Ray pulled up outside the. Fire. House as the. Cloudy sky. Turned to rain clouds as he took off his helmet he closed his eyes as ever drop reminded him of the kiss he had given Clara the night in his mind he felt. bad but also it heightened the other feeling he felt when Clara was on his mind, or he was with her /

Ray got off his bike as he made his way into the firehouse taking the usual route he usually made to get changed into his work clothes, but as he was representing the fire department he worked a Navy blue polo shirt with the Fire department on the back, and the ECFD crest on his front shirt as he made his way out of the changing room the waft of coffee from the machine hit his nose as he made his way over to the to the jug pouring himself a big mug before turning into the briefing room sitting in his usual spot as the chief stepped indirectly at 8 am

The chief began rattling off the tasks on his clipboard as he began to smirk as he looked to ray as he laid his clipboard down and picked up a large box with. Smoke alarms. Flyers and other things he needed to inspect the building as a. boo erupted in the briefing room Ray chuckled as he faked a bow " Ill be thinking of you while I'm sipping my Latte" building inspections didn't bother ray too much as it allowed him to practice his element. Between appointments, as he moved off the wall towards the table, Ray picked up the box as he made his way to the hangers bypassing the engines and bus heading towards on of the two rapid response vehicles.

Several hours passed as the first three checks went fast. The building passed with little or no errors as he looked down at the clipboard he saw the library was next as he travelled through the snail-like traffic as his radio console buzzed on iff with transmissions bu this time his house had been on four calls already as much as he loved the action he loved the downtime to as he looked up and down the street as his vehicles call sign came over the radio to inform him that a member from another house would assist him at the library due to the size of the building Ray picked up the radio handset as he pulled in at the library as he waved at the firefighter at the steps to the library as he pressed the transmission button " RA3 messaged received on location " ray put down the radio as he picked up his items as he made his way towards the steps where his colleague was waiting: hey. I'm ray " the. Other nodded and called himself paul as they made there way. up the steps into the library

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"Don't be embarrassed, Harry Potter is one of my favourite books too," her childhood and consisted of Harry Potter, when each book was about to be released she would save up her allowance for weeks just so she could be first in line to read the next one. "Whose your favourite character? mine was Ginny Weasley or Ron, though I did quite enjoy Hermonie," Clara asked. 

"It was my pleasure, you make quite fine company Mr. Herald," she responded listening to his words, she couldn't remember a time where a man had actually thanked her for a date. "I think a walk around the lake would be lovely," Though there would be a chill in the air, she thought it would be so nice to escape the confines of a building. "I would love that, it sounds very romantic," That's what she admired about Ray with everything he did, he put his utmost into it. "I'm touched you want to show me, but are you sure, it's your magical place," 

Clara let Ray lead her out of the restaurant, bracing herself for the sudden temperature change, and answered his question. "Mine is Summer and Autumn too, I can never decide, Autumn is so beautiful, but I love the warmth of the Summer as well, what's your favourite Autumn drink?" she asked. 

Well, I would sneak to the nearest library for hours, of course, I had to make out I was scoping out the place but really I was there but if I was to say who I thought I was I would say I was Draco but I don’t know who I am now “Ray smiled as he thought about who his favourite character was as he wrapped his jacket around Clara” I would actually say  Dobby  he’s not the main character I know and he dies but even though he was afraid he stood up  to protect Harry and his friends but that shows no matter if you fat thin tall short when you stand up to protect someone or help you’re as tall as the person next to you “ he smiled as he gently entwined his fingers gently between  Claras as he gently guided her towards the lake. 

Ray smiled gently as  they walked as  towards the lake as he blushed” what if I said this is all new to me  “he stopped as he looked into her beautiful eyes “ your  the first person  I’ve let in “ he gently raised his free hand stroking her cheek gently “ and im sure I want to  plus  I think you will love the  lake there  the biggest I’ve ever seen” he smiled as  he gently walked with her “ believe it or not    but I have 2 “ he smiled gently “ homemade soup    and  hot choc  not together but    they’re my two favourite drinks for that  time of year  he smiled  as they arrived at the middle of the park “I love the summer  for the warmth  but  the autumn I love when  the leaves turn from green to the yellow-red and many different colours” he smiled gently 

Ray gently smiled as he looked into claras eyes as he smiled “ promise me something “ if you ever feel  overwhelmed and  just need to be around your element just say ok  and we will go where ever you need to ill come with you “ he gently raised his free hand again as he gently stroked her cheek “ and I forgot to ask” he chuckled a little as  he smiled “ what’s your favourite Autumn drink he waited as Clara said her answer  before he leant in slowly kissing her lips 

They walked hand in hand towards the lake and her heart warmed, every little thing Ray seemed to do, he did it to help people, his answer in response to his favourite Harry Potter character told her that, she was impressed with the level of selflessness, he was a hero if she ever saw one. "I remember watching the scene where he died, I cried profusely, it showed that even innocents die," she had been younger then but Dobby dying had been a hard thing to swallow, she always seemed to be getting attached to fictional characters. 

On the way, he stopped to look at her and was surprised to hear him speaking so vulnerable, but was glad he did. "Thank you for sharing it with me, I love nature but even I didn't I would love it there because it holds such a close place to your heart," They counted talking, and she loved learning all the answers to basic questions. "I'll have to make you some of my homemade soup once, I think you like it; it's an old recipe. And I love when the leaves change colour too," she replied.

