To come to a City like Evermore was completely refreshing, it was the community she had always imagined and despite it being full of supernatural creatures and some shady characters, on the whole, everyone was rather friendly and approachable. Nadiya, for the first time since she became Valkyr, finally felt at ease with herself, and didn’t feel like she constantly had to look over her shoulder for some continuing threat; yet to reach out to others, to try and make connections which could be considered friends - she just couldn’t do it. As a whole, Diya was a sociable being, she loved to be surrounded by people; after all, she had spent all of her teenage years and twenties on her own, in a small box room with nothing but darkness to keep her company. Thus, it felt like she needed people around her to make up for lost time, yet, those people she definitely kept at an arm's length; being held hostage for a lot of her time, and finding out she was never searched for - her trust for other human beings was at an all time low. Nadiya knew she was missing out on a lot of experiences by keeping her emotions, and other people out; she couldn’t leave herself to be that vulnerable again - that was the only thing she could thank Frank for, he taught her how to be strong and not reliant on other people.

With all things considering, and the lack of trust for others, her darkness was manageable; and in fact, became a very Motherly figure to those who needed someone - she knew what it was like and because of that, she couldn’t bare another individual to feel like they were unwanted in the world. Thus, she returned her roots per say, and opened up a Pleasure House, called Poison and invited girls to come and live with her in the grand house that she managed to get as long as they decided they wanted to work for her; it was a win win - they would get a roof over their head and money, and she felt like she was doing something good for other people. Nadiya was quite surprised with how quickly Poison rocketed and the amount of girls which requested a room if they worked for her; the business was buzzing, and for once, Nadiya felt like she now had a purpose in life, and wasn’t just the woman who had nothing to do but pester Damien who had his responsibilities with the guard.  

Over the course of many evenings, she watched the many men and women enter Poison to satisfy their needs and during the quieter hours, Nadiya was left to her thoughts on how to better Poison as well as look after the girls and their safety; just the mere word of safety rang in her mind more often than not - she had no idea if her girls were being safe. She had noted that most of them were human, and thus, were more likely to fall pregnant if they were not careful; the idea of having a child run around the house - much like she did when she was a child - was not ideal and wouldn’t do well for business. Therefore, she waited until the sun rose before she made her way into town; she had spoken to the girls and they agreed that normal methods of birth control where not as reliable and were keen to try something magical, after all, they knew the city they lived in. Nadiya had heard of many different stores which were run by Diviners, but there was one that stood out the most; particularly because she had overheard Damien speak of the Diviner who owned it - and it sounded as if the two women had a shared past and present, the living arrangements of a brothel. 

Nadiya waited for the sun to rise - she forgot what it was like to move around in daylight hours, being the nocturnal creature she was; plus, she hated how weak the sun made her feel - she was in essence, a human during these hours. The dark haired woman stood in front of the Diviner’s shop for a few moments as she took in the many different items which were on display; and she couldn’t help but wonder how powerful a Diviner would feel channeling such powers. The Valkyr shook her head, and pushed open the door which consequently allowed the bell to chime, indicating that someone had either entered or left the shop - she had no idea who or what she was looking for, thus made her way to the counter to hope someone would be there to guide her to what she needed.

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Coming to Evermore was different for Bexley, it wasn’t an escape, it was a means to an end. The celestials had brought the Isle of Skye to a fall and Bexley tried to keep it a float trying to keep it together with the other diviners. It was when Crane ripped her from her casting she watched many of the people she let past her walls, the people she let close die in front of her. She tried to fight the Dhampir grip as he hauled her to safety mutter how he couldn’t lose her. Yet the guard felt such great lost that day. Lost that echoed silently in their lower numbers to that day only a few years later. Distance became her friend as she pulled away from the guards and the aspects. Refusing to live in the Manor with them, and slowly not picking the phone up in time to go on missions. She started her own business in town known as Diviner intervention. A shop she didn’t expect to do as well as it was. Diviners came to collect wares for things, tourist enjoyed the jewelry she crafted with their different properties. She had run her own brothel back in the day but this was completely different business, people seemed to enjoy enough to let her have her independence from the Guard.

