seem to have any problems with anything, if anything he was quite laid-back and casual. So much that Irene actually got fascinated for a brief while. She wasn't desperate, right? That question kept rolling back and forth in her head, she wasn't… right? But why does she find it hard to keep all these incessant screeching in her head? With his arms crossed while leaning against the countertop, Irene herself had perched one arm on the shelf while still inspecting every stuff that was in the store. Hey, it wasn't every day you get to see a mystical store that actually has the good stuff instead of decorations just so they could flaunt it around for make believe purposes. Even if they were actual diviners, the blonde saw them as con artists all the same. 

Judging from the way he was analyzing her, Irene was sure he was trying to read her through, to see if she was really saying the truth for what it is. Fortunately for both parties, the Farley heiress is almost always honest if not more, simply because she never found the necessity to lie when she didn't need to. Too much effort poured in for something you weren't sure would give the same results back. Why plant something that would not bore a fruition? The corner of her lips were curved in amusement upon hearing him, "We have a smart one here. I'm an old-fashioned soul who's been wandering the Earth on her own for decades. Being dependent is basically ingrained in whatever system I am on, so yes, I don't think I need to tie myself to anyone or anything. At least, not particularly." Covens are so much stronger, a better option for diviners all around, rather than being a lone one but she had her own reasons like he said earlier. "You are aware that stepping into one's boundaries too much of a line right there would most likely get you in trouble, right? I'm not sure whether you're just being daring or plain stupid." 

Though the hint in her tone stated that she was more amused than anything. "Tread the lines carefully, mister." Hearing that he didn't exactly get the best example from his former coven, she parted her lips briefly and nodded in affirmation, understanding where he was coming from, "I would say I can relate but I can't because I've never had a coven before" she shrugged, it wasn't as if she wanted to be in there any longer than she needed to be but the sense of belonging was still so strong in her so she would lie if she said she never thought about joining one. "Coven leaders get the most benefits so it's really all in their interest. I still have yet to come across coven leaders who are not greedy" she scoffed, it was really hard to find them, even when the leader is a light diviner it doesn't differ as much as she thought it would. "Despite being a lone diviner without the support of your coven, there are plenty of ways to train yourself to be better. Believe me, I've been a lone on my track for what- 70 years? Give or take." Yet she was still doing fine now. But then again, Irene is quite the cutthroat when it comes down to survival. 

"Irene" she said, answering his pending question that required her identification, "My name is Irene Farley. You?" There were three types of people, people who knew her to be heiress to the multi-million company, Unruly Eve, people who knew her as one of the youngest bachelors in company trading business, and of course people who don't. "She's a light diviner, I know… very unfortunate and taints the name. A ghost from the past who is intent on making me suffer a hellish life without using magic, unsurprisingly. Can't even implicate her to her coven…" she sighed and clicked her tongue in annoyance, "Strength wise, she's… durable. I just need to send a few warnings so that she'd stop messing before I take things into my own hands. Curses, perhaps. Nothing that lasts too long to drive her to insanity because her coven would trace it back."

It had amused him greatly at how well she had accepted his boundary crossing as he psychoanalysed her reasoning for not wishing to join the coven here in Evermore; in fact, he had already painted somewhat of a picture of her, therefore, he truly was expecting a slap across the cheek or something similar after his comments. So he was left stunned for a moment at her composure, and the way that she held herself. “I thought as much” Abraham hummed to himself. “It is hard to change something that is so drilled into you such as independence; you can as you please without having to worry about someone else” That was predominantly his reasoning too, for not wanting to join the coven; he had enough with his Parent’s adding in their two cents into his life - he certainly did not need a Coven to do the same. Besides, he would be absolutely sure that the coven here in Evermore would not accept his method to his madness. 

Abraham shrugged his shoulders at her comment. “It’s probably a bit of both, daring and plain stupid but how boring it would be if you just played it by the book all the time” It was true, if everyone remained polite and did not speak up in fear of hurting another’s feelings, then life would be incredibly dull and mundane. His eyes blinked a few times as she mentioned that she had never been part of a coven in her lifetime; he had yet come across a Diviner who had lived such a lifestyle, Abe nodded. “They are not all they're cracked up to be. Of course, a sense of belonging is nice and the sense that someone needs you - but you can get those even outside of a coven” Which was true, his parents were still part of the coven in Budapest, despite what happened with Abraham and the leader - but Abe? He remained on his own, but nevertheless, he knew his family still loved and admired him. 

