Name: Tyler Gideon Blackford
Age: 29
Species: Human
Face Claim: Chris Wood
Supernatural Status: Member Of The Privy Council
Occupation: District Attorney of Evermore City
Organization Technology: Player’s Choice

Tyler Blackford was born to parents Rose and Lucas Blackford in the summer of 1992, a middle class family living in the Eternal City. Tyler’s childhood was normal as normal could get, growing up alongside an elder sister, Tamara and a younger brother, Cas. Being the middle child was somewhat of a struggle for Tyler in his younger years, being compared to the success of his elder sister who as soon as she graduated from high school enrolled in medical school and never being quite as cute and perfect as Cas, who could get away with anything.

The harder part of his life however was being born into a family of the supernatural, his mother and father both being Intia, wielders of the elements and generally talented in their control. Tamara and Cas had both had the Initia gene passed down to them when they were born, being later chosen by Earth and Air respectively but while Tyler had waited and waited for the moment his tattoo appeared, eventually he realized that he had been born the only non supernatural member of his family.

Tyler tried his best not to be jealous of the things he didn’t have, but sometimes it was hard not to feel like the odd one out in his family, his sister and his brother were intelligent beyond their years and spent most of their time with their nose in a book. Tyler however much preferred the outdoors and spending time socializing over study, he was good at arguing and persuading and general skills associated with charisma. Thanks to most of the family’s pressure being placed on Tamara, Tyler was generally free to enjoy his childhood as he wished, staying out til the sun went down with his friends, riding their bikes and learning how to stay on a skateboard.

Despite constantly being compared to his two siblings, Tyler did his best to be his own person. He enjoyed technology and owned some of the first models of computers which he enjoyed exploring and tinkering with. He also enjoyed spending time with his friends, all through his school years he was generally seen as the class clown, the confident child who was happy to stand up and tell everyone in the class about his vacation, the one who tried to make everyone smile when the day was hard. Tyler was a thoughtful person, who would often put others before himself, for the exchange of putting a smile on someone’s face.

Tyler was by no means the best student in his classes, however he always managed to pull decent enough grades, especially in classes with high levels of discussion and activity such as drama, politics and english. His parents were supportive and there for him when they needed to be. Moving into his teenage years, Tyler would be voted into the school council, the young teen with his ideas and strong opinions made for a good leader and upon eventually reaching his senior, he campaigned and was awarded with the placement of student body president. In his school years, Tyler also played in the soccer team and participated in several school plays.

By the time Tyler finished school, he had so much on his resume and so little direction for where he wanted to go with his life. Deciding that it was unwise to make a decision about his future without knowing fully where his calling was, Tyler told his parents he was taking a gap year. At first they were against the idea but knowing how much that Tyler had felt he had missed out on because he had been born human rather than Initia, they agreed to pay for his gap year and the adventures he decided to go on during it, in return, he would go to college once the year was up.

Tyler had made the most of his chance and took up classes to learn several European languages including French and German. Afterwards, he flew out to England to start his adventures. Choosing to live in Europe for the rest of the year, he travelled from place to place, everywhere he went he met new people and saw new things. He learned and improved on his language skills and spent time in many different European countries. Whilst traveling Tyler met many people, some of very hard circumstance, those who had been wrong, those who needed protecting.

Traveling and seeing all these new cultures helped Tyler to come to the realization that being born human wasn’t what made him exempt from his family, it was what made him stand out, it gave him the freedom to choose what he wanted to do with his life and to stay out of supernatural quarrels. While his sister had been busy treating members of the tribe that had been hurt in phoenix battles and his brother was busy learning how to protect himself using rocks. Tyler was truly free to make whatever choice for his future that he wanted to. And now he knew what he wanted to do. Tyler wanted to be the voice for those who didn’t have one, he wanted to protect those who couldn’t fight for themselves.

The moment they Tyler got back to Evermore City, he met with his parents to tell them his plans to go into law. He knew that it would be hard work, but for once in his life he was sure of where his calling was taking him. Tyler enrolled in the university of Evermore and took classes there whilst working a part time job as an assistant at a local law firm. Both sides of his study worked together well and Tyler got to see the lawyers in the firm in action. He saw the way they used their words in order to see justice done and how they fought to protect those who were innocent.

