Today was another day of silence for her. Ever since she encountered the rogue valkyr in that alley that night, she hasn't been able to forget about the conspicuous manner befitting him. It felt as if she was missing out on something that was dangling in front of her. Despite having looked into it, Sofi still couldn't find the answer to it. However dreadful it might have been for the blonde, she eventually gave into it and asked Everson for help. He had the technology and she had the ability he wanted to utilise in this search. And to be honest? The Initia Grand Master also wanted to find out what was happening. Unfortunately, Sofi is usually always busy, the clock keeps her occupied and it wasn’t letting her out of its sight anytime soon. Either she’s kept at bay by the client files piling on top of her desk back in her office, or thinking about more ideas to enhance what was already there for the tribe. 

Today was one of the days where she didn't have to check in for work and because of this, Sofi decided to do a little bit of her own research, such as where the rogue valkyr originated from. The Initia managed to pinpoint the basics, even reaching the details regarding his former family but nothing had suggested his sudden erratic behavior for the past few months. It was as if he completely got absorbed into something and forgot about it once it was done. 

It was too suspicious, so when she received the address to the rundown cabin where he resided during his stay in Evermore, she was quick to go there, only to find the charred walls being her only witness. "Well this is surely a bust…" she muttered under her breath and realized she had to start her search elsewhere before the authorities found none other than the Initia tribe ambassador there, of all places. A notification ping caught her attention as she fished out her phone from her pocket, her sapphire hues scanning over the text that came in a few seconds ago. "Don't forget to pick up the flowers for the kids" how could she forget? "Dammit…" She had been so busy chasing cold prints, so much so that she forgot she had promised the novitiates that she would gather the materials needed for their weekly activity tomorrow. The florist was closed today but thankfully, the spot where she usually came to pick up the flowers were nearby. 

Imagine her surprise when she saw the flowers weren't where it was supposed to be, someone had plucked it. There were a few petals to her left side, leading it somewhere. While following the trail, Sofi found herself walking over a sturdy bridge to the other side of the river, somewhere she still has yet to explore throughout the entire time she was in the eternal city. That's when she noticed there were flower petals being scattered over the river by someone, who looks to be a male, judging from his silhouette. "Won't you get in trouble for making a mess?"

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He chuckled and finished his own drink too, placing the glass against the countertop “I mean that wasn’t the first thing on my mind but I definitely made up for lost time” he commented and chuckled but nodded “The adjustment after that has been hard, 100 years passed and yet to me it felt like forever but also no time at all, the modern world was hard to navigate after that” but he had a few years to figure things out by now and he liked to think he’d managed to navigate decently world. “Everything about ships in my day was controlled by physics and weather conditions, there was none of this...electronics stuff to worry about” he shook his head, the fire hazards were endless.

He allowed an easygoing smile to grace his lips when she asked whether he’d like it if the pretty girl turned her attention to him “Everyone likes attention from someone their find attractive no?” he questioned in return and pressed his lips together with a playful expression “Besides on a day like this, I might just call it the biggest win if I can take my mind off the past” he commented and shrugged slightly. She was interesting to stay the least, everything about her had this air of confidence that was intriguing to him, she seemed to know her own self and even her own flaws and own them in a way he rarely saw.

“I don’t know, I think you could get a 10 if you really wanted to, but said 10 is likely to have the personality of a wet fish to make up for it” he commented and chuckled under his breath, he wasn’t really the type to get too hung up on appearances, but today was a strange lapse for him given the blonde looked almost identical to someone he used to know. “Myself?” he commented and chuckled “I feel like whatever answer I give to that would either be narcissistic or degrading” he commented and chuckled “I’ll let others do the rankings” he responded.

He smiled “Too much life of your own to live first huh?” he could respect that, people should put themselves and what they wanted first and if a kid didn’t fit into the equation then there was no need to have one “I can respect it, god knows I’ve gone this long without settling down too” nothing was simple when you were protecting the world from a magical stone that could bring serious damage to people, his own wants tended to be put aside time and time again for his responsibility. He looked up at her with a somewhat hesitant gaze and pursed his lips “You look...almost identical to someone I once knew, someone I loved” he corrected and nodded “I thought you must be a hallucination my mind wanted to see at first” he toyed with the glass in his hand a little “But you’re not her...that much is clear to me” still it didn’t explain why she looked like her.

