Things in Evermore were very off kilter and no one could truly put their finger on why. No species seemed to be untouched by the events which were occurring daily. There was no balance, not even within himself, the man and beast seemingly at war. The times he did shift to his animal form it became harder and harder to fight the animal to shift back. It wasn’t just Therianthropes being affect in such an odd way within the city though, reports coming from the other Ambassadors were just as alarming.

Leaving his office for the evening he waved at Ember who was leading the night shift and she nodded in acknowledgement as he walked out the front door. Today instead of driving or calling for a car he had used the city’s public transportation. The bus being an interesting experience to say the least but it gave him a wider understand of the city as a whole since he took a few different routes before finally heading home or to work. Stopping in the city center he got off of the bus and began walking the few blocks to the bus going down a different route.

However the metallic scent of blood blew by him on the evening breeze causing the hackles of the beast within to raise. Sure he could ignore it but what sort of Ambassador would that make him? Following the scent another more familiar one tickled his nostrils and caused his step to weaver just slightly. Gideon Ashworth, the Valkyr Ambassdor. His heart began to thunder in his chest as he ran forward turning down an alleyway, the sight at the end causing his brows to draw down and his eyes to narrow. “Ashworth!” His voice rang out in the evening air seemed to bounce off the brick walls around them, his jaw tight wondering if he had been wrong to trust Gideon.

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