The train had clunked over the rail for what seemed the millionth time as edward looked down at the paperwork he had received  he had been away from Evermore  for a few weeks  as he was needed back home where he was born as a human he was playing the grandson of himself  so many generations down the line it was good to be home he missed the views  that still remained as a lot was taken up with cities  and towns  Edward had been staring at the  will  for  hours as  he looked out the window he  looked down to  see  his cell service had returned  before  looking back at the paperwork   James William  Starhawk  that was the name for the lawyers it was  fun talking about himself making up stories of  great things the predecessor  had done his attention was brought back to the cabin as th tannoy stated they were arriving  in Evermore , Quickly Edward gathered his things as  he stuffed them into a  black rucksack  as he rose to his feet  walking through the compact isles  to the trains doors as it slowed .

 It seemed a eternity before the doors opened and the familiar smells of Evermore hit his nostrils as  Chinese food  Mexican  you name it it could be smelt Edward stopped at the platform  Dam It's good to be home” he said to himself as he  walked into  the cross leaving the station  as Edward made the street he couldn't resist he stopped  by a corner vendor  and paid for  the biggest hot dog  he could get it was one thing home could not  compete with  after paying for his snack  he continued down the path  as he looked around taking his time to view the new stores and places that had opened while he was gone   as he began to make his  normal route home he decided to wait for a while  on the bench  up ahead .

It had been around an hour before Edward felt drops of  rain as he  looked around   he could  see it had been raining  heavily for a while  he must of got lost in thought again he sighed as he pulled the collar up on his jacket as he walked in a brisk pace only slowing as he heard his cell phone go as he began to pat his pocket hoping it wasn't important 

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Sapphire had been away for a while with her girlfriend Katrina as she had just got home after a long flight, right on time too as it started to rain. She sighed as she let the pups out to go outside while they also played in the rain. The phoenix smiled as she thought about her friend Edward and haven't talked to him in a while. She grabbed her phone and started to call him as she wanted to know how he was and maybe for him to come over so she could see him. Once she heard the ringing, Sapphire smiled as she looked at her dogs outside playing out in the rain. She let out a giggle as she told them to come back inside so she could dry them off. While holding the phone on her shoulder, Sapphire dried the dogs off and smiled before feeding them while waiting for Edward to pick up.

Once he did, Sapphire chuckled. "Hey Edward, I havent seen you in a while. I was wondering if you wanted to come over so I can show you some other things if you wanted. Plus I would love to see you, its been too long. Plus the pups miss the company besides me and Katrina." She said as she chuckled and smiled when the dogs looked over at her with their tails wagging mile per minute. "Just let me know if you want to come over and I can make sure my house isnt a total mess when you get here." She joked as she smiled and started to pick up things as she listened to him.

Edward  listened to Sapphire. As he nodded - sure I have a couple things to drop back to my room as I  just got back In to state but I will be over". Edward hailed down the  next cab as he quickly got I. " The manor.  South of the city please ".  The driver nodded as he looked out of the as buildings passed as his  mind travelled  back to his trip back to Cornwall to sort his  will out with himself for the hundredth time this time he had dyed his hair near enough black as  so there was no suspicion  about him.  The rain brought  Edward back I to the now as  he was driven up  the path to the manor as he gave the cash to the driver getting out quickly as he  dashed into the manor.

Taking the normal steps up to the first floor of the manor  turning on his heel right in the direction of the room  he stayed in. Looking at the pictures like he did every time he walked  past as he got closer to his room a  quiet barking began to get more frantic as he opened the door he was net by the  dizzying spins of his golden retriever puppy milo" hey buddy " he picked him up as he cuddles and made a fuss " fancy going for a walk to see Sapphire". He watched as the pup barked as he grabbed his rucksack  placing Milo into  the bag his head was  hanging out the top as he placed the rucksack on his back   as he left his room locking it as he briskly walked. Back out  of the manor  as  Milo whimpered about the rain as Edward began to jog the route he normally took to head to Sapphires

Sapphire smiled as she listened to him and smiled. "Ok cool." She said as she smiled. Her room was a mess as she looked at the dogs as well. "We  will have a guest coming." She said as she smiled and cleaned her house as she was still packing alittle as she hasnt told many people yet but she knew she would be moving out soon to be with her girlfriend. Her blue eyes smiled as she made her room more presentable before she left her room and took the dogs out with her into the rest of the house so she could let them run off some energy. Her mind wondered as she smiled and listened to the rain as she let Nala and Akira run around in the house to play. While she waited, Sapphire had quickly made sure she wasnt dressed like a slob.

The phoenix even made sure that she had snacks out and also treats for the pups. As the ran continued, Akira and Nala soon calmed down and were laying in the living room while Sapphire was on the couch watching a documentary on past murders. She didnt know why but watching murder mystery's made her calm and relax abit. 

Around  10-15 minutes later Edward arrived at Sapphires location as  stopped pretending to catch his breath incase any humans were  watching after a few minutes he straightened himself up. As he knocked on the door  as his cell phone rang  hiding under shelter Edward hid  as he pulled out his cell as   ansewerd. 