A hundred years passed for him, and yet she already felt like 80 years for her was long enough. Sofi could never truly comprehend how immortals go about their day when they have experienced centuries of living on earth, were they used to things after a while? Did they get tedious? They probably do. God knows how many questions the Initia had for the nephilim because of how curious she gets but she refrained from asking. “Well, as modern as ships go, the Titanic still happened so I wouldn’t really count out any technicalities occurring real-time” she joked, did he know about the Titanic if he just submerged from his slumber after a whole century? 

Sofi bit her lip and chuckled when he confirmed he found her to be attractive. “Well, at least my effort to look fine didn’t fly by.” It’s a lie to say this fine man sitting right next to her is not making her turn her gears around because who wouldn’t? Who would even miss out on a conversation like this? “Then let’s take your mind off the past and into the present, maybe a little bit on the future but not too much because you don’t need to concern your pretty little head with those.” One should just enjoy their current circumstances the best way they can. 

She covered one hand over her mouth and giggled because that does sound a lot like what she was faced with “The personality of a wet fish huh? What about you, sir? Do you think you have the personality of a wet fish because that face…” she backed herself a bit and lowered her gaze, making it clear to Aeryn that she was checking him out before going back to him, “and body is definitely an 11.” He has every right to be narcissistic, she thought. “Well to start with, I don’t live forever and I abide by the whole YOLO rule thing. I want to make the most of everything and not live my life with regret so that when I finally sit down getting ready for my makeshift grave, I won’t let out a groan or sigh about all the mistakes I wished I could have undone.” 

And there it was, the whole part of why he mistook her for someone in the first place. “Do you believe in reincarnations then? I mean… I know scientifically people are supporting the concept of having 7 people looking alike but that also leaves room for questioning the whole reincarnation part. And in this supernatural world, I wouldn’t even try to comprehend how impossible it sounds.” Because she’s an Initia, she’s already part of the absurdity. “Am I too casual? Too harsh?” She wondered if this Marie was softer. 

He leaned against the bar as he watched her with a curious gaze, she definitely looked like there were a million thoughts rushing around her head which he honestly found endearing, it was clear she was an intelligent person “You look like you’re about to burst out with a round of 20 questions” he teased playfully and smirked “Go ahead, there’s not much I hide” there was only one main thing and he highly doubted she would bring that up. Aeryn raised his brow and then chuckled “Perhaps there have been a few major accidents here and there, but tell me, how many people get killed from those metal deathtraps?” certainly more.

He grinned slightly when she seemed flattered by his compliment “It’s certainly not lost on me” he admitted with a wry expression, she dressed with a certain confidence that he was sure got her plenty of attention, though she looked intimidating enough to scare most of the creeps away. “The present sounds good, though the future is certainly not something I think about all too much” never really had the luxury to plan ahead when you spent most of your life on the run, the only plans he could ever make were which port to dock in next “So tell me, what’s your favorite thing in the world to talk about?” he questioned curiously, he found you could tell a lot about a person by the thing they were most passionate about.

He laughed softly and shrugged “I like to think I can at least rank at a dry fish” he teased with a smirk, shaking his head in amusement “I’ve lived quite the life and I have plenty of stories to tell, you’ll find I’m reckless enough to try just about anything and I definitely abide by the idea of living each day like it’s my last” he confessed as his eyes trailed over her frame slowly “And I really enjoy being called an 11” he murmured in a sultry manner. Listening to the way she talked about herself he quickly found himself liking what he heard, she seemed like the wild and free type much like him. “Carpe Diem as the French say” he murmured and leaned closer to her because the bar was staring to get a little louder and he wanted to hear every word she said

“I mean we live in a world where people come back to life after death, stars fall to the earth in human bodies and people can fly...I think it’s better to assume things true before false” he commented and chuckled under his breath “Perhaps doppelgangers...perhaps reincarnation, or perhaps you both just had really good genes” he wasn’t going to put too much weight into it because she wasn’t Marie and she didn’t have Marie’s memories. “Not in a bad are far bolder than she ever was, perhaps that is the times or perhaps that is who you are” he gave a small smile “Besides, being casual isn’t a bad thing” he commented in a soft voice.

