Irene’s blue hues glared a hole into the papers left scattered like a wind just blew everything to hell on her desk in her office. Today was supposed to be decent because the weather seemed promising earlier this morning, but the moment she set foot outside and specifically, into the company and her office, she was bombarded with plenty of paperwork given by her personal assistant aka who’s also her secretary, Nadia. Usually, Irene didn’t mind doing the work since it is her work, to begin with, but what does bother her, is that those papers are filled with numbers; quite possibly one of the many things the Farley heiress despised with all her might. Despite her many years of experience as a CEO, she’s never been good around numbers.

 Even though most knew her behind a proxy, seeing as the dark diviner never aged no more than one year or two and retained her youthful appearance even after 60 years while everyone else from World War 1 and 2 either kicked the bucket already or is living what’s left of their life in foster homes or their own comfortable home with their family. Meanwhile, there’s her who looked not a day older than her 20s and would still be able to pose herself as young as 21 or 22 if she wants to. Nadia, for example, has been working for her since 1999, two-decades-long, and knew of her supernatural identity only because the flaxen-haired female trusted her enough to do so. The font printed on the white sheet regarding their financial ledgers had the diviner riling and it was only nearing lunch hour. The day did not go well with her today. 

Lately, her company has been a bit of a burden to hold on to, but nonetheless since it is her family company; something she’s also worked on for the past few decades, that wrapped up her entire lifeline of work there, shouldn’t she at least, try to fix things? Losing it over a few days of frustration seemed way too childish for her. Then comes this call, from that one guy that has been pestering her to sign the deal with empty promises. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of investments on multiple branches of businesses throughout their many years of operating, but all of that took heavy precision and a long time to reach a consensus. That’s why she never stopped having weekly board meetings to discuss where they’re currently standing at. She’s going nowhere with this, especially considering the time now, the only people there were probably her, her secretary, and the security guards. 

Everyone else was nine to five people anyway. Morning turn to late evening. Pressing the button on the side of the mahogany desk, it didn’t take long for Nadia to come scurrying in, “You should go home now, it’s late. It’s 11 already, Nad. I’m gonna clean up and go home too, so you should do the same. We’ll talk about electing the new financial consultant tomorrow, okay?” Of course, she agreed. No one could actually find the will to say no to Irene anyway, either they fell for her charms that were surprisingly so genuine-like that managed to deceive a lot of people, or that she would never take no for an answer and it was better to abide rather than mess with the harpy. Her light locks looked messily out of place and her glasses kept sliding down her nose bridge until her secretary aka her personal assistant knocked and told her to go home. Nadia was quite possibly the only confidant she had that she actually trusted and she’s been working with her for over 19 years, hence why the blonde took the older female’s advice and is now on her way down in the elevator. 

The moment she got out and bid farewell to the security, she sucked in the breezy night air with a small smile. She decided to get a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe first, but much to the dark diviner’s dismay, it’s closed. Fishing out her phone, she let out a heaved sigh since it’s understandable because it’s already 11 35 pm. So she chose to drive to the other cafe around the block and thankfully, she finally had her coffee. Irene was lucky the owner couldn’t bear to reject her late-night request. While walking back to where she parked her car, she was trying to relocate her keys but dropped her keychain and the ring around it rolled over which prompted the blonde to follow its direction and tuck it back into her bag until she looked up to identify the store before her; Maddox Mediums. Weird name.

 It made her tilt her head thoughtfully as she eyed the array of items displayed at the front, the place seemed legit, they were in Evermore after all. No harm is done to check out a few things right? Irene twisted the doorknob softly and pushed the door aside as she stepped inside, it was dark but there was light illuminating the place. “Hello? Is anyone here? It said it was open…”

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It was indeed quite the compliment to be invited to such a prestigious event such as a ball at the Ailward Manor; yet it didn’t feel all too much of a compliment nor a thing to say to try and impress another being. Abe guessed he was just one of those people that did try and see others as equals; hell, he would probably go as far to say that he would remain casual around a celebrity. “Is that jealousy I hear in your tone, Miss Farley?” He queried with a slight arch of his brow; which was almost confirmed when she stated that she was not aware that there was even an event going on. The mere sight of her working out how he got invited to one of their parties and not her was something he would certainly pay to see again. “I think the majority of them are, I only really saw Cora at the place and even then she was trying her best to avoid every single soul” Abraham laughed. “True, I can’t say I’d know what any of them truly looked like” He shrugged. “But the owner of the shop across the road? Bexley, she’s a guard. Can’t say we particularly get on”

Which was the understatement of the year; although he did try and get some peace between them, simply because her act of the theatrics were not something he enjoyed seeing. Abraham snorted and glanced down for a moment as a smile played at his lips. “I’m both, but I still manage to get out alive and tell the tale - even if I know that one day one of those adventures will likely be the last” He knew one day his luck would run out, but until then, he would continue to put himself in reckless positions. Abe glanced at her for a moment and exhaled in amusement. “Within a matter of seconds, you have called me brave, dumb and insane. Not sure being the one to be brave enough to want to find the loophole would get their name written down in the history books” He replied, but that would be a long while to go yet, he wasn’t particularly close with finding anything, not even with his very extensive research which had taken over the majority of his waking life. 

