Yesterday marked Svetlana's favorite time of year. Fall. The dark, twisted up Nephilim may not have appreciated much around her, or anyone around her, except for Dominic, but she loved the way the leaves changed colors. The way the crisp air seemed to envelope her athletic frame gave the Nephilim a sense of comfort that she couldnt' seem to find anywhere else, or any other time of the year.

Today Svet had decided on doing something different with her time. She missed Dominic more than words could express, and a big part of her had fallen into a depression due to the fact that she'd not seen him ever since the night of the attack. and though he had saved her life even then, she couldn't forget that she'd hurt him psychically before hand. Svetlana had been trying to figure out what had went wrong that night before they slayed a group of rogues. Before Svet went out to that field where so much blood had been shed, she used her abilities on Dominic and the rest of the Therians who'd stood by her through everything, to neutralize them. A small voice in her head told Svetlana that she needed to go willfully to the rogues, and so she did. Putting Dom and the others down, in her mind, was to save them.

So today, Svetlana sat in the animal shelter, looking for a pet to adopt. None of them had called out to her until she saw the rottweiler, seemingly the runt of the litter considering how tiny it was compared to the other two. "I'll take her" she smiled genuinely down at the pup scratching at the metal bars of the cage, ready for Svetlana to pick her up. Svet knew what it was like to be damaged and broken, and this pup kinda reminded her of that, no one ever picked the runt of the litters, most died from neglect, which was exactly why Svetlana grabbed it;.

After signing the paper work to take her home, Svet named her 'Dimi" which was short for her fathers name. After stopping by the store, Svetlana grabbed everything necessary to take care of a dog, including a tiny puppy bed made of fur, feathers, and diamonds. It didn't take long for the Nephilim to get back home, where she noticed her door unlocked and standing wide open. Svet;ana's heart sank deeply into her chest, the fear of those rogues being here to end her life settling deep within her, shaking her from the inside out.

Much to her surprise however, it wasn't them at all. Sitting the puppy down in it's bed, Svetlana flashed over to Baron, kneeing him between his legs, smiling as he crumbled. "You have about two seconds to tell me what you're doing here" she stated, hovering just over top of him. Baron grunted, and pushed his way up off the floor before spinning Svetlana, and pressing her against the wall, placing his palms on each side of her head, only holding her there now with the weight of his chest. "I need a favor Lana" je smirked, as if she'd do anything he wanted. "A favor? YEah right. Go away Baron, seriously. Get a life she stated, and pushed against his chest roughly enough to knock him back a little.

Svet carried on doing things around her house, ignoring his presence all together. "What do you want?" she then asked, figuring he wouldn't go away until he at least told her what favor he needed from her of all people. "It's simple really. Ill even pay you good money for it" he started, making Svet raise a brow, officially intrigued with the offer. "Keep an eye on my brother" he added, causing her to laugh a little. "What the hell Baron? Really?" she asked, making light of something that semed to be important to him. "Why? why do you not just approach him yourself Baron?" she then asked, biting her lower lip as he carresed the side of her face, falling victim to his touch, which was what had gotten her in this situation in the first place.

"Fine fine" she protested against his touch, only agreeing so that he would stop. IIt was hours after that, that Svetlana now sat here pretending to read a magazine, just on the opposite side of Baron's brother in a local cafe. As boring as this was for the Nephilim, she ffinally slammed the magazine down in front of her, giving an eye roll at the fact that she even let Baron talked her into this. Such a bastard. She thought to herself before waving her hand at the waitress, "Give me another please" she sighed, holding her cup up for the woman, indicating she needed a refill of plain black coffee. Svet didn't take hers sweet and diluted with bullshit. 

When the woman brought her refill back, the Nephilim clutched her cup and finally moved over to join Ace. "You looked like you could use some company, do you mind?" she asked, not wanting to invade on his personal space in case he did actually mind. 

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Seonghwa's second favorite season was fall. When the pretty leaves fell and Evermore seemed to cool down from the hot summer months that ran from May to August and gave him serious sunburns. It marked a time when Halloween and Thanksgiving come up and leave Seonghwa's insides feeling warm and fuzzy. He really didn't like turkey though, so that was the bad part of Thanksgiving. Candy was the only good thing about Halloween since he didn't really dress up, except for like cat ears and drawn-on whiskers.