When he leaned against the bar, she couldn’t help but stare at him back. Was he trying to figure her out the same way she was trying to figure him out? Was it too obvious that she was doing that? And here she thought she was at least being a bit subtle. So when he called her out on it, Sofi blushed and cleared her throat awkwardly “More than 20 questions actually… if I could count them in the first place” she mumbled, lifting her gaze on him when he said she could just ask him whatever she wanted. “You sure?” He’s really giving her space to ask him questions? “What are you afraid of?” It was a sudden question but she just liked asking people that.

 “You seriously wanna know? Cruise ship deaths alone could average 800 each? I don’t know, a lot of people die each day you just can’t match up to the numbers. Why don’t you go on a cruise sometime?” she teased. It’s always nice to be complimented so she chewed on her bottom lip as he did that. “So you’re also another guy who doesn’t have the luxury to plan ahead? Not even by a week? Come on, entertain me with your… predictions, sir. What do you see yourself doing at the end of the day at least, hm?” There was that mischievous twinkle in her blue hues. What was her favorite thing to talk about?

She hummed softly to herself as she pondered “Places to take a vacation… your summer getaways and alike, I’m a busy woman so getting a vacation is not easy. I want to travel the world again… but now it’s harder” especially after being the ambassador, god that was not expected when she returned here but it is what it is so how could she say no when Samuel sounded so convincing before his passing? She noticed how his eyes were taking in her figure when he said that “Reckless and ready to try about… anything? Why do I find that hard to believe?” But god is he an 11 for sure. When he got closer, she swore she stopped breathing because that was sudden but thank god the blush was not embarrassing her right there on the spot. “Mhmm carpe diem indeed.” 

She chuckled when he concluded they probably just had really good genes “I mean I do like hearing someone tell me I have good genes, especially coming from an attractive guy such as yourself. Wouldn’t it take centuries for a reincarnation though?” But it’s clear they are two different people. “I hope I don’t bore you though, that’d be… a disappointing event for today honestly. I came looking for camellias but I liked to think I found the guy who stole them to be much more interesting. Make me being scolded by the kids worth it” she teased.

He chuckled as he leaned comfortably in place, he had to admit this wasn’t the way he expected his day to go but he couldn’t complain, it was good to have distractions from the world of sadness he could surround himself with given the chance “Sure, like I said, there’s not much I need to hide” especially not from someone who was supernatural and therefore in touch with the reality of the world around them “Definitely snakes, hate them, got bitten by one once and can’t say I’d repeat the experience” he chuckled softly “But if you want the deep answer…failure…feeling like I let the most important people down, that one is a killer” he nodded a few times.

“Why, is there a reason I should be afraid?” he questioned with a quirk of his brow as though to turn her questioning back around on her. He shrugged his shoulders slightly when she mentioned a cruise “Why would I let someone captain a boat when I could sail my own?” he questioned in response, he loved the freedom of just being able to go anywhere he wanted whenever he wanted to. He chuckled playfully “I could see myself…talking about all kinds of different things in the world with a beautiful girl” he teased softly “Maybe naked if I’m really lucky” he flirted mischievously to test the waters.

He grinned slightly, having traveled a lot himself that was a topic he was pretty familiar with, it seemed like the two of them had some things in common, even if they seemed pretty different too “Everyone loves to talk about all the places they wish to go but much fewer can actually recall the places they’ve actually been, we do that a lot, wish for things we don’t intend to make reality” he tilted his head as though to challenge her to disagree with him. His blue hues held hers for a moment when she called him out on not being willing to try anything “Would you like to dare me?” he questioned, allowing a playful smirk to grace his lips.

