Irene’s blue hues glared a hole into the papers left scattered like a wind just blew everything to hell on her desk in her office. Today was supposed to be decent because the weather seemed promising earlier this morning, but the moment she set foot outside and specifically, into the company and her office, she was bombarded with plenty of paperwork given by her personal assistant aka who’s also her secretary, Nadia. Usually, Irene didn’t mind doing the work since it is her work, to begin with, but what does bother her, is that those papers are filled with numbers; quite possibly one of the many things the Farley heiress despised with all her might. Despite her many years of experience as a CEO, she’s never been good around numbers.

 Even though most knew her behind a proxy, seeing as the dark diviner never aged no more than one year or two and retained her youthful appearance even after 60 years while everyone else from World War 1 and 2 either kicked the bucket already or is living what’s left of their life in foster homes or their own comfortable home with their family. Meanwhile, there’s her who looked not a day older than her 20s and would still be able to pose herself as young as 21 or 22 if she wants to. Nadia, for example, has been working for her since 1999, two-decades-long, and knew of her supernatural identity only because the flaxen-haired female trusted her enough to do so. The font printed on the white sheet regarding their financial ledgers had the diviner riling and it was only nearing lunch hour. The day did not go well with her today. 

Lately, her company has been a bit of a burden to hold on to, but nonetheless since it is her family company; something she’s also worked on for the past few decades, that wrapped up her entire lifeline of work there, shouldn’t she at least, try to fix things? Losing it over a few days of frustration seemed way too childish for her. Then comes this call, from that one guy that has been pestering her to sign the deal with empty promises. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of investments on multiple branches of businesses throughout their many years of operating, but all of that took heavy precision and a long time to reach a consensus. That’s why she never stopped having weekly board meetings to discuss where they’re currently standing at. She’s going nowhere with this, especially considering the time now, the only people there were probably her, her secretary, and the security guards. 

Everyone else was nine to five people anyway. Morning turn to late evening. Pressing the button on the side of the mahogany desk, it didn’t take long for Nadia to come scurrying in, “You should go home now, it’s late. It’s 11 already, Nad. I’m gonna clean up and go home too, so you should do the same. We’ll talk about electing the new financial consultant tomorrow, okay?” Of course, she agreed. No one could actually find the will to say no to Irene anyway, either they fell for her charms that were surprisingly so genuine-like that managed to deceive a lot of people, or that she would never take no for an answer and it was better to abide rather than mess with the harpy. Her light locks looked messily out of place and her glasses kept sliding down her nose bridge until her secretary aka her personal assistant knocked and told her to go home. Nadia was quite possibly the only confidant she had that she actually trusted and she’s been working with her for over 19 years, hence why the blonde took the older female’s advice and is now on her way down in the elevator. 

The moment she got out and bid farewell to the security, she sucked in the breezy night air with a small smile. She decided to get a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe first, but much to the dark diviner’s dismay, it’s closed. Fishing out her phone, she let out a heaved sigh since it’s understandable because it’s already 11 35 pm. So she chose to drive to the other cafe around the block and thankfully, she finally had her coffee. Irene was lucky the owner couldn’t bear to reject her late-night request. While walking back to where she parked her car, she was trying to relocate her keys but dropped her keychain and the ring around it rolled over which prompted the blonde to follow its direction and tuck it back into her bag until she looked up to identify the store before her; Maddox Mediums. Weird name.

 It made her tilt her head thoughtfully as she eyed the array of items displayed at the front, the place seemed legit, they were in Evermore after all. No harm is done to check out a few things right? Irene twisted the doorknob softly and pushed the door aside as she stepped inside, it was dark but there was light illuminating the place. “Hello? Is anyone here? It said it was open…”

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Despite his parents and his family, Abraham had never truly relied on anyone in particular, he never had many friends at school - even when he was considered the popular boy; in those times, it tended to be other people relying on him to bring them up to his social status. Of course, there was Luciana; perhaps she was the only one he truly relied upon for emotional and physical comfort and that didn’t end well for either of them. Due to that, he refused to rely on anyone else that wasn’t family; after all, they had his back and they fought for him on the outside when he was behind bars - thus far, no one else had even come close to him ever considering his stance on independence. “How sad is it though, that we have all had something happen to us that has made us wired this way” Abraham commented, he was certainly well aware that at one stage in their life, they had to rely on someone for survival; then something had to change. 

