Ray pulled up outside the. Fire. House as the. Cloudy sky. Turned to rain clouds as he took off his helmet he closed his eyes as ever drop reminded him of the kiss he had given Clara the night in his mind he felt. bad but also it heightened the other feeling he felt when Clara was on his mind, or he was with her /

Ray got off his bike as he made his way into the firehouse taking the usual route he usually made to get changed into his work clothes, but as he was representing the fire department he worked a Navy blue polo shirt with the Fire department on the back, and the ECFD crest on his front shirt as he made his way out of the changing room the waft of coffee from the machine hit his nose as he made his way over to the to the jug pouring himself a big mug before turning into the briefing room sitting in his usual spot as the chief stepped indirectly at 8 am

The chief began rattling off the tasks on his clipboard as he began to smirk as he looked to ray as he laid his clipboard down and picked up a large box with. Smoke alarms. Flyers and other things he needed to inspect the building as a. boo erupted in the briefing room Ray chuckled as he faked a bow " Ill be thinking of you while I'm sipping my Latte" building inspections didn't bother ray too much as it allowed him to practice his element. Between appointments, as he moved off the wall towards the table, Ray picked up the box as he made his way to the hangers bypassing the engines and bus heading towards on of the two rapid response vehicles.

Several hours passed as the first three checks went fast. The building passed with little or no errors as he looked down at the clipboard he saw the library was next as he travelled through the snail-like traffic as his radio console buzzed on iff with transmissions bu this time his house had been on four calls already as much as he loved the action he loved the downtime to as he looked up and down the street as his vehicles call sign came over the radio to inform him that a member from another house would assist him at the library due to the size of the building Ray picked up the radio handset as he pulled in at the library as he waved at the firefighter at the steps to the library as he pressed the transmission button " RA3 messaged received on location " ray put down the radio as he picked up his items as he made his way towards the steps where his colleague was waiting: hey. I'm ray " the. Other nodded and called himself paul as they made there way. up the steps into the library

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When he turned around her breath was almost taken away, until her eyes made contact with the bandaged hand. "What happened?" she was instantly walking over, and taking it in her hands to inspect the damage as gently as she could. He didn't seem to bothered by it. "No you don't need to worry I didn't wait long, and it seems like you have a pretty darn good excuse," she worried about him, being a firefighter wasn't an easy job she knew that he took daily risks with his life to help other people. They made their way back towards her house, never letting his hand go. She noticed the car in the driveway, and when he explained it to her, she was very thankful he hadn't driven the motorcycle. "Thanks, I don't think I would have been able to ride it on this dress," It wouldn't have been her first time on a motorcycle, but she couldn't remember if she had ever driven in an emergency response vehicle, there had been when she was in elementary school and the field trips to the firehouse, though she could only recall sitting in the big red firetruck.  "No, I don't need anything, let's go,"

She could feel his gaze on her once and a while as he drove, and she couldn't help but blush at all the extra attention she was getting lately. Her eyes were trained on the window, though she couldn't say she was completely paying attention to the beautiful forest scenery that bled into the dazzling scenic city. Her ears picked up his question she took a moment to let it register but when it did she was surprised at the clarity. "It was good, I was a little distracted, to say the least, but, I did get some work done," she fiddled with the hem of her dress. "How was the rest of your day?" she asked. 

"You've never been in a museum, I am shocked," she said. They had gotten out of the car and so far Ray had been a complete gentleman, "And I would love to teach you, after all, you are my best student," Only student she thought to herself, but still nothing could compare. "You'll have to tell me the whole story of the raptor claw, but I think drinks could wait, I'm just itching to get inside," even though Ray saw Clara as a teacher she would always be an eager student to most, she absolutely enjoyed learning.

“ don’t worry about my hand “ Ray smiled gently as he offered his arm as he carefully leads the way to the new exhibit “I took most of the heat out of the item but you can’t deny you weren’t injured when someone sees you touching the item with your bare hands so its mainly for show “ Ray pulled out the tickets as he handed them to the security guard at the entrance as he smiled looking at  Clara “ you ready “  he smiled gently as he opened the door to let Clara in

The room was a large narrow space down the left side showed crystals and geodes and fossils of extinct plants insects and fossils Rays eyes widened as he saw the  3  huge skeletons of dinosaurs down the middle of the exhibit and a short biography about them and their lifestyles for once he didn’t feel completely lost as he recognised the shapes from nearly  Jurassic park movie and to the right was an exhibition on different types of plants and wildlife.” where would you like to start “ ray smiled gently as he noticed Claras eyes scan the room “ we have all night “    in his mind he thought about his past feelings of attending the event how out of place he would have felt and not fully get the exhibit but then his mind turned to his date and how he had asked some of the dumbest questions in his mind at least while they were training together but she didn’t down him just explained that basically he saw things differently and not down him as his stepfather did.  

