*TRIGGER WARNING- domestic abuse, attempted abortion*

Name: Alaïa Moreau

Age: 26

Species: Full-blooded Therianthrope; Lycanthrope

Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado

Face Claim: Margot Robbie

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful gifts a mother and father could receive from the world and their cries should sound like music to anyone’s ears. However, to Alaïa Moreau’s mother, the sound was the worst.

Arizona Monteith was once loved by her pack, not only because she was the daughter of the Beta but because she had a huge heart that made her regard everyone with the utmost respect. At one point, she dreamed of finding someone she’d fall in love and grow old with, someone she’d get to call her mate but her dreams were shattered the moment her father informed her of her arranged marriage to the young Alpha of their neighboring pack who was known to be a reckless teenager who, unlike her, regarded everyone with no respect because he thought he was more superior and that everyone should be bowing down to him. This angered her and she wanted to put an end to the marriage before it began but her fathers decision was final and so the start to a miserable life began.

Gray Moreau liked power and dominance and in his eyes, being mated to a beta who he felt was beneath him, lower class in the Therianthrope community even, was a weakness and since they’d married in a ceremony that included both packs, he treated her like garbage. She lived in solitude for the rest of her time there until the Alpha stated his need to have an heir, forcing her to get intimate with him which was the last thing she wanted. It caused Arizona to stay up at every night, silently crying herself to sleep as to not wake the monster who now slept beside her.

The torture began daily and when Gray stopped trying to get an heir from her, figuring she was one of those females who couldn’t bare children, a miracle happened; Arizona was pregnant. She tried to get rid of the unborn baby whether that was with taking pills or physically harming herself, she was willing to do anything. However, when word broke out that she was trying to kill her unborn child, the Alpha was furious. He now had plans for her when the child was born, plans Arizona Monteith wouldn’t like.

Alaïa Moreau was born in the middle of a warm spring day and as she cried, nurses moved into the room in order to transfer the newborn baby girl to another room as the Alpha entered. He gave Arizona no time to recover as she laid in her hospital bed in agonizing pain, grabbing her by her wrist in a strong grip and dragging her along to an unknown destination. In his mind, her wanting to harm his unborn child was the act of the conspiracy to murder and so she would suffer the consequences.

In a public ceremony that included his entire pack, Gray hung his bride by her neck until the rope cut off her airways, killing her instantly and as her deceased body hung in the air, he returned to his child who now slept in her bassinet, unaware that her mother was now dead.

From then on, Gray raised his daughter the way he wanted to, teaching her how to be the exact replica of him; a dominant, malicious human being. She was taught how to shift into her lycanthrope beast, to hunt, to survive. She even grew up thinking treating people badly was okay and that if you were nice, that just showed your weakness and weakness made people think they could walk all over you which she wouldn’t stand for. She followed her fathers every word, doing exactly what he did because she looked up to the man.. But eventually his wrong doings looked more like torture to the pack members, she could see how bad his mistreatment of them really was and she couldn’t stand for it any longer so the young female ran away and continued to run every single time she thought someone from his pack had found her.

The moment she’d left pack grounds, Alaïa could feel the bond between herself and the pack severe, officially marking her as an Omega and her newfound status as a lone wolf continued as her wolf eventually led her to Evermore, Colorado where she discovered that the city was full of the supernatural, specifically her kind. The city would be a new start for her away from the life she’d grown used to and though she was nervous for the new beginning, she had an itching feeling inside that told her father wasn’t finished with her and that the chance had just began.

Positive: Loyal, Dedicated, Confident, Captivating | Negative: Vengeful, Hot-headed, Mysterious, Sarcastic

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