Venetus rubbed his temple as he stared at the back of the cupboard as he had written down everything connected to Ivar his mind wondering why each bit of clue and why the next move  he lay back in his chair as he closed his eyes as he held his staff it had been weeks since he had left the manor opening his eyes he could hear Aureus’s words to get   out and have fun he spans on his seat as he looked out the windows it was heavy with rain“ why do your words haunt me at the wettest of times brother“ he laughed as he got up grabbing  an old coat sliding it on “he thought to himself it was a good idea to go out he could go and make that shelter for the dog he fed daily as he walked to his cupboard he picked up a towel and a waterproof dog shelter as he made his way out of his room.

As he left the manor the rain was still heavy as he put the hood up for his coat as he began to walk down the path into the   street m the road had begun to flood as he walked along the path as  the rain hitting water as he looked around as he got closer to the spot he would normally meet the street dog with in a few minutes the soaked pooch waited by the fence” hey boy “ he smiled as he gently patted the wet fur as he followed him back under the fence to a small area it called home“ OK buddy lets try to get this place a bit dryer for you“ he looked around as he saw a risen tarmac as he walked overlooking around for bricks to create a wall before grabbing the metal to make a roof as he sat inside the pat the space beside him“ come on boy £ he smiled as he made the warm shelter   and food for him as he sat watching the world pass by 

An hour had passed   as he fed the dog smiling“ OK buddy I need to go and do what i need to do and ill bring back snacks“ he smiled as he got up and walked out again smirking as he heard the dog bark in his head it sounded like you better “he laughed as he walked into th pouring rain wondering what to do as he passed the shops and cafes he noticed one he had not visited before as he stepped in to the cafe it was a room full of TVs and people staring at them with hand held devices as he walked up to the counter“ erm a cup of coffee please” he looked at the environment very confused with all the extra TVs around 

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Perfect, a place that screamed Helena all over - a gaming cafe. Not only could someone go and get a cup of coffee and unwind themselves, but also a place where you can charge your consoles, bring them over, socialise and make new buddies. She hasn’t gone to a place like this in some time and it made Helena rather excited. She wanted a day to unwind after it felt like she wasn’t getting much information about her brother, Piers.

Looking at one of the tvs, she then glanced down to her joycons with a wide grin - games like this to her were a breeze, conserve ammo, enjoy the atmosphere and progress the story. It was no wonder gamers enjoyed Resident Evil Revelations - although she really should switch to something more child friendly like Splatoon 2 or something. Maybe she would stop getting strange looks every time a zombie or something grotesque came onto the screen.

Sighing softly, the woman saved her game and then turned it off before heading over to the switch dock and promptly taking what is hers. She was getting a little hungry… Maybe a little snack and a drink would do her good. Ooh, maybe some hot chocolate. There was nothing like hot chocolate on a rainy day like this one. It was time to make the request!

With a smile on her face, she made her way over to the counter and requested for some hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows as she placed her nintendo switch in her bag. She couldn’t wait! She was sure it would perk her right up!

Veneteus listened  as he chuckled listening to the instructions he was given commencing them as he was told to“ cooking when in my day was more go hunt kill a boar then put it on a spike and cook it for several  days, so cookies is new for me, and I'm happy to learn from the cookie master” he smiled as he watched Sapphire“ I did try a millionaires shortbread one year, but the Carmel went everywhere “he laughed   as he waited for the wet ingredients as the rest the spoon in the bowel “

 Venetus leant against the counter as he looked at Sapphire” I don't recall but were you with us when Skye fell“ Venetus froze as his mind recalled the night it fell“ Aurantia took the death of the guards we had badly and since then she has put everyone before herself“ he stopped like he came out of a trance “do not gt me wrong I fully understand why Aurantia why she never took you   she must have felt you may have been in danger, but I was also concerned that she never took you  with this Ivan situation we can't afford to be sloppy “he looked to Sapphire“ what do you know about Edward Star hawk“ he looked back at the ingredients before continuing“ he has requested a meeting about something 

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