Name: Aurora Devereux
Age: 198 (Looks 26)
Species: Celestial
Constellation: Taurus
Family: N/A
Face Claim: Jenna Coleman

Long ago in Turville, England on a cold winters night, a young girl snuck out of her chanbers to see the first snow fall of winter, much to her grandmother Margaret's dismay and warnings through out the day. A young girl named Rose ran to the fileds dressed in her night clothes and cloak to sheild herself from the bitter cold, her childlike excitement was shown from her giggles. The young golden haired child sat earnestly on a bench log placed center in the of the land, her little legs kicking while she looked to the night sky as the stars glistened like diamonds stuck in the sky. Behind her a breathless old woman came scurrying over to the child.

" Rose honestly... I told you... not to come out here!... I swear child you'll be the cause of my premature death.. " Despite the chastising the old woman gave her grandchild she sat next to the eager little girl following her gaze to the sky with a fond smile. " Ah, the stars when i was a young girl my papa told me if you catch a falling star you get a wish... " the old wise woman looked to the girl who was so entranced by the sky.

" grandma ma... i wish for a pony... like the kind the queens guard have, it needs to be pretty not sad looking like Eloy's mule... " the young girls face twisted making the old woman chuckle.

" Oh my child you will eventually have one, maybe ELoy will get one when you two grow up and live happily ever after... " the fiery old woman teased." ew! no grandma ma he is a boy and boy's are gross!..." the little girl pouted.

Just then a flash of light bursted across the sky and crash landed in the crop fields in the distance, young Rose gasped and leapt to her feet and took off with a frightened grandmother going after her, running through the fields to a vast crater where a dark haired female laid in the center of it, in a exquisite white gown glowing blindingly and aa tattoo of an intricate line that zig-zagged on her left shoulder. The young lady was confused as she frantically looked around, she had no clue of where she was, who she was, or what was happening at all. Terrified Aurora, was lost in a crops when a just as frantic voice of MArgaret yelled. " Rose!...Rose come back here! ".

Aurora was greeted by Rose who came to halt with a look of awe at Aurora, who jumped back in surprise of the small girl, Rose wore a grin on her heart shaped face when she looked from the damaged ground to the glowing female in front of her. " hello i'm Rose who are you?... "

Knowing nothing at all Aurora stared fearful around her at everything with a blank mind, Roses' grandmother came from the corn fields and cursed under her breath. " oh my... oh my oh dear... come, we must get you away from here quickly... " Aurora was rushed back to their home where she was sat in a chair, by a fire and given a mug of tea just as snow began to fall. Aurora had no memory but she found herself doing things she didn't know she remembered learning: drinking tea, eating food, thanking the old woman and Rose for things they kept doing for her that night. Rose was estatic and insisted that Aurora stay with her in her room all the time, the little girl adored Aurora, who in turn found herself fascinated with the little girl just as much. Though the newly fallen star had a gut feeling she was not like them, despite it all Aurora behaved just like them with a natural ease.

Despite the two being different, they still had such a bond with another, like they knew each other forever and with that they were joined at the hip. Rose and Aurora were by the pond making flower crowns, and running around when the star spoke breathlessly. " Aurora Deveruex... my name is Aurora... " With a wide gaze Rose grin and hugged her friend tightly. Aurora's first of year of life is when she noticed things surrounding her, she would look at Rose and see how different she was compared to her, how the young girl grew and changed so much but not a single hair on Aurora's changed, how she would glow such a radiant light around her that no one else had. Aurora noticed that time around her would slow to halt for a moment then pick up once more, the fallen girl didn't understand what was happening to her. Fearful of everyone thinking she was insane and making things up she kept to herself, only placing trust in Rose and Margaret. Aurora began staying inside as much as possible or running off with Rose to a secret place to play, but a part of her knew she had to leave soon before trouble came knocking. But she couldn't bring herself to leave them. Not just yet.

About a couple weeks later, while the three women were sat down to eat, a loud knock echoed through the cottage, Margaret waited while Aurora went to hide down in the small crawl space. The voice of men boomed through every cracks in the home, Aurora heard the unwavering voice of Margaret, but the stranger's was more domineering. " Search the house! i want every piece of it gone through! " Aurora covered her mouth when a loud bang sounded. Rose cried out and it made Aurora use every part of her not to jump out and protect her, Aurora didn't understand what was happening above her and it made tears come to her eyes. The same stomach turning voice spoke and Aurora felt something in her start to simmer and boil. " Where is the girl? " the cottage was silent in a matter of a second, and Aurora held her breath. " It is just me and my granddaughter... " Margaret spoke calmly, while Roses soft cries where muffled.

