Name: Carter Nichols
Age: 34
Species: Human
Face Claim: David Guintoli
Supernatural Status: Member of the organization
Organization Status: Member of the intell department
Organization Technology: Supernatural Detection & Tracking Device, Blinding / Stunning / Deafening Device, Diamond Edged Weapon

Life can take many turns and there are countless paths which might be traveled in life. Each a branch off of a single path starting with birth, each path hidden on what will come by taking it.

A family is normally something worth protecting but sometimes there are limitations on what you can do to make that happen. Morgan Nichols learned this the hard way the night he and his pregnant young wife were hit by a drunk driver. The car was flipped over a guard rail and both were badly injured and rushed to the hospital. When Morgan awoke hours later he inquired about his wife and baby, the nurse grew quiet the fear and hesitancy clear on her face. Morgan held his breath as the nurse explained they were both rushed in the night before in bad shape, his wife in worse shape than he was. While they tried to save her life they realized they could either save the child or lose them both.

Carter was forcefully brought into he world by the wrong path someone decided to travel making it to where he would never know his mother. From the exact moment his father saw him he wanted nothing but to protect him from the harsh realities of the world and make sure no harm came to him. It was the feeling which coursed through him as he held his son the first time. This feeling caused an obsession to bloom within.

As Carter grew his father made sure everything which might be a hazard was locked up. The child locks and childproof door handle holders were all left longer than necessary. For the first few years of school his father home schooled him to remained in control and keep his son protected. Morgan was the only friend his son had which was exactly what the father wanted but what the son hated. When Carter was seven he figured out how to take the screws out of the windows of his bed room and began sneaking out wanting to see more of the world than what was allowed. The path he choose created a world to bloom before his eyes and he wanted to be a part of it.

When Carter became middle school age he begged his father to let him go to a public school. All the boy wanted was to have friends and be part of the world which was passing him by. After meeting rejection at ever turn Carter took the one path he never wanted to take and yelled at his father asking if he thought that was what his mother would have wanted? Silence has filled the kitchen neither speaking, Carter for fear of having pushed his father too far and Morgan because of the harsh truth his son has thrown in his face.

For the first time Carter saw the man behind the protective nature. A man who had lost so much in one night and was afraid of losing anymore. The two came to understanding that night Carter couldn't continue to live his life being trapped but that would be wise with his freedom and his father agreed to allow him to go to middle school and to try and lighten up. Once Carter started school things at home began to lighten up a little and the over kill rules now were only strict instead of oppressive. It was hard from going to the awkward turtle of a new student from home school to someone who had friends. His social interaction was very limited since his father was the only one who he talked to on a frequent basis never having been in a home school group.

It took Carter awhile to make friends, it was a slow and painful process or at least that was the way it seemed. Soon he had a small group of people he could talk to and hang out with, they also lived in the same neighborhood so they would ride the same bus or walk home together. Macy, Jim, Pete and Carter became inseparable, where one was the others were sure to follow. Pete often got them into mischief and it was Carter's job to get them out of it since he was the most level minded of the bunch.

In high school Carter got into sports focusing mainly on football even though his dad hated the idea of it. Jim and Pete weren't thrilled with the idea either since that took time away from hanging out but Pete seemed to see it as a plus since Macy's attention turned to him. Carter hadn't expected that since he had liked her for a few years but the early bird gets the worm and he was forced to watch his best friend with his first love. Carter began to pull away from his once small group of friends focusing on class work and football. Their senior year there was a party down by the lake it was a bunch of senior, mainly the sports teams but Jim, Pete and Macy decided to show up. There was a game of touch football on the lake shore when everyone was good and drunk and after Pete and Jim asked Carter to stay so they could talk.

There was a heated argument but in the middle of it when they seemed to finally be finding common ground a howl broke through the air. Before they could run or call for some sort of help an animal emerged from the darkness. Jim was closest to the tree line and the first to go down, it all happened so fast Carter couldn't make any sense of it later. The animal turned of him but before it got to him Pete stepped in the way the animal ripping into Pete's arm. Macy's scream would forever echo in Carter's nightmares, the animal turned towards her, Carter leaping into motion but as people came running towards the lake the animal ran. A state of shock went over him as the police came and questioned everyone, Jim had died in the attack, Pete's arm looked like something had taken a chunk out of it.

A few days later Carter had gone to Pete's house to apologize about that night only to find out some sort of infection had set in and Pete's body couldn't handle it. Carter was devastated at the lose of two of his long time friends and attending the funerals only made it worse and caused him to feel more alone than he had ever been. His father's over protective nature started to rear it's ugly head one more. The moment he got his high school diploma he went to the local recruitment office and enlisted in the Air Force. After the ASVAB he was put into a group of engineers.

After basic training he was stationed in Florida at the MacDill Air Force base working on aircrafts. Most ignored him and he may as well have been invisible which also made it easier for him to hearing things he wasn't meant to. It was something that served him well in his four year term. When the choice came to re-enlist he decided it against it wanting to try another path in life.

Going back to college at FAMU School of Architecture he began his bachelor's degree in architecture and learning engineering seemed to be far easier. It was turning his second year when he got a call from Macy, she wanted to see him and talk about the night at the lake which was something they had both repressed. Carter told her if she wanted to talk about it she had to come to Florida so she flew out to see him on spring break. They both seemed to have seen the same thing all those years ago but it still didn't make sense to either. Macy told him of a place near where they grew up, a city named Evermore were a lot of weird things happened.

After Macy left he didn't think too much on it until he graduated with his degree in architecture. A few days later he received a letter with a job offer, the address of the company in Evermore, Colorado. Calling Macy he accused her of trying to get him to the city and she admitted that she had talked to someone on his behave but his sketches and understanding of architecture was what got him the job. Florida was hot and humid and he did miss Colorado so he called and accepted the job packing up and moving to Evermore within the week.

Once in Evermore he didn't think there was anything strange about the city like Macy did. It was great to be around her again and they seemed to go back to the close connection they had in high school. After working for the same company for a few years he was promoted to larger jobs and helped with a redesign of the kitchen of the a member of high society and heard something he shouldn't have. Talk of species and factions and different parts of the city being territories. Carter didn't mean to eavesdrop and he was easily found out being questioned of exactly what he had heard which was too much. It seemed his ability to get into places and hear things without much attention being paid was a skill some Organisation was looking for.

Carter's former military training back into use when he accepted the job offered, understanding what had happened so long ago. There was even a file on the attack and so many more instances like it. There was so much he didn't know and the Organisation helped him to piece things together and explained a world he had been blind to. A world Macy knew nothing about and he couldn't share it with her.

After a year of keeping secrets and sometimes sneaking around Macy grew fed up with him and believed him to be cheating so she left him. It was a hard time in his life so he threw himself into his work and event toyed with the idea of going to the police academy for a change of pace. It was easy to get in with a little back so along with maintaining his architecture job he was able to work for the ECDP part time which gives him an ear in a lot of places and helps him to gather a lot of intel.

Pos: Dedicated, honorable & Supportive | Neg: Indecisive, cunning & quick-tempered

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