The train had clunked over the rail for what seemed the millionth time as edward looked down at the paperwork he had received  he had been away from Evermore  for a few weeks  as he was needed back home where he was born as a human he was playing the grandson of himself  so many generations down the line it was good to be home he missed the views  that still remained as a lot was taken up with cities  and towns  Edward had been staring at the  will  for  hours as  he looked out the window he  looked down to  see  his cell service had returned  before  looking back at the paperwork   James William  Starhawk  that was the name for the lawyers it was  fun talking about himself making up stories of  great things the predecessor  had done his attention was brought back to the cabin as th tannoy stated they were arriving  in Evermore , Quickly Edward gathered his things as  he stuffed them into a  black rucksack  as he rose to his feet  walking through the compact isles  to the trains doors as it slowed .

 It seemed a eternity before the doors opened and the familiar smells of Evermore hit his nostrils as  Chinese food  Mexican  you name it it could be smelt Edward stopped at the platform  Dam It's good to be home” he said to himself as he  walked into  the cross leaving the station  as Edward made the street he couldn't resist he stopped  by a corner vendor  and paid for  the biggest hot dog  he could get it was one thing home could not  compete with  after paying for his snack  he continued down the path  as he looked around taking his time to view the new stores and places that had opened while he was gone   as he began to make his  normal route home he decided to wait for a while  on the bench  up ahead .

It had been around an hour before Edward felt drops of  rain as he  looked around   he could  see it had been raining  heavily for a while  he must of got lost in thought again he sighed as he pulled the collar up on his jacket as he walked in a brisk pace only slowing as he heard his cell phone go as he began to pat his pocket hoping it wasn't important 

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Sapphire giggled and smiled as she watched him pull out a small box.  "Thank you and I'm glad since I am taken." She joked as she smiled and listened to him talk about the key chain. Her eyes went to the dogs as she smiled as they played. Sapphire couldn't remember the last time that her pups were around other dogs, but it made her happy as she wasn't around much for them. Her attention was brought back when he mentioned about a game, "Thats still in the works, working out the bugs before I release it." She said as she smiled softly at the dogs. When he mentioned the manor,  Sapphire smiled softly. " Well I wouldn't know really, I haven't been in my room for weeks as I have been spending time with Katrina." She said blushing talking about her girlfriend.

"I haven't heard of any guards returning or reporting when I have been there." She said as she looked at him play with Milo before he watched him look out the window. "I think I should start coming to the manor more often since I haven't gotten much information on anything. Luckily Katrina and I work around each others schedules so I can come to the manor and see what's going on, possibly stay there for a few weeks before coming back here. I have thought about selling this place and living in the manor full time but....I like this place and its like a private getaway for me and Katrina if we need privacy." She said as she smiled softly at Edward.

Edward smiled as he chuckled “fair enough I'm surprised to  find my  bearded axe and long sword still in my room  Damien has been trying to stop  me  using them, but I will give my due I am  using approved weapons now but i still  prefer my axe” he laughed  as he watched the dogs  he looked at Sapphire as he sighed  at her comment  even though each guard  had their own abilities  and their own gear with what he knew worried him  that someone may not return or not return as them  it had been over a year now since the girl and the detective disappeared without a sign.

Sapphire promise me you will be careful out on missions or with Katrina” he gently patted the dogs heads before grabbing a ball, rolling it along the floor  for them to chase “I admit I  just dropped my stuff off and came over  I admit I saw no guards  but few Aurazins were in the  garden” Edward thought a little  before  grabbing a flask out of his pocket “sorry I've not eaten in a few days” he unscrewed the lid as he took a large gulp  from it  the blood  gave him a new leash of life as the engery shot through him” dam that feels good 

Sapphire smiled and nodded as she looked at him. "Thats understandable." She said as she giggled as she smiled. When she told him about the guards and everything else, she heard him sigh about it. It worried her about some that don't return as she remembered the girl and the detective being gone for a year. The phoenix looked over at the dogs as she smiled softly trying to not thing of the bad things and tried to think positive. When she heard her name, Sapphire turned and looked at Edward. "I promise Edward." She said softly as she could tell he was worried about the guards and her. 