A low chuckle bypassed his lips; it was true, every coven leader that he had the pleasure of meeting on his travels held a level of arrogance about them. “I can’t argue about that, there is a study that suggests that most leaders of whatever division are likely to be psychopaths so it’s only fair to say most coven leaders fall into that category” His lips curled upward; despite not being a leader of anyone, he did own his company, so he was sure psychotherapists would put him in the same category. Abraham extended his hand out to her in a more formal way. “Pleasure to meet you, Irene, the name is Abraham” He shook the woman’s hand firmly. “You can probably guess my surname is Maddox” Abraham mused before he listened intently to what and who the being was that she intended to curse. 

Abe hummed in thought as she explained what she wanted out of the curses, and why she wanted to go to such lengths to get her own back. “That sounds achievable, I can certainly see what I can do for you.” He nodded. “Do you have anything of her? A few strands of hair, anything that I can link the curse to?" Abraham questioned. 

Irene knew where to step on the actual tiles, she was either easily aggravated or hard to annoy, it depends on the dark diviner's mood, really. She is hard to tick off but then again, she is also easy to tick off. Whoever could make her rage on easily would be more likely to have a medallion and a bouquet of flowers sent to them because Irene herself would like to convey her thanks. This guy, however, has not done a single thing to cross the boundary with her. Sure he did talk about some stuff but other than that, it was still somewhat off the lines with her. For now. Hence why she told him early on that he should thread his lines carefully when it comes to dealing with certain type of people. Irene wasn't easily offended, thankfully. In her work line, offense is not something they should be prone or weak at. Especially when it would aid their work in the near future.

 "Exactly that, nobody needs to push you to do something simply because they hold a leash around your neck, I don't intend on doing that either so it works out for me" she shrugged absentmindedly, the blonde never thought much about her ties to a coven. She didn't need a family or anyone else. All that she has is right here with her now. What else could she need, other than her rights at preserving her legacy for more years to come, even after she passes away. The question everyone wanted to know was if she will ever leave an inheritor. "True. I have to say that I do admire your… resilience at this. It either gets you in trouble often or the opposite. I'd say you're more prone to trouble more than you appear to be but then again, you somehow have that air that says you know how to take care of yourself. An air that screams self-preservation." No doubt one would still be so reckless but all of those things are fine so long and they still look out for themselves even more than anyone else. 

Despite not being a part of the local coven here, he seemed to be well-versed in those terms, but Irene had a feeling that he, like any other ordinary diviner, had one coven where they were born into, once. Unlike her who was never acknowledged to be alive and was kept hidden away under the discretion of her parents that she wouldn't say are lovable either. They were good people, perhaps. That's what their workers had to say about them some time ago, but they were definitely not good parents. That much Irene could attest to. "I guess I just don't do well in terms of mingling around" that was one way to phrase her incapability of hiding her reasons why she hated having to confide in someone she doesn't even know and didn't want to know. Leaders are usually psychopaths? That was a new revelation but not surprising either. 

"Surprisingly I am not refuting that claim. Perhaps because I am more inclined to believe it because I'm not the nicest person either"  Was she a psychopath though? Probably not. Upon introducing himself and finally getting to put a name to the face, she returned his formality with a greeting of her own and shook his hand, "Pleasure is all mine, Mr Maddox." What a self-conscious name though, a store named after you. But she wasn't about to judge. When asked if she had anything of Mira's belongings, she nodded and took out a few things from her bag, a vial of blood, a few strands of hair, three A4 pictures, and a necklace. "All of this belongs to her. Do with it as you will."

Abraham could tell that it probably took a lot for someone to truly anger the woman before him, but he was sure that when they did; she would release hell upon them. The more he thought about that, the more he truly wished to see it, and perhaps if the curse she had asked him to put on this woman failed, he would. Yet, that was not a reason enough to let his curse fail him, he had this need to show people that he was capable of such things, thus, he would only hope that throughout their time in each other’s company, he would see someone push their luck. It was a strange thing to consider, independence was not necessarily something that was drilled into him at a young age, it was something he had to acquire throughout his teenage years; and despite them being very negative years, he could not deny the life lessons he had learnt. Thus, perhaps if things went well for him, his opinion and need of wanting a Coven would be different. “Relying on other people is overrated” Abraham commented with a slight exhale. 

