Today was another day of silence for her. Ever since she encountered the rogue valkyr in that alley that night, she hasn't been able to forget about the conspicuous manner befitting him. It felt as if she was missing out on something that was dangling in front of her. Despite having looked into it, Sofi still couldn't find the answer to it. However dreadful it might have been for the blonde, she eventually gave into it and asked Everson for help. He had the technology and she had the ability he wanted to utilise in this search. And to be honest? The Initia Grand Master also wanted to find out what was happening. Unfortunately, Sofi is usually always busy, the clock keeps her occupied and it wasn’t letting her out of its sight anytime soon. Either she’s kept at bay by the client files piling on top of her desk back in her office, or thinking about more ideas to enhance what was already there for the tribe. 

Today was one of the days where she didn't have to check in for work and because of this, Sofi decided to do a little bit of her own research, such as where the rogue valkyr originated from. The Initia managed to pinpoint the basics, even reaching the details regarding his former family but nothing had suggested his sudden erratic behavior for the past few months. It was as if he completely got absorbed into something and forgot about it once it was done. 

It was too suspicious, so when she received the address to the rundown cabin where he resided during his stay in Evermore, she was quick to go there, only to find the charred walls being her only witness. "Well this is surely a bust…" she muttered under her breath and realized she had to start her search elsewhere before the authorities found none other than the Initia tribe ambassador there, of all places. A notification ping caught her attention as she fished out her phone from her pocket, her sapphire hues scanning over the text that came in a few seconds ago. "Don't forget to pick up the flowers for the kids" how could she forget? "Dammit…" She had been so busy chasing cold prints, so much so that she forgot she had promised the novitiates that she would gather the materials needed for their weekly activity tomorrow. The florist was closed today but thankfully, the spot where she usually came to pick up the flowers were nearby. 

Imagine her surprise when she saw the flowers weren't where it was supposed to be, someone had plucked it. There were a few petals to her left side, leading it somewhere. While following the trail, Sofi found herself walking over a sturdy bridge to the other side of the river, somewhere she still has yet to explore throughout the entire time she was in the eternal city. That's when she noticed there were flower petals being scattered over the river by someone, who looks to be a male, judging from his silhouette. "Won't you get in trouble for making a mess?"

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He nodded slightly when she asked him if people feared what they didn’t understand “If you don’t immediately understand something it must be harmful or dangerous right?” he commented in somewhat of a sarcastic tone because he had seen people fall for that trap time and time again and it definitely made him sad to think about. He scoffed when she said she was going to pretend she wasn’t smart “At your own risk” he teased playfully. He smiled to himself as he thought about all the times he had stood on the bridge of his village and tossed the brightly colored petals, Willa always loved it.

He raised his brow for a moment when she said she had always known she was different, he couldn’t say the same, he had been raised in a pretty normal way and if it wasn’t for the fact his father had gone and hunted down a powerful mythical stone, he would have died normal too “Well I’m sure it means you have many great stories to tell at least?” he offered and grinned slightly, Aeryn wasn’t necessarily an optimist but he was good at seeing the positive in things. He swore he had to bite down the urge to shiver when she mentioned worrying about her ship sinking, bad memories indeed “There was a time when I really loved sailing but it doesn’t really get you from place to place very fast” he would admit that much.

“At 5?” he responded almost in a somewhat stunned voice because that was so young to lose your parents, he couldn’t even imagined how she processed all that because at the age she was, she would have barely even been able to remember the time she had with them. “Can it?” he laughed in a somewhat disbelieving manner “I think I’d tend to avoid mopey that donkey in winnie the pooh...such a downer” he chuckled, perhaps people found that sort of personality charming. He wasn’t usually so down, it really was one of the worst days for him “ feels rude of me not to explain myself, call me traditional but I do believe in communication” he chuckled slightly as he walked alongside her.

“Well you have to admit even some of the real accents here can sound pretty exaggerated” he commented and chuckled, “So you’ve been a little of everywhere huh?” he commented with a smile “I always loved travelling, showing up in a new port, seeing all the new people, just getting lost in the culture” he nodded slightly, he missed travelling sometimes but then on the other side he was also glad he wasn’t forced to run anymore. “We tend to adopt what we hear around us, after a year or two in America you start picking it up” he chuckled and shrugged “Evermore has a certain reputation, but mostly I stayed because my sister is here and we were separated for...a long time” understatement of the century. “I didn’t know there were any bars around here” he mumbled as they continued to walk.