It took a lot of hard work and studying for Tyler to eventually receive his degree in law a few years later. When Tyler had walked across the stage to collect his diploma he looked out into the crowd to see his parents, full of pride and his siblings, all there to support him. Tyler may have never felt like he fitted exactly right in his family before but in that moment he knew that he was as much a part of them as they were of him. Whether they were working in a hospital, controlling the earthly elements or simply being an annoying sibling, he was proud of them too.

After his graduation, Tyler moved to a full time position at the law firm, he thoroughly enjoyed the work and he was good at it, he had always been good at talking but with the facts to back him up, Tyler was a force difficult to stop when he was in the courtroom. For the first few months he tried to find his footing when it came to cases and his approach but with time he would find a rhythm to his work and his percentage of wins started to grow. His success didn’t go unnoticed by the people of Evermore City nor his employers and he was promoted quickly through the firm.

A few weeks into his promotion and Tyler was assigned a case against a local gang in Evermore City. This gang in particular had been attributed to a string of murders in Evermore City. Tyler had been specifically selected for the case because it was one of the first cases the court intended to place prosecution against supernatural members of the community. Tyler had take the case without a second thought, he would never tolerate the supernatural believing they were above the law and he was determined to do right by their victims.

A few weeks later and the case was closed. Tyler was swift with his blows against the gang, the jury’s guilty verdict was unanimous and the first supernatural convicted criminals were sentenced to life imprisonment for their crimes. The court justice system had a spelled safehouse specifically crafted for the occasion. Ordinary prison cells were not able to house those with supernatural abilities and so modifications were made.

A month or so after the case had been closed and the gang put away however, Tyler was walking down a road in the north east city corner when he had heard a whisper over the air of Evermore City “This is for Michael” he man had spoken before Tyler had felt the sensation of biting at his neck and collapsed to the ground.

Pain. Darkness. It was all that had surrounded Tyler for what seemed like an age, he was unable to move, unable to scream or fight what was happening. He could feel his blood wet beneath him and Tyler knew that he was going to die. As his eyes closed for what he believed would be the last time he only wished he could see his family one last time, to tell them how much he loved them and how grateful he was for them.

Waking up in the hospital 2 weeks later, Tyler would learn that he had been stabbed by a family member of one of the gang members. He had nearly died but thanks to the quick work of a woman who had happened to be walking the streets that night, he had been taken to hospital in time for him to be saved from certain death. The wound was painful but Tyler was thankful to leave with his life and he was determined to make the man who had done this to him pay.

Tyler was out of work for several weeks while he recovered from his injuries, his mother insisting he come home for a few weeks so she could keep an eye on him while he recovered. Whilst he was on bed rest, Tyler began work on figuring out how he was going to take down the vampire who had bitten him and also how he was going to stop the supernatural from terrorising any more people like him in Evermore City.

Determined to make more of a difference in the city and increase his influence in the City, Tyler put his name forward for the district attorney position which had been recently vacated. After several weeks of negotiation and interviews, he was offered the position. While the wound on his neck hadn’t done any permanent damage to him, the scar of what had happened however did remain. Tyler wasn’t afraid to face the world with it, he was a fighter and he had managed to survive and next he would take down everyone who used their supernatural status to treat humans like they were nothing.

Through his work as DA, Tyler gained access to the somewhat secret supernatural society in the city. He requested a meeting with the human organization a few months into taking the position on the recommendation of mayor. Understanding exactly how the city worked helped Tyler to do his job to it’s full potential and he was offered a place on the privy council in exchange for his assistance on legal matters for the organization.

When the scientists at the organization had proposed the idea of a jail cell capable of holding the supernatural to the privy council, Tyler had been the first person to stand and cast his support for the movement. With the existence of a cell capable of holding the supernatural he would be able to prosecute the supernatural on the same grounds as humans levelling the playing field when it came to the law. He even pledged a percentage of his salary towards the project as a show of faith to the rest of council.

8 months after the attack, one of Tyler’s colleagues at the firm completed the case against his assailant and the man was jailed for 20 years for attempted murder, joining his fellow gang members in the safehouse. Tyler was proud of achievements he had made in light of such a terrible incident and was determined to show others that was it was okay to stand up against those dared to put down humans. Tyler’s family remained supportive of him throughout, attending several of his speeches and participating in movements which protected the violence brought by supernatural feuds

As district attorney of Evermore City, Tyler is a public face and he makes sure to use that popularity for the right reasons. He supports and speaks for many different charities that are close to his heart, including the research facility who had assisted with the treatment of his wounds.

Positive: Charismatic - Charming - Lighthearted

Negative:  Cocky - Short Sighted - Brash


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