|| Name: Valentine Dimitreu||

|| Age of Appearance: 25 || Actual Age: 678 ||

|| Gender: Female || FC:  Ellen Page ||

|| Species: Lycanthrope|| Status: Immortal ||


 Valentine was born the only daughter to Theodor Dimitreu and Rayna Laine, despite her parents not being married not in love with one another Valentine had a relatively normal childhood, or as normal as one could have when you were raised on an island which most people couldn’t see and had an Initia for a father and a lycanthrope for a mother. Regardless Valentine had a relatively happy childhood, she was the youngest of her very large and very complicated family and always had her cousins or parents to fall back on whenever she needed anything.

 For the first years of her life Valentine didn’t know which of her parent’s traits she would inherit, whether she would be an Initia like her father or a lycanthrope like her mother, not that she minded greatly, since the day she had been born she had learned about the supernatural around her, she had three cousins, each a different species, dhampir, nephilim and necromancer respectively, her aunt was a vampire and her uncle was a Phoenix there was little that could phase the young girl who grew up knowing that magic was simply always going to be a part of her life, something that was tied to her.

 As Valentine grew older she became more independent from her family, she eventually decided that she didn’t like always being treated as the baby of the family and therefore she would take time to herself where she would explore the Isle of Skye, the place was beautiful, almost somewhat like a dream land, except for Valentine that dream land was her home and the place she could always feel safe and protected. The young girl was smart and learned to navigate her way around the woods using only a compass, sometimes when it was late and everyone in the castle had gone to sleep she would sneak out of the back window just so she could explore the island using nothing but the stars, she loved challenging herself and bettering herself wherever she could.

 However one night when she was out under the moon after her 16th birthday she started to feel unexplainable pain, her body crumpled to the ground and she could feel her body as it started to change, the first change was painful and but once she was finally in the body of a wolf she started to run as fast as she could across the island, the feeling of freedom overwhelmed her and she couldn’t get enough of it, she loved the feeling of her paws padding against the ground and looking up at the pale moonlight which shone down like a spotlight over her, she wasn’t afraid to be a wolf, she would embrace being one, just like her mother had.

 When she returned to the castle after the night ended she told her father that she had decided to swear herself to the Ailward Guard, now that she was old enough to make the decision for herself Theodor allowed his young daughter to take on the tattoo of the guard and to start training as one. It became clear from the start of her training that Valentine excelled in anything which required her to use her mind to it’s limits, she was soon recruited into the intelligence gathering wing of the guard where she would learn to decrypt and read old artifacts, translate manuscripts and often she would be sent out on different assignments to assist with research work the guard needed to complete.

 When the world eventually modernized and computers became a norm to the world it was Valentine that arranged the technical headquarters on the Isle of Skye ensuring that the island would have access to this new technology to allow them to gain more and more information from the outside world from within the barriers which surrounded them. Valentine would eventually become one of the most technically logical people who was capable of hacking into different systems without a trace and protected the Ailward network with the best security software the guard could provide.

 When the guard made the move to Evermore Valentine was one of the first to leave, upon arriving at the new manor which she would call home for the duration of the assignment, Valentine set up a whole new network and technical base for her to do her research on the city, she chose not to integrate herself into the lycanthrope faction directly and instead watched them from afar, learning their patterns, finding their weaknesses and determining their place in the upcoming war in the city.


Pos: Highly Intelligent, Fast Learner, Loyal

Neg: Introvert, Shy, Awkward (On Occasion)



Vladimir Dimitreu - Uncle
Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu - Aunt
Aurelia Ivakov - Aunt
Gabriel Dimitreu - Cousin
Illiana Dimitreu - Cousin
Theodor Dimitreu - Father
Tatiana Ivakov - Cousin


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