She pursed her lips slightly upon his sarcastic remark, he wasn’t wrong now, was he? People tend to fear those they cannot understand, especially those who seem to not be able to realize that perhaps it just required them to use their critical thinking skills instead of going full accusatory. “Every day I wake up and get out of my house is a risk, sir” she cooed playfully, she had to be careful of her surroundings, even if that would make the Initia wart on practically everything. She was good at masking that worry though. Or that’s what she thought anyway. Something tells her that they both had a different kind of past and that he may even seem more normal compared to her but everything screams abnormal and extraordinary about this guy.

One look at him and Sofi could sense strong energy coming from him, but not one she could decipher. But then again, she’s only an Initia, the only reason why she could see all of that beaming out of him was that she could read auras and sense the spiritual bonds. “A lot actually, but I don’t think people wanted to stick by and hear my sad stories.” Despite her adventures, Sofi had plenty of sad ones. Things don’t always work out, after all. “Do you? I feel like there’s a whole mystery shrouding you.” When he said sailing doesn’t get them anywhere fast, she could sense the melancholy in that, a whole big whiff of nostalgia accompanying his tone. Does that mean he’s an immortal supernatural who had his lifespan far beyond this century? But judging from the purple hint in his eyes, he’s a Nephilim. Since when were Nephilim immortals before this century? She bit down on her lip to stop herself from asking, it’s none of her business.

“Yeah, 5, pretty young I know.” But things happen, right? “Great to know you don’t think I’m a mopey person” she teased, he looks sad sure, and yes she could almost taste it in the air, even more, because of her ability that she couldn’t help but not shut down, but humans are allowed to be sad, or else they wouldn’t be one. “Oh, I can totally see how ‘traditional’ you are, mister, have you seen yourself? You walk around charmingly and seem like nothing bothers you while having everything bother you at the same time.” It was hard to describe it, but that’s what she sees. He seems to have both the weight of the world on his shoulders and still looks carefree about it as if he was used to it. “What are you hiding, hm?” she chuckled. “It’s America unless we’re in South America then I don’t see why people even have more than one accent here, not so much on the regional part but maybe that’s because I’m new to this continent itself.”

When he said he loves traveling, she got curious, wanting to have a decent conversation so there’s no more reason for him to mope when they actually have a drink later on, “Do you have a favorite place?” So he was here for his sister, how brotherly. “It’s my friend’s, they just opened but I’ve been going there since they started shelving the drinks. I don’t like company all that much because sometimes they’d irk me when I’m trying to have a good drink. You don’t want someone to spend their time trying to touch you after their failed flirting attempt every time, no?” Before long, they finally saw the small sign by the corner of the road and reached the entrance. It was a small place but aesthetically pleasing.

“Touche” he responded with a low amused chuckle when she pointed out that every time she left the house she was taking a risk, it seemed there wasn’t any shaking her so he wasn’t going to push it any further, he warned her and that was enough for him to feel morally sound. His lips turned in a slight smile when she spoke about her life being made up of mostly sad stories “No? I personally think a person’s sadness contributes greatly to who they are, by understanding what saddens them, you can understand how to help them” understand them, Aeryn had never been afraid of the darker parts of both himself and others, they were natural.

He grinned slightly when she pointed out he was mysterious “I too have a lot of stories to tell, ones that are hard to believe, even in such a...complicated world” he wasn’t just a regular Nephilim after all and the life he lead was bound to a stone which hung hidden in plain sight around his neck, the bane of his entire existence and yet the one thing he had to protect the most. “Let me guess, you’re wondering how a mere nephilim could sound like he’s seen several centuries pass” he raised his brow as though to challenge her, questioning if he was wrong about his hunch.

He pressed his lips together and smirked when she pointed out he must not think she was mopey “I see a quiet strength there, someone who has been through hell and back but somehow found the fill to keep fighting” perhaps he could respect it because he felt like she was pretty similar to him “Though I barely even know you so I could be off the mark” but Aeryn, despite not being a mind reader, was very good at reading people by now, knowing who was trustworthy and who was not and he hadn’t been wrong yet. “Let’s just say I’ve seen enough from the world to see the same things repeated” he commented in a soft voice “I’m not surprised anymore...but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t concern me” he explained and tilted his head wondering if she would understand.