Abraham chuckled as she questioned what trouble he was relating too; it was now her that was pressing against that boundary line that he so happily crossed earlier in their conversation about why she was not settling down in Evermore. Silence lingered over them for a brief moment as he tried to find the perfect response; he had not known her long enough to want to tell her the whole truth, and even if he had, he probably wouldn’t. Abe would give her enough information to make her wonder, to want more; yet from the way she carried herself, he doubted she would show her curiosity. Or on the other hand, perhaps there was a confidence that one day, if she remained in Evermore, that he would end up spilling the beans. “I would rather we call it, moving on” Abraham replied. “I would’ve been stuck and most certainly shunned from my previous community; life would not have been as easy as I have it here” He nodded as his eyes held hers intently. “Besides, believe it or not, I do have loved ones, and their life is better with me directly out of the picture”

He didn’t know what she would get from that, whether it was enough to satisfy her need for information; after all, yes, she was his customer but he knew that many customers like to know who they were working with or buying from. Besides, even if she did probe for more information, he would refuse to give it - he had been in Evermore for many years now and that had been the first time he had even teased someone with his past; although he had always wanted to see someone’s expression after he had told them that he had spent time behind bars. “Someone must have really hurt or betrayed you, huh” He mused as he walked back to her after locking the door securely behind him. “But there is always a level of thanks you can give them, they give you a strength you never knew you had” His broad shoulders rolled as they moved through his shop to the back room. 

Abe could almost taste her awe as she took in the many different objects, cursed or not in his possession and a rather smug smirk occupied his lips. “This is only a handful” He tried not to brag. “My family have been collecting for many years, a Maddox home is not a home without these dark artefacts.” He confessed, his fondest memories often involved something dark when he was left alone to play when his parents were at the shop. He narrowed his eyes in thought as she almost disregarded his idea of a pain infliction cure. “Starting soft, huh” He nodded, his lips rolling in thought. “How bad or soft do you want to go?” Abraham tilted his head as he took hold of the vial of blood. “Recurring nightmares, constant clumsiness? The possibilities are rather endless” He wriggled his brows. 

Somehow, Irene had a gut feeling telling her that perhaps she wasn't so different from Abraham, they seemed quite familiar in a sense, both of them were levelheaded and determined when it comes to doing something, that alone showed traits of being headstrong, something the blonde can definitely appreciate coming from another person. Every time she meets someone, whether they were just a random passerby greeting her in the lobby every morning, or a security guard waiting at every corner of the company's headquarters, or even her client that she meets almost every day, Irene always made sure to scan and examine them from head to toe. She needed to be sure who to trust and who to not. While it has made her wary of every person, the dark diviner also found it easier to navigate her trust when needed. "It's sad when you think about it that way, yes. A simple thing can jeopardize your entire livelihood, that doesn't sound too pleasant for anyone, I imagine" No, of course it doesn't.

 Irene had her childhood ruined because of her parents, and she still continued to be wary of everyone she ever met until today, no matter how kind they showed themselves to her. There was no knowing what would happen in the future. "But I guess that's just how life works. Mother Nature wants to test us and once the expiration comes to past, things would eventually go down the other way around. It becomes a cycle, at the end of the day." A part of her felt opposed to the entire thing, thinking that someone shouldn't have to follow the rules of life just because that was what they asked from them. If before she had been wanting him not to thread the lines carelessly, Irene now noticed that she was doing the exact same thing he did to her earlier. It was ironic. Perhaps she was being a bit too curious for her own good. But there doesn't seem to be any harm in wanting to know. 

Hearing him say that it was a whole lot better with him being out of the picture made the diviner purse her lips and frowned momentarily, "That doesn't seem to be healthy" she pointed out wryly, "That's all people do, though? They tell themselves it is better this way or that way, when really in reality, they either refuse to see the clear picture where not everyone gets what they want or that they are just afraid in general." Newsflash, we can't always satisfy everyone. "But you know, it could be the other way and maybe it is better that they stay away from each other. I just wonder if that's all worth it, just a curious question from someone who's never had any type of family in her life before." What was family, anyway? Upon hearing him wonder if she had been hurt before, Irene scoffed and shrugged absentmindedly, "You can say it like that. Definitely not something I could have prevented, for sure. So I can't even say it was my fault." Sometimes she wondered what would it be like had she been born under someone else, raised in a better household with people who actually remembered her to care for her. That's her wishful thinking. 

"Strength I never knew I had huh?" she murmured silently, there is something truth to that. If she wasn't hurt, she would never grow to be this person today. She would've liked it if she was treated better and stop having people misunderstand her but maybe it was there for a reason. It did give her more benefits than problems. "Proud of your lineage, I see" she grinned coyly and allowed her eyes to wander around, "I'm more curious to know how you've kept it properly 'dormant'. These things, some of them are quite volatile in nature, how come you could keep them aligned?" Everything in the shop fascinated her, even the owner himself. "I don't want to stoop to her level, that's why I wanted to opt for a method that would serve as a warning only. If I do that, then she wins." God help her if that day ever comes. "That would do. Nightmares should do just fine for a first phase. Hallucinations could follow from that easily without making it seem obvious. I'm guessing this isn't your first time cursing someone either?"