She listened to him talk about the Aurazins while she watched him pull out a flask. Hearing him talk about not eating for the last few days, this made her jump out of her seat. "You haven't ate in a few days! Edward that's not good for you." She said as she looked at him, watching him take a large gulp of the liquid in the flask. Noticing the scent of the liquid, she sighed and sat down. "You had me worried. I was about to go make you a huge meal and everything." She said as she relaxed while watching the dogs play

Edward laughed as he looked at Sapphire” you know It's really hard to drink blood from a flask in front of humans who ask for some thinking its booze” he chuckled “I noticed there is a park down the road how about we take the dogs for a play then ill take you up on the actual food offer as none of your cookies were left in the manor” he looked to Milo as he whistled “Milo walking time “he watched as the dogs ears picked up  as he ran to the satchel diving straight in the bag reappearing with a  part of the lead wrapped around its ears "Edward Smirked as he untangled him before attaching the lead  to his harness " and beside I may pay for an expensive coffee and may stretch to a cake" he stuck his tongue out as he smiled 

Sapphire smiled and looked at him as she rolled her eyes. "I didnt think it was booze." She said as she listened to him as he talked about the park down the road. "Ok I can definitely do that and I guess I will need to make more cookies for the manor then." She said as she slipped on her shoes and snapped her fingers which her dogs came up and sat down infront of her as she grabbed the collars and leads from the hook and started to slip the collars on the girls and smile as they sat waiting. Sapphire continued to pick up their leads as she grabbed her bag and turned to Edward. "Ready?" She asked 

Ready is my middle name," he chuckled as he opened the door for Sapphire as he waited for a few minutes to pass through before closing the door behind her" Hey did I tell you  I have finally decided on a job which won't affect my Guard duties" he smiled" I know its nothing like your position with the guard it's just my past but I have decided to go for a private investigator there I can have a job but be at the manor at a drop of the hat even though I live there 90% of the time " he gently pulled back on Milos lead as he pulled a little, and he stopped pulling" good boy" he reached into his pocket as he pulled out a treat handing it to Milo.

As he walked past a group of people, he looked to Sapphire" Are you free Saturday I have  a job that requires two of us, and he's happy to pay “He turned gently£1,000 for the night I mean $1,000 for the night, and we would have all the food and drink provided and access into places that has a year waiting list " he let Milo off the lead as he began to walk as he  walked towards the nearest tree breaking off a stick before throwing it"  fetch"  he walked back to Sapphire” of course i would provide equipment gun baton so on and so forth and out additional gifts " he began to walk towards the  kiosk" now coffee here and the cakes are a bit further on I believe 

Sapphire chuckled as she walked out as she listened to him. "Oh really? What is it?" She asked as she smiled at him as she looked at him talk about it. "Oh wow that sounds amazing and something I think you will do amazing at." She said as she smiled and held onto the girls leashes as they walked. Nala and Akira walked along with Milo but also staying close to Edward and Sapphire as that is how they were trained. As they walked, Sapphire kept looking at her good girls and Milo as she then heard Edward speak again as she turned her head to look at him for a moment. "Yea Im Free." She said as she looked at him when he explained the job as she nodded. "Hmm interesting as she watched Edward play fetch with Milo after he let him off his leash. Sapphire let the girls off as they walked around and stayed close as she looked at him. 

"Edward, I kind of don't need equipment but at least we will have something if we need it." She said as she followed Edward as he talked about how close the cakes and coffee were. "Plus I have been training in my free time so I can make sure I am prepared for Venetus if he is ever attacked along with protecting my girlfriend if needed." She said with a chuckle.

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