Name: Alec Alden
Age: 27 (looks) 140 (actual)
Family: None
Species: Turned Vampire
Rank: Right Hand of the King
Faceclaim: Keiynan Lonsdale

Loyal || Protective || Genuine || Capable
Blunt || Course || Cynical

Alec was born the eldest son of Alistair and Thelma Smythe. As soon as he was able to walk and talk he was put to work, spending his days in the field tending to the crops or the animals. Alistair was an intelligent and shrewd man, with a grasp of business mechanics that allotted the Smyth’s more land than most. With four strapping young men, the work got done though Alistair had his hands full keeping his rambunctious brood in check and on task. Thelma, despite her husband’s protestations, felt it necessary that her boys be educated. Working tirelessly during the night hours, she worked to teach them to read and write as well as manners that any gentleman should know. Unfortunately, Thelma fell ill and passed away, dealing an emotional blow that was hard for her family to bounce back from.  

With her passing the boys and their father were left to struggle on, carrying her memory into each day as they toiled. At the tender age of 12, Alec took on more responsibility, working alongside his father to pick up the slack with both the farm and his brothers. It was difficult, the anger that boiled within his brothers mixed with the heartache that had turned their father into a living zombie made for many fights. As the oldest brother, it often fell to Alec to be mediator, Father, and Mother, ensuring that the work got done around the farm and continuing with the education their Mother worked so hard to ensure they had. Though it was difficult Alec accepted his place in life and enjoyed working with his hands, calmly taking all that life had allotted to him with a humble and gracious nature. At 18 he was content to work the land and looked forward to inheriting the land from his father.

The course of Alec’s life unfortunately changed, brought on by a mysterious stranger who came calling late at night while a storm raged. Opening the door the Smyth men were greeted by a tall bear of a man clad in armor, flanked by Knights the likes of which the old farmer had never seen. Shaken from his usual depressed stupor Alistair conversed with the Stranger privately, the low murmur of their voices in the next room not quite high enough for the sons to hear what was being spoken about. After what seemed like hours the armored giant emerged and left, leaving questions among the sons and a very big decision to be made by their father. The Stranger was not looking for land or food or cattle, no he was looking for some much more detrimental to his family.

Alistair was given the next day to make an impossible choice, one he considered carefully while his sons worked the land curiously casting glances towards their father. At nightfall the Stranger returned, standing tall and menacing in the doorway until Alistair took a single step back and waved him inside. Instead, the stranger took a step back, motioning to his Knights who immediately leaped into action. Storming the house the hulks took possession of Alec and his two oldest brothers, dragging him from the house while Alistair held a screaming Theodore. Once the three eldest sons were removed from the house the Stranger moved forward, setting three large bags of coins upon the table before turning and leaving.

Alec struggled until he saw the coin, the glint of the gold and the look upon his Father’s face as he regarded the riches that were strewn across their dinner table. All of the fights went out of the young man, realization hitting him like a ton of bricks. They had been sold, each for a large bag of coins to this Stranger who had been gracious enough to leave the youngest son to carry on the family name. It was a clever business decision, with three fewer mouths to feed Alistair could sell more of the crop each year and with Theo still, at home he wouldn’t have to do it all himself. The work couldn’t possibly be done with just two men, however, with the small fortune, they now had their father could purchase horses and equipment to compensate for the loss of his three eldest sons. Alec made eye contact with his father, seeing more light and life in his eyes now that the decision had been made, causing his body to go slack in the hands of his imprisoners.  

Alec, Roderick, and Sebastian were shackled and tossed in the back of a carriage, joining the ranks of many other sons and daughters who had likewise been sold. Alec turned to his brothers, swearing that no matter what happened or where they were to be taken, he would protect them and keep them safe.  As dawn broke over the horizon the three brothers looked upon their childhood home, watching it grow smaller in the distance as they were carted off to parts unknown. The journey was long and arduous, at times they were allowed to ride while at others they had to walk for days at a time. Traversing many miles of land the mysterious Stranger collected a large number of children, spending many fortunes to amass a great force that he ushered within the walls of a giant hold fast.

Locked inside the walls they were herded like cattle, fed and clothed then split into groups and confronted with their new fates. Sebastian was a skinny beanpole of a 13 year old, unable to fight to save his life but his ability with animals landed him a cushy job in the stables. Alec and Roderick, on the other hand, were close in age, tall and well muscled gaining them entry into training with the soldiers. Alec picked up the skills of a fighter quickly, his natural grace giving him agility that made him fast and accurate. Roderick was a punching bag, unable to master the finer points of combat he was slow to react and even slower to block. What he lacked in finesse however he made up for in brute force, taking as many hits as needed before finding the one opening that gave him a single shot. Reinventing themselves the brother’s gain notoriety, referred to by their peers as the Alden Duo, they were feared and respected.

With that notoriety came the promotion from the ranks of simple soldiers to Knights, the ruler of the castle Lord Cairn himself blessing their blades and conducting their oaths of fealty. Joining the Knighthood granted them more liberties, opening up the world around them to more opportunities. Taking their place among the elite of Lord Cairn’s forces the brother’s learned that the man who had paid for them was a Therian, a sort of shifter who could take the form of a wolf. At war with a neighboring clan, he had searched lands far and wide to bolster his numbers and grow an army worthy of his opponent. It was a revelation that both startled and scared Alec while sparking a look of longing and lust in Roderick’s eyes.