Abraham considered their conversation and everything she had told him thus far; from not wanting to settle down to wishing to curse someone for messing with her. With the information that he had collected so far, it wasn't hard to assume that she had a somewhat unhappy and challenging upbringing; one which a young girl should not have. He felt for her, in his own special way, he imagined that the last thing she wanted was someone to pity her, therefore, he did not comment on that; but of what he knew of the world, he would by far be more confused and baffled by someone who had a bright and lovely childhood. "To play devil's advocate, it could just be down how the individual processes the shit that is thrown at them" He shrugged, he knew people who had shit thrown at them but still turned out fairly decent human beings. Abraham's darkness, his anger and anything negative was not because of the lack of love he received but the injustice that he has served in all of his thirty something years from others outside of his circle of trust. "I could have dealt with things differently, but chose not to" 

He mused over her comments silently and nodded in confirmation that life was simply a cycle and only the fittest survived. "It truly is natural selection at its finest" Which was what they previously commented on beforehand, a world for someone weak was not a life for them. "Unless we simply ended up losing the toss of a coin and we got this alternate universe when there is another version of us having a whale of a time." Which would not surprise him if that was true; he knew little of the Aspects but if there was one for Realms, then why not? And it angered him slightly, that there was another version of himself somewhere living the life he wanted - one with his family, one with Luciana. Abraham silently cursed under his breath but that was not a battle for today nor for the foreseeable future; he smiled some as the conversation flowed from one topic to the next and he was not surprised when she mentioned that sometimes it was not for best to take yourself out of the equation - he understood it entirely. 

"You're right" Abe responded; his family were of course supportive of his decision to move away from Budapest and consequently Christian the Coven leader but if they had a choice, they would have preferred him to stay. "If the root cause could leave, then the city would be better off but alas, its those men that weirdly have the more support. Connections and knowing people is the key" Abraham, of course, did not want to tell her that if he stayed he too, would have ended up six feet under; yet he also knew that Christian would follow him to the end of the Earth to get that result. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly in curiosity as she posed her question about whether it was worth it, being away from his family. "For a business point of view, very. We're expanding out of Budapest which is what my Grandfather always desired." He smiled fondly at the memory of his Grandfather describing his ambitions for the company. "Beside, if that relationship is strong, distance really shouldn't be an issue, and being a Diviner, travel is a lot easier" He winked at the blonde in front of him. 

Abraham hummed at her comment of family heritage, they were a tight knit family and one that many feared due to their connection to death and after life. "You could perhaps relate us to the Warren family." He chuckled as he could feel her curiosity as she looked at the different objects in his place. "Some of these things are little shits, but I tend to research them as much as I can before picking them up so I understand the care they need" He mused, noting how he almost compared them to children; his children. Which he guessed they were, without them, he wouldn't know where he would he be in life; they certainly kept him on his toes, particularly the ones which were associated with possession and demonic changes. "Nightmares it is, and hallucinations. Fantastic" Abe chuckled before glancing up at her through his lashes as he toyed with the objects of the victim. "It is not, but surprisingly I've never cursed someone because of me; it has always been on behalf of another." He commented and wandered over to grab the tools and kit needed for the curse. 

Irene knew to a few people, she was basically an open book, anyone could read her with ease. And she had no problem with that. Honestly, it shouldn't be surprising at all. Especially when she allows herself to be read over like that, right? It wasn't as if she had anything to hide either so she couldn't figure out the significance of it. As soon as people finish evaluating her, they would move onto the next and then her work there would be so much easier than any initial process. She wouldn't even attempt to judge a person based on what they do, because she's even thought of things she may have done, once upon a time. So she wasn't there to judge neither did she have the right to do so seeing as she wasn't exactly the best at maintaining a clear and innocent slate. "Maybe. But that depends on people themselves. The only thing they should be clear on is to own up to whatever they choose instead of leaving a stray to pass to be passed around. Don't ignore the way it would cross if they couldn't handle it." And from the way she saw him to be, he had no problem of owning up to what he does.

 Mistakes or non-mistakes. She had no doubt that Abraham could be trusted at a certain length, of course. She could see that much potential from him. It was a shame that all those potentials had to be repressed solely because a coven wouldn't be taking him in, though she supposed that was also entirely up to him because Irene too, didn't choose to join the local community here. She would've gained better connection and control but she didn't want the attachment; it was a baggage she couldn't handle. It's fine, she can handle herself just fine. The thought of having an alternate dimension where that version of her was all happy and jolly did cause the blonde to press her lips together as a frown creased her features, "Definitely not something I wanted to even start to picture. It's unfair if I'm unhappy here and she gets to be happy there. I know it's for the sake of being called an alternate reality but let's hope that's not an actual thing or I'll be tempted to divert my attention there instead of anything else I could pull off on this world." Where's the lie? If it was better there, she was sure anyone else would've taken up the offer. Just like she did.

