Name: Acacia Argent
Age: 26
Species: Human
Organization Status: Member of the Organization
Organization Role: Member of the Fighters department
Faceclaim: Ashley Benson

They say people are born with storms inside them and when Acacia Argent was born it was raining hell in Cheyenne,Wyoming. Her mother spent nearly twelve whole hours in labor waiting for her baby girl to arrive, the moment changing the course of everything for the rest of their lives. Acacia's mother Diana came to Wyoming seven months ago trying to keep her unborn child safe from harm, Diana's husband Jackson stayed behind to monitor the threats of the unknown. Acacia was born into a normal mundane family.. but underneath the facade of normalcy lied the family of hunters who protected the human race from the supernatural that lurked the earth. By the time Acacia was just a mere three months old, the safe little town wasn't so safe anymore, the scary stories parents told the children of old villages and wild beasts who ransacked homes and ate their livestock. The unlucky ones to meet the beast would never live to tell the tale...

When Acacia was finally a child, her mother told the young girl the tales in hopes to keep her safe and away from the danger, but just like her father Acacia wanted to see it. When her father came to get his family and take them back to Texas, the monsters came out. It was a silent night everything was still and the only noise that could be heard was the music the crickets made. Diana laid asleep with her child, Jackson was pacing going to every window and door of the small condo like home. Acacia woke up to her father running to a window hearing something, his little girl running to be at his side peeking out the window.

"What is it dad? Is it the beast? Is it coming?... " Acacia whispered out in a rush, though she paused afraid of her father chastising her for Acacia's desire to be a fighter.

"No, look there at the foliage... see how it moves just slightly from the breeze, this beast Acacia is a predator a skilled one, if he came he would disrupt the natural motion of the things around us. But just slightly thinking humans wouldn't notice. You have to look for that..." Her father draped a arm around his only child making Acacia smile up at him with such adoration for him.

Jackson Argent was known to some and feared by many, he was a famous hunter in his territory and was skilled like the predator he hunted and fought. Ruthless to the bone Jackson was but when he met Diana he changed and grew a heart people say, Diana was compassionate and brave while tech smart more like borderline genius. The two were opposites so to speak and when they found out Acacia would arrive in their lives, Diana wanted nothing more than to keep her child off the field and place her behind the scenes. But one thing was for sure Acacia Argent was for that, she wanted to be out there fighting for her place in this world and be the beacon of hope just like her father.

As Acacia got older, her want to be a fighter grew, she would run from her small home to the training field where she would mimic everyone fighting, her mother went crazy looking for her til she found her child punching and fighting the air or a bush. Her father would look up and smile with pride and amusement, he came home that day with a present for his pride and joy, a pure silver dagger with her initials engraved on the handle of it. Thrilled and fueled by childlike excitement she begged her father to teach her how to use it, emotional Jackson lifted his daughter into his arms and took her out side and the training began.

Everyday from that night on Acacia and her father trained, she mastered hand to hand combat, weaponry, learned how to track, every ounce of knowledge Jackson knew he put into his prodigy. Diana watched from the sidelines, withdrawing herself from her family, Jackson noticed this and kept his daughter from it. But in the night Acacia heard the fights, the slamming of doors, the coldness of her mothers voice. Frowning Acacia covered her ears refusing to fall weak to her mothers disobeying. When morning came Acacia woke up on que when she heard the stomps of her father boots and quickly gathered her things and ran downstairs to meet him at the door holding a pile of her stuff in her arms.

"Acacia..." Jackson sighed shaking his head.

" Dad please... I don't want to be like her, i want to be brave and protect us. " she pleaded.

Jackson huffed, he knew that he wouldn't be around much longer in this world and to leave his family unprotected would be the last thing he wanted, and if his wife wouldn't do it then why not leave the world with his daughter safe from harm.

" My treasure, it takes a lot to run towards danger... not from it..." he motioned for her to follow and the two left walking out into the early morning.

Acacia and her father among others were hunting the beast following tracks up into the mountains, following every step her father placed into the wet soil keeping her eyes and ears alert, listening for anything. Acacia stopped and looked down at the a pile of leaves and twigs seeing a piece of fabric, kneeling down she lifted the torn piece of fabric with blood splattered on it. Calling out for her father who came running he took the fabric from her, the group traveled east looking for more fabric or blood, they got to the top of the ravine, the sight made everyone stop and look at the village no one knew was neighboring them.

