Name: Audrina Kensington
Age: Looks 21. Real Age 21
Eye colour: Silver
Species: Instar Diviner - Light
Face claim: Danielle Campbell 

Positive traits
Truthful - Caring - Intelligent

Negative Traits
Brutally Honest - Stubborn - Cocky

The Kensingtons were a family that was nearly as old as the city itself. They were one of the original families that helped settle Evermore and helped it quickly flourish. The family operated a successful fur trade business as well as raising and selling different kinds of livestock. They quickly built themselves a reputation as good and honest business people and were very popular in the continually growing city.

Years passed and the city steadily grew. Families came and went, building were constructed while others were torn down, the economy flourish and then sputtered, and through it all the Kensingtons remained. As the times changed, so too did their businesses. One son opened up a medical practice, another a general store and pharmacy were trade continued until that stopped as well. A massive family farm continued to provide top notch stock to other farmers and breeders, while yet another member opened a law firm. The family tree remained as pure and proper as ever, every child born into the family was a new prodigy. 

Helena was born and immediately it was decided for her that she would follow in her father's footsteps and become a future lawyer. She never once disputed it. She saw what the world could be like so she was grateful to be brought up in such a popular, well established family. She had everything given to her her whole life but no matter what she made sure it never went to her head. She was a kind, caring, honest person who never stopped giving. Sometimes she was chastised by her parents for being too kind and giving, they had fears she would squander her inheritance or the family fortunes.

Because of the expectations of her family, there was always a somewhat wild or rebellious side to Helena. She did everything her parents wanted but underneath it all she wanted to break free. That was why her relationship with Kevin was so different and perfect. He was everything her parents didn’t want her to find in a man. He was dark and secretive, but also one of the kindest, gentlest souls she had ever met. They fell in love over a summer and it wasn’t long before they were married but to her parents dislike. They tolerated the man even though he wasn’t what they had envisioned for their only daughter. They had tried guiding her towards eligible bachelors that were more in the same society as them, not some rugged university student who had moved to the city from the UK.

Helena had always known that there was something different about the man who had stolen her heart but she had never before realized what Evermore truly was. The supernatural existed and apparently Evermore was a perfect home for many different species of them. Kevin himself was one. Something called a Fae, a spell caster of light. She couldn’t believe was she was hearing but at the same time she knew it was true. Not long after she found out the truth about Kevin, Helena discovered she was pregnant. 9 months later she gave birth to a beautiful little girl and boy but, heartbreakingly, the boy did not survive.

They named the little girl Audrina and she became the light of their life. The Kensington family immediately began planning out the little girl's life before her mother could even dispute it. A year after her birth, Audrina’s mother returned back to work at the law firm full time and left the little girl in the care of her father. In spite of planning a successful future for their granddaughter, her grandparents never had much to do with Audrina, tending to avoid her and acting almost cold and indifferent towards her when they did see her. They didn’t care for the child that was the result of their daughter's disobedience mixing with a man of a lower class.They wouldn’t deny her the perks that came along with the Kensington last name though.

A few years passed and Audrina entered school, a private school for the wealthy of Evermore and she took to it with the air of a royal, knowing she belonged there despite the low treatment her grandparents often gave her. Now that he no longer had to be a stay-at-home father, Kevin began to grow restless, often fighting with his wife until they finally agreed to separate but not divorce. He needed to leave for a while, to get away from her stuffy family. Telling his daughter just how much he loved her and that he would come back, he left and to this day has not returned.

Life continued on as ever and nothing changed. Audrina attended her high-end private school, growing up into and educated, popular, well spoken young woman. She was the girl at school that many other girls aspired to be. She was kind to everyone, rude to no one, she made sure to always welcome new people to the school and made it clear that anyone who bullied or mistreated anyone else would suffer the consequences. With her father now out of the picture her grandparents warmed up to her, treating her like a grandchild now. Audrina felt no love towards the grandparents that had raised her mother and shunned her most of her life. All they cared about was status and the family wealth.

Audrina graduated the top of her class and had been accepted into the local University to take the first few years of her schooling before she decided what she really wanted to do and where she wanted to attend. Doors were open to her everywhere but she chose to remain in the small city she had grown up in for the simple fact that her mother was there. Her mother was her life, her best friend, and, in spite of her growing frustrations with her wayward father, she wanted to be there when he returned someday. She could work for her mother at the law firm whenever she wanted. Even though she didn’t have the education behind her, she was more capable than half of the people working there currently.

Throughout her whole life Audrina had known what she was. On the day of her 18th birthday her was claimed by the light, by the fae line and the same as her father much to her delight. Around her school work and working for her mother at the firm, the young woman practiced her magic day and night until she was quite skilled with the basics. She knew there was a ‘coven’ in the city but she had never approached them and her parents had never let the coven know of her existence and it continued that way for several years after her graduation.

It was one day at the office when she felt a pain begin in her stomach and head. It started small and quickly grew until it was unbearable. She screamed and collapsed in the file room and awoke there not long afterwards. She had made the choice to not go to the coven house but knew she couldn’t stay away from them any longer. She had no idea what had just happened or what it meant. As much as she didn’t want her life to change she couldn’t do this alone any longer. She needed to speak to the other Diviners and see what had happened and what it meant for them. The young girl hesitated though, what would going to them mean? Would she get pulled into the drama that she heard happened between covens? Would they expect something from her?

Even though she had to go to the coven she didn’t want anything in her life to change from how it was. Going to school and getting an education was still her goal and she always wanted to be close to her mother. Being a part of the community was something that wasn’t as important to her as her real family. Her only intention was to go there, find out what had happened that day when a comet had struck down close to Evermore and then leave. She didn’t want to become a member of the faction or get involved in all the supernatural politics that existed and if they tried to persuade her she would let them know exactly where she stood. Funny how things never go according to plan…..

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