Bexley had heard about the new Pleasure house Poison that took residence in Evermore. Many of the guards seem to find themselves there more than any of them would admit. Yet with everything that had happened to all of them she didn’t really blame the other guards looking for comfort among the female companions. A few of the male guards had come to her asking for ways to make sure they didn’t have children and the Diviner spent time crafting the perfect elixir for them. It brought in quite a bit of business from the guards, though she tended to tell them not to pay her. She wanted them to be safe, since they were the last of the people she would consider family.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. She moved her way to the order she received yesterday and began to unbox the crystals, running her finger along the jagged edge of one, connecting to the energy that radiated from it for a moment, before placing it on the display. The ding of the door opening behind her, made her automatically greet whomever walked in. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention, Let me know if you need help finding anything.”

The dark diviner turned around coming face to face with Nadiya, taking in the female who came in she gave a smile. The dark energy that radiates from her was natural, and welcoming to the dark diviner, yet there was an area of innocents still in the darkness. Anyone walking in would think the diviner was a psychic the truth was she was just good at reading people. It was a useful skill she developed with time. "If I had to take my bets, you are the owner of Poison." She said as she tilted her head to the side and gave a soft smile to her. “My name is Bexley, how can I help you today, Nadiya.” she had heard her fellow guard mutter her name enough to know it.

Diya would be lying if she didn't enjoy the feeling she got from walking into the Diviner shop; despite some being good and some being dark magic, it was like magical concoction which one could happily get high from. In fact, the vibes which she got from being inside the shop could easily become addictive and perhaps she needed to buy more things in here for Poison rather than method of contraception to stop any young children running through the halls of her home. Therefore, before made her way to the counter, she made sure to have a little wander down the aisles to see what other products this Bexley sold; on her way through, Diya couldn't help but pick up a few different potions here and there and brought them closer to her eyes so she could see the different colour particles dance within the glass. Yet, surprisingly she was more drawn to the crystals and the many selections of rocks and stones - it was truly fascinating to read the different names of each and find out what one did what thing; she nodded in approval of each before straightening herself up and bypassed a few other customers to get to counter.

Nadiya glanced over her shoulder with a quirked brow as she couldn't see any noticeable employee; she had to remind herself that not all employees like hers had a distinct aura about them. Keeping her rather complex expression, she looked down upon the rather small, yet surprisingly cute counter to see another tiny bell to gather someone's attention; the place actually almost reminded her of some of the small shops in London she would frequent as a child - where the owners trusted their customers not to steal so that they could hide away in the backroom and do Gods know what. With that, she pressed the palm of her hand down onto the bell and smiled at the softer sound it made and waited to be served; a low hum vibrated from her lips as she waited, so much so that she began to rock back and forth onto the balls of her feet. Diya soon became lost within her thoughts until the sound of a woman’s voice dragged back to the present; in an attempt to compose herself, Diya tucked a few strands of dark hair behind her ear as she cleared her throat.

“Y-Y-ou know my name?” Her tone of voice matched if not out did the surprise which was left on her features. “I know Poison is doing well, but….” She trailed off for a moment as it suddenly dawned on her. “Let me guess, Damien told you” Diya quirked a brow, almost in a challenging manner - at times it was hard to figure out if Damien was proud that she owned such an establishment or he was simply ashamed and thus, muttered her name in embarrassment each time someone brought it up. A light laugh slipped through before she captured her lower lip between her teeth as she tried to think of a way to phrase it. “I don’t want my girls getting pregnant, especially not by the creatures in this town” She gave side eye in case any of the other customers overheard her. “And I don’t quite think the modern contraception is going to stop them falling pregnant… So um.” She paused. “Is there anything magical you can do or supply that can stop my girls falling victim to the devils spawn?” Diya flashed her a cheeky yet childish grin.