Jackson grabbed the elbow of his daughter and pulled her back, running down hill with the others til a man spoke up. " That is a village of em' Jack... we are out numbered we need to call Felix or Dean... we could die if we do this alone!. " Acacia looked at her father who didn't say a word but pace, he was thinking long and hard over what to do until he nodded. " Shutup! Ain't no one dying! Call Dean not Felix, Dean will be more opt to invade not that coward Felix... " The group left and Jackson darted towards home with Acacia close on his tail. She knew what was to come, she saw it in her fathers eyes, there was a battle to be held. When the two arrived home, Diana was preparing a supper for her family, Acacia removed her coat and looked to her mother with a look that spoke volumes, Diana look to her husband and questioned him instantly. Jackson spoke to his wife of the findings on the east part of the mountains, Acacia listened and watched her father spotting the worry in his face but no fear, when he finished she looked to her mother wanting to see the same in her face but all she saw was something odd. Fear? Worry? Panic?

Acacia all through supper watched her mother that night, she was quiet with eyes burning into her plate, usually her mother spoke about things but this dinner was eerily quiet and Acacia knew something was wrong. It was the dead of night when Acacia stayed awake listening just like her father taught her. She waited for any disruption of the calming silence while her eyes watched the clock tic and toc. And then... She heard the creak of the board, Acacia sat up and stealthily crept to her door peaking out of it watching her mother sneak out of the house. Slipping on her boots and grabbing her coat and dagger ready to follow her, she stayed behind using the big trees to hide, thinking she was just going to the lagoon, yet she was wrong. Her mother was heading east, Acacia panicked moving quicker in hopes to stop her mother from getting hurt, but the only people getting hurt was Jackson and Acacia.

Diana ran embracing man who stood in joggers and nothing else, she spoke to him in a rushed jumbled of words while the man comforted her a little to properly, Acacia darted to another tree to listen while tears prickled her eyes. ".... D, it's fine my pack is growing in numbers we can handles these hunters, the other Alphas and I have an accord the hunters won't last... " the man rubbed Diana's arms and brought her closer for a kiss. Acacia felt sick to her stomach and rage pump through her veins. There was silence for a few moments and Carina covered her ears trying not to scream out, she looked over the tree seeing them part and brought her hands to the trunk of the tree. Diana shook her head and frowned slightly. " My daughter... She will follow her father she cannot be harmed... Jackson-- Make it quick and painless, I owe him that... ".

"Argh!... " Acacia yelled and made herself known. " You vile, deceitful woman! How did I wind up with a mother like you! You are going to pay! Both of you!... " Diana struck her daughter across her face, Acacia took steps back spitting on the ground, turning she went to run home to tell her father and the others of her mother's betrayal when the strange man spoke.

" You will lose. Your father will lose. Your little... pack will lose. Only death will be your outcome. " His northern accent hit her like acid to skin.

Acacia stopped and breathed in a borderline hyperventilation and she pulled her dagger from it's holster and turned stalking to them, looking to her mother with disgust and then to the man who towered over like the empire state building. She inhaled and reached up spitting in his face before driving her dagger into his heart, jumping back leaving it in his chest, her mothers cries rang through the forest and all Acacia saw or heard was her own breathing and pulse. Acacia felt two strong hands grip her arms and lift her up , turning her and shaking her, her father. Acacia knew he was asking her what happened she told him distraught in a daze and he too felt the pang of betrayal. Jackson let go of his daughter who fell to her knees in shock of what she had done, time seemed to go by her so slowly, Acacia didn't feel her father lift her and drag her home. She had killed, for the first time she had killed and she wasn't prepared, she wasn't being attacked... it was murder basically.