“A favorite? There was a little port in Italy that was always beautiful when I got to visit, fishing village, kids running on the docks, scenic little houses, told myself if things ever came to it, that’d be the place I’d settle” but alas, life had others plans for him. “What about you? Anywhere in the world catch your eye?” he grumbled a little when she said she couldn’t have a drink in peace because people would keep bothering her “You could just kick their ass” he commented frankly as he followed her into the bar, grinning because it was nice, quaint but it’d do “Well no one will bother you today, I can assure you that much” he commented and grinned as they headed up to the bar and he ordered a whiskey on the rocks.

She didn't know why she decided to stick by this stranger she happened to find moping around with the precious flowers she could've saved had she got there sooner. "So in order for me to help someone who's sad, I have to first delve into that particular emotion to understand them?" That sounds logical, to be honest. "What if I don't want to be sad?" She turned to face him slightly, tilting her head to the side in curiosity when he said he too, had stories to tell; stories not just anyone would be able to take in properly. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how complicated would said stories be?" She would be lying if she said there were times when the blonde didn't find herself leaning towards staring into those purple tinged hues, because god are they beautiful. 

It makes him look sad earlier but while she could also sense sorrow lying behind them, Aeryn seemed to be a nice person who tries to live his life instead of just dwelling around the bad. Sofi nodded her head in affirmation when he said that, "Mhmmm, I know nephilim… they're not immortal until recently. Yet you sound as if centuries have passed. Either you're just an old soul or it's literal." She was sure it was the latter, there is something old about him and it's not his physical appearance for sure. The Initia pressed her lips together and shrugged, "Perhaps you're spot on, perhaps you're not. Is it too obvious?" She knew she looked tired, that's almost given, it has been particularly heavy for the past few weeks. "You're almost spot on" she teased, "Maybe I am…" Now she is more than confident and convinced he has lived longer than a century.

There was just something nostalgic by the way he's speaking yet he sounded as if he fits this modern century so well while being far from it. It was interesting, almost enticing, if she was being honest. "Italy? The last time I went there… I couldn't stay for long, only a week so I couldn't visit every place I wanted." It was a shame because she had to chase her schedule to attend a few conferences regarding her papers. "I've always liked home, Ukraine. But the city of Budapest can be very… calling, it feels like it always tempts me to stay longer." She remembered going back to it a few times over the few decades. It reminded her of the place she would've grown up at if her parents didn't pass away. If they didn't have to run away.

She ordered herself the same as him and leaned against the counter, smirking upon hearing his remark, "Oh I'd love to kick their ass without feeling like someone's going to nag me about it. But I can't get myself in trouble, it wouldn't… set a good example to the tribe." Sofi had to remind herself that she is leading a whole tribe now, so no more reckless actions. "Though I can always use the excuse of being drunk." 

Aeryn shugged himself slightly when Sofi spoke about helping people by being empathic to their sadness “No one wants to be sad, but sometimes being sad reminds us that we are capable of it, it keeps us in touch with our humanity” which was key for people like him who could easily fall of track, he hoped to always stay humble. “But the short answer is if you don’t want to be sad, maybe don’t be around people who are sad” they influenced one another naturally after all. He raised his brow and chuckled slightly when she asked him to rate how complicated his stories were “Definitely a solid 9” he commented and shook his head in amusement, such was his life ever since he had found that damn stone.

He noticed the way her eyes sometimes caught his as they were talking, she would linger for just longer than the average person and it made him wonder if she as searching for something in them. He chuckled, she was very switched on, he would give her that much, he pursed his lips slightly “Nephilim have always been able to become immortal, though it’s true that was hindered until recently given that dragonkin were all but wiped out” he commented and shrugged “But you would also be correct in guessing I am much older than this body might elude to” he gave a somewhat wry smile. He tilted his head when she said he could be spot on “Take it from someone who has also been to hell and back, we gravitate to one another” he commented and smiled softly.

He bit his lip and then smiled “It’s such a beautiful place, the weather is perfect and some of the seaside towns are so laid back and scenic, I swear I could lose myself there” he grinned, he’d always liked the idea of a low profile existence, just living his life and doing the things that made him happy, Aeryn had never been much for glory or fame. “You should go back if you get the chance” he encouraged her with a smile. “Oh I know cities like that” he commented with a knowing smile when she said she was tempted to go home “But there must be something keeping you here then?” he commented with a half-smile “It must be important if they can drag you away” he raised his brows curiously.