Diviner intervention was beautiful to Bexley and watching other people look in wonder to the many things that where. From blank Grimoires to every crystals and stones that diviners light and dark alike could find a use for. Being in the shop was a magical charge for the Diviner after all. Anyone could get intoxicated by the magical draw of the shop, it really brought in customers keeping her in business. Bexley had always loved running her own businesses even back in a time where women were not allowed to own any kind of business or property. With her magical touch no one wanted to steal from the shop but even if they did it wouldn’t make it out the door with them. So she had no need to always keep a constant watch while she used the back room as a brewing room for the potions that lined the shelves. The ding of the magical bell rang in her ear and she moved out from the room with the grimoire in hand and offered a soft smile to Diya as she greeted her by name.

Bexley couldn’t help but enjoy the shocked look on her face by knowing her name and gave a soft chuckle “Well Damien is known to run his mouth often but I also make it my job to know the other business owners of Evermore.” She gave a playful shrug with a smile. “Never know when you need something or they need something my humble little shop can provide.” She gave a smirk as her eyes moved down the woman. She would have been a girl that Bexley herself would have hired back in the day, She was exotically beautiful with her curls falling perfectly. She could see why Poison had become a favorite place among the guards.  She watched how Diya blushed at the question of magical contraception, it caused the shop owner to turn her head to the side in a questioning manner. Why was a woman who owned a pleasure so shy talking about things. “I have just the thing.” she ducked into the back and placed her grimoire down picking up a basket that was filled with about 12 potions. She came back out and guided Diya to a table.

“These will do what you ask. Have your girls drink one vile only and it will last about a month. It will protect them from pregnancy and STD. It's a little thing I created back in the day when I owned my own pleasure house. Along with these,” she walked over picking up four tall grey stones with a pink stone in the center of them. “Place one of these in the most exact compass points of Poison. They help the Potion hold its potency for the month time frame.” she said as she sat the stones on the table. “First one is on me if you tell me why you blush so when asking for my help to keep your business devil spawn free.” Bexley was a curious creature herself so she had to know why. Knowing her potions would be enough to want to bring Nadiya back for more in 30 days.

Nadiya had no idea why it shocked her so that someone that she had never met knew her name; of course, the Ambassador of the guard was indeed her adopted son and everyone knew that boy had a habit to run his mouth at times. Not to mention, when such an establishment like Poison opened up in the City, it often received mixed reviews - some were ecstatic that something like this was opening, some were curious; whilst, many were absolutely disgusted by the idea of a Brothel making itself at home. They believed it was a beacon for unwelcome visitors when little did they know that the majority of her paying customers were, in fact, residents of Evermore. Diya shook her head and composed herself before her reddish lips curled upward as the woman behind the counter remarked on Damien. "Well, you have made me appear rude" The Valkyr remarked with a slight exhale. "I don't think I know your name, fellow business owner!" She gleaned some, she was all for women taking the business world by storm; after all, many of the supernatural women had been through some awful ordeal at the hands of men. 

Diya shifted only a little bit as she caught the glance that the woman beforehand gave her; it was a much more respectful look than many of her male customers gave her and she always took the glance as a silent compliment. Unless of course, it was accompanied by another expression or action that she did not agree with or like; she may seem like the dear rose, but she was also the serpent coiled beneath. As the two of them stood in brief silence, the aircon blew the other woman's scent her way; and as expected, she smelled exquisite - she certainly would be the type Carmel would attack if she knew she had a chance against the woman's magical ability. Nadiya swallowed back the everlasting need for blood. "Wonderful!" She responded and exhaled in relief as the Bexley disappeared around back once again to gather the bits and bobs that were required for her request. As she waited, she lowered herself down slightly to peer at the tiny crystals which were left in a wicker basket on the counter; they felt smooth beneath the pad of her finger - she definitely could have used the protection crystal as a child, she thought. 

The valkyr followed her towards the table and looked at all the potions with absolute awe and wonder; how these little things did such powerful things amazed her. "About a month? Then we come back for more?" Diya quirked a brow, this could become expensive but her girls health was certainly worth it. She nodded a few times, her brows doing a slight dance as she attempted to take all the information in; surely she wouldn't forget something so important? A laugh bypassed her lips as she was asked why she blushed at the question she posed. "I actually don't know! Maybe because they're human and could go to their own doctors for this?" She honestly had no idea and shrugged some at her own answer which probably wasn't good enough to get her a freebie. 

