Name: Blaze Noir
Age: 23
Species: Human
Supernatural Standing: Knows about the supernatural
Face Claim: Song Mingi

It was a bright and sunny August morning when Blaze was born in Orange Beach, Alabama to Inhyuk and Nara Sohn as Sohn Chanhyuk. Nara was overjoyed when the doctor announced that she had had a beautiful and healthy baby boy and that there seemed to be no complications with him. A few days later Inhyuk and Nara took Blaze back to their apartment and started to enjoy their new life together with their son and as a happily married couple. What Nara didn't know was that Inhyuk had been secretly seeing a very lovely and charming Valkyr behind her back. She couldn't figure out why he would always stay out all night and come back with mysterious puncture wounds on his neck. Blaze's mother began to suspect something was up when Inhyuk didn't come home for two weeks, seemingly disappearing into thin air. She called the police and they searched for three days before finally finding Inhyuk washed up and deceased near the Seaside Beach & Raquet Club condos that bordered the Gulf of Mexico. The coroner who found him said that Inhyuk had likely been deceased for two days, the rigor mortis and the bloating of his body made it difficult for them to determine the exact time of death but found two puncture wounds on his neck and no blood in his body.

Terrified for her life, Nara fled from Orange Beach to Evermore, Colorado with a three-week-old Blaze and all of her things. Nara's mother took them in, telling her daughter of supernatural beings and how Inhyuk had been killed by a Valkyr due to the puncture wounds in his neck and the lack of blood in his body. Hana took care of both Nara and Blaze and kept them safe from danger, teaching them of different supernatural species and telling them that no one in Evermore would hurt them, and they were safe there. When Blaze was three his mother met a therianthrope named Jackson and eventually fell in love with him. Jackson was extremely good with the little boy, acting like a father and a male figure for Blaze to look up to. On March 16, 2006, when Blaze was six years old, Nara and Jackson got married and the latter became Blaze's stepfather. Blaze grew up learning of the different species of therian and learning to love them all. Jackson taught him not to be scared of Valkyr's even though one killed his biological father, and not all of them were out for blood and evil.

All throughout his elementary and middle school years, Jackson took him to school while Nara worked and after school took him to play with some of the therianthrope kids that were a part of Jackson's pack. There Blaze would meet his best friend for life, an ailuranthrope named Kristian who exhibited the features of a black panther and the temper of one too. The boys were inseparable, and never seen one without the other. Kristian was very popular in school while Blaze was not, so to help Blaze not be bullied, Kristian forbade anyone to mess with the smaller ebony haired boy. This helped him get through middle school and even helped him get into sports because Kristian was there for him. He played varsity football after the coach found him to be insanely talented and he even ran track and played baseball. Those were the best years of the dark-haired boy’s life; little did he know that that was subject to change.

In the summer before Blaze entered high school, he hit puberty scaring his mom half to death when he walked out of his room one day, voice way deeper than it was the day before. He shot up, towering over Kristian and growing into his long limbs and filling out his small face. His black hair grew longer, and he started to wear contacts instead of the usual black framed glasses he wore. Blaze made both football and baseball tryouts and joined the dance team, long limbs helping him execute more difficult moves. Freshman year went well, and no one dared to bully him, he was simply too tall. Kristian and him were even better friends than they had been when they were both in middle school, getting into trouble together and making late night snack runs when they slept over at each other's houses. He met his first girlfriend that year, a pretty blonde girl with a bubbly disposition and a tendency to laugh really loud. She was his first kiss and his first time, but when the summer came around, she died in a car accident that took her life and her parent’s lives. Only her baby brother and her kitten Skittles survived. Stephanie’s grandparents took in her baby brother but left the kitten with Blaze. He vowed to take care of it, even promising his mother and Jackson that he would never let it out of his sight.

Sophomore year was hard for him, and Kristian tried to help him through it but couldn’t get through to the grieving boy. Blaze’s grades slipped, and he started to draw into himself, not letting anyone in, not even his own mother. The only person that was able to draw him out of himself was Jackson after the latter had talked to him and listened to him cry for hours. It was still hard for him to bear and every time someone mentioned Stephanie, he would burst into tears, but his grades climbed back up and he began to engage with people again. Football was his only outlet to get his frustration out, because all of his energy and strength went into practice and making sure that they won all of their games. Blaze hung out with Kristian more and more until he became the honorary human member of Kristian’s pack as he was over there a lot. He grew taller, legs getting longer and face developing even more, voice getting even deeper and his grades bordering on fantastic.

