Halloween was soon approaching, nearly here but always forgotten to her. A holiday that she never celebrated, not even when she was little. Growing up in an orphanage, nobody was aloud to go out trical treating it was drilled in from day one. Not able to be like any other normal children, not having the luxury for it. Halloween was never that big in New Zealand compared to other places like here in America. Kaelyn was easily to see the big difference. Either go big or go home as the saying goes. American’s always go big for any holidays. Trying her best to avoid halloween all together was quite difficult as it always starts earlier. Whether she went everyone was in the halloween spirit whilst she tried to turn the other direction. Not even bothering to put out any pumpkins or decorate her house for it. Being the old house out but it meant to show people she didn’t celebrate it. Having no sweets to hand out so it was pointless really. Although she was sure people would try to knock at her door as there are always ones who ignore when people have the lights off going to every house that they can see. To get as much sweets as possible. Competing against each other.

The last few weeks Kaelyn’s mind has been elsewhere these days. Distracted. Thinking about Riley. The mysterious person who turned up into her life, then soon left in a moment. For the first time in a long time Kaelyn felt some sort of connection, attachment towards someone. Getting close to Riley but she left and didn’t come back. Her heart hurt almost, used to it happening her in the past. Getting close to someone but they soon left. Letting them in. She’s too kind that's the problem, but she can’t help it. It’s who she is. The last time she’d ever gotten close to anyone she was engaged to a man who she later on found had been behind the murders of many people. She was cursed. Better off putting up walls around her rather than letting other people in but now Riley was always on her mind. Kaelyn just needed a distraction, to stop wallowing in self pity. One of the ways she’d been distracting herself is putting her mind into her work. She'd been slacking on the whole front since arriving into town. Now she was up to her old tricks again. The life of the con artist was back in full swing. The last few weeks Kaelyn had been working her way up into trying to get close to a rich banker. Working her way up to being able to feed as much information off him as possible. It’s quite funny seeing how foolish and stupid rich people were, still even these days.

If you know the right tricks and persuadements, you can easily get them to tell you their bank details and security codes without them even knowing. Tricking them out. Waiting for the right time to go in for the money. When their away so it’s not like they can expect it coming. The previous night Kaelyn had snuck over into the bankers house, going through into the security and access codes. Stealing some expensive watches, and a few bits and bobs that’s worth some money. The funny thing it’ll be a long time until they;d notice any of the things she;d taken were even missing. That's how she always gets away with it each time. So here Kaelyn was staring at her collection of stolen goods gathered on her kitchen table. Seeing all she had collected so far. How much it all was worth, taking photos so she could contact her dealers. So Kaelyn knew how to go abouts selling all the stolen goods. This heist will helping with her cash flow for quite a while so she wouldn’t need to do another one for some time. Not liking to do a lot of big fraud ones so often as then it would strat to bring up many questions and get out to the public that there’s someone going around conning people out of money and expensive goods. Kaelyn learnt it from day one, always telling the people who she trains up too not to do it. Common knowledge really. There wasn’t a handbook to learning to be a con artist, of course not. If not it would be a very suspicious. People who want to learn needs to know the tricks of the trade. Most importantly how to do it without being caught that was the main aspect. That's how Kaelyn’s been so good at it, because she’s never caught.

A knock at the door caused the Redhead to freeze almost. Her eyes went to the stolen goods right in front of her. “Shit” She cursed to herself, as she panicked for moment. Hearing someone was knocking at the door. Her mind went to it must be another trical treeter. Thinking that’ll they go away sooner or later but the knocking was carrying on. ‘What am I going to do?’ she thought to herself as all the stolen goods were in plain sight. Kaelyn wouldn’t be able to hide them all away so quickly, as she couldn’t hide away from the knocking for too long. Her place had some lights on which meant she was at home. Taking a deep breath the Instar Divner decided to take he chances, walking over to the front door. Opening up she looked almost a bit frantic, anxious from what she was hiding inside. Her expression soon turned to a surprised on seeing how was at her door. It was Riley. Kaelyn was already about to sense something was up with her straight away seeing how frantic Riley was looking a lot more than her. “Riley?” She blurted out quickly almost in a way seeing why she was here now, after these weeks. “Where have you been, what's wrong” She pleaded almost, worried for what has happened to her. Sensing something was up. That there was a reason why she was turning up at her door, late at night.