Acacia blacked out, she fell asleep, and was awakened by her father dumping bags by the door for their group to take, everyone was armed and guarding each other, Felix and Dean were there. Two men she considered uncles. Acacia swallowed dryly and stood up walking to her father who loaded dart guns. He looked to his daughter and said nothing, Acacia said nothing but her eyes glistened with tears, he nodded and brought her in for a hug. Acacia latched onto her father for a moment, he whispered in her ear 'you did what you had to, always do what you have to do. family above honor my treasure.' Acacia nodded and her father held her face wiping her tears nodding. " let's go home... "

The drive back home was successful, and Acacia was happy to be at the place she was meant to be born and raised in, her father made sure to show his daughter her roots they did everything he wanted to do with Acacia. Ride horses, fish, have barbecues. Everything he did with his father. Life was good and Acacia grew up into a young adult and learned the ways of their small home made organization, trained with the defense team and Intel team, it made her wonder now what happened to her mother. Acacia walked through the building to the dojo looking for her father and found him up above in the conference room, with other head members of the council, in a heated discussion. She waited not wanting to anger father more than he already was, pacing the mats of the dojo, Acacia glanced over her shoulder waiting for the doors to open. It wasn't until the sun began to go down did anyone leave that room, her father didn't exit and when Acacia cautiously walked in did she her father in distress.

Jackson and Acacia sat there until the dark overtook the small room, he finally spoke, his words making the darkness much more scarier for his daughter. 'They are coming Acacia, we have started a war...' Jackson Argent left his daughter alone in the dark, but Acacia felt nothing but the small pang of regret. Everyday since Acacia trained and pushed herself beyond limits wanting to be on the level her father was, not wanting to be the disappointment she thought she was to him. Acacia kept seeking approval from Jackson but his silence made her feel small and the cause of this war from the actions she committed in the mountains of Wyoming. Fueled by her frustration the Argent girl got harder, smarter, more lethal that would make her mother's blood run cold. Acacia didn't want to know what happened to her mother anymore, a part of her had come to terms with either she ran off in fear. taken into custody by her father for her treachery. Dead.

After a set of two weeks went by it was the dead of night when there was a breach, alarms rang and screeched making Acacia's ears ring but she grabbed her boots and ran to the armory. She ran to her father and Uncle Dean who gave her a set of weapons, Acacia followed ready and waiting for the moment to come. Rounding the corner Acacia stopped and jumped back into her father when the corpse of Felix laid lifeless. Pulling out her gun Acacia crept down the hall trying to remain calm, following the bloody prints, til the sound of snarling made her stop looking to her father and uncle signalling them. Her uncle came quick knealing down and taking aim, her father came next keeping his gaze on where they came." Acacia, watch my back.. " her father comanded. Acacia took the rear and kept her eyes glued to the end of the hall. Her father ran toward the snarling wold who had two rookies pinned to a wall, her uncle Dean followed after shooting the ceiling to turn the wolf to them, staying in her spot Acacia heard two sets of growl coming towards her and she stood her ground.

Two large wolves came to stand before her, stepping back til she was in the line of her fathers perhil vision. " Acacia... Don't shoot! " she nodded and kept her finger near the trigger. Another gun shot went off followed by two more, the two wolves in front her lunged down and growled louder at her. Her father and uncle came to her side the same time the obvious Alpha slid behind his two pack members, make Acacia unsteady, the mumbling of her Uncle Dean swearing made it clear to Acacia they were in fact screwed.

" Jack... what are we going to do Jack... " Dean retorted.

" Fight... " Jackson said cooly, Acacia looked to her father, Dean looked at his friends Daughter and got in front of her.

" You insane?!.. " Dean yelled while Jackson cocked his gun and aimed for the Alpha. " You are gonna kill us all! "

Jackson glanced at his friend and moved forward, there was a slowness in time and the sound of shots being fired went off and Dean grabbed Acacia and pulled her down the other hall to the emergency exit stairs going up. Acacia pulled relunctantly wanting to go to her father but her uncle was far more stranger and in a better head space, when the reached a new floor the two snuck in to the hall, going down corridors like a maze til they reached roof access. Dean turned to his friends daughter and gave her phone, and hugged her tightly, and nodded once before kicking open the door and pausing before they went up the small flight of stairs. Running out to the roof they were surrounded and Dean grabbed Acacia who latched onto him with a fear. " Inside... Inside... " Pushed them back inside, he let out a breath and sat down for a moment.

