Its amazing how the human brain works, how it can store memories you forgot you had until triggered by something familiar like a scent, song or place, but sometimes that recreated sequence isn’t what really happened as the mind tries to protect us from too unpleasant memories. 

Cassandra awakened to a heavenly smell she couldn’t place. There was rarely someone baking in the celestial household, and if there was it was usually a group activity and not this early in the morning. The blonde turned over and gave the clock a quick glance, 04:30. Good, she hadn’t overslept. The thought that she had made her heart pound faster. It was her day off so she didn’t have to be anywhere at a special time but still her alarm was set to 05 for a morning run. It was a habit that was hard to shake the few times she had tried, the memories of her dead fiancée came back to haunt her. Even tho it had been years or decades even since he’d been killed, when she was captured by the aliwards and brought to the isle of Skye, she could still hear his voice as clear as if he’d been standing next to hear with the overhanging thread of getting something thrown at her or yelled at for not working hard enough making him look like a fool.

The scent made her disoriented a short while. The celestial hadn’t eaten any baked goods for a very long time, another habit that had a stuck and brought back bad memories. Her diet mostly consisted of protein shakes fruits and asparagus. So the scent must be of a memory a long time ago. It was sweet but at the same time brisk. Then she remembered it was some kind of apple pie made with some sort of liquor. She had eaten it or rather a bite of it with a friend when celebrating graduating as first in her class from the fire academy. She had only gotten to enjoy 3 spoons of the deliciousness before Simon had stormed in to the café not caring about throwing a scene as he threw the plate into the wall behind her screaming that she couldn’t afford to let lose what would people think of him when his soon to be wife didn’t preform her best. 

The blonde wanted to shower to let the warm water wash away the lingering memories but it was only a waste of water as she would have to shower again after her run and maybe she should put in a few hours at the gym as well. Her thoughts was interrupted by a siren. A siren she knew very well as she worked every day in its presence. The sweet scent had shifted and had a slightly burnt undertone now. Cassandra swept a bathrobe around herself before running down the corridor down to the shared kitchen prepared to fight fires if necessary. She wouldn’t let any of the other stars get hurt or their home burn down, but as she reached the kitchen she saw that it was only some smoke originated from the oven. Adam one of the celestials who didn’t live in the castle stod with her back against her trying to stop the alarm.

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None of the celestials remembered anything from their life in the sky. So Cassandra didn’t know if she’d been happy up there. However she had been lucky and from the start she had belonged to a family at the firehouse. They had given her a home when she didn’t have anything not even knowledge of her own name. The only thing that had returned to her after her fall. If the aliwards hadn’t taken them captive maybe that’s where she’d still be. She couldn’t be too mad at the aliwards tho because even if they had taken 60 years from her and stolen her from a future and family she had chosen. It had also brought her to another family, the other stars. For that she was eternally grateful. Still she couldn’t help but wonder what life had been like up there. If there was anyone missing her. It gave her peace to fall asleep under the stars looking up at her unknown brothers and sisters.

As a firefighter Cass knew how easily accidents could happen and how easily they could escalate. A forgotten candle could lead to several deaths. Lack of sleep was just as dangerous and could put many lives at stake. The blondes firefighter training kicked in as soon as she saw the scene and understood what had happened. She opened the windows to get some of the smoke out and cut the cable to the fire alarm to not wake up the rest of the household.

”Good morning star boy” The blonde said chuckling at the mess that used to be their kitchen. Lecturing him about it wouldn’t help anyone and she knew none of the celestials would ever intentionally put the others in danger. ”Oh I am not judging, my cocking skills are non existing” she admitted. Her diet consisted of protein shakes and cottage cheese. The closest she had come to cooking was boiling noddles and it had ended with a burnt lump.

”What owes us the pleasure?” The curious female asked as she went over to the refrigerator to get some vinegar to boil helping with neutralising the smoke scent etching itself to the walls. She studied the copper haired male awaiting his answer.

Everyone who knew Cassandra associated her with adventures. The blonde had an affection for dangers and trying new activities. Mostly her longing for an adrenaline rush was fulfilled by her work at the fire station. There was no rush like the one you got from running in the opposite direction from any sane person, Into a burning inferno without any knowledge of the outcome. Then there was the constant threat the aliwards posed. It also added to a life of adventures. However sometimes not even that was enough and Cass had to seek thrills elsewhere. The celestial didn’t know where the need for danger came from. Maybe it had been a reaction to the years in captivity a way to feel alive even after the supposed love of her life wasn’t.

Many of the stars had only been living in freedom a few years before the aliwards started to lock them. Basically they where still kids on earth compared to humans who had lived the same time. Children in grownups bodies who had to make grown up decisions. Cassandra could remember her first months on earth everything was so overwhelming, especially all emotions. The taste of peanut butter had made her cry so had the first time she had succeeded in one of the firefighters hard workout programs. Now the blonde had learnt to close off her feelings better and rarely cried. Not even when her Simon had passed, even tho she was expected too. Actually his death had been reliving on some level even tho she would never admit it.

Ever since the beginning the gym had been Cass happy place. Challenging her body and being fascinated with the how much it could handle had always calmed her. It was one thing she could control. When her passed fiancée joined the picture it was one of the only things she knew he was satisfied with. When she was working out and beating guys twice her size in physics test she knew he wouldn’t scream at her or throw things. 

”Yeah I am sure our companions would’ve love that” Aside from herself Cassandra didn’t know any star who’d say no to sweets. If there was candy or a dessert in the house it didn’t take many minutes before a hungry soul had found and eaten it. The female hesitated a few seconds before responding. She could hear Simon growling as she considered postponing her run to help Adam bake, and maybe it what was made her decide to accept the younger celestials offer. That and getting to know the newest addition to the celestial clan better. He was one of the stars she didn’t know so well since he didn’t live among them.

”Okay but let me change from this bathrobe first” she said putting the last bowl from Adams first baking attempt into the dish washer.

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