Name: Alora Arslan
Age: 25
Species: Therianthrope (Lycanthrope)
Pack Status: TBD
Faceclaim: Hande Erçel
Positive: Intelligent, Vibrant, Adaptable
Negative: Reckless, Soft, Emotional

Alora was born into a family from Turkey that had it all, she was the youngest out of two older brothers and a younger sister, never having to want for anything. However that is all Alora did growing up was wanting more and more. It wasn’t materialistic things. Alora wanted to live and see every single corner of the world, she was a dreamer and without a doubt did she live up to her namesake. Alora “ the dreamer “. It drove her brothers mad having their kid sister follow them around and mimic their every move when it came to sports or rough housing about, however it eased their father when the boys taught their sister to throw a decent right hook.

When Alora reached her teen years, sixteen to be exact; she excelled in school, had many friends, and her mind set on going to America. Alora at eighteen applied to be a foreign exchange student and when accepted her parents were concerned but also excited for their daughter to learn all the world had to offer. During the flight Alora was glued to the window, her instructor desperately trying to get the girls head out of the clouds, literally and figuratively. When they landed Alora was wide eyed and thrilled.

Meeting her placement family Alora was relieved to see another girl her age, Miley, whom she became fast friends with. Alora adored the little California town, the food, the palm trees, the mall. It was all what she dreamed of and seeing Disneyland was another experience itself. Her first day at an America high school was the moment she had her culture shock. It made her anxious and she didn’t move until Miley held her hand and walked her here and there. After a week Alora had it down. Confidently strolling the halls until she collided with a hard frame and in that moment was a game changer for Alora and the blue eyed male smiling at her.

Alora and Eli were inseparable absolutely head over heels about each other, they spent every free minute together. There was nothing that came between them, no one, the two were strong and had plans for when she would return home to Turkey. But it never occurred to them that another type of force could ruin the young love, especially Alora. She was such a hopeful individual that she was for certain fate would take care of her like always. Over time Eli was changing and his behaviors seemed off, Alora was too buried in her work to come back next year for college to notice. Notice that everything was about to come crashing down.

It was at a party the same kind of party she and Miley always went to with their mutual friend group, nothing seemed off, it was a wonderful evening, the sun was going down and the sky was full of colors. Alora was sitting with Eli and laughing until he so frantically got up to leave, frowning Alora followed him calling after, Eli moved faster and faster but Alora was a good runner thanks to trying to her brothers. When she got him to stop she was staring at a stranger. Eli was flushed and pale, sweating, ragged breathing, terrified which made Alora assume he was on something. When she even suggested the claim Eli lashed out at her. Eyes welling with tears Alora stormed off into the woods, Eli’s fears went to the girl he loved and he followed after her in a hurry trying to beat the moon. The full moon.

Alora and Eli were too busy arguing to notice the eyes watching in trees and bushes, when darkness covered them like a blanket, the faint howls were nothing to Alora but meant everything to Eli. Who begged and pleaded Alora to run and don’t look back. Refusing and needing answers, Eli fell to the ground in pain and odd unnatural positions Alora screamed and tripped over the earth and her feet. Her first love was a creature she had seen in movies and read in books. Scrambling to leave Alora tried to run as fast as she could the moonlight the only thing giving her light, she tried to get out of the woods calling for help until she saw anyone. But the sharp pain in her side made her fall down a hill and the wind knocked out of her. She looked at her hip, deep holes with leaking blood, bitten. The whine of another made Alora look at sad eyes, Eli, he bit her and left her there. Watching him disappear in the night seemed more painful then the bite and the back pain she experienced.

Waking to the sound of an alarm Alora was in the hospital, Miley and her mother sleeping beside her on awful plastic furniture. Alora was quickly hit with the realization of what happened and she began to cry, Miley woke up and was quick to be there for her. Alora was there for a few days before she was set to be released. Eli snuck in and Alora was filled with anger that made her blood boil seeing his face again. Eli was the opposite and filled with remorse trying to explain he only aimed for her jacket to stop her, it was his first time as a Lycan and he didn’t know. Eli left Alora a notebook, a guide per say and left her again saying he was going south before the pack find him for failing to perform a certain act. He said she should too run because the pack would only ruin her since she was collateral damage .

Alora glared and sobbed before throwing a water cup at him “ you ruined me! “ she fell to the ground in tears and realized she couldn't go home, she couldn’t go anywhere it seemed. Eli left in and Alora that night runaway from her future. All her plans all her hopes and dreams fell apart. Alora travelled north, making note she hated the south as long as Eli was alive and breathing. When the next full moon Alora experienced a new form of pain that was torture in her eyes and that only fueled her anger towards the one person she wished hellfire upon. But sympathy at the same time. Eli was so scared of this pack and for what?

And that was it; The anger, the rage, the bit of love she still had for Eli, it consumed her to the point Alora felt she need to act upon it, she went all over town until she pieced it together. Where they stayed, where they worked, where they lived. Alora was there watching and learning, she left claw marks on walls, cars, made sure she left a scent. Seeing them paranoid gave Alora a gloat of power over them she left little notes claiming she knew what they did. It was then she saw him again after a few months of thinking he lived in the south; Eli was there and looked like a little scared puppy.

Alora needed to act fast and she did just that when the pack left, she circled the den with a can of gasoline and a box of matches, she drew flame in a quick strike and watched it all go up in flames. With a smile she was gone, but Eli was there with his hands gripping into her shoulders shaking her with reprimands. But Alora was so numb to it all that she laughed until Eli shoved her backwards and Alora shoved him back, when the sound of whistling a ominous tune made them stop. Alora stood unphased; it was like she was ready to die.

Eli stood in front of Alora with defiance and then in a flash a gremlin looking male strikes first and Alora was there in an instant shoving him back away from Eli who fought off another, Alora swung over and over again till the male was down, then the next male she took a few blows but held her own. Eli did the same but all came to a halt when the alpha whistled loudly. Alora saw Eli on his knees held down, Alora was pinned by her neck by this so called alpha, she couldn’t breathe but her eyes stayed on Eli who gazed back with so much sadness, Alora knew she wasn’t dumb and that was when his head rolled in a few agonizing thuds.

“ we are even…” was all he snarled and Alora laid on the ground breathing in smoke hoping she would go too till she pulled it together two days later and buried her first love. She left California and swore she would never ever go there again.

Alora spent years learning some sort of control over her new life, she called her family everyday, cried after, broke a few things. She fed them a lie that she was on a road trip with Eli and Miley before college. But there was no college she didn’t want to be around people.. Like this.. When a new full moon came she was in the deepest part of woods in Colorado when she heard the faintest words of Evermore, Evermore in her mind. The next day Alora was in that city when she was approached by a male who offered her a place in what he called the therianthropes. Alora was hesitant but when she gave it a shot, it reminded her of home.. Home, home. So Alora stayed and spent her time getting back into normalcy of what dreams she did have as human just applied in a city full of supernatural things.

Alora trained and learned the ways of being a normal as can be citizen of Evermore City, she got a degree for criminology and started to turn her life around, she became a crime scene officer for a moment while studying more to become a detective. Alora was on the right path but she was never the same dreamer, no see, that girl died in the woods. But this one who came out of those woods was reborn.

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