He listened to how she described his being and how confident he was at pushing people’s boundaries; he nodded in agreement. “Trouble is exactly when brought me here to Evermore City, it didn’t run me out of my last location, per say, but it made the decision to leave a lot easier” Abe recalled the time in-between his release from prison and his escape to see the world; it was an odd time, his family tried to make it good, they tried to get him to fit into society but alas, said society were not as welcoming as they had hoped. “And because of how part of my life turned out, self-preservation was the only thing that could keep me alive” His shoulders rolled nonchalantly, of course, he had to do things he wasn’t necessarily proud of but they were all put into place for his survival; and he knew, he knew he would do all those things again in order to make it out alive. 

“Who really is a nice person these days?” Abraham counter-acted, he sure wasn’t a nice person, he knew that; however, to be considered someone of a kind nature would mean he would need to socialise with people in order to claim that title. Abraham was one to stick to himself, he was a loner and often found himself being awkward in any event where there were more than just two people. If it were not for his shop, he probably would have no interactions with anyone, besides those online; he found dealing with people via the online world a hell of a lot easier. Thus, who was to say he was good or bad? Perhaps Irene would be able to tell considering he was more than confident to place a curse upon someone who he had never met. His lips curled upward as she shook his hand, but his smile only grew wider as she began to list the things that would aid them in this curse. “Nicely done” He mused silently to himself as he glanced at the items. 

“Follow me” Abraham muttered as he went to lock the front door properly; the last thing he wanted was another intruder to interrupt what his rather unexpected plans.  Once he was sure the door was locked, he nodded his head once to go behind the counter and towards the back of his shop where he did most of his research on dark artefacts and his own personal goal of communicating with the dead. Abe stood on one side of the table with his hands leaning against the wooden surface; his lips rolled together in thought. “As mentioned, you don’t particularly want this to be noticeable by her Coven. I think the best way to begin this would be with a simple pain infliction curse… It won’t kill her, at least not straight away. I would have to keep the curse linked to her for some time for that to happen” 

Irene usually did not have any problem reading people because most of the time, they usually revealed themselves to her before she even had to ask. Not that she was complaining, of course, that gives her an easier route to work her way around. Abraham, however, was a peculiar case, someone that she has never met before. Don’t get her wrong, she’s met plenty of guys who are like that, but something about him just screams ‘test me’ and Irene was almost reluctant to try while also being curious to do so, at the same time. Was this confident stance an act? A small part of his exterior or was it really him? No idea. She had to shake all of that soon enough though, reminding herself that she didn’t need to study him or examine him in any way possible, simply because there is no need for it. This is a one-time thing, Irene, she reminded herself.

 “True, if you got too dependent, then everything falls apart and you’ll be left trailing behind to bite the dust.” It’s not harsh, that’s just the reality of it. In a world like this? The strong survive and the weak do not. Simple as that. When he said that trouble was the exact reason that brought him to Evermore, the blonde arched her eyebrows in curiosity, what part of this place would attract such a troublemaker in the making? Was there something going on in the eternal city that she was not aware of? “Trouble? How so? Are you running away, Abraham?” It does seem like he was trying to escape something, perhaps to build a better life here, or it could be that he was trying to escape someone. 

Whatever it was, anything that would make her question him is playing in the dangerous line because Irene wanted to make sure that everyone she worked with, no matter how professional or personal they are, remain confidential information. Yes, even him. She needed to be sure if he would end up being a pain in her problem rather than providing her with a solution, after all, she did decide to stay for a while longer for that exact reason; to take care of her problems as easy as the wind blows. “At the end of the day, you could only depend on yourself, to only trust what you can trust, so it’s not exactly surprising, is it?” Why people needed other people still didn’t make sense for the female, why depend on when you know they would only bring you disappointment? It wasn’t worth the heartbreak.

 “Touche” she pointed out with a wry smile upon hearing the retort from him regarding who’s nice anywhere these days, “I was talking more about being… a decent human being? Not that any of that really matters anymore.” Seeing the surprised look on his face when she presented the items she had already prepared in advance, Irene refrained herself from rolling her eyes, “I told you I’m not an amateur at this” she huffed, she just doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. Her magical heritage wasn’t something she liked to flaunt around seeing as it never even did her much good. She didn’t question anything further as she trailed him from behind while he led her somewhere, probably someplace he’ll do the spell at.

 “How many things do you have stored up in here” she gaped in awe as she passed the route slowly, her eyes taking in every item she could pinpoint from her peripheral vision, though she did find herself biting her bottom lip when he said he’d send her a simple pain infliction curse first, “Is it really that necessary? I don’t really want to be pinpoint as the perpetrator. That would make me as bad as her, and I’m not” she pressed heavily, Irene would never stoop that low. 


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