He smiled, she was stunning, he had always been a sucker for the girls with blonde hair and shining bright eyes you could lose yourself in, it was a weakness of his but it couldn’t be helped. “You do remember that I am several centuries-old” he commented and chuckled shaking his head in amusement “Even if the last one feels as though it passed in the blink of an eye” he murmured thoughtfully. “So you have a thing for thieves huh? I didn’t peg you as the type to like a bad boy” he teased softly.

Who knew that today would turn out to be pretty eventful? Aside from the fact that she totally almost tripped on her way to hurry here for camellias or generally just flowers, she managed to befriend a hot guy who seemed like the kindness he held behind those clear hues are one she wanted to stare at every day for the rest of her life. Others who could read her mind probably thought she was ready to settle. "Snakes can be docile if you know how to tame them, of course they're also unpredictable creatures but are humans not that too?" She teased, the difference is, humans were gifted with knowledge to use on something. Aeryn is a playful guy, and she likes the way he was being so casual and laid back about pretty much everything. How calming. She wondered if it was just as calming as she thought this type of mindset would be, she would love to find out someday. 

"You don't like letting people down, that sounds like something you would say either way… nobody wants to let anyone they care and love down… " it makes sense. She gaped and chuckled when he said he could sail his own "Thus is you advertising yourself as a man with so much knowledge and skills, making you twice as attractive as you were a few minutes ago." And Sofi was being honest about it too. He just got a whole lot more attractive. She bit her lip in response to his answer to what he sees himself doing by the end of the day, god he is so playful it's even making her feel excited. "Naked huh? You're being so ambitious and confident but… I like it. Who knows, maybe you'll get what you wish so dearly." The idea of getting naked with him did not seem far-fetched at all, and Sofi would be lying if she wasn't even thinking about it. Why not have fun while she's at it? 

She leaned in closer and while ghosting her fingers against his arm, she said "If you were given the opportunity to undress said beautiful woman, would you?" Perhaps it was a bit forward but he wasn't holding back either, so why should she? "Reality is often disappointing, sometimes imagination can be healing… and soothing" for the psychic Initia, that's how it felt to her. If she didn't highlight on how attractive he looks every 5 minutes in her head, she thought she's actually end up drooling because god is Aeryn, one beautiful man. The more he teases, the more she wants to throw it back because it gives her a thrill. "What did you peg me to be then? Because I don't know about you but I love bad boys… a lot." And she enunciated every word while keeping her gaze on him the entire time. 

He scoffed and shrugged “Well I don’t know about you but I have little desire to tame humans or snakes alike” he chuckled softly under his breath, he knew it was pretty irrational but he had no interest in facing that kind of fear, he just wanted them to stay as far away from him as reasonably possible. He nodded slightly, it was natural to want to live up to your words and meet other people’s expectations, even if it was impossible to actually do so. “That’s why I tend to keep my circle pretty small, god knows how impossible it must be to keep up appearances when you’re surrounded with people and their expectations” though perhaps he was overdue some more company.

He bit his lip and flashed a bright smile towards her when she pointed out his skills made him more attractive “I feel like you’d be the type to enjoy just jumping on a boat and sailing wherever” if it wasn’t for obligations obviously, he just got the feeling she was a pretty adventurous person somehow. He bit his tongue and smirked when she caught onto his flirting and ran with it, he could appreciate someone with enough of a sense of humor to run with his teasing “Without a second thought” he responded in the same whispering tone she used as he eyed the hand which trailed against his skin and let a soft smile cross his lips “I’m definitely not the kind of person to waste an opportunity” he added afterward.

“Perhaps, but if you spend all your time living in your head, you never get to see the real beauty around you” he countered and nodded his head slightly, he had to admit there had been a lot time in his life where he had failed to see everything right in front of him because he was so focused on a singular goal but he had since learned to slow down a little and appreciate the smaller things. “Perhaps a sporty guy…lots of rock climbing and hikes everywhere” he commented and chuckled, though he guessed she’d have very little patience for anyone who was a player.

“Well in that case…I can be the baddest boy” he teased softly as he leaned in closer to her, eyeing her lips for a moment before biting his own.