 "Connections are everything here. I imagine it's the same as centuries ago just as well. You can't expect a mere nobody with no upbringing and name to make history when they've got nothing, right? But those people who have something to make their while, however, that's another story" Irene mused lightly, it was the same rules applied over and over again. Nothing changed, much to the dismay of some people. Not her, of course. It was easier to understand the world that way when it doesn't change as much. "True… distance shouldn't be a factor. It does seem like you are quite witty, aren't you? You know your things" she pointed out, Abraham had this unique sense of wisdom to him, the air of knowledge and for someone who is always delighted to see those traits, it piqued Irene's interest. She was sure had he been given the right platform, he would've surprised the audience. "The Warren family, you say? Is mediumship and clairvoyance your forte, then? I mean, I was under the pretense that the place is called Medium but… is there any truth to the allegations? I'm not like any other customer after all." 

Prying isn't her forte but there were times when the blonde is extremely curious and this happens, if there was anything that's Irene Farley; it's that she's persuasive. "People take your service for you to curse another yet you've never cursed one of your own behalf before? How come?" Don't get her wrong, she didn't want him to turn out to be a serial killer or psychopath of sorts but she wondered why someone who has never done one individual would take the mantle of another. 

Whilst he evaluated her, he wondered if she had the ability to read him and get a sense of what sort of human being he was; it was a rarity if someone did suss him out, yet the very deed had not yet been done - primarily due to the fact that not many people stuck around him long enough to get a sense of his being. Those that did, where either family members or customers of his; and his customers, well, they simply only saw a show, a version of himself that he had mastered throughout his years, and particularly in Prison. It was a side of Abraham that he, himself wasn’t a fan; the man was sneezy, a customer pleasing scumbag, he much preferred the socially awkward, slightly strange man who he saw in the mirror each morning. Thus, after their interaction had finished, whenever that may be - Abe was sure to ask that rather ridiculous question; although he had a feeling the woman before him would make comments along the way. “It takes a very small human being to pass the blame to another person. Very small” 

That comment alone sent some comfort through him, Christian would never admit to what he had done, not only to his daughter but to Abraham himself; thus, when the time was right and he was sure his parents would not get caught in the crossfire, Abe would set the man free from all his lies. A slight amused smile occupied his lips as his comments about an alternate universe began to process within her mind, and he was pleasantly happy to see that the very concept of it pissed her off too. “Well, perhaps once we have both finished whatever missions we are on in this life, we can investigate. Because let's face it, an Aspect of Realms? Kind of suggests that it is possible” His broad shoulders gave off a shrug, but she was correct, they couldn’t get lost thinking about that whilst they had so many demons to face in the universe which was very real to them now. 

Abraham watched Irene with intent, and he had to admit, this was the first proper conversation that he has had in a while that he thoroughly enjoyed; and possibly the first individual he had met in the city where he would be surprisingly comfortable to grab a drink with. She offered many different topics of conversation and challenged him in many ways; it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that they could possibly be friends - she seemed as if she wouldn’t judge him from his time behind bars. Abe shook his head and brought himself back to their conversation. “You must have quite the connections too, to be running such a business?” He queried whilst he fiddled with the many different objects to start the curse which would soon be on its way to its intended target. “It is what my family have specialised in for many years, not a single Fae has been in our blood” He went on. “But unfortunately, it is all a scam, and we can’t talk to the deceased - we just use our powers to see the truth and such of the family and individual… Hence the cursed and dark objects”

The male cleared his throat, perhaps she could be trusted with this information. “But, when I am not working, I am back here or hunting down other objects to make our job a reality.” Abe left his comment like that, and let her interpret it the way she wished, before muttering a series of words to ignite the flame which would heat the curse into energy. “I guess because the person I would want to curse deserves something much much worse than that. I’m just biding my time - and there was a period of time in my life where I was unable to use any magic.” He glanced up at her, his eyes alight with a green vibrancy as the magic in his veins came alive. 

All these time, Irene was so used to being surrounded by people who only thought of themselves. There was, of course, no problem with being selfish or self-centered. She had no qualms with such people, no. Because Irene herself knew if it came down to saving herself or another, he would evidently choose herself because one must survive along the way and in this cruel world, she intends to be that person. She wanted to be one of those people who would survive the world. There were times she would show her kindness, and there were times when she would cut their throat. Irene Farley wasn't called a harpy for no reason. Even if she was given such a nickname in the business world, it still didn't change the fact that if you cross her, she would gladly cut you off in return. Doesn't mean the blonde wasn't trying to improve herself, of course. She's doing better. And would've been the better version if people would just stop trying to antagonize her. "Aspect of Realms, huh? You mean one of the Ailward Aspects? We have 8 of them, right? Each with their own… well, aspect."