Abraham watched her in silence as she spoke about her dream job when she was a child; and even now, even if it wasn’t the line of work she found herself in, he could tell that it was still a huge passion of hers. Despite being quite a broody individual, he did take the simple pleasure of watching others speak of their passions and get excited by them. “It looks like you may have a fall back career if you ever get bored of bossing the old men around” He chuckled and his fingers brushed over his chin before he nodded in agreement; what he did came easy to him, one would even argue too easily. “Besides, it’s not like we completely hate our jobs, and even if we did, we’re lucky enough to have a longer lifespan to find something we did love” He shrugged and found his smile growing as she revealed how old she was compared to her employees. “Auntie Irene, has a ring to it, no?” He teased.

“The joyous world of business” Abe muttered, he couldn’t and didn’t even want to imagine what life could be like with that sort of power; at least in his family business, he could work alone and even could hire or fire whenever he pleased. “Piss them off enough to give at least one of them a heart attack, for me?” He grinned and grabbed his coat from the hook once he had packed away the majority of the leftover ingredients; he would tidy the rest of the mess up later. “Well, we just have to trace the magic?” He spoke matter of factly before coming to a stop beside her. “Plus, I would assume you would know where she lives, who she hangs out with” He quirked his brows in a playful albeit challenging way. “It’ll likely last four days, worse case scenario a week..” Abe caught her glance and rolled his eyes. “If it gets to seven days without easing, we’ll sort it out.” His words were almost sighed as he inclined his head to the door to action them leaving. 

When he pointed out the hint of jealousy that was indeed lacing her tone from earlier, Irene huffed and tried to stop a smile from appearing, he was a coy soul, that is one thing for sure, “Jealousy? I usually don’t associate myself with such… trivial and petty emotions but you’re not exactly wrong. Color me impressed and jealous alike to hear that you received such an invitation” she admitted and pursed her lips lightly, she’s been around for a while to know how hierarchy works in the supernatural world and business world, “I guess it’s the old soul in me. I’m nowhere near ancient, I don’t even hit 100 yet but I’d say that for someone who is raised up in the 30s, social events like that, it reminds me of how often I used to attend them” They still have those events, disguised as charity events, if she wasn’t mistaken. 

She didn’t like attending them though, not when the harpies were there with their cutthroat selves. But attendance for those things are most of the time, compulsory. “I mean, the Ailwards are infamously known for their… positions” That was one way to phrase it. “I don’t think they’re the type who would mingle around easily.” Understandable enough. They had more pressing matters to attend to. When he told her that he didn’t get along with the rival shop across his own, who also happened to be a guard, she snickered playfully, “Just don’t go getting yourself in trouble now.” He seemed like an adventurous soul, albeit a reckless one who is also ambitious, which both traits go well in hand together but she had a feeling that he’s had plenty of stories to tell for his old days too. 

“I’m very generous with my compliments” she grinned sheepishly, as if she was a school student who was just awarded with a gold star in the classroom. “Haven’t you realized by now, mister? History is written by survivors. Winners. Doesn’t matter if they won it by default or the opposite, winners are still winners, at the end of the day. Only they matter. That’s why we have psychopaths gracing our history books too, because they made an impact, not a positive one sure, I wouldn’t classify committing genocide as anywhere positive but they’re there. So why give up now? It’s not as if you have a lot to lose right?” She had pending responsibilities on her shoulders for every second of her day but if she was given the chance to embark on her own journey, she would take it. She hasn’t been here for long, but he already found ways to make her smile and laugh with his humor. Irene could appreciate that. 

“I will never get tired of bossing old men around, or men, or people in general” she winked playfully, “I like being at the top. You have power there, why would I give it up?” It sounded a lot like a question rather than a statement though. The blonde scrunched her nose and had a funny look marring her face when he called her Auntie, “God, that sounds awful. Imagine having a bunch of 60 year olds calling you auntie, I may as well be their mother or… god, wouldn’t that make me a grandmother?” She could feel the shivers running down her spine at the mere thought of it. She noticed that he was going to close the place and took that as her sign to leave too, she’ll come over in a few days maybe, just to see if things worked out. So she pulled out her business card because it had everything on her for him to know, including her phone number, “I’ll wire the payment later. You know how to reach me to give me all the details. Who knows, maybe I’ll talk about you to my slightly smaller circle of other diviners” she mused before making her way to the door, waving a small goodbye, “I’ll see you later.” 


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