The Dark diviner took in the olive tone that Nadiya skin had, she was a beautiful girl there was no denying that. Bexley was probably one of the few Evermoretiones that didn’t mind there being a Brothel in town. Being a former owner of one, as long as everything was on the up and up Bexley would encourage the business. She gave the Valkyr a smile and chuckled as she held her hand to the womans and gave it a gentle shake. “My name is Bexley Dumont.” She chuckled, “Well the name I go by anyways for now.” she chuckled over the years she has had many names but most she had left in the past bringing elements of the old to the new with her current name. “Damien often refers to me as Bexy the sexy.” she gave a roll of her eyes a soft chuckle at the thought of Damien telling Nadiya that without telling her her full name.

Bexley could feel the slight strain in the air as Nadiya looked at her, she wondered if it was the blood lust some Valkyrs felt. After all not all were loose cannons but her fair share she had dealt with stated that blood was on their mind. Magical blood called to some. She seem to relax as the Diviner place space between them.  Returning with what she had to offer for a birth control remedity that she was sure would be better than anything a human could doctor could offer. Since most human medicine always came with such extreme side effects. It was no wonder that more patients died over menial things to the Diviner. She watched as she ran her fingers over the medium size crystals. “They are rather beautiful. I find I enjoy crystals far more than most diviners.” she said as she looked around the room. She had just about every cyrstal one could think off. Even a few rare ones locked in cases.

Bexley snapped her fingers and a paper appeared out of thin air and landed in the basket with the instructions on what to do in order to make sure the potions and crystal worked in sync.  “A month, any person who offers you something longer than that will be pumped with chemicals that could make your girls sick.” She gave a slight shrug. Bexley believed in her potions after all she studied magic under the Aspect of magic. “Mine is the safest for your ladies. I mastered this years ago.” She gave a reassuring smile before letting her dark eyes hang on hers for a long moment. “I am sure there is more of a reason behind your blush but, I would rather support your business then you do something to harm your ladies.” She pulled out a business card that had her name and number on it. “Just in case you need anything don’t be afraid to reach out.” She smiled sweetly and placed it in the basket with everything else. “Anything else I can help you with?”

Nadiya felt completely embarrassed that she didn’t know the woman’s name, despite the fact that the very small rational part of her mind continued to nag her that she wouldn’t have known; it wasn’t like Damien spoke of all the Guard when he came home, or shall we say, if he came home. Therefore, in her sane mind - there was truly nothing to be embarrassed about; but once the name was dropped from the woman’s lips, Nadiya made sure she would remember it - to avoid being in this very predicament again. “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you! And I hope you keep kicking Damien’s ass.” She mused with a cheeky glint in her eye until a brow quirked at the comment of the name she goes by for now; however, she was not stupid and understood that many in their community changed their name for some obvious reasons. “Well, give me the heads up when you do change again - I don’t want to be dumb and not know your name” Diya grinned and then plonked herself down on the bench next to the potions ready for her. 

“Bexy the sexy” Diya repeated the nickname and rolled her eyes. “I swear he is still a teenage boy at times” She mused silently to herself as she lifted one of the miniature bottles up and glanced upward at it through the light. “I bet some people are like a magpie when it comes to some of the sparkly crystals - I know I am” A wide grin found her lips as she glanced towards the Diviner, it shocked most people that someone like herself was a business owner and that of a pleasure house too as she came across incredibly naive at times and sometimes held childlike tendencies. The Valkyr cleared her throat and popped the potion down and placed her hands in her lap as she didn’t want to drop it, especially in front of Bexley; that would be incredibly embarrassing and would probably result in her not getting a replacement - at least, without paying anyway. 