" Your neighbor... the farm boy says otherwise.... a girl here, that glows, that fell from the sky... where. is. she!? " The man yelled and drew his blade grabbing Margaret by her arm making the elder woman stumble. " if you don't tell me where she is i promise you i will- "

" Don't you dare touch them! " Aurora spoke with ice laced on every syllabul. " i will go with you, but you are to not lay a hand on them or i promise you.. you will have no hands..." The man stepped directly into Aurora's face and the Celestial did not move or bat an eye. " is that a threat pretty girl?... " Aurora shook her head slowly and calculating. " oh no, it is a promise. " In a matter of seconds Aurora was drug from the place she called home with the cries and desperate pleas of a young Rose that shattered the very soul of Aurora. Rose ran to the celestial and grabbed her hands, begging for her to stay. Aurora smiled with tears streaming down her face. " Rosie... i will always be with you... You listen to your grandmother okay? Take care of her.. it's all going to be alright, it's going to be okay... " she kissed the young girls head as two men seperated them.

Aurora was taken to a large estate of sorts in Oxford, where a man waited for her, feeling the very core of her scream danger, and she felt she needed to run back home. But she couldn't, Aurora felt guilt come to her, if she had left Rose and Margret none of this would happen. Bartholomew Lincoln was her captor's name, he lived alone but was married to some poor woman who lived far from here. He kept Aurora locked away in room that to someone else would be like their wildest dreams but to the star it seemed like a torture chamber. Aurora didn't dare to eat, or sleep, ready to die then to give Bartholomew the slightest satifaction. She felt something coming, something awful and she needed to get away. So she did began to eat enough to keep herself sustained, hydrated, strong enough to fight.

Bartholomew visited Aurora often and would shower her with gifts, or touch her in ways that made Aurora's skin burn like acid splashed on it, he wanted her power. And until he got it, Aurora was nothing but a caged bird who spent years fighting him off refusing to give him anything of her, suffering blows after blows for not delivering, forced to use her gifts she would fight Bartholomew daily refusing to use any power for him. Aurora was reaching her breaking point but she wouldn't let herself break this way. One day Aurora awoke from slumer and was ready to leave her room, to finally play the game of cat and mouse, to take back her life. But as she left the room and walked the hall she was greeted with man who stopped and stunbled over his words. " Oh my lady i was sent to come get you... i, i was busy tending to the horses.. are you ready for dinner?... " Aurora fond herself staring at the beauty of this man that all she could do was nod. She followed the man to the dining area and sat in her spot across from Bartholomew who was pleased with himself. Aurora ate, while her mind went to work planning her escape, when the next course was on it's way she spoke up asking to want to see the horses. She told a story on how much she loved horses and wanted to ride one hpw happy it would make her. Bartholomew agreed wanting to please Aurora, in hopes he too would get what he wanted as well.

In the next few months Aurora got her strength, and how to bond with the mustang she chose from the stable hand she met in the hall way named Gregory Samson, the two bonded with a growing romantic attraction that had to be kept hidden for months. They would steal glances at one another, touches, and send notes back and forth. Gregory had agreed to help Aurora escape, he knew nothing of the sort of her odd gifts, or how she came about here and it roke her heart she had to lie to him. The night came when Aurora would escape, a storm came, the rain fell hard and the wind was loud and monstrous. Aurora went to sleep early, waiting for the signal when Bartholomew went to sleep as well, hours passed and Aurora grew impatient fearful it would not work. But then a thud came from the hall and the celestial peeked from her door to her chambers and saw a snoring Bartholomew lying on the floor as the house staff came rushing to him arrying him off to sleep.

Sneaking out of her room an hour later, Aurora quietly left the house and ran to the the stables soaked from head to toe, where a waiting Gregory waited in the shadows. They saddled up and set off in a hurry, til they stopped at small Brewery for the night as the storm got worse til morning came and the could set off to Turville so Aurora could say a proper goodbye to her family, the people who took her in, who protected her all that time. When the sun came piercing through the window Aurora woke as did Gregory the two grabbed food and water and set off to leave until the sound of horse hoofs vibrated the ground and Bartholomew's men were coming. Gregory got onto his horse and pulled Aurora with him onto one horse and took off.

Aurora held on tight and looked back at the men who were hunting them, they got closer and closer, then out of nowhere Gregory called out. " do you trust me?.. Aurora you have to trust me! I need you to jump and keep going east! " Aurora disagreed and shook her head holding onto him tighter. " No i am not going without you! " Gregory pried her hands off him and held on bringing it to his lips to kiss. " jump Aurora! i will find you! now jump! " Aurora sighed and jumped, rolling down a hill til she laid on her front. Groaning in pain she ran east, she ran and ran like her life depended on it, the celestial stopped in pain when she saw the hill where there was nothing but charred wood. Aurora fell to her knees in anguish, her home, her closet friends were gone.