He grinned and slipped the bartender payment for both their drinks and a small tip before leaning his head against his hand as he looked back at her “I mean if someone tries to put their hands on you without your say so, I’d argue that karma gave them their comeuppance” he commented and shrugged slightly before holding up his drink “To a bad day getting better” he toasted as he stared back into those expressive eyes once more “Would it be too bold of me to say that I didn’t expect to spend my afternoon drinking with a beautiful woman?” he teased playfully.

True, despite not liking the sadness, if you could feel it, doesn't that at least tell you can feel something. "That's actually an easy way out if you think about it" she chuckled, considering how she could feel people's emotions, it's best she avoid said people who would be sad. "I wish there is a sign that says I'm being sad right now, so I know to avoid them." She raised her eyebrows when he said it's a solid 9, "Solid 9 huh? That's… interesting. I've never met someone with a solid 9 unless they've gone through death twice." Even her story would be a solid 7 at most. Maybe 8 if she was generous. She didn't think her story was tragic enough to compare to most of the people she has met. She never heard of that story, about the nephilim being immortal initially but could only be triggered once the Dragonkin are all done for. 

"I never knew that, it's actually interesting to hear about it." So he confirmed that he's an immortal nephilim, now all she wonders is how old he is. "Would it be rude to ask you how old you are?" Normally, asking a lady their age is considered rude, after all. She could almost feel the way he started to describe the place he loved so much, perhaps one day she'll get to visit there too, "I miss home but… here is fine too. Evermore is magical in a lot of ways after all, mostly because if I ever come back to Kiev, then Kris will definitely tie me down, my father can be… persistent with his 'missing you' mood, it's as if that old man forget I'm an adult already" which wasn't something she could really blame him over because he adopted her at 9 years old. Growing up must be something else for the other male. 

"I transferred here, for work." It wouldn't be an understatement to say she moved here for work since that's the thing she came for. "But work is not the only thing keeping me here I guess… building connections is a beautiful thing you see, maybe I want to stay here for a bit and make new ones. It's where I get to see you, no?" She couldn't help but cringe at that and shook her head, "Okay that was very… cheesy, sorry for that." But it's best to cheer the atmosphere up. Aeryn looked like someone who grew up in a good household, as in complete with the whole polite and humble package, which made Sofi smile because those are so rare these days. Which would admittedly make sense considering he was probably born earlier before the 21st century. 

The initia raised her glass for a toast and finished hers in one shot before requesting the bartender for another. "Oh? Look at you, is this how you normally flirt with people who offered to buy you a drink?" She teased. At least the gloomy air was no more and was slowly getting replaced by something more positive. "Makes me wonder, how did you expect to spend your afternoon?"

He raised his brows as he thought about it, he supposed she wasn’t wrong in that statement, if you wanted to avoid those that were sad, it was a smart way to keep your own spirits lifted “We can’t go our entire lives without being sad, as much as we try, something is always gonna come along to remind us” especially for people with extended lifetimes who would see people come and go. He shot her a look when she said a 9 usually involved going through death twice “No deaths for me but there were times what I experienced felt worse than death” like being drowned under the sea for the best part of 100 years after watching his fiancee die in his arms. “It’s definitely not a story for the faint-hearted” he commented and pressed his lips together, it was a wonder he had any sanity left frankly.

He nodded slightly “It’s rumored Nephilim were brought here by the angels to counter the dragonkin, though I’d say it could have easily been the other way around too” he’d gotten his hands on a few over the years but it postdated his own plunge into immortality. “Perhaps it would be a little rude but I’ve never been one to mind prying questions” he teased a little and shrugged “I’m 730...give or take...I tried to keep count but the numbers got a little muddy along the way” after a while you just stopped doing the calculations. He smiled a little when she spoke about her father “At least your father seems to care very much for you” there were certainly worse problems to have.

“Work huh?” he raised his brows curiously, he supposed it was a big city and that meant there were plenty of opportunities to reach out for. He lifted his gaze and couldn’t help but grin when she said she got to see him “Careful, I might start to think you’re interested in me” he teased playfully, he was good with some flirting back and forth, she was gorgeous of course and even though he was still conflicted by the fact she looked like Marie, it was evident she wasn’t her. “I can handle cheesy, it’s when people pretend to be nasty to you to get your attention that I dislike” he shrugged his shoulders slightly.

