Name: Ahri Moon

Age: 25

Weapon Affinity: Baton

Colour Affinity: Amber

Family: Sangeun Moon, Jaesung Moon

Face Claim: Kim Yongsun

t was a beautiful fall afternoon when Ahri Moon was placed into her waiting mother’s arms after a relatively short delivery in a hospital in Seoul. From the moment she was born, Ahri was seen as the apple of her father’s eyes, after already having two sons, the young girl was born the first daughter of the Moon family and quite the beautiful one too. With two elder brothers, Ahri had an interesting childhood, always running after them and wanting to play with them but her parents were quite strict with her, always wanting to ensure she was safe and well.

It because evident even as a child that her family prized her looks, she was a stunning young girl who always received compliments for her looks. This however, was far in contrast to her two elder brothers Sangeun and Hyunsik who always dealt with harsh expectations from their parents and were expected to excel at their studies before everything else. Even without the pressure her brothers received, Ahri was an intelligent young girl who liked learning new things, she always did well in her math and science projects and understood things well whenever she was taught them in school.

After she turned two, her parents announced to her that they would be having another child, the final Moon sibiling who would complete their family, her younger brother Jaesung. Being the closest in age with Jae, Ahri was naturally protective over him but also played with him a lot, the two of them shared toys and she would often encourage Jae to chase her around. They had a lot of fun together when they were young and she felt close with all her siblings, she felt very blessed in her childhood to be surrounded by people who wanted to protect her but also made her feel less lonely.

From a young age, Ahri was also introduced to the supernatural world, she knew that she was a Dhampir, she knew her father was a Valkyr and she understood what each species could do and their significance in the world. She liked being a Dhampir because it meant she had an excuse to go out and train with her brothers, she enjoyed learning to fight, Ahri had always been quite an energetic and excitable person so the chance to physically let off steam was definitely good for her.

Ahri was generally seen as the favorite when it came to her father, she could be mischievous with her brothers and he would never scold and and when she begged him to let them get a family dog, he couldn’t seem to tell her no which led to the first Moon family pet, an Akita who she fell in love with. Ahri chose the name Bomi for the dog because they adopted her in the springtime and the two of them were inseparable, she walked her, taught her tricks, always bought her snacks, Bomi was essentially Ahri’s closest friend.

While all of her brothers could be described as reserved, Ahri was much less so, perhaps because she didn’t feel as much need to hold herself back because it always seemed like she could do no wrong in her father’s eyes. At school, she was a popular child who often got sent love letters from the boys and was surrounded with friends. This did however make her a little snobbish when it came to other kids which created her a certain circle of friends which may be considered toxic, ones who cared more about how they looked and what boys they were dating rather than how well their studies went or where their futures would lead.

It was around then that Ahri’s grades at school started to slip and her number of attendance days went down. Her and her friends would end up skipping classes so they could go to the mall. At first Ahri’s parents didn’t notice but before longer it was hard to turn a blind eye on her antics after she got caught trying to steal some clothes from one of the stores and her family were forced to cover up her scandal to protect her reputation. After that, life got a lot stricter for Ahri, she wasn’t allowed to go out without permission, her parents had a car arranged to drive her to and from school and her mother enforced certain restrictions on her school performance.

Ahri was also made to take a job at a store in order to make her gain a better understanding of the actions she took and while she hated the idea at first, she actually found the job and the independence that came from it suited her well. She spent less and less of her time on boyfriends and her social life and more on working, building up her people skills, helping them to find what they needed and generally being a good person. Her grades started going up towards the end of her high school years and she started thinking about what she wanted to do with her life beyond it.

In the final year of high school, Bomi came down sick just before Ahri’s finals at school, worrying about her precious dog impacted her ability to study properly greatly but her parents assured her they were getting the best care they could for her. Despite her worries and daily visits to the clinic to visit Bomi, Ahri managed to do well in her exams, every day she would go and take her tests, head immediately over to the clinic to check on her, usually end up getting distracted by all the sweet animals there and then getting home and studying until late.

After Bomi was finally allowed to come home, Ahri had made the decision about what she wanted to do with her future, seeing the actions the vets had taken to care for her sick dog and all the other animals there at the clinic made her want to be able to do the same thing. So she sent in an application for veterinary schools all across Korea. Her brothers had already begun their future plans with Eun heading off to the military to do his service and planning to come back to study law and Hyunsik already in medical school.