Ray gently guided them away to the side near one of the exhibits so they weren’t in the way as he gently squeezed Clara’s hand as he whispered into her ear “ im glad there are no exhibits about heaven cause I would have to make it down a grade as I have the most beautiful angel in this world right next to me “.

Clara took Ray's arm as they went up the steps, "I'll try not to but no promises," she always worried about people who got hurt, it was something her mother had said to her once that rung in her ear, "You feel too much, Clara, it'll consume you," she hadn't wanted to hear it but she knew it was true, she did feel but instead of seeing it as a bad thing she always thought it was good. The security guard took their tickets and when he turned to ask her if she was ready she could barely contain her excitement, she gave him a wide smile and nodded. "Very," she replied.

Her eyes made there way around the room, this wasn't her first museum, she had been to so many in her life, but she still couldn't help but feel mesmerized. "Let's start over there," she pointed in the direction on the dinosaurs, they were the biggest thing in the room, taking the spotlight, they looked magnificent. 

Her cheeks burned a bright red, and she couldn't meet his eyes, "Please, I'm no angel," he was sweet, so sweet he made candy seem sour. She looked up at him, "But it's sweet you think so," she moved her eyes once more to the dinosaur. "So what do you know on dinosaurs," she asked changing the subject. 

“ ok,” ray smiles as they stopped in front of a skeleton with horns “I believe that is a triceratops and I think from Jurrasic park they are herbivorous along with the one with the long neck and the middle one is a T rex” Ray stopped as he looked at the skeletons “ if they were alive today I wonder what sort of things would they be doing living wild or helping people in there working lives “ Ray smiled as he looked to Clara as he listed to her about the exhibits as he listened happily.

Ray smiled as  he  listened to  her reply “ Well you  are to me” Ray blushed a  little as he saw his date blush “ and  apart from what I just said about   Dinosaurs I don’t know much about them   there were the Jurassic  and  Meszoric  eras “  in his head   he felt he had sounded it out well  as he turned the geode signs  which took his memory back to one of a few happy times he had with his stepfather “I know geodes are crystals to “ he smiles as his eyes admired the shape of the  Triceratops “ its a shape it is not metallic and have drivers seat “ he put his hand up as he chuckled a little “I admit i was a power ranger fan when I was a kid “  he smiled as  he watched  the smile  on claras face  grow as  her eyes scanned the  details  of everything in front  of her  as he smiled  seeing  she was happy “

"From what I know, that's all correct, the long neck dinosaur is called a Brachiosaurus," she hoped he didn't get offended for her 

explaining, a part of her loved so deeply to teach. "I remember when I was little, I just loved dinosaur shows, there used to be this center in the town that I grew up in, and each year they would do a different end of summer theme party, my favourite had to be the dinosaur one or the bubble show," she said, thinking back to those warm childhood memories, it felt nice to share these stories with him. "I'm not sure what there day to day habits would be, I imagine there wouldn't be as many humans as there are today, us being smaller I imagine we would be trapped and eaten," she smiled up at him. "What do you think?" she asked as they scanned the area. 

"Thank you," she replied. She listened as he talked about his knowledge for dinosaurs and geodes and was fascinated by how his eyes seemed to light up as he spoke to her. "A power ranger fan, did you have a favourite?" she just had to ask. They were watching each other, eyes locked, gosh did he have beautiful eyes. 

Believe it or not, my favourite was Billy  as  apparently as a kid I was like him a lot even had a stutter “ Ray chuckled gently as he  looked  into Clara’s eyes as  he smiled “ and I believe if dinosaurs  were here today  that  maybe we could co-exist  in harmony  corny I know but t hats  what I would hope for “   Ray gently raised his left hand to gently stroke her cheek “I could not get you off my mind at all today “  

Ray gently guided  Clara over to the geodes “   do you see  the different colours  each colour has there own meaning  and energy if you believe in  spiritual energy  “ Ray took  out a small little box  holding  it out in front of Clara” I remembered something you  said  and I could not   stop myself when I saw  them “  Ray  opened the  box showing 2 necklaces   one with a purple stone and one  with a rose-coloured   stone “ they say the rose quartz helps heal and the amethyst  helps  with protection  id be happy knowing  your safe “ ray smiled gently as he turned to face  his date as he looked into her beautiful eyes “ you really do look angelic tonight “ he smiled gently as he let  Clara lead the route around the  museum  seeing her smile  made him  happy and he could tell  she felt  in her element 

"You even know the names and everything," she smiled up at him, as a child, there were parts that always seemed to make you smile, a few different television shows were some of her favourite moments, the image of her father sitting on the couch, with Clara on his lap and the t.v starting off with the theme song of the power rangers hits her mind. "And yes, maybe it's a little corny but I think it's sweet, just like you," she replied. She loved how hopeful he was.
Clara's cheeks were instantly hit with a blush at his words, a part of her wanted to look away from the intensity of his gaze, those blue eyes held a world of wonder but she kept her eyes locked with his. "You were a big distraction in my day too, I barely focused," she chuckled. "Not that minded though," 

She nodded along, as he spoke to her about the geodes, and when he pulled out a box, she couldn't help but look at it with surprise. "You didn't have to get me anything," she said. He opened the box and her lips parted in an oh shape, he wanted her safe, it had been so long since someone had cared this way. "Thank you," she whispered. "Would you put the amethyst one on for me?" she asked. 