He bit his lip and grinned, girl could definitely drink that was for sure, he was slower with his, taking a decent mouthful and swallowing it down “Maybe” he commented and grinned slightly “It’s better than being mopey and bringing both our moods down, am I right?” he tilted his head in a questioning manner, Sofi seemed like the type of person who could be fun and witty so he was going with it, it was honestly a breath of fresh air, at least for a short while. “Expected? Hanging out at home with a glass of whiskey until I eventually pass out” he responded honestly “But I’m open to better options” he purred as he took another swig of his drunk “You drink well for a lady” he complimented with a smile "Are we going to make an afternoon of it?" he could keep up if that's what she wanted. 

“Worse than going through death twice? You sound confident” Maybe he is. “Dare I ask what’s worse than that?” Of course, she wouldn’t want to pry in his personal life but the way he worded it, god that made her feel really curious for the first half. She parted her lips and nodded in understanding when he said it’s not a story for the faint hearted “Lucky for you to meet someone who’s far from being faint of heart” she teased, Sofi has gone through plenty of training in her entire life and that meant both physically and mentally. After she found out she had this weird affinity, and stories of people going crazy because they couldn’t control it, that was terrible for her. Because for a brief while, the blonde actually did almost go crazy trying to control her psychic element. 

“Ah… the so-called good and the bad, I think that’s a story a lot of us have gone through, the rivalry between the Nephilim and Dragonkin is a tale as old as time alongside the Phoenixes and Initia, no?” She’s an Initia, of course, she would know their story too. It’s always the same ones, there's always centuries-long bad blood between a few species, it’s never-ending. “I personally think it’s all bullshit… I know we can’t always get along and somehow we just can’t… push everything aside and make peace with it because we’re all humans. I do wonder if we could’ve reduced bloodshed if we weren’t so hellbent on proving which one is the better side though.” Maybe it was possible.

When he revealed how old he was, Sofi covered one hand over her mouth and chuckled “700 years old? Old” she teased and pointed to herself later so she could say how she was too, it seemed right to reveal what Aeryn has. “I’m under the 100 club, we’re not immortals, you know, 78 this year.” Kris did love her very much, she will always feel grateful that he decided to take her in, when it was clear he didn’t have to. Just because she’s the daughter of his good friend who later fled their own tribe because of love, doesn’t mean he owed it to her mother to take care of the young one. "Mhmm, you know those sexy psychologists you meet in your fantasies?" She giggled, because it really does sound a lot like it "Though I have a more permanent stay as a neuropsychologist at the hospital." She leaned in a bit and grinned when he said that "Who knows? Maybe you're right about that too." A little flirting never hurts, right? 

She took another swing and shrugged absentmindedly "Better for sure. I hate it when the mood is down… it messes up my head" and ain't that a daisy? "This is so much better than hanging out with a bottle of whiskey to pass out alone right? At least if you're going to pass out, I'll be here" Maybe the alcohol in her system is giving her the boost she needed with a lower inhibition, can't say she doesn't like it. "My father… he and his brother live to drink and you can tell what that does when he has a kid who's legal. But I know my levels… I once got too drunk I almost got married overnight." She's confident it's just almost. "If you want to make an afternoon out of it, do you have anything else in mind? I'm free for the day."

He looked down for a moment when she said she was curious about what he went through that he would consider worse than death, Aeryn wasn’t the type to keep secrets but no one had ever actually asked him what happened before, not directly like that “Did you know when an immortal gets trapped under the sea they can’t die but their body repeatedly goes through a process of trying to survive and then shutting down when it can’t?” he looked down for a moment, that wasn’t even the most painful part but it was one of the things he endured “I would have rather been dead” he murmured softly. Of course that put somewhat of a damper on the mood so he cracked a small smile “Made it out the other side eventually though so...I guess it was for something” though it certainly wasn’t without pain.

He shrugged slightly “I don’t see anyone as necessarily good or bad, I think the presence of any of our kind here on earth was always going to stir up trouble” but it was in a nephilim’s nature to protect those who were innocent and naturally that put them as enemies to anyone who was a threat. “Everyone has the capability to be good or bad, we’re all somewhat human in our nature” whether that was because they were a hybrid, were once a human or were a genetic mutation from a human. “That’s the selfish nature of people showing, they find validation in knowing they are the best or the strongest, and the moment they aren’t they feel threatened” it was honestly predictable and exhausting to him.