Today marked the day that Seonghwa would finally get over the loss of Baekhyun, and try to desperately avoid the hallucinations caused by this. He thought if he at least got over Baekhyun, maybe hallucination Baekhyun would go away and leave him peace, so he didn't have to have a mental breakdown in the middle of the bar or the mall when "Maniac" Baekhyun decided to show his face. To be honest, Seonghwa was terrified of the hallucinations and he rarely left the bar if he knew one was coming on.

In lew of this, Seonghwa decided to celebrate by looking at the new animals in the shelter. It seemed to take the edge of waiting for a hallucination to appear and almost completely take his mind off the horrifying face of his nightmares. He wasn't ready to see blood today. Wasn't ready to fall off his chair again. And he definitely wasn't ready to keep screaming over and over again until his throat hurt.

The animals were cute, he had to admit. Their tiny faces looking up at him, begging for him to take them home and love them. He was sorely tempted by a sweet-faced Bombay kitten, that pawed at his hand when he went to rub her head. She was really cute, he guessed. Seonghwa hadn't been expecting to get a new pet, but the kitten was that cute. So, he took her out of her cage and decided to call her his own. 

After signing the paperwork required for him to take her home, and giving her a name, he walked around the pet shop looking for a comfy bed and some feathers for her to play with. Her name was reminiscent of Baekhyun's name, except the female version. Baekhee was playful, batting at the silver earring that hung past his chin, and even nibbling at the butterfly pendant that hung off his choker.

Finally choosing a pink, fluffy bed and a silk pink ribbon as her collar, he left the pet store, heading for home. He didn't want to put Baekhee in her cage, so he let her roam the backseat of his Corvette, laughing loudly when she bumped her nose against his shoulder when the car jerked forward. It seemed that Baekhee wanted to see the world from the front seat, so he let her.

As soon as he got home, he found Baron in the living room, tattooed arms crossed over his chest and a dark expression on his normally sweet face. In a confused daze, Seonghwa set Baekhee down in her bed, tied her collar on and then turned to Baron. "What on earth is wrong with you? You look like you got kicked in the nuts, and rejected like ten times." He said and then laughed as Baron's eyebrows raised, letting him know that he had done exactly that. "Oh shut up. Go to the cafe that you normally go too. Get something to drink. I'll watch your new kitten." Baron said and shooed Seonghwa out of the house and pointed him towards the cafe. Before the door shut, he saw Hwanwoong and Ayno run over to Baekhee and nuzzle her with their noses. 

Of course, Seonghwa was very confused. Why would Baron be over and secondly why would he shoo Seonghwa out of his own house? He hadn't been planning to go to the cafe today since he had gotten Baekhee and she needed more attention than a mango smoothie would. To be honest, mango smoothies weren't alive, so they didn't need constant watching over and food and a bed to sleep on. 

Upon arriving he ordered that mango smoothie and sat down at one of the tables, scrolling through his phone with nothing to do. He had been the only one in the cafe, other than a dark-haired woman that was reading a magazine. She seemed to be eyeing him from the table, but he was probably hallucinating. A few seconds later she appeared next to him with her coffee cup. "Uh... No. I don't mind." He said and took a sip from his smoothie.

Svetlana felt awkward enough to be watching out for Ace. Baron really had made things seem as if Ace was falling apart, but as she sat here watching him, he seemed perfectly fine, minus the dark circles under his eyes where he seemingly hadn't slept in ages. "Thanks. Sitting alone kind of sucks" she chuckled, and scratched the back of her neck awkwardly. Svet wasn't one to get in someone else's business, in fact, she kind of hated Baron for this. There seemed to be such a strain between him and Ace that he couldn't approach his own brother, and since she had been his one night stand, almost every night for the past few months, she figured she'd do at least this much to help him out. 

"You are Ace right?" she suddenly asked, just to confirm. This was weird enough without approaching the wrong person completely, which would have made her feel pretty crazy to have been scoping out and watching the wrong guy. "I'm Svetlana" she purred in her Russian accent. The Nephilim didn't go no where ever without having to look over her shoulder, and even though she sat here with another male, in a public setting, she still feared what was out there waiting for her. The rogues hadn't given up yet, and she knew they wouldn't until she was dead. But for now, she stayed as calm and collected as she possibly could. 