 Irene won't lie, she was incredibly curious about them too. How it was possible to have such figures governing the supernatural world, it's interesting. "I wouldn't want to dig myself a hole I can't get out of, though. I'll have to see how far that stretches out because or else, I'm going to have to back out on that part" She may be ambitious, but she wasn't stupid nor was she naive. She knows when to back out of a fight she couldn't win. It was a survival tactic. "Though, I do have to wonder, what kind of missions are you on? It seems like there's more than meets the eye" Perhaps she didn't have the right to prod, but she did have one to ask, so in the end, it was all up to him to answer or evade. A chuckle escaped her when he pointed out that she must've had quite the connections to be running such a business, "I guess you can say that. It's the family business. To carry it on, is my legacy, the only thing my parents ever gave to me. Not that I would know much about their giving because they were dead before I could even have a proper conversation with either of them."

 Sucks to be them. Did she feel the guilt that she was the one who indirectly caused her parents' death? Sometimes. But most of the time? She didn't bother to think back to it. It was an accident. No one could see the truth, but then again, she feels like the truth is overrated. "Truth is what people choose to believe in. It's a matter of opinions. So I think it's overrated. But, I do think there's more to our abilities, magic stretches out widely, who knows… maybe one day, you'll see that you can actually read someone." She'd met a few psychics who claimed they were gifted with clairvoyance but all of those were just mind games. "I mean, the new Initia Grand Master in the city, I heard… is a Psychic." No Fae in the family, though, Irene was surprised. "My mother and father was Fae. I think I was the first dark one in the family lineage… which says a lot about their treatment to me, I guess." 

Hunting down the objects to make it a reality? That piqued her interest and Irene found herself wondering what he was planning. "And how is that coming up? Your hunt?" Hearing that he didn't have magic at that time made her hum, she's heard of those. People who were disconnected from nature. "I've heard of those people who were… disconnected from nature, but I wasn't sure if that's a myth or real. How long did it take you to regain that connection again?" 

Abraham nodded some as she caught up with who he was talking about. “That’s the one” He had the pleasure of meeting The Aspect of Darkness at one of their famous events at the manor; and even to this day, he wondered how on Earth he had managed to get himself invited to such a prestige event. “I have only met one of the Aspects, however. Aspect of Darkness and in all fairness, she doesn’t seem very dark” He spoke aloud as he recalled the conversation he had with the woman who seemed just as thrilled by the party as he did. “Or perhaps I just had my own image of what Darkness should be like” His broad shoulders shrugged; he pictured someone of darkness, dark intentions and the like, but in a society like this, he knew he would be far off the mark. “But yes, I wonder what his outlook is on that possibility, probably wouldn’t share his thoughts even if we asked” He imagined that they would want to remain quite hush hush on the matter. 

His lips curled some as she mentioned she would only go so far with such a mission and that if needs be, she would pull out without hesitation; that was where they seemed to differ. Abe was one to do reckless things, especially nowadays - a decade or so ago, it might have been different; these days, there didn’t seem like much to live for, besides his Family and the business that they ran. Many would say that was enough, but for him, there was more to life than just those two things - and if he had the possibility of finding out then he would do it; even if there was a risk of death. On the bright side, he would also be reunited with Luciana if worse came to worse. “Well I have mentioned one, to break the barrier so we can actually communicate with the dead, if and when we please” He nodded, and he truly believed the goal was reachable; perhaps even with an end in sight. “The other missions, I’m still trying to work those out” He had many cards to be dealt, he was just picking the right moments to play them. 

“Is it a legacy you wanted or was it something you feel is necessary to continue?” He pried, and if she chose not to tell him, he certainly would not lose any sleep over the matter; either way, he noticed it probably paid well, and thus, she lived a good life because of it. “There is a lot more in this world that cannot be described; for example, to many humans we are just a myth - so who is to say that other beings and possibilities can’t happen” He grinned and nodded. “The psychic Grand Master just proves that” Abe confirmed before muttered a string of words in Latin; all the while he listened to how she didn’t follow her parents in terms of beng Fae. “You can still turn Fae, but it's hard to change our ways” He mused, there was no way now would he choose to go to the lighter side of things. 

He straightened himself out. “I enjoy hunting for them, gives you a bit of a thrill because they’re normally protected, I guess I enjoy the danger” It sometimes felt like he was in the middle of a video game when hunting them down. “I found my magic again when I was released” It was on a matter of time before he told someone of his prison days; he glanced down at the boiling blood which would soon evaporate into nothingness. “I’ve attached the curse to her blood, once it has evaporated, it will be in full motion and the hallucinations and nightmares will begin. Shall we get the popcorn?”

The Ailward Aspects were pretty much an enigmatic force, tales of their family had spread across continents since centuries ago. People knew of them, some thought them a myth and the remaining ones sought to believe them somewhere in the littlest space that was in their heart. "You've met the Aspect of Darkness?" The stories of them settling in Evermore had her curiosity piqued too, that was more than admittable. Who wouldn't be? They came from a source that nobody else would ever be able to attain. And what of their powers? Surely, immeasurable. "Oh come on, you don't seriously expect for the Aspect of Darkness to look brooding and dark" she chuckled, though judging from the way her pupils dilated, Irene was also enthusiastic to talk about it. "What about the Aspect of Magic? Have you heard about her? I mean presuming this is also another of her sisters" As a dark diviner, it was only understandable that Irene was drawn to two of those Aspects out of all 8. 

