Age of Appearance: 33 | Date of Birth: 6th October, 1675 | Actual Age: 342

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Edinburgh, Scotland

Family: None | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Aquila Constellation

Faceclaim: Colin O’Donoghue



It started with noise, a quiet rumbling which slowly became a rumbling earthquake around him as he slowly came into consciousness, he didn’t know what was happening nor whether he was dreaming or awake, all he could feel was the blistering heat against his skin before he crashed into the ground, the impact instantly knocking him unconscious.

Waking hours later William would find himself alone in a crater the snow of winter causing a chill to creep over his skin. At first he couldn’t move at all but slowly the feeling came to his limbs and he was first able to twitch and then eventually move them. He eventually managed to stand and view the area around him, he was confused and alone.

William wandered for miles before he eventually found a village, he remained silent as he watched the villagers go about their daily routines, there was a market in the middle of the village with many different stalls. It was easy for the man to get to the stall and slip away with some food. He took only enough to sustain him, as much as he needed to survive before moving away from the crowds.

He spent the first few months of his life this way, learning to rely on himself to get by, sleeping rough some nights and in the shelter of local barns and inns when he had money or something to trade for the privilege, it was a hard life but it was his life and it helped him to learn to be self sufficient, he learned of the cruelty that others had towards those who had little to their name. William generally moved from place to place never really calling anywhere home.

His way of living worked for some time but it wasn’t long before he started to realize that he wasn’t just an ordinary human being, from the times where he would feel like the entire world had frozen around him to the times he swore he had seen his skin glowing as he washed his face in the river he knew that something was wrong. The more he learned about his powers, the more he found himself using them, stopping time allowed him to slip in and out of places without being noticed.

But his use of celestial energy would also put him in a dangerous position, for what he didn’t know could quite literally kill him. Hunters weren’t something that William knew he needed to fear until he found himself awoken in the middle night by the smell of fire. The straw in the barn had been set alight with him inside, coughing and spluttering he had awoken to find a shadow crossing the floor towards him.

William knew he was in danger managed to fight his way to his feet grabbing a pitchfork and lunging it into the man’s chest before running from the scene leaving the little possessions he owned behind. William was sure that he had killed the other man, there was no way that anyone could have survived a blow to the chest like the one he had delivered. William made a hasty exit from the village and knew that he needed to find answers about who and what he was, if he was in danger, he needed to know who was targeting him so that he could evade them.

It took a long time searching but in the end it would be his gut instincts that lead him to another of his kind, through his search he discovered texts about his kind, fallen stars whom had took human form on their fall to the earth. There weren’t many like him the the world but he didn’t need 1000 he only needed to find one. Find one he did when he was crossing from Scotland into England and ran across a young noble lady.

William didn’t know what about Ophelia had drawn in him in but somehow before they had even spoken he knew that she was important to his kind, the amulet she wore around her neck was familiar, like something he had owned as a child and treasured. Of course he didn’t remember his childhood at all, he wasn’t even certain he had one, he knew very little of how life worked in the skies.

Ophelia and William were fast friends, she was naturally rebellious and daring which paired well with his dry humor and general disregard for rules and laws. Ophelia told William of everything she had learned in her time on earth, how she wasn’t an ordinary Celestial and that other stars were naturally drawn to her as she was to them, she had however decided to take it a step further and search for those who were like her, she had a natural fire about her when it came to her people and the future she envisioned for them.

William was inspired by his friend finding her enthusiasm to be contagious and he agreed to help her find more people like them, a part of him also wanted to meet more of his kind and to explore his powers more, being a Celestial was all he had going for him, he had no family nor wealth to his name, he had to hold tightly onto the things he knew about himself. He had also come to enjoy Ophelia’s company and wanted to spend more time with another like him, it had been a lonely life for him thus far and it was a welcome breath of fresh air to have someone he could talk to freely.

Ophelia and William traveled the world in search of stars, when they heard a news story detailed a bright light in the sky they knew where their next destination would be. On their travels William got to learn an abundance of skills from sword fighting and how to sail a ship from Niram and how to bargain and trade with merchants. He dabbled in horse riding and learning to navigate with the stars. For the first time in his life William felt like he could do anything and be anything and he loved it.

William remained close friends with Ophelia and was often her first council in decisions, he trusted her and she trusted him, the two would often joke and chat and debate the next moves for their people. William however also got close with other members of the colony such as Niram and Alva whom assisted with their travels around the globe.

Eventually however the deal was made with the Ailward in return for their protection, William knew it was a risky move, he didn’t know whether they could trust these people and warned Ophelia of such. He remained suspicious when they made the move but with time he came to warm up to the guards and their people, he enjoyed sparring with all the different species and learning their strengths and weaknesses. He also took the opportunity of staying in one place to hone his skills, he became skilled in using swords and other traditional weapons.

The blissful peace however ended as he first feared when Ophelia had left on another of her suicide missions, he had told her he thought them to be as such many a time but he understood her need to do it anyway, she was bringing back her people and saving them from the trauma of their lives, he couldn’t stop that. Except this time she didn’t come back like she had every time before and William felt shattered knowing his best friend was gone.

The events that followed were bleak, each of them were locked up in the cellars by the guard and all they were left with was each other and the scraps of food that were brought to them every day. It was hard to stay positive when every day was the same and he missed his freedom more than anything. He however remained himself, he did his best to help the others still feel grounded and he honestly believed that Ophelia would come for them, he knew how strong she was, he knew that if she was alive, she wouldn’t stop until they had all been saved.

It was years later and he was battered and bruised but true to his beliefs Ophelia had made good on her promises and come to save them. William instantly rushed into action the moment he saw her, ushering everyone from their cells out of the castle. He simply hugged Ophelia quickly before climbing into the boat and watching as the island behind them fell, served them right for the way that his people had been treated he had thought.

The colony made their way around the globe searching for Ophelia’s amulet but he knew they wouldn’t find it, there was no way that a power like that would be anywhere but around the devil’s neck and so he knew it would only be so long before he was reunited with his foes. William personally was ready to face them, he wasn’t afraid of them and he never would be, his people were strong and they were brave and they had nothing left to lose.

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