After finishing off her coffee, the Nephilim flagged a waitress down, ordering herself some onion rings and a burger. She had a killer apatite and could likely eat any grown man under the table. She often got stared at by those around her for just how much she could eat. Waiting patiently on her food, Svet gazed to Ace with a set of curious eyes, the purple tinge in them just barely glowing enough to identify her as to what she was, but that was only because another supernatural had entered the cafe. Svet watched them closely before brushing it off "Do you come here often?" she asked, but realized she was still beating around the bush, but she figured if Ace was having hallucinations like Baron claimed he was, that she was at least distracting him from them. 

"Your brother sent me" she finally blurted out. This wasn't going to go any further if she didn't say why she had joined him. 

It was as if Seonghwa was losing his mind, or so he thought he was. The bright lights in the cafe were hurting his sensitive eyes and he was pretty sure that the dark circles underneath them were prominent since he hadn't slept since like last Thursday and it was now Wednesday. "I understand that feeling completely. I hate sitting alone. Makes it too quiet." He replied with a glance towards her. She seemed to be uncomfortable, and he wasn't sure if she was just uncomfortable sitting here with a barely legal adult, or if she was uncomfortable about something else. By the way she was sitting, he couldn't quite tell since her face held a different expression than an uncomfortable one. Maybe she was happy to be sitting here, and her posture was just something she liked to do.

"Yes. I'm Ace. No other Ace here, haha." Seonghwa said and rolled his gem colored eyes at his own stupid statement. He didn't like saying stuff like that out loud, but she had asked him if he was "Ace" so he figured he should answer her and not feel weird about it like he normally did. "Hi, Svetlana." He said and cringed at the way her name sounded in his Korean accent, he probably butchered it to be honest. He wasn't experienced in saying other foreign names since they tended to be harder than saying Korean or English names. But sometimes he fucked up the English names too. Damn his accent, he still had it even though he had lived in America since seventh grade.

Ace fiddled with his fingers and watched as Svetlana flagged one of the waitresses down, telling her that she wanted a burger and onion rings. Feeling hungry himself, he asked the waitress for a chocolate shake and a BLT. He knew it was probably awkward to just sit there and not say anything. He was pretty sure if he did say something it would come out weird and he definitely did not want that to happen since he was always embarrassing himself. Turning to face her, he opened his mouth and hoped that his voice wouldn't crack. "I do come here often. I love this cafe. It's where my ex and I used to come all the time." He responded and winced at the word "ex". That was never going to be an easy word to say and he knew it, so he took a sip of his smoothie and looked at her curiously.

"Baron sent you?" He asked, raising a blonde brow. That was new, why would Baron send someone to look after him, if he couldn't do himself?

Svet smiled faintly when Ace said that sitting alone made things too quiet. "That it does, and then comes those pesky thoughts. I don't know what's worse, having no one to talk to, or getting caught up in your own head. But, that's what silence does for you" she expressed her opinion and shrugged slightly.

Svetlana watched the way he rolled his eyes at his own comment, unable to help from snorting. God that was embarrassing. She hated snorting like that, it was so.. not feminine for lack of better words. "It's okay, I didn't give you much room to answer that any other way, My fault" she grinned innocently.

Svet smiled sweetly when he said hi, and yes, he did butcher her name slightly, but he tried his best she imagined. Svetlana remembered what it had been like to come into this city as a foreigner after escaping her captivity. She had struggled so badly with English that she threw her hands up, locked herself in her house for two weeks, and refused to see or talk to anyone whatsoever.

When the male across from Svet fiddled with his fingers, she frowned slightly, Hoping she hadn't made him feel too awkward. The Russian Nephilim waited for him to make his own order, and as the waitress walked away to get their food and drinks, Svet sighed some as he winced at the word ex' "It sounds like you're still struggling with calling them an ex. As long as you keep their memory alive, they're never truly too far away" she smiled faintly, as tears welled in her eyes.