She couldn't help but chuckle when he said he had no desire to tame both humans or snakes alike "Why not?" She teased, "Snakes are likable creatures when they wanna be, you know." She bit her lip and grinned coyly when he said that though "What if I was the snake? Would you step on me or would you have tried to tame me?" This blonde trying to pretend she's a venomous animal is something else.

It was understandable that he would like to keep his circle small, not everyone is extroverted, and even with the number of people she meets every single day, Sofi had to turn on her off button sometimes. It can be incredibly daunting and tiring to deal with people. "I get it, not everyone wants to socialize and honestly people should respect that part about them." Was she openly flirting with this stranger she just met less than an hour ago? Yes. But it's really fun because she didn't even need to use her aura reading to get a gist he is genuine. It doesn't help that he is extremely attractive and confident, it feels as if the world just wanted to test her today by giving her an obstacle or a challenge. One she would fail, she fear.

The way she trailed her fingers against his skin while biting her lip as she kept her eyes level with his, it was clear what they wanted. "Great, we wouldn't like to waste a good opportunity, right? That would be such a shame..." Sofi hummed softly when he guessed the type of person she likes, scrunching up her nose in between because well, he managed to be spot on yet so far off. Oh god please have mercy on her. When Aeryn leaned forward and said that, she bit her lip while staring at his own, before going back up to his beautiful blue hues, it was mesmerizing her. "You can? How convenient... as I am trying to find myself a bad boy too." She purposely tried to tease him by brushing her lips an inch away from his, as if to give him a challenge. 

He laughed softly “Well that’s the key part isn’t it, when they want to be, and most of the time they don’t want to be likable, they want to be snakes” he chuckled, wouldn’t be the first time he had come across a real snake and while for the most part they were fine if you left them be to go about their way, some could just attack for no reason. He gave an amused smile when she likened herself to a snake though “Anyone should know better than to step on a snake” he commented and grinned slightly “But tamed…they can be quite the asset” he chuckled “But the real question comes down to whether taming is even possible” after all, wildness is unpredictable.

He shrugged slightly “Well it’s not necessarily about not wanting to socialize, I wouldn’t go to places like bars if I didn’t enjoy that” he grinned slightly, he would say out of everything he was actually quite an extrovert in the right setting, the problem was the more time that passed, the less people he could trust given his situation “Let’s just say that after you’ve been burned a few times it’s hard to know who you can trust” he was sure that much she could understand and perhaps even relate to in some way.

He eyed her lips as he felt her fingertips slowly graze against him and he bit his own lip in response, he could tell she was experienced by the way she held herself alone but the sexy edge to her voice was especially enticing “I’m not one was wasting a single moment” he confessed, expressing in his own way that when he wanted something, he wasn’t the type to give up on it. “Good” he murmured softly as he leaned in closer “It seems we could be just what the other needed” he purred softly and closed the gap, eyes fluttering shut as he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. 

"I mean snakes are... dormant creatures?" This was probably a half-assed attempt at trying to defend them because okay, Sofi loves snakes. She would often get the chance to see one and if possible she wanted to keep one as a pet. "You know at some point I had my ball python phase too..." It was fun but upon realizing she would be traveling plenty, she knew she couldn't neglect them by moving here and there because even as a person, she was tired of doing that with no proper home, much less her beloved snakes.

"Taming snakes is possible sir" she purred, they were no longer talking about actual snakes now and she was on board with the whole analogy turn. "Would you like yourself a snake then? Do you think you could tame them?" It was as if the blonde was challenging him, fully knowing that he was probably able to make do with it. It was barely the first time Sofi has ever brought someone back home, be it a man or woman but there was something about Aeryn that entices her, god knows the initia could not pull her eyes away. He was clearly thinking of it, and he was debating his choices too, which makes her feel excited because he wasn't entirely pulling out of the whole premise yet. It was a possibility.

Upon feeling his lips against hers, she melted against him instantly and held him securely because her legs were beginning to grow weak. The kiss felt forever but surprisingly by the time she pulled away for a breather, it felt too quick. "I think this calls for a more... private spot, don't you?" Honestly she wouldn't mind even if it doesn't end up being at her place or something, a bathroom would do at this point. 

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