Junior year was the year he found another girlfriend, a pretty Chinese girl with a sweet and bubbly deposition just like Stephanie. Her name was Grace and Blaze loved her. She was his everything, and the one person other than Kristian that he told everything to. There was always that sinking and terrible feeling that something bad would happen to Grace, but Blaze pushed it down and continued on with his life. The feeling kept nagging though, and sometimes Blaze wanted to scream from the top of the school to tell the universe to fuck off, but it didn’t seem like a good idea and plus if he did, some things could happen that he wasn’t sure he wanted to happen. It was the night of the senior prom, and many of the juniors had been invited to the afterparty, which included booze and things that a teen generally shouldn’t get involved with. It was around one a.m when Grace disappeared without a warning to anyone, which was highly unusual for her. A few minutes later Blaze went to find her and passed out from the shock. Grace had been bitten by a Therian, and blood was everywhere.

Senior year came and went. Blaze was emotionally unavailable, his brain elsewhere. Not even Jackson or Kristian could talk to him. The only sort of response they got out of him was when his baby sister Brielle was born. It was during the winter of 2018 and Blaze had come out of his room to say hello to his newborn sister and then had retreated back into his room to study for his upcoming final. Blaze’s grades hadn’t dropped this time, but his emotional stability had. He kept an eye on Brielle and only talked to her, his voice soft and soothing, helping the baby girl sleep and stay asleep. The relief they got from his several month long hiatus was when Kristian had come over to sleep over and had finally broken through the walls Blaze had put up after Grace’s attack. It had been revealed that Grace hadn’t died but had been turned into a Kitsune as people had spotted a silver fox lurking around the area that Grace had been attacked and finding the girl several months later leaning against the tree asleep seemingly fine. Around this time as well, Blaze figured out that he had a crush on Kristian, refusing to tell the other boy and having his bad luck cause something to the panther like boy.

He graduated in 2018 with honors and the top of his class. Several colleges had sought him out after watching him play football, but he had decided to go to Auburn University in his home state of Alabama, getting as close as he could to Orange Beach without actually living there. Kristian came with him, and Blaze finally admitted to him that he was in love with him on the first day of freshman orientation. Kristian, relieved, returned the feelings and the two got together shortly after. Of course, Blaze was scared that something would happen to Kristian as he had horrible luck, and something always seemed to happen when he got into a relationship. But Kristian assured him that wouldn't happen and helped him get through his first year of college without something tragic happening. Blaze often visited Orange Beach and would make the three-hour trip every weekend, just so he could see the place where he was born and visit with his grandparents who he hadn't even known existed until a couple of months ago. He contacted his mother and Jackson often and talked to Brielle a lot, even though she couldn't quite understand him yet.

There was always that lingering feeling that something would happen, but it never did, and he got through college pretty easily if you ask him. Kristian was always there to help him, and his grandparents would always send him back home with seafood and different types of kimchi and Korean food. There was nothing more he loved than homemade tteobokki and spicy kimchi, and he always drove to the nearest Asian market to make it himself, often giving Kristian a heart attack when he woke up late at night to find Blaze standing in the dark in a daze munching on kimchi that he had made himself. Blaze still had nightmares and Kristian was still an ailuranthrope, so in the end they helped each other deal with those things. They both graduated in 2021, Blaze with a BA in Education and Kristian with a BA in Kinesiology.

They returned to Evermore shortly after they graduated, both of them getting a job at Evermore High making sure they would never be separated. In July of 2022 they got married and moved into a house of their own. Skittles lives with them too, an everlasting memory of Stephanie and how much she meant to Blaze. It's now 2023, and Blaze is in his second year of teaching, and often wonders just what would have happened if Stephanie were still alive. But he doesn't regret falling in love with Kristian, sure he misses Stephanie, but wouldn't change what he has now for anything in the world.

Positive: Gentle, Bright, Bubbly
Negative: Timid, Gullible, Loud

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