Especially when the practices of magic in covens these days are getting slightly more confining. It was one of the reasons why she didn't bother to join, after all. Why attach yourself on somewhere others can use you freely for? Definitely not it for Irene. The difference between her and Abraham clashed right on the spot, she wasn't much of a risk taker as he was. And when she takes them, she made sure to have a backup plan to serve her purpose in ensuring her vitality. A little bit of self-preservation never hurts and Irene had gone through enough to know the world doesn't wait around for you. "Your goal is surprising… interesting. Though I'd admit it's not something I would so much look forward to but I respect the sentiment. That's awfully ambitious for you and when I see ambition in someone, I know for a fact that they are not slackers. They don't give up easily." It's a good trait for people like them. 

"But please do let me know once you've achieved it, the whole breaking down the veil thing." Just because she wasn't one who would readily hop into the wagon for it, doesn't mean she couldn't appreciate the efforts. When he asked her about her life, Irene found herself pressing her lips together and shrugged absentmindedly, "Both, I guess. My parents worked hard for it to flourish. It was a family business passed down to them who in return made their parents proud, even more so after they married each other and combine the strength of two. You know those people who would always say things like two is better than one? Yeah… They're that kind. I was an only child, didn't exactly earn themselves parents of the year but… I respect them enough to continue their legacy and see it as my own. I'm the only one left in my family. It is my responsibility as much as it is mine. Besides, who would handle it? The executives? Please, I'd soon find myself rolling in my grave before that happens." The blonde spared no effort in trying to shield her distaste on her board of directors.

 "Imagine being able to read people's minds… I'm not sure if that's a gift or a curse per se." Surely, it wouldn't be something someone would look forward to, every time, right? A scoff escaped her once he told her she could still choose the other path, "Yeah, thank you but no thank you, I think I'll stick like this. Fae, Necromancer, light or dark… nothing separates it. Neither is more noble than the other. I don't see why people think it'll categorize them into something." A smirk came across her when he mentioned he enjoyed the thrill of danger, "An adventurer then" No judgement there, if she didn't have something to hold onto, perhaps she would do the same. Perhaps. But alas, that's not what she has planned for this life. "Released?" A chuckle was elicited when he told her they could get popcorn once the curse takes place, "Aren't you a bit sadistic?" she teased. 

Amusement was clear upon his features when he watched her own light up at the mention that he had met the Aspect of Darkness; and he simply nodded in confirmation. “I’m pretty sure they sent the invite to the wrong person, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what secrets they hold in that grand mansion of theirs, hm?” Abraham smirked at the memories of seeing all the things that the Aspects had collected over the years. “Although, I can’t imagine me and her would ever be friends, I would put money on it. She’s probably long forgotten me by now” Which, probably wasn’t a bad thing; he had heard that trouble seemed to follow the family around more often than not, and well, he had his fair share of troubles himself; did he really want to add theirs to his list too? He quirked his head a little at her amused comment. “How would you imagine her? Lollipops and rainbows? Please” A light chuckle echoed in his chest as his fingers ran through is ever growing locks. “I’ve heard of her, I would worry if a Diviner hadn’t. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her at this event, probably a good thing.” He mused. 

“Honestly? I’m surprised the barrier hasn’t already been broken” And he was genuinely surprised; of course, he knew about The Aspect of Death, as well as the spell which can bring an individual back from the dead within a certain amount of time - but. Sometimes, you just needed to speak to someone on the other side for answers, a different perspective or even for the better good - if they were murdered. “There can be a lot of good that could come out of the barrier being broken. It would have to be done safely or else God only knows what could enter into this world. But I believe it could help cold cases, free an innocent man or simply provide comfort for those who were left behind” Abraham shrugged, he was, at heart quite a kind and nurturing man but only when it interested him; and in this case, if he was the one to do it, then he would bring the Maddox name higher up the rankings and whatnot. Plus, it would help him when clearing his own name from the death of Luciana. “Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you look forward to it? If it were to happen?” Abe assumed she took the chance that those who are dead, should stay dead - no matter the cost. 

Abraham dipped his head. “You will be one of the first people I call” Although he had a gut feeling that it wouldn’t take a phone call to let someone know that it had been done; he would put a good guess that the world would be shook from such a thing collapsing. Abe listened silently and nodded occasionally to show he was listening, his fingers curled around the edge of the table top whilst his gaze flicked between the blonde in front of him as well as the boiling blood which rested just beneath his chin; the heat tickling his skin. “And what is this business? But it’s understandable, I guess in a sense we’re in the same or at least a related boat. You wouldn’t necessarily pick this life or business but you don’t have the heart to see it crumble either” His lips curled at the very clear disgust she held for her board of directors. “Let me guess, boring old white men?”