He shuffled a little and ducked his head a little embarrassed by her reaction to his age “Yeah I’ve been around the world and seen most of the things there are to see by now” he commented and rolled with the punches, he was sure it was natural for people to be surprised by those who lived for so long. “Well you’re definitely looking excellent for 78” he teased and raised his brows slightly, she definitely had quite a youthful energy to her though, it was almost hard to match that number to the person. He smirked playfully at her comment about fantasies “How did you know I dreamed about them?” he teased and licked his lips, she was fun and had a sense of humor which he liked a lot. Her little flirty comments definitely sparked an interest in him to say the least “Maybe huh” he whispered a little close to her ear before sitting back in his seat.

He nodded slightly when she said her head got messed up when the mood dropped “I’m usually less...troubled” despite everything he had been through, Aeryn had always been quite a casual person and was usually fine with watching the world go around him, observing at a distance. He was a warrior who had been assigned a task, whether he chose it or not, his life revolved around the promises he made, the rest just simply happened. “Married?” he commented and chuckled slightly “I’m going to guess that was a Vegas job, they make it far too easy to do crazy things there” he commented and scratched at the back of his neck “Were they good looking at least?” he questioned out of pure curiosity.

He looked down to his glass before picking up and knocking back all that was left in it before waving the bartender for another “I have no where better to be” he answered and pointed to her too as though to say she’ll have another too.

Okay, maybe she shouldn’t have asked him to elaborate further on what he meant by a fate worse than death because what he told her was really something that resembled that. She couldn’t help but look down and bite her lip, that sounds painful indeed. “How long… were you trapped under the sea?” she was wondering if that was considered to be an insensitive question but she was curious. “You don’t have to answer that obviously but…” If he would like to, she wants to know. She couldn’t imagine how distressful one would have to be drowning all over again. “You made it out eventually” she smiled, trying to somewhat lift the mood up from the previous somber one. “Must be careful in the future…” She wondered if something like that will ever happen to her, to be fair, she’s not an immortal so within a few minutes, Sofi would’ve found herself losing air permanently.

The blonde nodded in agreement when he said there’s no necessary good or bad, the world is not black and white the way others thought it was. “There’s always that grey side, huh?” Much like the Dragonkin and Nephilim, she’s an Initia, so her species’ history was built on the endless feud with the Phoenixes too. She couldn’t even say the other side is to be blamed either because both are just the same. “Isn’t that why people feared the unknown? Because they can’t understand it and they don’t like that feeling, the feeling of not knowing what’s about to happen or… because they just don’t like being vulnerable like that.” She could say she feels the same way too, the feeling of the unknown can be scary, after all. “I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t dislike the idea of being the one always having to give in every time there’s an argument. Nobody wants to be at a disadvantage nor do they wish to become the weak.” There’s no way to fully satisfy humans.

As a traveler, Sofi was enthralled by the idea that Aeryn has indeed scoured the world back and forth because he had the time to, she wished she had that kind of opportunity too but she’d be crossing 80 and still haven’t finished a quarter of the places written down on her list. She grinned when he complimented her “Look at you trying to butter up a lady on her age, how classic, sir.” However right that claim would be, he obviously has a good sense of humor and was matching her up without trouble. “How naughty” she teased and nudged him slightly when he leaned in closer “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the slightest bit interested, but there’s a lot of levels when it comes to that department. You’re tipping off the scale there” she was having fun just poking him about it. She could still recall how that one drunken incident really traumatized her from drinking that much “It definitely gave me a valuable lesson about drinking responsibly.”

When he asked if they were good-looking, Sofi grinned and nodded “Hot, a scale of 8.5 if I were to rate them.” It was a shame that it lasted only for a few hours but she is not about to get married like that. “I guess in a way we had our wedding night too if that went through, but to be fair, that one was before the whole documentation thingy” she chuckled, that one she could remember vividly. She ordered herself another cup and leaned against the seat comfortably, placing her chin on top of her hand while staring at him “I’m curious to know just what you’re thinking of in that head of yours.”