Aurora couldn't take it, the celestial energy she tried to keep hidden from the world surged through her as she sobbed, everything she loved was taken from her. then in the distant a white horse with Gregory on it came riding towards her. He got off and knelt down beside Aurora holding her to him as she sat there silent. " We must get you to safety, my uncle he has a ship he can get us out of here, somewhere far, far away from here... " it was days til they reached the port, taking back roads and staying hidden, but when they got there Aurora looked to Gregory. She knew she had to leave him behind, she still stayed quiet looking to him with sorrow in every glance as they reached the ship, and made plans to leave within the hour. It was now or never, when Gregory returned the two embraced each other and he walked her onto the ship and gave her supplies to watch over, Aurora watched the man she was falling for knowing she had to tell him, she had to leave him behind. Gregory's uncle John approached Aurora and told her where she would be staying, with a nod Aurora turned and looked to Gregory who was in the grasp of Bartholomew who drew a blade into his heart. Aurora screamed and it alerted John who ran to his nephew, Bartholomew took strides towards Aurora who backed up to the captains den, men blocked access onto the ship. John charged for Bartholomew and threw him backwards and Aurora looked away.

A distraught Aurora sat on the deck of the ship that left port hours ago, her thoughts rambled on to places so dark it could put her light out. She was trouble everywhere she went someone got hurt because she craved a something she could never have, she knew had to leave Rose and Margaret but she was so happy. Gregory was another source of happiness, another thing she couldn't have but took anyway. Because of her someone always got hurt, so when the ship docked in Denmark Aurora thank John quickly afraid to look at him even and lifted the hood of her cloak and left the ship.

Aurora need to find safety, and as she walked the streets of Amsterdam, Aurora felt a pull making her stop and look around her seeing a woman with dark hair just like her, Aurora approached her speaking unsure but sure at the same time. " Do i know you.... " The woman said her name was Ophelia Dreyvalian, who spoke to Aurora as if they did know each other, she explained she was a celestial like Aurora and she was the way-finder who made right of the rifts in time and she was looking for their kind. Aurora was amazed and overwhelmed at the same time, Aurora felt safe in this woman's presence and went with her with no question.

Aurora and Ophelia arrived at the Isle of Skye, she was in true awe when she was introduced to others like her, and with time Aurora thought happiness to exist and she was destined to have what she dreamed of. The celestial trusted Ophelia, and that gave her a sense of peace in the fact she could finally find herself once again and learn from the other celestials things she spent most of her life hiding. She learned how to use her power, how to control it, get a better grasp on her energy, finally feeling like she belonged somewhere like she was herself finally and not this monster she thought she was. Days passed and Aurora was enjoying a daily stroll, visiting the horses when she was grabbed from behind and dragged away, flashbacks of being taken once before played in her mind, she struggled and tried to fight her way free but to no prevail Aurora drifted into a black abyss.

In a cold sweat she woke up in a steel cage, panicking she looked around saw her people either in a deep sleep and awake just like her, angry with a passionate burning rage of betrayal Aurora tried to understand how this was happening, why did the Ailward turn on them? It was supposed to be safe, this was suppose to be home, the celestials did nothing but try and survive... kept to themselves, they did nothing wrong.. Aurora suffered from flashbacks and visions from her time as prisoner to Bartholomew, the endless nights of torture. It made it difficult for her to be in a cage, Aurora hummed over and over a song her and Rose use to sing trying to find some sort of hope. Listening to a fellow celestial tell stories didn't help, Aurora got cynical developed resentment coming here, listening to Ophelia who didn't come to save them, Not agreeing to escape with Gregory. When the food was brought to them she would throw it in their face, or kick it on the ground. Aurora didn't understand why Ophelia didn't come for them, she didn't want to believe the person who gave her a safe haven to be dead and she didn't want to believe she left them here either.

Aurora would silently cry at night, picture the sky, the snow, the smell of flowers, the warmth of the sun. The way the wind felt in her hair as she rode a horse. She long to be free for just once in her life and now she laid in cold steel cage waiting for her downfall. But right before sleep one she would wish on all the stars for Ophelia to come and as if she was heard, a sudden sensation, a surging energy awakened in her and she stood quick to her feet with chills tingling all over her as Ophelia appeared, relief washed over her along with a disbelief, as she and the others fought their way out of there.

Watching the Isle fall was like being cleansed, all the torment and pain left Aurora, she felt no remorse towards the Ailwards as the isle fell and she looked at Ophelia with tremendous gratitude and respect. She shouldn't have had any ounce of doubt towards her, she saved Aurora once and she should have known she'd do it again. When their wayfinder announced they would go to Evermore Aurora didn't fancy the idea not one bit, but she knew Ophelia had their best interest, that Ophelia was capable of anything and Aurora would do anything for their wayfinder even if that meant dancing with the devil.

Positive: Loyal, Resilient, Protective, Persuasive

Negative: Arrogant, Vengeful, Distant, Cynical


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