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Despite the distraction of resorting the conversation back to Kaelyn's species, the memories continued to plague her mind; they were like little whispers constantly nagging at the back of her mind, behind her ears. Of course, she had thought about the accident plenty of times but over the years she had managed to silence the demons in any means possible; and not once did she ever speak of her crime out loud, thus, by doing so, she wasn't sure how to get them calm again. Especially when she actually had her hunters so close to tracking her down; she was lucky she had the advantage of the forest, it was her home after all. Riley knew it like the back of her hand, the trees had become home, the animals her family - the Earth had become her Sanctuary; she could navigate the woods with her eyes closed yet they would be unable to. However, she did agree that they would have caught up eventually if it were not for Kaelyn's house. Fingers pulled back the curtain for a moment, not because she didn't trust the magic but purely out of curiosity; she had no doubt that they were confused, baffled even that her scent would just up and disappear. Yet she was no fool, they were talented hunters, talented wolves who knew more about the supernatural world than she would ever do; even if she did try and live in this civilised world eventually.

Riley exhaled almost dramatically as she allowed the curtain to fall back before she turned around to find Kaelyn standing before her; her chocolate optics closed for a moment as Kae lifted a hand to brush away a few of the very stray tears that dared to overflow and run down the length of her cheek. A very slight smile appeared at the corners of her lips as Kae showed she was understanding of the accident and saw it as nothing more as that. “If only my family saw it as that” Her chest exhaled once more, almost deflated; an accident that caused her whole life to be flipped upside down. She often wondered if they thought about her in a positive light and if they could ever forgive her; after all, she knew it was only one brother that had hired the hunters so if she were ever to try be optimistic, there could be some hope for her. However, even if she wished to rejoin her pack, it certainly wouldn't be easy - ten years had passed and they would've all changed drastically; she would've assumed her next oldest brother took Alpha, and linked up with another pack to better their chances at being dominant in a power hungry society. “No training, but I should've been able to distinguish between my brother and a deer” A slight laugh of disbelief bypassed her lips, desperate now for the conversation to come to an end.

And it did. But the conversation took a worse turn and in fact, Riley believed she would've rather kept the conversation about her murderous ways going compared to hearing about how feelings got hurt on their last encounter. The young wolf tilted her head, her eyes narrowed softly as she tried to comprehend the words which were thrown at her; maybe her answer about sticking around wasn't clear? Maybe it was what Kaelyn heard but she didn't trust others either - Riley couldn't quite understand. In fact, it frustrated her that she couldn't really understand the emotion which radiated from Kae. Of course, she sensed the girl was upset, angry even when Riley's past actions but how she supposed to deal with that? Riley had only looked out for number one in the last ten years and no one else, bar another woodland animal or two if they were harmed or sick; but it was never emotional. Riley allowed Kaelyn to get her worries out and in her best efforts, to forget how the words stung a little. Would Kaelyn really throw her out to the wolves? Her brows furrowed at the thought, but maybe it was alcohol, the power surging through her that intensified her emotions like this.

“No” The simple word had a slight growl laced through it, albeit, unintentional. “I just told you I would be hanging about?!” Riley took a deep breath and shook her limbs a little to try and relieve herself of her own heightened emotions; which reminded her that the full moon was slowly moving in. The brunette eventually looked back at Kaelyn and could see that they both were argumentative and how this could go on for the next few hours until Riley could safely escape; thus she acted quickly to defuse the situation and in an attempt to confirm to Kaelyn that she would hang about. Her mind raced for a brief moment as she remembered what her brothers or her parents would do to apologise to someone they loved or were attracted to. Once the memory was in place, without hesitation or much thought on what to do, Riley cupped Kaelyn's face between the palms of her hands whilst she closed the distance between the pair. Her head leaned in fairly quickly to allow her lips to come into contact with Red's - silencing any words Kaelyn had to retaliate to her own comments. Riley inhaled deeply as she kissed Kaelyn, it felt as if all worries had dropped from her shoulders.