He looked down at his glass for a moment before taking a large swig and setting it back down on the bar “I didn’t keep track of the years too much after the first 300 or so but...I guess taking everything into account it must have been around 100 years” give or take a few here and there, enough that the world had entirely changed around him so drastically that when he awoke that he felt like he was a stranger. “I did...woke up to the world we see today...have to say it wasn’t exactly what I pictured the future to be like” still he had been readjusting to the new reality “Cars are pretty terrifying” he murmured softly, even having learned to drive one now he was still baffled by the invention of them.

“Everyone is in the grey area and anyone who thinks they aren’t are deluded” he commented and shrugged his shoulders as though it was pure fact, no one was ever entirely right or wrong, everyone believed in what they wanted to and they couldn’t help what species they were “But that grey side also means there are always going to be differences that people can’t settle” which often ended up with fighting because they didn’t know how to resolve their stances. “Fear of the unknown is the root of most fears, either you’re scared of something because you cannot even fathom the idea of it, or you’re scared of it because you experienced it and it wasn’t a good experience” the first kind of fear tended to be irrational and those were often much more dangerous to harbor.

“Nobody likes to lose, even the most passive person in the world hates it” it was natural, to want to win, to compete, to wonder why you didn’t measure up to others. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to...for example, be the one that a pretty girl turns her attention to, over someone else in the bar” he commented and raised his brows as he shot her a somewhat flirty smile. He licked his lips when she pointed out him acting naughty “I can work with the slightest bit of interest” he commented and grinned playfully “Maybe if I play my cards right that little will become a lot” he teased as he watched her. He was enjoying her company a lot, she was someone who was very easy to talk to “I’ll bet” he commented and chuckled when she said she was more careful with her drinking after that.

“An 8.5 huh? Could have done worse than that” he teased playfully “Though rating his personality should probably be done while sober, everyone is interesting when you’re drunk” he chuckled and took another mouthful of his drink as he propped his arm against the table so he could rest his chin against his hand while he listened to her talk, he grinned playfully “Well at least you got to experience the fun part of it” he commented and bit his lip “Never got married myself, came close once” didn’t work out, he thought in his mind.

He looked up at her when she said she wanted to know what he was thinking “I think you might paint me crazy if I told you” he commented in a soft voice, how did you tell someone they looked almost identical to someone you used to know, even though it was evident they were very different people.

She flinched and downed her drink upon hearing that, that felt very painful and Sofi couldn’t even imagine going through it. “Tell me you went for a drink as soon as you got out of that hell” she stared at him blankly, hand still wrapped around the glass in her left hand “Because I think you probably need a hundred-year type of liquor…” She actually choked on her drink when he said cars were scary “Sorry? You think out of everything that is modern today, cars are scary? God, you’re so cute, you do realize we had ships right? Those are scarier.” Aeryn was this amusing man that she never thought actually existed but here he is today, sitting right next to her, being his humorous self without even trying.

Sofi hummed softly in affirmation when he talked about the fear of the unknown, that’s relatable, and she thought someone who has experienced so much of life like him, would know better. In the minutes she had spent with the nephilim in the bar, the one thing she noticed was that how easy it seemed to be for him to shrug the sadness off his shoulders, only to fashion a smile to the next person. The next person just so happened to be her, so she’d say she was being lucky after helping someone today. “That’s an interesting example to go by” she chuckled “And should said pretty girl turn her attention to you, you’d like that?”

He wasn’t wrong, if he played his cards right, that little would end up being a lot. “What a smart man you are” she giggled, the slight tipsy part was already waning, but it added up to the blonde’s playfulness. A groan escaped her when he said she could’ve done worse than an 8.5 rating, she actually could’ve but oh well, that’s at least a story in her scrapbook for the future. “Can I find myself anyone who’s higher than an 8.5? What about you? What rating would you give yourself hm?” She nodded when he said everyone is more interesting when they’re drunk “You’re interesting but I don’t think you’re quite there yet in the drunken scale so… there’s that.”

Sofi never saw herself getting married at all, she had so many aspirations to settle down for just the role of a wife who may not be able to do more. “I hardly doubt I can travel recklessly when I’m pregnant or have a kid… must be quite restricting since I already have more responsibility then. I think once I’m done with everything, then the marriage can be a thought I go back to, not now though, I’ll give myself a few decades more.” Why rush? It’s not as if she had any candidate to think about. “Surprise me, I’ve heard a lot of crazy things to the point I’m pretty much desensitized.” Besides, didn’t he mistook her to be another person earlier? What’s up with that?

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