“Curse, definitely a curse. Unless you’re able to turn it off and only dabble in their mind when you want to” Abe replied before humming in agreement to her comment. “Sometimes, I wonder if the light is more dangerous than the dark. At least with the dark, you expect what is to come, 90% of the time” Abraham grabbed the nearest cloth and coated his hand as he lifted the now hot cauldron back onto the table, a grinned into the steam which rose from it. “Yes. Released” He glanced up at her before grinning at the teasing comment she threw his way. “We all have our favourite genre” His shoulders shrugged nonchalantly. “Aren’t you a little curious to see how it goes?”

The Aspects were popular, and for people like her who were associated with magic, the Aspect of Darkness and Magic are bound to receive her utmost attention. Call it pure idolism, if you must but that is what it is. "The wrong invite? So you're telling me that you crashed the party huh? Sounds classic" she could almost picture how that went along. "You went into their mansion?" Her jaw fell in awe, nobody could even sit tight in front of the entrance gates without feeling shivers running down their spine because god knows what will happen if they stood any longer than they have to, much less set a foot inside without an invitation. Admittedly, Abraham said he had an invite, that's probably why he's fine. "Maybe not the lollipops and rainbows, but I don't expect her to look any different from others, honestly. Aside from perhaps, dark wardrobe? Aspect of Darkness equals to dark clothes? Yeah that's probably cliche" Irene didn't own a lot of dark clothes, surprisingly. 

But considering her role in the company, there was no way her secretary would be caught dead having her wear 'non-sophisticated' match ups. That's Nadia, for sure. "Probably a good thing? If I was you, I would actually want to meet her, I heard she takes apprentices of her own. Most of the guards, if not all the diviners there, have trained under her. That's a massive opportunity, don't you think so?" Really, if she was offered the chance to learn more about magic and delve deeper than she's ever been taught, why not? "People try to break it down but surely if it was that easy to bring it down, they wouldn't elect protectors to keep it up, right? It's not a fortress, it's not impregnable. There's a weak spot, they just don't want people to know about it." As everything that goes along with nature, things needed to be balanced, she learned that a while ago.

 "If every dead person starts coming back to life in less than 24 hours they've been dead, then you can consider the world is ending" she scoffed, it was an absurd idea to even digress. When he asked her why she wouldn't want to look forward to it, Irene shrugged casually, "The scale would be tipped off so badly everything would break in sight." That's a scary thought for her, for as much as the blonde hated a lot of things, she didn't wish to die in that kind of natural selection. If she could live longer, she'd opt for it. "It's more of an investing company, but it's focused around business building, architectures if you'd properly put it. We have plenty of subsidiaries and sections but I remember I wanted to be an interior designer when i was a kid so… there you go." Family business was such a pain, she couldn't even say no because she's the only Farley that could inherit ir legitimately. That, or she would give it up to her cousins who are already old, and perhaps tomorrow their grandchildren in the future as well. 

She scrunched her nose up and gagged, "Yes. Though admittedly they're even younger than me but… you get where I'm going. Oh and the board of directors… gosh, the misogyny. It's irritating." Can't handle to see a woman in position of power, she always told herself whenever she entered the office. "Light is never an excuse to justify what they're doing. I forgot about it decades ago so I have no idea why she still hasn't moved on." It was beginning to annoy her, honestly. She didn't do anything these days to warrant such a behavior. "I feel like I wanna ask released from where but I'll keep it to myself" It's probably a sensitive topic and the last thing she wanted to do was poke the sleeping bear. Or he could even be a tiger. "I should be worried to stay in the same room as someone so sadistic but I think I can see the appeal" a small smirk played around her lips as she sneaked a peek towards the cauldron, "Just a bit... " Yes she is curious. But she won't say it out loud. Yet. 

Abraham mused at the very idea of him crashing the party at the Aspect Mansion, and although he was good in his ways; and hardly noticeable in daily life, he still highly doubted he would get past the guards and then through the gates without getting caught. He also dreaded to imagine what they would do to those who were caught in the act - although he was aware they were creatures of peace, despite their history with the celestials. He chuckled at her exclamation. "That would be a far more interesting tale to tell, but it was an invitation - I just wonder how they knew about me to even invite me" Abe shrugged. "For a man who spends the majority of his time alone, it's very questionable" Perhaps that would be a question for an Aspect or even Bexley, his neighbourhood guard to answer. His lips curled ever so slightly, it seemed they all had a very cliche, stereotypical of what The Aspect of Darkness should look like. "Perhaps its a reflection of her mood too, she seemed quite gloomy, at least on that day" He chuckled, completely aware that would warrant a slap if she was here. 