Nadiya attempted to blink away the surprise which appeared on her countenance when Bexley clicked her fingers which summoned a piece of paper to land in the basket; it was these sort of things that absolutely fascinated the valkyr - something so simple could amuse her for hours. “That makes sense, although not a very good business move” She pouted and shook her head. “If they wanted more money, they would do this… Every month or whatever” She laughed at their foolishness before taking the card with the woman’s number on. “I won’t bother you any longer, if it all works, I shall see you in a month” In a friendly manner, she placed her hand on Bexley’s and offered it a squeeze before hooking her arm through the handle of the basket. “Bye!” She grinned and headed through the door to head back to her home, Poison where her mission would begin; to stop her girls falling pregnant. 

Bexley felt the chuckle come to her lips as she gave a gentle nod of her head. “Pleasure is all mine Nadiya.” She said and then laughed slightly louder the confident smirk playing on her lips. “Well you see I tend to put most of the guards on their ass, but I will make sure to kick Damien ass for you one of these days.” She tossed a wink at the Valkyr and chuckled softly with a nod of her head. “I don’t see a name change coming while being settled in Evermore so I think you are safe on that front. Though you are not dumb for not knowing my name either. It may just be a guard thing but we don’t go around telling others our names often.” She gave a slight shrug. “Keeps us safer that way.”

Bexley chuckled at  Diya reaction to the nickname and nodded her head in agreement. “Let us be real most men are still teenagers when it comes to the member they think with the most.” She gave a roll of her eyes, dealing with many men through her life. “I would be lying if I didn’t say I myself am a magpie to my own crystals. I have my own private collections at my home. She chuckled and then reached behind her handing her a necklace with a deep read sparkly crystal. “A gift, it gives focus.” She said smiling slowly. “It will look lovely on your skin tone.” She commented as she watched the woman watch the paper like a cat. Chuckling to herself sometimes she forgot how much magic fascinated other species since it was second nature. She gave a nod. “Takes a businesswoman to understand another businesswoman.” She chuckled as she squeezed her hand back. “You have not been a bother feel free to stop bye anytime.” She said watching her leave.

A few hours pass, Bexley was in the middle of placing new crystals on the shelf. Taking in her list of what to bring back to the manor and loading it in a create for her to drop off on her way home when her phone went off. She stood up from where she was sitting on the ground and picked up the phone. “Thank you for calling Diviner Intervention, My name is Bexley how can I help you?” She had to pull the phone from her ear at the yelling at the other end. “Madam, I am going to have to ask you to stop screaming and calmly tell me what is going on.” she said as she brought the phone back to her ear.

The red necklace dangled around her neck as she walked back home towards Poison, the crystal catching the suns glaze every now again; which despite the stone being there for focus, it truly distracted DIya as she walked along. She was never one for anything expensive, in fact, she had a terrible concept of money when it was outside of a business nature - shopping? Spend it all. Adventures? Spend it all. Yet, everything that she did buy, it was never worth a lot of money, she mostly got her clothes from charity shops, or second hand from the wonders that were eBay. Oh how she loved cheap clothes which still looked good; it was only at major events at Poison did she splash the cash to get her a nice outfit. “It’s so pretty” Diya gleamed to herself as she walked into her home; many of the girls also caught the crystal and gushed over it as a teenage girl would their heart throb. 

“Now what did she say” Her index pressed her lips as she recalled the instructions given to her by Bexley before grinning. “Girls, in here please” Diya allowed her voice to echo around the grand house, beckoning them to her; once they were all sat around her, she explained what she was doing and what their next steps were - not to her surprise but they all agreed, rather eagerly to drink the vile. Diya simply could not help but giggle to herself at their expressions as they downed the liquid - she must say, it didn’t look appealing whatsoever. Once they had down the vile and went off to get ready for the evening ahead, Diya completed the last section of the rules by placing further crystals around her home; with an exhale of relief, she flopped down on the sofa for a few moments before getting ready for the night ahead, herself. 