Ray smiled as he carefully took the Amethyst necklace from the box as he unclasped the silver lock as carefully placed the necklace around her neck before reattaching the clasp to the other end as he smiled gently “ at least i know you will be safe and heavens forbid you at a rescue site I will find you “ Ray smiled as he gently entwined his fingers between her as he smiled gently guiding her further around the exhibits “ I couldn’t stop thinking about you after i left the library and np it’s not the reason I got the bandage “ he stopped gently as they arrived at the raptor exhibit “ for the first time since I can remember i  feel im totally at peace when i am with you “ he smiled gently as he looked towards Clara.

Max Thieriot, Star of Bates Motel, Discusses Sonoma Wine

Ray reached quickly  for  his inside pocket as he remembered one more  present a small box and a package  in a shape of a pen  “this will give you a close to where  we are going to eat  tonight “ he smiled  gently “  you may  not need the little box “ he blushed a little as he handed it over 

If  you are not into  that type of food I do have a back up “ he smiled gently 

His fingers clasped the necklace shut with ease, and as his hands lingered only for a brief second, she could feel her eyes shut for a moment, his touch as soothing as ever. She listened as he spoke, and skilled up at him, their hands interlocked. "You'll always find me," she whispered under her breath so only he could hear. 
They walked further along, each exhibit as beautiful as the next her breath was taken away at the thought of how each artifact had been involved in the history of the world and how someone had uncovered each one, putting everything together for her eyes to grace the beauty of it all. "I'm happy you feel at peace with me, and I'm glad I'm not too much of a distraction but I understand completely, my mind was on you as well," she leaned up, even in her heels he was taller than her and pressed her lips to his for a brief sweet kiss. "Thank you,"

"You have to stop getting me presents, it's too sweet, and I have nothing for you," she said as he handed her the box. Looking into the box she couldn't help but wonder what it all meant. "You're going to have to explain, I'm too bubbly to understand. Where are we eating?" she asked curiously. 

Ray smiled as he gently kissed her lips back  “ that one should answer your question “ Ray smirked a little as he tapped the pen-shaped gift as he gently wrapped his arms around her “ would you like to go to dinner and settle your question “ Ray looked into her eyes as he smiled “I was brought up you never give to receive and it’s nice for me as the family I had wasn’t into giving gifts “ ray gently wrapped his arms around Clara as he guided her to the raptor exhibit as he gently guided her hands over the indentation of the raptor claw “ do you feel the two claws at the edge of the foot the raptor would use them to balance and then use the 3rd one was used to pierce its prey “.

Ray smiled as he took off his jacket as he wrapped  his jacket gently around  Clara” Its not far  but its a walk through the park “ he smiled  gently  as  he  gently guided  her towards the exit  as he looked up at the night sky “ its a beautiful night “ he smiled as  they made there way down the steps

Clara smiled against him, something she found herself doing every time they were together, so much smiling her cheeks hurt. "I would love to go to dinner, I look extremely forward to seeing what you have planned." Clara could tell he put a lot of thought into there date, she hoped that the next time they would go out, she could plan something just as special. Ray guided her to the raptor exhibit and she listened to him. "To be honest, I have no idea, but it could be possible," she replied. "Did you ever want to be anything ever besides a firefighter or bartender," she found herself asking.

She couldn't help but feel warm inside at Ray's thoughtfulness, he really did go above and beyond over every little thing. "Thank you," Clara replied as she slipped the jacket around her. "I think I might enjoy the walk," it might help settle the blush that seemed to make another sudden appearance on her cheek. She slipped her hand in his as they began the journey to the restaurant. 

Ray listened to Claras question as he thought about her question as they walked gently as he gently squeezed her hand “ if I had not of becoming a firefighter or a barman I would be very different my father “ Ray corrected himself “ my stepfather was a con artist by the age of 7 I was able to clean assemble and disassemble a Winchester rifle if I had not of walked into that fire and the fire initia found me I would still be there living the life of crime and have nothing of what I have now “ he smiled as he looked at Clara.

“ I do have a confession after our sessions I came to this park before to try and learn and find my own way of using the techniques you have taught me and being honest it really did help “ he continued to walk with Clara as he smiled as the restaurant came into the distance as he clicked his fingers “   just remembered I could not remember if you said you were vegetarian vegan or none of the above as they asked for types of food we wanted so I gave them orders to cook a bit of everything “ he smiled gently as he chuckled “ good job I hadn’t got my lighter out he smiled as they got nearer a  small Chinese restaurant as he gently wrapped around her “  if I stayed with my stepfather I would not have had the life I have now and I would never have met you.

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