Bap and Elias's last reunion had ended pretty awkwardly. And, while the Valkyr felt pissed off, bitter, and as if Elias might be trying to betray him, considering the fake wife and all. Lately it's all Bap had been thinking .. or more so, obsessing about. He had prayed to the heavens above that Elias hadn't met someone else, or that Baptiste hadn't been some kind of experiment. What better way to clear the air than a proper date?

Baptiste spent the last two days preparing a romantic evening for him and the man he knew that he truly loved with all his heart. From decorating the barn, to buying champagne and Elias's favorite food's, he had done it all. Baptiste was nervous beyond expression, but that didn't stop him from getting a quick shower, and sliding into one of his best suits.

On Bap's bed laid two things. One: a boquet of black roses with red trimming, and two: a CD he had made for Elias consisting of all the songs they had played on their first night together before Baptiste pushed Elias away. While it was simple, it was meaningful, and sometimes, simple things could be the most meaningful things in the world.

After gathering everything, Baptiste headed back to the ranch, put everything in order, and called Elias. The Valkyr was even more nervous now, as he started the music, poured two glasses of champagne, and placed rose petals around the area, along with plugging in all the stringed lights he had hung. He was pretty proud of his master piece. Elias being the southern male that he was, meant Baptiste had even thought carefully about the song he wanted playing when Elias walked in, and he had decided on (Somebody's Got Me)

Baptiste spent the rest of his time after calling Elias, preparing the table he had set up underneath one of the larger tree's at the ranch, and nervously began waiting at the end of a rose petal walk way.. Perhaps he'd went overboard, but Baptiste didn't slack when it came to romantic gestures. He was a firm believer in 'go big or go home'. The longer it took, the more he felt his nerves catching up to him, and before long, he began drinking the champagne, which there was no shortage of for the night. Baptiste had splurged plenty to make sure this day and night went perfectly. And for later, he had a projector to shine on the wall, which would play a home made video of Baptiste himself expressing his love for Elias.

But, first things first, and that was actually waiting for Elias to show up. After they eat, he planned to go horse back riding with Elias, and couldn't wait to show his Celestial the pair of chaps he'd brought to change into just for that occasion.

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Ever since the hospital event with Elias’ best friend and work wife Jessa Elias felt as though something was wrong between him and Bap and that hurt him to his core. He was trying everything in his power to plan something to show Baptiste that he was the only one he wanted. Elias had gotten up early and took Belladonna out to tend to the fences around the ranch, Elias enjoyed his time with his horse. Just himself and his girl Bells and the big wide open ranchland.

Looking down at his phone when it began to play Yours a smile lit up his face as he picked up the phone. “Hey babe, the barn? Alright, I am on my way back now.” He hung up the phone and turned Bells in the direction and spurred her on as quickly as he could in the direction of home. Of course, Elias always went into panic mode when it came to those he loved so when he got to the barn and saw it all lit up and blasting music.

He hopped down off of Bells and put her into her stall following the trail when his eyes landed on Baptiste and he was okay and safe. Elias’ body calmed down as he approved the Valkyr without saying anything he grabbed the Valkyr and pulled him in for a deep kiss. “You had me scared half to death that something had happened to you.” He whispered as he lay his forehead against Bap’s

“You look stunning.” He whispered and stepped back to look at Baptiste feeling very underdressed in his work clothes and slightly dirty. “If I had any idea I would have showered and changed before I came out here.” He smiled lovingly.

The incident at the hospital had rattled things between Baptiste and Elias pretty badly. To be frank, Baptiste had thought about giving up that very day. He was sure Elias had met someone and moved on to them when he and Bap had been pulled apart by the infamous twins who sought to destroy Bap's life. Tonight would be the night he and Elias either reconciled, or broke things off for good this time. Because it just hurt too damn bad to sit and wonder when he'd lose the love of his life .. again. He couldn't. He just couldn't. 

Baptiste had certainly went overboard on the decorations, but he didn't leave anything to chance. He had always been an old school romantic, and didn't spare any detail when it came to having 'the perfect date.' plus, he and Elias were way over due for a night to themselves. He already knew Elias like the back of his hand, and he just knew Elias would show up in a panic. He couldn't help but chuckle when his Celestial showed up just as he'd anticipated he would. Full of panic and worry. 