The diviner scratched the back of his neck and nodded to confirm that it was probably a good thing. "I.. I was caught stealing an artefact from Cora" He knew it was wrong but he was like a naughty school kid who got caught and couldn't help but smile. "So if she saw me doing that, who knows what she would say or do" He shrugged. Abe nodded in agreement that there was indeed a weak spot in the great divide and he was adamant that one day it would be broken; preferably by him but he could still see someone else doing the deed. "I'm certainly not wanting to tip the scales and bring every dead person to life. Trust me, some people are better off dead. But to speak, to communicate to them safely would be a huge breakthrough." And he was surprised with all the madness going on in the city as of late, he was surprised something as drastic as completely opening the barrier hadn't been attempted. Abe rose both brows in interest as she explained what her family business and found it entirely interesting that it was to do with architecture. "An interior designer? That is interesting. I can't really remember what I wanted to be as a kid, but I know it certainly was not doing this… Being in retail" Abraham shrugged. 

"I wouldn't dare to ask you how old you are, if the white old men on your board are still younger than you" Abraham smirked, in the grand scheme of things, he was a rather young Diviner, in his 60s now, he believed. He had a habit of remembering his true age and then forgetting once again; perhaps a true indicator of his age. "Perhaps its time to hire some old white women to balance it out" He winked before nodding at her realisation of keeping the question to herself. "Very wise idea for now. Perhaps further down the line I will indulge you in my very own past, but for now - the less people that know where I am is for the best" Abe advised, he had already put a protection spell on his shop to stop unwelcome visitors. "You have nothing to worry about, darlin'" Abe mused. "Unless you piss me off to the brink of no return" His tone held a flirtatious ring to it before quirking a slight brow at how she was slightly interested in what would be happening to her victim. "With the curse linked by us, she will be incredibly easy to hunt down…." He left that hanging in the air - he already knew he would leave to watch some aspects of the curse go down. 

Irene had a noticeable frown on her face before slowly falling down the pits of laughter, of course, to expect someone to break into one of the most heavily fortified places in Evermore, if not the most, is a bit far-fetched. She knew from what she’s heard from others that there were frequent patrolling sessions and plenty of spells protecting the residency. It was the house of 8 dragons, after all. They had guards alike protecting them. “But still to go there with an invitation sounds just as better, it’s not as if they extend invitations out for just anyone” she narrowed her bright hues playfully, they weren’t the kind of family that held any other social activities or events that much. “I thought they were the type to keep to themselves though, I wasn’t aware they held any events” She wondered if it was the latest one. “Maybe they heard you from one of their guards, who knows… they may know of your shop, one might have even ventured here to get a few things.”

 Some knew of their identities and some don’t, preferably because they tend to lead a secretive life. “You… stole an artefact from the Aspect of Darkness? I’m not sure if you’re just that brave or plain stupid, no offense” she chuckled, he was definitely daring in some parts and from what she’s seen, he had a certain ambition to his streak. Maybe that has something to do with it. “You’re insane, do you know that? Have I said that before?” She was pretty sure she’s said that at least once. “Well, you can’t do everything… that is true. But you managed to find a loophole in the scales you shouldn’t be tipping so I think that is more than admirable enough” Bravery only goes so far anyway, if you weren’t willing to do anything, then you weren’t going to succeed in one swipe only. “Isn’t that what magic supposedly taught us? To know that there is always a loophole in every single thing?” It was why she learned no spell could be perfected, because they weren’t perfect, to begin with.

 He wasn’t the first to ask what her company does, but the way he had enquired about them was very different compared to the others. Maybe because he actually sounded genuine unlike most of the others. That was a refreshing thought. She hummed in affirmation, “Yeah, an interior designer. It was the only thing I remember actually liking to do, move a few furniture here and there, deciding on which layouts that fit better, all those stuffs.” A snicker escaped her when he said he didn’t expect to land himself in retail, “Not everyone gets to do what they want to do, huh?” Unfortunately, that was the reality of things. “But still, I think you’re still somewhat lucky to know what you’re doing. Some people had to force themselves to learn this and that just to pay the dues.” Age didn’t always seem to be a problem for at least 90% of the supernatural population, “I’m not that far older than them, but enough for them to call me their aunt, at least” Sister or aunt, probably.

 “If only I could just think about hiring this person and that person, I would’ve done that so long ago but things don’t just settle after that… it’s frustrating” She’s been the CEO for decades long, other females serving as her proxy since she couldn’t age normally like the others. The diviner shook her head and chuckled when he told her she had nothing to worry unless she was to piss him off, that does sound like something she didn’t want to be involved in. “Please, the last thing I want to do is piss someone else. I have enough to piss off sitting in the chairs in a room filled with the board of directors.” Irene also had a guess that he wasn’t the type to just forgive and forget without delivering the same momentum, if not tenfold. “Easy to hunt down? In what way? How long do you reckon this curse will last? I hardly doubt it’ll send a lasting effect forever… there must be a time window for it, right?” 


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