Tonight have turned out very differently to how she first thought it would be like. Thinking that it was going to be just her like usual. A quiet night. Going through her goods that she had stolen over the past few weeks. Tending to wait till they collected up till she would decide of what to do with them. Looking at her stolen goods closer to see how much they were worth. Along with taking photos of each one before she would email and contact various collections. A good con artist learns all the tricks of the trade. To have many connections that she trusted to enough to sell and forge her stolen goods to. For a good price. Always having a good cash flow. Conning was all she knew. The Instar have not known any other job. Conning was all she knew. Kaelyn knew it wasn’t a safe job. So many times having new misses one day she’d be caught then everything would crumble around her. Having nothing to lose yet she didn’t know if everything would change. It was already starting to change. Ever since Riley came into her life, well more like barging in. Putting an end to her quiet evening.

Kaelyn didn’t know how to take it all in. Whether or not she could put her trust in Riley as they last time they were together the next morning she disappeared out of her life. Almost soon as she came in. Would she being the same again after getting what she wanted from Kaelyn like last time. Yet she couldn’t help to feel that Riley was being true to her. Trying to let her in to see the dark truths of her past. To put her trust in her to know her secrets but Kaelyn didn’t know what to think. Stuck at crossroads. Not knowing which one to turn to. It's been a long time since her minds been unsure what way to turn to. Still having yet to figure it all out. Kaelyn could see from watching Riley tell her of her past, seeing how much it affected her. Breaking the cheerful wolf, seeing the dark expressions on her face. All the pain and darkness that she tries to keep hidden. Something Kaelyn knew of well. Just like her but Riley had it worse. “You couldn’t have none. They should of known better to let you go free” She reassured her trying to tell her that it wasn’t her fault. It was Riley’s family fault instead. Everybody knows to leave a wolf alone on their first transformation. Where they have no control, an wild animal out on a hunt.

“You can’t keep beating yourself over this. You need to push fast it to forget about it. If not you never will” The Redhead spoke words of wisdom to her. Almost sounding like a therapist. Some people used to say she should of been one but nothing never planned out. Kaelyn looked over seeing Riley getting up from the sofa to the window. Opening the curtain only a jar to see if she could see anything out there. Examining the preminiters to see if the hunters were still out there. The house was all cloaked and protected the hunters couldn’t get in or see in. Their scent, voices were cloaked all thanks to her magic and protections she placed on her home. Kaelyn knew that they were all safe but understanding that Riley was still weary, thinking if they weren’t. Waiting for her to stop looking out of the window and come back over. That she did. Able to sense that Riley was forever looking over her shoulder worried for if anyone was watching her. Stalking and watching her ever move, all the weight of being hunted on her shoulders. Years must of past since then yet she could see how terrified Riley was still was.

Yet Kaelyn couldn’t help to feel that Riley was just here to use for as a way for protection. To keep her safe for the night till the next morning. When all her spells and protection that she had done would be gone. Would Riley leave, running away so she wouldn’t tracked. Like before. It was at the top of her mind. The abandonment. Something she knew well of. Not able to read Riley’s mind to see what she was thinking. What her next motive was. Letting her panic, worry for what was going to happen. If it was just going be like before. Turning the tables to something different, it was the only way Kaelyn knew if she was going to find out the truth. If it was going to happen she wanted to know it now rather than waking up in the morning to see her gone again. “I need to know” She started to say turning to Riley showing that she wanted to know if she was going to leave again. “Call me crazy but things like this has happened to me so many times I just don’t want it to happen again” Clear abandonment issues there on the surface, her emotions that she kept hidden coming out.