The loud sounds of screams stirred Nadiya from her slumber very suddenly and abruptly; she was sure she had just experienced some form of heart attack. “What on Earth?” She muttered to herself as she grabbed her silk robe as she cautiously left her bedroom, her fingers curled ready to attack whatever monster it was screaming around her house. There was screaming, shouting, items breaking all at once; slowly, she made her way down to the ground floor and moved towards the kitchen where she found what she could only describe as hell. “Holy shit” Diya felt her lips as they fell agape at the scene before her; before her features scrunched up in disgust as one of the nasty childlike girls clung to her leg. “Get off me, god damnit” She tried to shake her leg to no avail, thus, dragged the devil’s spawn all the way to the old fashioned phone line which rested on the wall in the hallway. 

“BEXLEY” Diya shouted in an attempt to out noise the creatures, but also because she was scared herself; however, she did try to calm down as she realised her words were not being processed at the other end. “I think you need to get over to Poison as soon as you can.  You’re magic did the complete opposite to what I had asked. I do not want to be a Mother” And with that, she sharply put the phone down to try and break up a toddler flight in the middle of her home. 

Bexley placed the phone back to her ear to hear the background noise and raised a brow as Diya voice came over the phone. “What do you mean a mother? What on earth is going on over there?” she questioned into the phone and then the line disconnected and it left the asian woman staring at the phone for a long moment. She couldn’t even imagine what went wrong this was a potion she had perfected years ago. She picked up a few of the viles and looked at the dates and nothing seemed wrong with them. She tossed them in a bag.

She walked around her shop picking up a few things she thought she could need with whatever Nadiya was about to throw at her with the very little info she could make out from the phone call. She picked up a few of her grimoire and then closed her eyes and teleported into the alleyway beside Poison. With basket in hand she moved through the doors of Poison to be meet with screaming toddlers and raised a brow. “What in the hell.”

She was not prepared for this as the toddler tried to rip the basket from her hands she pushed one over only to make it cry loudly. “Oh stop it.” She said and then let out a high whistle making the toddlers stop and stare at her. “Nadiya where are you in this madhouse?” she called out and looked to the children that drew closer to her. “Stop right there.” she said looking down to the toddlers who started reaching out to her. “Why do children have to be so creepy. She pushed through them and placed the basket on the front desk. “This makes no sense.” she said as she cracked her fingers and looked through the basket. 

Pulling out a book she found a spell that caused children to freeze in place. She spoke the incantation and as the children stopped mid motion she let out a breath. “Now how on earth did this happen.” she muttered as she looked closer to one of the children before calling out again. “Nadiya?”

Children. She really could not think of anything worse, and in fact, she would quite easily say that she was living in a nightmare currently; Nadiya stood there frozen as her gaze fell upon the chaotic miniature humans who were all demanding attention. It was unlike Diya to find herself speechless, to find herself frozen in time and completely stunned but her environment but alas, there she was. Young children pulled at her skirt, others found pens and began to draw on the walls whilst others were simply bouncing up and down upon the many seats; stress began to boil within her and soon enough, her fingers ran from the roots of her hair right until the tips roughly. She rolled her lips in thought whilst her eyes remained widened in shock horror; there had to be one way to stop these children. How did they even get into her house anyway? The Valkyr shook her body to rid herself from the heebie jeebies that consumed her and channeled her dark energy. 

Nadiya manipulated the shadows to form ‘Shadowmen’ who moved through the small crowds of children; she watched how the young humans interacted with the shadowmen - some were completely fascinated by the faceless men whilst others were completely horrified by them and their laughter soon turned into window shattering screaming. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” The Valkyr screamed and instead of fighting them, she simply ran through the small crowds and back upstairs to her room in which she locked herself in; her back rested against the door before she slid downward to sit on the floor with her face in her knees. How could this be possible? Her mind was racing but there was one key question which baffled her - where were her girls? Surely, they could not be them - the medicine and the spell which she bought were to prevent this exact thing from happening. 