When Svetlana's father had been drug into that compound and sat on fire in front of her, burnt alive, she hadn't had any memories of him at all. The day she met her father, was also the day they killed him. And, it's not like they gave the two any time to speak to each other. They laughed as they struck a match. But, that was how Svet had gotten by ever since she escaped that compound, simply by holding onto his memory. Her photo albums given to her by her mother, provided her with tons of pictures of Svet's father holding her, tucking her in, kissing her forehead, trips at the park, birthday's and so much more, which painted a beautiful picture of the man she thought he might be. It made it easy to hold onto a man she didn't barely know. She had only ever knew her father as an infant. Things she didn't remember today.

Svet had been lost in thought when Ace asked why Baron had sent her. She chuckled, and rolled her eyes a little "Baron is Baron, and obviously way to proud to just simply come to you and do this himself. What's the deal between you guys? If you don't mind me asking" Svet waited for the waitress to leave again since she'd brought their food over. After taking a bite, the Russian Nephilim smiled "You know, I don't have to be here just because he sent me. You seemed to need the company as much as i did anyways." It amazed Svetlana sometimes, how some friendships started and where they started.

For all either of them knew, this could be the start of something amazing. Or, it could just be a means to an end. Svetlana and Baron had history, and she'd found him to be her weak spot, so when he called, she came running, and whatever he desired? She gave without hesitation. But, now with Thaddeus in her life, this was simply just a friendly favor with no strings attached. Baron had an effect on many women, so she was sure he had found another to be his dirty little secret by now.

He watched her smile and wished that he could smile as well, but it was difficult. "It's actually worse getting caught up in your own head. You never know what could be going on up there, and even if you did, it would be scary. I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind." Seonghwa replied, his bright green eyes looking down at the table.

Looking up, he actually managed a genuine smile. It was a bright smile and it showed his teeth. Ace had actually thought that her snort was funny. Sure, it wasn't feminine at all, but it suited her. "It's alright. I can understand why you said it that way." 

Her smile was pretty and it made her features look brighter and less angled. Also, she didn't seem to correct him when he said her name wrong. Maybe she knew what it was like to have a thick ass accent that usually messed up common English words. 

He noticed her frown and stopped fiddling with his fingers, he didn't want her to know why he was like this. It was painful talking about Baekhyun and he would rather not do it again. He wanted to get rid of the demons plaguing him. "I am struggling. I have been for the past three years since he died, and I can't get him out of my head. It is like he's there." Seonghwa replied and placed a slender hand on her shoulder, patting it.

Baekhyun had been the one Ace could turn to, the one who listened to all of his problems, and the one who would never leave him. He broke that promise when he died. Ayno was too young, and the kitsune that killed him knew that. It had been a while since Kailani had told him of everything. But, there was still one thing. He never figured out that Ayno was alive and well. The other male had been the source of his nightmares, hallucinations and the voices in his head. He wasn't sure if they were ever going to go away, but for now, they had. Ace remembered the exact way his boyfriend had looked at him before they got split up. It was a look of love and adoration. He knew that Ayno loved him and that the other boy didn't ever want to leave him. They had even tattooed it onto their bodies. Their last promise, last thing they ever said to each other. It pained Ace to even look at his side. 

He was still a little bit confused because Baron had never sent anybody to look after him. He was bisexual, but neither gender of his partners had ever been there. "Baron is my older brother, he always thinks that I need to be watched over. Ever since that attack on us three years ago, he insists I have someone." Ace said, rolling his green eyes at his stupid older brother. "I... I think I need that. It hasn't been easy being by myself. I know I have my four pets, but sometimes they don't offer the warmth of human comfort." He said and scrunched up his nose before taking a sip of his milkshake. At least it was ice cream. He had been planning on eating that at home. Lifting up his button-down, he pointed at the tattoo on his left side. 

"This is the tattoo I have for my ex. It translates to 'I will always love you.' and it's the only thing I have that connects me to him. He has the same one." He said, and pulled his shirt down, trying to cover the tattoo he had only just recently got. It was big and bold, but it was something that he was sensitive about. Everyone could see the rose and the tattoo across his collarbone since his shirt had parted to the side. He wasn't sure when he'd be ready to show the newest tattoo. 

Ace really wondered why the heck Baron hadn't come to talk to him, himself. It seemed like Svetlana was the girl that had kneed him the nuts. She looked like she could do that anyway. Plus, she said that she wasn't soft. The many tattoos she had, gave him the impression that she was like Baron, and was tougher than she looked.

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