The way Elias pulled him into a kiss however, seemed to stop time, and simply made Bap's head spin. The things this man done to Baptiste with just a simple touch. With his arms still wrapped around the Celestial, he grinned slyly "No no, i'm fine. I just wanted to show you a little something" he grinned coyly, as if his words had double meaning. And of course they did, but he'd show him that later. 

Baptiste made a gesture with his hand as to say don't worry. "I didn't give you any warning because you're sexy when you've been working all day" he smirked, and cupped the Celestial's cheek as he complimented him to say he looked stunning "only for you" he grinned before stealing another kiss. Baptiste stepped back, pulling a small grey box from his coat pocket, kneeling on one knee, and allowing his gaze to lock on his man. "Look. I know things haven't been the best for us, for a while now. I know I put you through hell when I pushed you away, and I don't deserve you.'re here, and I never want to lose you again Elias" he proceeded to open the box, and grabbed Elias's hand. He knew Elias would likely have a heart attack before he could even get the ring out of it's box. 

"I want to give you this, and it's not a proposal.. not just yet, but a promise" he added, to hopefully calm his partner down in case he started freaking out. "A promise to stick by you this time, and love you the way I couldn't before. I'm not saying I didn't love you endlessly and unconditionally, but .. I was afraid, and I did the only thing I knew I could do to save your life, but I don't wanna run no more, and if that means fighting, then I want you by my side for that too." After carefully sliding the ring out of the box, Baptiste slid it onto Elias's ring finger. "Don't hurt me" he added, and continued to hold his hand while remaining on his knees in front of him, using his free hand to grip at the Celestial's side a little. 

After playfully nipping at the flesh on his stomach, he lowered his shirt, and gazed back up to him. "I wanted this night to be perfect, I may have went overboard" he admitted guiltily. "I just wanna give you everything I was deprived of giving you before. I thought long and hard about things, and even though I still don't get what went on at the hospital, I can't imagine not being with you forever" Baptiste was usually so reserved about his feelings and expressing himself, so when he did let his emotions show, it seemed like they all came spilling out at once.  

After the time-stopping kiss ended Elias couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, his cheeks almost as red as his hair on his head. “A little something, this seems more than a little dear love of mine.” He chuckled and looked around the barn. As Bap went to one Knee Elias’ heart jumped out of his chest and he nearly stepped back out of shock but Bap grabbing his hand caused him to stop.

The world spun for a moment and he could barely register the words he was saying as he went into another type of happy panic. Every time Elias open his mouth to speak he just couldn’t he was silent like his own words were failing him at that moment. The cool feel of the metal against his warm skin somehow made Elias calm for the moment, when Bap nipped at his skin he closed his eyes and reached down helping his Valkyr to his feet.

Leaning in for another time-stopping kiss Elias just poured his emotions into the kiss and let the kiss linger for a while. When he spoke next each word was met with a simple kiss after “you – are – the – best – thing – to – happen – to – me.” Taking a deep breath.

“There is nothing wrong between us Baptiste, you are the one I want” As if on Cue the song shifted to the next one Elias smiled “Replace she with he and this is perfect.” He gripped Bap’s face “I promise to stick by you and trust in you and fight with you and for you, I want to marry you. One day. You are my everything.” He kissed him once more. Taking another breath “will you finally let me explain the hospital thing” He chuckled, the thing was the hospital event was indeed supper innocent and Bap had jumped to the worst thing possible.

“As you know Jessa works for me, with me, she is my WORK wife, she is my best friend. When she was hurt and they wouldn’t tell me what happened I just blurted out that I am her husband. Just because we act like an old married couple, but I am very very much so gay and in love with you and only you.” He smiled and rested his hand on Bap’s hip and cheek. “YOU are the one for me, not anyone else…. Look around look at what you did for me.. look how I reacted, I thought you were hurt and came running that has to tell you something.”

Baptiste narrowed his gaze slightly, unable to refrain from grinning as Elias said that this was more than just a little something. At first the Valkyr had hesitated to even go through with this whole romantic evening, in thinking he''d just get his heart broken when Elias finally explained who his 'wife' was. But, at the same time, Baptiste knew they both needed this night to be together and what better way to do it than going overboard with romantic gestures? The Valkyr, at least for as long as he could remember, had been huge on being an old school romantic, and firmly believed in treating his partner like gold. Baptiste had looked up through his lashes, smirking at the reaction on Elias's face as he kneeled on one knee. He didn't expect anything less than what he was seeing right now, and in a way, it tugged at the Valkyr's heartstrings. 