" Yes Mr Starhawk" Edward nodded as he  said yes and no to various questions. Before realing off a long number and  direct  a transfer to miss Sapphire Rizzoli.  But leave the authorise  blank " he began to feel Milo begin to stir and clim up his back till his head was resting on his as he turned to wait by the door 

Sapphire heard the knock and smiled as she ran to get to the door. Once she opened it, she smiled and giggled as she noticed the dosed off pup on his shoulder while Nala and Akira came out to greet the guest. Noticing who it was, they grew excited as Sapphire smiled and told them to get in their spots so Edward can come in. "Hey Ed." She said as she smiled. "Sorry I look kinda like a mess, just been cleaning up a bit around here since I havent been home in a while." She said. The phoenix moved so she could let Edward in from the rain and any humans near by as she smiled as she noticed him talking about a transfer before she answered. 

Edward took off the rucksack as he let Milo out“ go on boy“ he smiled as he jumped out and walked into the house “hey Sapphire and don't worry “he smiled “I probably look like I haven't been asleep in  nearly a week  just got back Cornwall had to play my great great  great  etc grandson “ he looked down  a little “ home  has changed a lot since I left home as a human  my home in ruins “ he sighed “ but other then that  its a good trip how have you been  he smiled  “ he stopped for a moment as  he pulled out a  file “ have you been able to organise a  meeting with a Aspect”  he held out the file “ its a  file on the situation i told you about “ he walked over to a seat  sitting down “ and i  kept my card working “ he laughed  as  he patted the 3  dogs “ 

Sapphire looked at him and shook her head at his looks as she smiled. "Great Great great ,well a lot of greats, grandson.  That must of been nice." She said as she smiled and looked at him when he talked about his home changing, Sapphire noticed his frown and got up as she touched his shoulder. "I understand, but I am glad you had a nice trip." She said softly as she smiled alittle as she watched him pull out a file. "No not recently why?" She asked as she sat down while the dogs came up to get pets. Sapphire looked at him confused as she sat down across from him. "Ok ." She said as she looked at him

Edward smiled as he grabbed his wallet grabbing a couple of passport photos as he handed them over to Sapphire as he laughed“ I just hate   having to dye my hair or change my appearance  I'm not a blonde or a ginger I'm a brown haired person as he laughed as he stroked the dogs before looking up to Sapphire“ next time I make a trip you should come with me, I could show you the town that they call Newquay, and they have a place called Torquay as well they are very peaceful places and great places for food “he smiled” that's if you're not Busy with Aurantia or Katrina ?”

He held the file as he   watched Sapphire,“ I have requested to Speak to Veneteus about what I told you if I have important information I need to tell him it could be related to Ivar “he put the file back in his backpack“ anyway on the phone it sounded like you had news “he smiled gently“ how about telling me “he smiled gently 


Sapphire looked at his passport photos and smiled at them as she giggled. "I can see you more of a brown haired kind of man. But not blonde." She said. Her eyes looked at him as she smiled when he mentioned her going on a trip with him. "Oh that would be nice." She siad as she smiled and looked at him. "Well I haven't heard from Aurantia in a while and Katrina is also busy with delivering babies and I dont want to bother her at the moment. But we can go on a trip soon, I will talk to Katrina about it and let her know about stuff." She siad. 

"Oh you have?" She asked as she looked at him with a serious look before smiling back at him. "Well I am going away for a while with Katrina. And I dont know when I will be back but I might come back as a engaged woman or at least a more relaxed woman since I dont know if she will propose." She said 

Edward nodded” I admit I couldn't do what you personal guards do as much as i would protect the Aspects with my life as any other but the waiting would drive me insane i would rather    be in the thick of battle or the last line of defensive needed” he smiled gently as he recalled the battles he thought with his brother” he smiled as he heard about the possible engagement” I hope  you do you deserve happiness Sapphire everybody does  “he smiled gently “be fore nodding” yes i requested to speak to Venetus” even though I do pt have the evidence to prove my suspicions” he sighed as he rubbed his face “

  He laughed "  hey if you're a party Phoenix  Newquay will be a good place as well as Bodmin more "he smiled he looked her  Katrina  could come to if she liked  " he smiled gently as he nodded" I hear rumours vents may be   taking you on as his personal guard with Henro being abscent ?”

Sapphire looked at him and chuckled as she heard his words. Her eyes looked at him and nodded. "Thank you Edward." She said to his kind words about being happy.  Sapphire looked at him as he spoke about talking to Venetus. Her eyes kept watching him as she listened. When he talked about her being a phoenix and where the good places were good for her. "Well that sounds nice." She said as she smiled when he even talked about inviting Katrina to come with them. "The rumors are true that I will be his personal guard." She said as she smiled as she looked at him with a smile. 

"Congratulations " he smiled gently he jumped a little as he remembered something as he dived his hand into his pocket as pulled out a small box" hey I'm not proposing " he laughed as he handed it to her " its a cornish Piskie key charm it gives the bearer good luck safety and happiness on everything they aim to do and want to achieve " he smiled as he pulled a small ball out of his pocket and gently rilled it along the floor for Milo before looking to Sapphire.

"Have you created the next Assasins creed game yet " he smiled as he looked to Milo are your dogs off with arrow treat? he gently stroked Sapphire's dogs as he looked at her " how has everything been at the Manor any of the Aspects left their room at all while I have been away " Edward knew the current situation with the As[ects concerned and affected each of one of them, differently often he saw Aureus wondering the hallways most of the night down a pot or two of coffee he chuckled to himself thinking I could tire him out woth an all night dpsrring session " any giards returned or reported in anything at all ?" he asked as he took the ball from Milo snd rolled it again as he  looked out of the window

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