" Acacia, i love you father like he was my brother, but this-- this war he has started we are gonna die... I was fine in my small town, you know? I had a proper job and i got drunk, i could go for hikes and not have to worry if my blood was going to be drained or be used as a squeaky toy for some werewolf... i had it made... but i came here for you. I knew your dad lost it, that day you killed that Alpha we would have been fine, but your father marked them with our symbol and it led them here thanks to his pride. If he would have just taken your mother and held her in the cells til your grandfather took care of her... we, you could have it made too.. " Dean sadly spoke and stood checking his amo. " Acacia i am going to get us out of here and you are going to go somewhere better than here and i am going to back to my life maybe move to be safe but... i will be damned if you die tonight. "

Acacia was in shock with everything she wasn't ready for this at all, she was to cocky all the time she said she was during her training but she shook her head and then took a deep breath checking her amo and looked to her Uncle and nodded trying not to cry, the two left the stairs and back tracked to the floor they left her father on. All that stood was bullet holes and the wolf that had the rookies pinned, the two hunters looked at each other and went back to their rooms finding nothing, Acacia grabbed her most prized possessions and left her room to meet her uncle who took her out to the training field. Making a run for it to the vehicles, Dean got in and Acacia rushed to the passenger side only to see four wolves charging to them, speeding out of there they drove off. Acacia looked over her shoulder until Dean stopped on the breaks, Acacia launched forward and smacked her head on the dashboard. Looking up out the window her father stumbled to the ground, Acacia got out and ran to her father pulling him up and tried to get him to the car. A wounded jackson winced and fell limp multiple times, Acacia tried to get a good hold but the open wounds and blood made it hard for her.

Dean got out and helped making Acacia get the door to the back seat, rushing to the car the call of wolf echoed out and Acacia went flying backward into the foliage, groaning she tried getting up til she was pushed to ground with a heavy paw. Looking up fangs of a wolf snapped at her and she looked away to see her father on his hands and knees while her uncle shot in different directions. Tears fell from her eyes and she called out for her father who grabbed his gun and aimed with a shakey hand firing he missed the wolf who held his daughter down. Dean took the gun from Jackson and ran to Acacia who held back sobs, Dean fired again getting the wolf in the flank who released it's hold on Acacia who scurried in a crawl to her father.

" Dad... Dad! come on we gotta go! Come on get up Damn it! " Acacia tried lifting her father up who in turn just shoved her away and got up with a struggle and looked down with at his daughter. her uncle dean came rushing over and looked around them and loaded his gun, Acacia got up and shook her head at her father confused. Jackson took off his armor and necklace giving it to his daughter and looked to Dean who froze, Jackson limped to the charging wolves but stopped and looked to his only born. ' do what you need to do my treasure... and remember family above honor' Jackson Argent stood with pride and limped to the center of the road and screamed out while Dean grabbed Acacia who struggled and clawed at his arms. Sobbing and yelling, kicking and screaming til Dean finally just threw her in the van and got in climbing to the front and drove off. Acacia watched as her father sacrificed himself for her and Dean, banging on the back window, til she slumped down and cried endlessly til she worked herself up to a blackout.

Waking up at a gas station Acacia felt her head feel heavy and face aching in pain she sat up and opened the door looking at her uncle who carried a bag, he stopped and frowned, Acacia cried softly and shook her head. Dean walked towards her and grabbed her hand. " I know... i know... i have a place for you in Colorado, there's an organization my old friends run and you are gonna there and they'll take care of you.. it is a supernatural haven... it's all good there no attacks, everyone has a territory... you'll be okay..."

Acacia ate and drank some water on the drive, but it tasted bland or like swallowing sand, her heart hurt and her body felt numb. Dean tried to make the rest of the drive better but Acacia just stared out the window. When they got to Evermore a woman came to greet Acacia but she just looked at the large home behind the woman, who just smiled and led them inside, Acacia was treated and given a room where he things were sat on her bed. Her uncle dean came and said his goodbyes leaving his addresses with her. " that phone i gave you, you can find me with it and i can find you... plus we can call too. you be safe kiddo... "

Acacia spent her time healing, grieving and learning how to adapt with her new place, she winded up joining the organization and being a member of the fighter department, she needed to protect people and what happened with the others broke her, it traumatized her to the bone and she didn't know how to cope with it still to this day and yet it awoke something in her made want to fight even more but for something else. Despite Diana Argent's Betrayal she was right, her daughter belonged behind the scene of things it wasn't safe, Acacia would help keep it safe, help keep the human race alive and strong just like her father tried to do. She had to do what she had to do.


Positive Traits: Intelligent, Dauntless, Loyal
Negative Traits: Traumatized, Judgmental, Overly Stubborn

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