She nodded, it felt nice to have someone she could relate to, the draw to the water seemed to always be there but when she did get overly emotional the water seemed to call louder than before. "I promise," she replied, happy to have his company, "Promise me the same?" she smiled softly and closed her eyes momentarily enjoying the warmth of his hand. She opened them and answered his question. "Warm apple cider, or hot chocolate with marshmallows," thinking about it brought memories from her childhood to the front of her mind but before she could think much on it, his lips leaned into hers and he kissed her. She had to stand on her tippy toes to reach him and even then he had to lean down, she wrapped her arms around his neck, enjoying the warmth of him standing so close. 

Ray smiled as he gently stroked Clara’s cheek as he looked deep into her eyes “ you look absolutely stunning tonight but ill pick you up something before we meet tomorrow “ he smiled as he gently began to walk around the lake with Clara “ I admit im pleased I have met someone on the same level as me and accept my constant babbling “ he laughed gently stopping a bit further down the path as he smiled as he reached into his pocket as he pulled out his lighter “ I don’t smoke but I always keep a lighter with me it may be a firefighter thing or an I feel that confidence with my element “  he slid the lighter back in his pocket” but I promise you I will tell you.

Ray smiled gently as they continued around the lake the exit they had to take to get to the vehicle they had arrived in the lights of the street engulfed the street as they left the picturesque lake “ do you need anything at the store at all we can drive to one on the way back if you like “ Ray walked over to the car as he attempted to open the door but fails to open “ Ray looked a little embarrassed as he continued to try before suddenly remembering as he slid his hand into his uniform jacket pulling out his keys “ that’s why the door won’t open “ he laughed as he pressed the unlock button and the amber lights blinked as he opened the door with success.

Ray smiled gently as he  got in the driver’s seat  turning on the ignition as he smiled gently holding  Clara’s hand “ are you cold we can put the heater on if you like “ ray put on his seat belt  as  the radio came to life his attention turning to one radio broadcast before  he turned he radio down as he set off down the street 

She blushed at his compliment, "You don't have to get anything for me, you being here is enough," she wasn't the type of woman who needed fancy things, she just wanted whatever he could give her of himself, Clara wanted the real deal, something that couldn't be paid for, or bought something that came naturally. "I mean it's only fair you put up with my babbling," and she was sure she did enough of that for the both of them. Her eyes traced the lighter in the near darkness where the street lights hit in some areas, " I get it, I used to have to carry a bottle of water with me, it helped me stay calm, something to ground me I think," she replied. "Only if you want to share, I wouldn't force you,"

The walk around the lake kept her breathless at the beauty of it, walking along with hand in hand with Ray made her extremely happy,. When they got back to the car, she was slightly sad it was over but she could feel the tiredness in her eyes, "No, I don't think I need anything, thank you though," she was impressed with how thoughtful he was. She smiled at him, Clara forgot her keys more times then she would like to admit,  she stepped in once he opened the door for her "Thank you," she offered and buckled her seatbelt.

"The heater would be nice," she answered, realizing just how cold it had been outside, she tugged the jacket closer to her body hoping to conceal some warmth as he began the drive to bring her home. 

Ray smiled as he turned a switch to turn the heating on his mind dreading the 12 hours till he saw her again “ so what sort of dog would you recommend for a firehouse” he smiled as he looked at Clara as he pulled up at a set of traffic lights “ it may be a dalmatian or labrador what would you suggest “ he smiled as he set off again taking a street earlier then he did last time “ there is a small Rta in the next street so we are taking a  slight detour “  he slid his fingers gently between Clara’s as he smiled.

Ray smiled  as  she mentioned about her blabbing  before  gently squeezing her hand “ it's good to blab and put the world to rights  if you don’t  you will erupt “ he smiled as he turned his head to Clara “I am glad I can be your  Extinguisher to your fire “ he smiled happily as he took  the woodland scenery  as  the clouds opened  he listened to the rain hit the windscreen like  a tune to a song as the  window wipers  screeched  to life  as he cringed a little “ sorry about that “ 

Ray reduced his speed to make the trip last longer as they approached  Clara’s driveway as he pulled up to where he parked earlier as he got out to the backdoor pulling out his turn out jacket as he raised it above the door as a form of projection For his date he smiled as he leads her towards her front door stopping at the steps before Clara’s front door as he smiled “ what are your plans for the rest of the night ?”   he smiled as he looked at her beautiful face as she spoke his mind was already skipping ahead to tomorrow and he wondered how he would manage before he knew it he dropped the turn out jacket behind her as he wrapped his arms gently around Clara before kissing her lips lovingly.


Clara thanked him for turning the heat up, enjoying the warmth coming out of the vents. "A dalmatian is a very common firehouse dog, but if you want something different you can, though as long as you don't call him Sparky It'll be okay, not that it's a bad name, just overly used one," she responded. Clara didn't panic when he explained the detour and enjoyed holding his hand in hers.

The car ride seemed to pass too quickly before long the buildings became tress and she knew they were approaching near the base of the mountains, "You're right, and who doesn't babble," she muttered the rain beginning to fall. "How sweet of you, I'm glad I'll know who to call, and don't apologize, it's a car they all make sounds," as long as they weren't really loud she usually assumed everything was alright. 

Somehow before she wanted to, she was standing in front of her door after coming out of the car in the pouring rain after one of the best dates of her life, a date she was sad had to end but hopeful that they would have many more dates to come. "I'm thinking of reading before I go to bed, then closing my eyes and falling into a wonderful sleep," she answered. She smiled at him and they kissed once more, and when they parted he walked down the steps and she walked to the door watching him go. Clara could see it now, more lovely dates in the future, filled with romance and fine conversation, she had always gotten along with Ray and now she looked forward to getting to know him even more. 

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