Around this time Ahri also finally reached her 18th birthday and was therefore granted her Dhampir weapon claiming ceremony, she stood in the hall, racks upon racks of intricate and powerful weapons around her but nothing that really called to her, she went around the room and picked up a few but none of them seemed to stick until eventually she spotted a small tube on the counter which took her attention, as her hand wrapped around it, the whole thing glowed amber, indicating that it had chosen her, a baton which was easy to shrink down to a smaller size and hide in her pocket, perfect for her considering her fighting style had always been to use her small stature as power knowing that people always underestimated her strength.

There was a part of Ahri that felt comfortable with the life she had then but another who felt this calling to go out and seek more adventure, her father seemed to paint these very cookie cutter ideas for what he thought each of their lives became and while Ahri wasn’t adversed to the idea of wanting to get married and have a family one day, she didn’t see that as something which would be the be all and end all of her life. So when she was offered a position at one of the best veterinary care training programs in the country, she had sat her parents down and explained what she planned to do with her life. And while her father was extremely hesitant, he was able to be swayed by her very well thought out argument for her case.

So she packed up all her things, said a sad goodbye to her beloved dog and left for her veterinary program. It was hard, being away from her family for the first time in her life, all the people around her were strangers and while she got along well with her roommates almost immediately it was adjustment for her. One she struggled with for a while and often felt herself wanting to run back home. But Ahri was determined to show her family that not only could she bring her family pride the same way her brothers had, but that she was much more than her good looks, which was all anyone seemed to compliment her on when she was younger.

Eventually she fell into a rhythm with her studies, learning more about animals and the problems they encountered and also training how to physically treat and care for them, it was a tough program but she made some close friends with her classmates and even met a guy she really liked while in the library one day. His name was Ji-Hwan and he was on the surgical path of the university program. They hit it off almost immediately and went on a few dates before making things official, Ahri never really told anyone back home about it because it was a fleeting romance to her, it was exciting for sure but she was also focused on her work.

But the years passed and she continued seeing Ji-Hwan the whole time, they were a sweet but not over the top couple who brought out the good in each other and all their friends thought they went very well together. Ahri was happy with her life but she had this looming sense in her stomach like it was too good to be true. And it was. Because in her final year of study, when Ahri was in her training placement work experience, she found herself absolutely falling in love with the work, it was everything she had wanted to do, help animals, comfort the people who were worried for their animals and generally bring good to the world.

But Ahri realized her dreams weren’t small, she wasn’t going to feel contented with only being able to care for animals, she had goals much bigger for herself, certainly much bigger than her father planned for her, he always saw her as this fragile leaf that might break if left alone but she realized in her time away from home that she didn’t need someone else to assure herself she was strong. When her study ended she graduated with good enough grades to earn her a permanent place within the clinic chain she had done her work experience in, which she graciously accepted. They were so impressed with her work that they made a contract with her which detailed how she would need to stay and work with them for 3 years before the company would offer her the chance to manage and oversee her own clinic, it was everything she wanted, a place that felt like hers, something which showed everyone she could achieve so much with her own intelligence and hard work.

And then Ji-Hwan proposed. Ahri felt completely in shock as she looked back at him wondering what she should say. She loved him, of course she loved him, the two of them had been together since their first year of college, they lived together for 3 of those years, but the moment she saw him there, she realized her dreams weren’t to settle down in Korea, they were to expand her horizons, find new ways to make her life feel fulfilled and happy. And settling down with Ji-Hwan right now, just didn’t feel right. So she declined his proposal which lead to their eventual mutual breakup, he understood her dreams were important to her but he didn’t feel the same and it wasn’t fair on either of them to continue when neither happy.

And so for the first time in years, she moved back home to Seoul, transferring to the branch there to finish her three years of training. She found it hard being home, seeing the ways her parents tried to worm their way into her decisions and push her in directions she didn’t want to go, she had watched them push her youngest brother away by telling him that his dreams of being a writer were futile and while Eun had been here until a few months ago, after he was forced into an engagement he had conveniently gone to America and not returned. Not to mention that Hyunsik rarely visited home because he couldn’t stand the constant meddling.

She watched it all happening around her but she wasn’t sure what she could do about. But being the only one at home drove her nuts, her father constantly telling her which branch she should choose to build her own clinic in. Given that the company she worked for had branches all over the world, she didn’t want to limit her options to just one. So before her father could meddle, she went to her superiors and requested the chance to travel and visit some of the branches in other countries in order to make her decision, though her real plan was to follow her brothers to Evermore City and warn them that she feared that time was running out and before long their father would demand they return home.

Besides, the Evermore clinic had recently lost their manager because they had transferred to the newly opened Denver clinic, which left the perfect position to fill for the time being, even if it was only temporary.

~Personality Traits~

Positive: Intelligent, Graceful, Caring

Negative: Emotional, Short-Sighted, Rebellious

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