Life got bloodier after that, the Alden brother’s proved themselves in battle time and time again, against forces that were quicker and stronger than they were. Alec got a first-hand look at Therian’s both as men and as beasts, poisoning his heart against such unnatural aberrations. His brother on the other hand only grew more certain that he wanted to be turned and when the offer finally came one brother accepted without question while the other turned it down. Alec swore to serve and protect his Lord until his dying breath, but that breath would be taken as a human and nothing more. Lord Cairn seemed disappointed in Alec however he accepted, placated by the fact that he had ushered at least on Alden brother into his pack.

Inevitably the brothers grew apart, Roderick reveled in his new powers and abilities while harboring disgust for Alec and what he perceived as a cowardly decision. Being bitten had negative effects on Roderick, making the young man angrier and more spiteful. Alec had been the first ever to refuse being bitten, labeled an outcast he spent increasing amounts of time with Sebastian in the stables. His younger brother had grown tall and lean, able to lift more than before but with a tender hand that the animals responded to. He was a quiet spoken yet level headed man that others followed, putting him in a position of unofficial leadership that many respected. Alec couldn't help but be proud of Sebastian and together they lamented the company of their brother Roderick.

The world Alec had known once more expanded, twisting to encompass creatures of such terror they had once been thought simple storybook monsters. On a night under the full moon, the tide of a battle turned as a third army joined the fray. These new combatants weren’t just spilling blood they were drinking it in rivers, viciously eating and dismembering Knights by the dozen. Alec and others like him discovered that night that vampires were also real, and the war they were fighting in was about to get a whole lot bigger. Lord Cairn and his rivals put aside their feud, joining together to wage war against the vampires. In the following months, many of his friends were taken from him, the war Lord Cairn and the other pack Alphas were waging seemed like a campaign doomed to fail.

Alec reached his breaking point the night his Lord was taken down, felled by a female vampire so ferocious it took a dozen Therian’s to avenge his death. That night Alec ran to the stables, informing Sebastian what had happened and imparting a plan he had been forming in his mind for weeks. Together they saddled a pair of horses and took flight, into the night. They rode hard for several days before the first keening howl split the night, letting them know that their past was hot on their trail. Alec was making for the Vampire lines, perhaps with some luck and fast talking they could be granted asylum and allowed to take refuge among the enemy.

Outrunning wolves was easier said than done and on the third night, Alec realized that even on horseback fleeing was useless. His only thought was keeping his promise to the last brother that had any sense, convincing Sebastian to continue on foot and hide high in the trees. Once he was sure his brother was secured Alec rode hard with the two horses, screaming and shouting to draw the attention of their pursuers. It seemed an awfully long time before the horses were drawn up short, surrounded by a pack of angry wolves who quickly shifted into furious men. Out of the ring of Knight stepped Roderick, looking haggard yet filled with an uncontrollable rage. His brother took his flight as a betrayal, one just as deep as when their father had sold them out. Alec tried to reason with his brother, to make him see sense but to no avail. Roderick attacked, forcing Alec to defend himself, pitting brother and against brother. In a deadly dance of swords and teeth, the Alden Duo fought hard and just when Alec’s strength was failing him he found an opening and took it. With tears streaming from his eyes Alec yanked his sword from his brother’s body, watching as the light in his eyes flickered and died.

Turning to the rabid throng surrounding him he found a new and desperate strength, within nothing left to lose he fought like a possessed demon. Exploiting weaknesses of men he had trained with for years he killed the Therians one by one, painting the ground with their blood and his anguish. Standing amidst the bodies he was not uninjured, swaying on his feet as his lifeblood leaked from his body from all number of injuries. More howling in the distance meant more wolves, a second wave that he would surely not survive and who would find Sebastian once he was dead.

His last hope was the Vampires, stumbling through the woods he called out for the Children of the Night, uncaring that the Therians would hear and would be coming too. Just as the howling grew to a crescendo and he could feel the breath of death upon his nape he looked up, and into a pair of dark hazel eyes. He mumbled out words that he hoped were a plea for help, informing the stranger of the impending plan of attack from the Therians before his body abandoned him and he collapsed. The male bent down and collected him, his weight nothing to the supernatural creature who whisked him away at speeds only a vampire could achieve. Once safely inside the Vampire lines, Alec was given medical care while the male vampire went to collect his brother.

Unfortunately, the Vampire hadn’t been fast enough, coming upon his brother just as the Therian’s were dragging him back to Lord Cairn’s castle. Forlorn and heartsick Alec knew he had failed both of his brother’s, unable to protect Sebastian as he had promised and having killed Roderick by his own hand. The Vampire leaned over then, explaining who he was and making an offer that Alec couldn’t refuse. The bite was quick, the venom on the other hand burned through his body like fire, searing away his humanity and forever altering who and what he was. When night arrived Alec stood with the Vampires, waging an assault on Castle Cairn and rescuing any who were being held captive including Sebastian.

The Vampire who had turned him, much to his astonishment, turned out to be none other than the King of the Vampires. Inspired by Alec’s battle prowess and his heart Gideon decided to turn him, giving him the opportunity to keep the one promise he had left. Alec found the Vampires were nothing like the monsters they had been painted as the King himself escorted the brothers to their childhood home. Sebastian returned to help Theo who by then was a strapping man with a family of his own and overjoyed to be returned one of his long lost siblings. With the promise of the King that his family would be protected Alec gladly joined Gideon, settling into his life as a Vampire.

In his time with Gideon he has learned that he alone is the only Vampire, so far, to have been turned by the King. He had fought alongside Gideon and served him with great trust and admiration, gaining him the position of right hand of the King. His family has since survived through seven generations, under the eternal protection of the royal family and the lost brother Alden brother who history has down as disappeared and presumed dead. Once Gideon assumed the throne Alec accompanied him to Evermore, for wherever the King is so the Right Hand can be found.

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