If so Kaelyn just wanted it over with. Not be used again. Looking over to Riley almost waiting to see what she had to say. Yet the Instar was taken by surprise. Feeling as her face was being cupped by Rileys hand watching as Riley was leaning in. Almost instinctive leaning in as well feeling a pair of lips on hers. Kissing her back passionately like it was natural instinct, that they’ve kissed before. Feeling something she’d not felt in a long time. Placing her hands on the sides of Riley’s face cupping her too whilst still kissing. It was like nothing else mattered, all their thoughts washing away. Kaelyn decided to mix it up a little, changing positions on the sofa for Kaelyn to be lying on sofa with Riley above her. A wide grin filled her face, letting happiness take over. Feeling as her walls were now broken down letting Riley in. “Be mine?” She whispered seductively into Riley's ear, letting her know what she’s been wanting. Longing but waiting to see if she wanted it back to. If they wanted to the same thing.

It was of course, reassuring to hear from an outsiders point of view of past action - a point of view that she would have never seen and a view that, even despite hearing it, wouldn’t believe. She didn’t believe that it could have been her family’s fault also, after all, they had done this exact same thing with her four older brothers and not once did they try or even succeed at killing the other; which led Riley to believe that made she wasn’t a good enough wolf. Even from a young age, she was clumsy and lacked any form of spacial awareness - her attention span was not as long as her brothers and she often found herself acting on impulse which is what lead to her accident; or so she believed. Nevertheless, her excuses for that event would never excuse her for that day and in fact, she was lucky she made it out with just a banishment; she was lucky they did not treat her like they would have done if it was any other wolf as that surely would have led her to her death. After all, she had seen her Father, the Alpha kill a fellow wolf for a much less crime - for example, accidentally crossing into their territory.

It was that thought alone that made her wonder if that would now be the outcome of her crime - maybe her Father had now passed and it were her brothers in charge; despite the anger and disappointment  in her Father’s eyes on that evening, she had always been his little girl, so she believed that despite everything, he could not bare to lose another child to the clutches of death. Yet now, now, she had hunters on her case who wouldn’t kill her on the spot but certainly make her life difficult until her brothers decided to what to do with her; yes - her Father was dead, she was sure of it, he would never have done this. With this revelation, Riley was not sure how she felt, of course there was no proof that he was indeed dead, but she knew him well enough to know that this was not his style. Was she mad to even think of trying to snoop on her family in the future? Despite it all, and despite being banished, she still very much cared for them - Riley could be over emotional, even though she hated other people seeing that side of her; she made the decision to come back to this once the full moon had passed, her inner wolf only exaggerating her rather normal impulsive behaviour.

With so many thoughts in her mind, her shoulders deflated somewhat, which inevitably caused her to snap at Kaelyn when she yet again accused her of just running off in the morning when she was safe; had Kae not heard her? Riley was never actually safe, for at least the last 5 years she had been in hiding from possible hunters, and despite the wolf wanting to continue that argument, Riley was more than impressed with how she defused the situation. It was in that moment that she understood why she had seen so many people perform such an act on the other; although she understood why, she simply couldn’t describe the feeling of having her first ever kiss. The wave of emotions which washed over her, especially in the moment when she realised Kaelyn began to return the kiss; however, it was the moment of surprise before that amused Riley and in fact, worried her that maybe she had read all the previous signs completely wrong. Riley could feel all her previous thoughts regarding her hunters, of her Father, of her heinous crime all just disappear; and that both excited her and scared her.

A slight laugh bypassed her lips as Kaelyn suddenly changed their positions and Riley found herself on top of the redhead; her chocolate hues slowly opening to catch Kae lean up to murmur in her ear which triggered a slight shiver. Be mine. The two words rang, and she could only assume what the phrase meant, and not to appear stupid, she wont on her gut feeling - Riley withdrew her head a little, her hands placed on either side of Kaelyn’s head as she glanced down at her with a cheeky smile; the anxious wolf now retreating for her usual fun self to reappear. “I may be a wolf, but I’m not a pet” She winked, her slight laugh turning into a chuckle as she shook her head. “Yet, I will accept lots of treats and behind the ear scratches” Riley teased, prolonging her true answer to Kae’s question; she even noted the amusement and impatience gleam in Kae’s eye. After that, she rolled her lips, a thoughtful expression found her features as she allowed silence to loom over them before she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, I will be yours” Riley exclaimed as she leaned down to kiss her once more.

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