It was when Elias pulled him up, and seemingly poured years worth of feelings into that next kiss. Speechless and breathless, Baptiste could do nothing more than hold him, allowing his hands to explore his partner for a moment to show his love since he knew Elias was big on the whole 'actions speak louder than words' thing. Between each gentle kiss, and every soft spoken, heartfelt word, Baptiste just smiled and simply allowed Elias to continue. It felt good to know Elias still loved him after all the things Bap had put him through "I'm so sorry for ever pushing you away" he began, but soon silenced himself when Elias started explaining the very thing Bap had been waiting on since the incident at the hospital. 

Baptiste nearly choked up on the next thing Elias said, but he could certainly see this Celestial being the man he spent forever with, and marriage didn't sound too terrifying, at least not with Elias. "One thing at a time. First, how about we get through this date tonight" he grinned teasingly, before leaving a gentle kiss along his neck "I think that sounds like a dream come true. Marrying you would be the last missing puzzle piece, but .. you know that I come with some pretty heavy baggage.." he was sure Elias would know he was talking about the psychotic twins from his past. 

Bap quirked a brow when Elias asked if he'd finally allow him to explain the hospital incident. "Gladly, the stage is all yours" he made a gesture with his hands and folded his arms across his torso, for a moment, bracing himself for this to hurt. But, as Elias went on with explaining, Baptiste felt a little bad for having jumped to conclusions and storming out the way he had at the hospital. "So, you told them you were here husband just to gain access to her room?" he asked to clarify that's what he was saying. "I'm sorry for doubting you Eli" he added and for a moment, he hung his head low. Baptiste was quick to bring his head back up however, unable to refrain from laughing a little when Elias said he was very very much so gay and in love with him "I know.. or at least I should have known and I'm sorry for acting so.. jealous, and possessive. But, you are mine. I lost you once, I can't do it again" he stated in a serious tone before grabbing Elias's belt loops and tugging him closer to steal another kiss. 

In between the kiss, Baptiste realized Elias had been right, and that he had indeed rushed out here as if he thought Bap was hurt. With a nod, and a sad smile, the Valkyr sighed, finally accepting this for what it was, deciding he had to cast away the trust issues, which was easier said than done, but Elias deserved to be trusted. "You're right, and I'm sorry I worried you.. but you did look good rushing in here the way you did" he smirked slyly and held his hand out as he changed the - SONG - again, "Dance with me?" he asked, taking a proper gentlemen's stance as he waited for Elias's response / reaction. "I'm just happy you could give me another chance to love you. I never stopped Elias, and if time showed me anything, it's that I can't stand this world without you by my side" Baptiste had been through hell and back, and had made plenty of bad choices since he'd lost Elias, but .. they were here now, and that meant a lot. It was better than what they'd gotten with one another in a long time now. 

Elias leaned into Baptiste as he grabbed his belt loops and pulled him closer. “Stop saying you are sorry; I am sick of those words.” He shook his head and kissed his love back. “I don’t blame you for thinking about what you are probably thinking, we did spend a lot of time apart and I am sure we have both changed from who we once were.” He looked into his eyes “But this is one thing that will never change I will always love you and want you.” 

When Bap changed the song and stepped away asking if Elias would dance with him, he nodded and placed his hand in Bap’s and began to dance with him. Singing to the song as they slow danced around the barn. The moment was perfect the song was perfect everything was perfect and Elias needed to get so much off his chest and he needed to know why Bap pushed him away. “I will carry any and all baggage you have Owl, it’s easier to have two people carry the load than one person you should know this by now.” He smirked. 

“I work on a farm if I didn’t share the load with my ranch hands, I would run myself into the grave trying to do it all alone.” He chuckled and lay his forehead against his partners just absorbing the moment. “This date night is something I’ve needed with you for so long, the time to just get it all out on the table. Just to hold you and no one else.” 

Elias closed his eyes listening to the lyrics as they swayed, he gripped onto Bap a bit tighter if there was one thing, he didn’t want to lose him again that was Elias’ biggest fear as of right now. “Before we get too far into this Date, I do need to know have the twins been around?” Elias was prepared this time to fight. He knew Bap would hate that Eli brought them up but the Celestial was very aware of the reality of their situation. He needed to know this one thing before he could let himself get totally lost in the rest of the date. 

“I promise after this no more talk of them, you have my full undivided attention, you put a lot of work into this and I want to show you how much all of this means to me.” Wrapping his arms tighter around his Valkyr he squeezed the man as best as he could with a playful smirk on his lips. 

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