She didn’t know quite how long she had been sitting in that position but she supposed it was a relief to hear a more adult sounding voice echo around the halls of Poison. At first, she thought she was simply hallucinating the voice until it rang out once again; eventually, Diya gathered the strength to go and investigate the voice, especially once the screaming died down. She cautiously moved downstairs, her fingers trailing behind her against the wall until she saw the familiar face of Bexley. “Wha.. What the” Diya hesitantly spoke as her gaze fell upon the frozen toddlers. “What is the fuck is going on? I can’t run a business with these underage beings” Her voice escalated in sound and became incredibly high pitched. 

Bexley looked at the frozen toddlers as she then looked towards the crystals she had given Diya. They were placed perfectly where Bexley had told her. She reached down into the trash can to pick up one of the viles she had given Diya a few hours ago. She held it up to the light and could see the ting was slightly off. She wouldn’t have noticed in a full vile. She wondered if the liquid had gone bad but that wasn’t possible. Bexley was overly aware how long her shelf life quota was. She moved to the desk and pulled out a mat sitting down. Her eyes moving towards the adult voice that filled the eerily quiet hall.

“Well Diya that is a great question.” She said as she sat at the desk and began to unload the items she had placed in the basket. “This is unlike anything I had come across before, in all my years. Which is saying something since I learned from someone pretty powerful.” She said her dark gaze flicking back to Diya. “I am going to assume these are your girls and for some reason my potion turned them into children instead of being a form of birth control I have come to know.” She said as she then sat the vile in the middle of the mat and did a ring of salt around it and began to start muttering in another language her free hand writing out on a piece of paper.

When she was done she looked to it and her eyes widen. “Well this isn't good. Isn’t good at all.” she stood up and then moved closer to one of the children and pulled a piece of hair from them and placed it in the center of the circle and began to chant again and write. Looking to the paper again when she was done she let out a sharp grunt. “Fuck. if we don’t change them back in 20 hours give an hour or two they will be stuck as toddlers and have to reage naturally.” Bexley looked over to Nadyia. “What was in the vile was not my potion, it looked like my potion but wasn’t. I had a break in a few weeks back and I thought everything was fine, they took a few fancy rings and things but it looks like they may have done more.”

The silence which had now engulfed Poison was like music to her ears, it made every muscle in her body relax from their rather tensed state and she felt as if her blood pressure was returning to a more normal level; if that were possible. The young Valkyr wandered through the frozen children and crouched down in front of one; her dark eyes wide as she stared at the baby faced individual who happened to be frozen mid scream. The expression which she was stuck with allowed the older woman to chuckle just a little; for a fleeting moment, Nadiya found some humour in their situation. The brunette cleared her throat and straightened herself up upon hearing Bexley’s voice as she began to answer many questions; however it did unnerve Diya slightly that even the Diviner didn’t truly know the answers. 

Her dark eyes glanced at the woman as she sat at one of the tables, Diya weaved her way through the miniature humans and propped  herself onto the table; she watched as Bex glanced at the empty bottles. “I guess they do say you learn something new every day?” Diya gave the woman a weak but wonky smile, to try and lighten the mood ever so slightly, she had her own feelings regarding the situation, but when something goes wrong with your own work; she could only imagine what the other woman was feeling. The Valkyr shifted some as she began to speak in another tongue, and she hated not knowing what she was saying. “I really need to learn another language.” She muttered to herself. 

Nadiya gulped rather loudly, in fact, she was sure someone could even see it if they looked at her throat; the moment she watched Bexley attend one of her girls, she knew it was not good. Upon hearing the comment, she froze for a moment, her eyes wide as she glanced at her feet before she stood up from the table rather abruptly. “What do we do? If I lose them, I lose my business!” She tried to remain calm and collected, she knew, after all, this ultimately was not Bexley’s fault and thus, she could not take it out on her. “How do we reserve what that person did? Do we have to hunt them down? Because if so, I may just have to kill them” Her eyes darkened as she tapped her finger to her chin in thought; perhaps there was a part of her that couldn’t quite grasp the seriousness of the situation that they were in. “They are my family, I couldn’t possibly lose them like this” She replied and glanced at the child who she believed was Poppy - her longest serving girl. 


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