Name: Castor “Casey” Lavender
Date of Birth: May 31st, 1958
Faceclaim: Tatiana Maslany
Species: Instar Diviner - Dark
Age: Looks 25 | Real 59
Family: Pollux Lavender (Twin brother) Mercury Lavender (Father) Viola Lavender (Mother) Sebastian Wilder (Uncle - Mother's twin Brother)
Eyes when using magic: Onyx Black

Born the older twin, Castor was born May 31st, 1958 when the sky was no longer illuminated. When Castor was born her father was disappointed for he wanted twin sons in hopes to break the pattern of boy and girl twins that his family seemed to carry from generation to generation . Mercury left the room leaving the midwives to handle the birth. He looked down to the girl in his arms sighing heavily for when her eyes opened, she looked back at him with his green eyes.

Mercury seemed lost in a trance as he stared at his daughter when he heard his wife screaming as the next child was breached. Returning to the room, he handed his newborn daughter to his brother in law who stood outside of the door. They shared a nod as they both agreed before the birth that they would not lose Viola during the birth like they had lost their mother.

The birth wasn’t easy on any of them, but soon Pollux was born. After healing his wife, Mercury took hold of his son and looked down. Their names were chosen before the birth and even though Castor was born a girl, the names stuck.

Castor growing up seemed to always have it slightly worse than her hours younger brother. She was teased often about having a boy’s name even though she would go by Casey. She looked to her younger brother and wondered why she felt cursed out of the two of them. Both of their parents were claimed by the Fae and they grew up in a light home, training to use their magic together daily while their mother and father would work to put food on the table.

Castor had found a photo album of her mother when she was younger. Flipping through the photos, she noticed that in all the photos with her mother there was a boy her same age with linked arms and smiling with together. She pulled one of the photos from the album turning it over and seeing the names on the back being Sebastian and Viola Wilder age 16. Seeing this made her understand that much like Castor and Pollux, her mother was a twin.

She wondered what happened to her uncle; Did her mother and him get into a fight? Was her uncle even alive? Her mind swirled wanting to know the unknown. It caused a fear in her wondering if her brother would leave her behind.

The older she got the more the fear and anger seemed to grow in her. With each time someone made fun of her, she began to use her magic against them striking out in little ways that no one would notice. Though they still didn’t let up with the name calling and bullying, it only seemed to get worse.

Adversity was something that both Castor and Pollux faced, but it seemed that Castor stuck out more than her brother so with each passing year the bullying became too much until the eve of her eighteenth birthday where she was jumped by a group of strangers walking home from dance practice. It was then she lost control of herself and lit the strangers ablaze.

Watching the men burn alive, she felt a rush of power she had never felt before which caused a swirling within her. She felt strong and undefeated in that moment, but quickly came to her senses and took off. Reaching her home, her face bruised, she snuck in and up to her room crying. Pollux being the good brother he had always been came into the room feeling her sadness long before hearing her sobs.

He healed her and wrapped her up holding her that night knowing that his sister only did what she did to keep herself safe. When Castor fell asleep Pollux pulled himself free and returned to his room as the next day was going to be big for them both. When Castor awoke she found her way downstairs seeing a man standing with her mother in the kitchen. When he turned around offering a wide smile, Castor knew that this was her uncle.

They were introduced and the family had a big breakfast, yet Castor’s gaze always seemed to go back to Sebastian. She swallowed the last of her breakfast and her brother and her went off to school. Little did the twins know that when they were claimed, the Dark Diviner would be going with their uncle to live while learning how to be a dark diviner.

So as twilight came, the twins went their separate ways. Castor walked with her mother into the backyard and stared at the sky with her. The sky darkened, claiming her for the Necromancers. She heard her mother give an audible gasp. “In no generation so far has the girl been claimed for the dark.” Her mother said with tears down her face. She watched her mother run into the house and yet looked up to the dark sky knowing that her brother had been chosen for the light, giving her a faint smile.

When she finally returned inside to see the man who was her uncle standing there waiting for her, her things had already been placed in a bag. Her mother refused to look at her sobbing into her father's chest. She was being treated as a monster and it caused anger to raise in her, but her eyes fell onto Pollux who walked over to her and pulled her into a hug and whispered in her ear “I will see you soon Cass,”offering a kiss on her head before he returned to their parents’ side.

Sebastian looked to his sister with disgust at the way she was acting and placed his hand on Castor’s shoulder. “Come with me and let me train you.” So with that, without another look to her parents, she left that night with her uncle. Living with her uncle was strange at first, but soon they fell into a groove.

Sebastian owned a garage and invited Castor to come with him one day. At first she didn’t think it was her kind of place, but soon they both went to his garage and she watched him interact with his staff and customers realizing that he was honestly a good man even if he was claimed by the dark. She began to hang around more often and even learned to fix all the things that came through the shop with time.

She finally felt at home. After a few years Castor received a letter from her brother stating that their parents had died in a horrific car accident and that he wanted her to return home to help him with their small but decent inheritance and the property and that he missed her. Returning to her childhood home was hard, but seeing her brother for the first time in years made it all worth it. They shared a long hug before getting into what was left behind.

While going through the paperwork, it was noted that their parents left everything to Pollux as he was claimed by the light and considered their rightful heir. Castor once again felt like she meant nothing to the world around her and threw a book at her twin brother screaming at him. “Why did you bring me back here for this? Just to make me feel as worthless as they did! Never! EVER! Contact me again!” With that, she stormed out of her childhood home one last time.

Castor returned working alongside her uncle refusing to talk about what happened. Many years past until word of Evermore reached the Dark Diviner coven. A place where there was hope for all diviners to find peace among themselves. The shop was sold and the small coven made their way to Evermore opening up a new garage making themselves strong members of the Diviner faction in Evermore. Castor looked up to the Faction ambassador who was a Dark Diviner like herself giving a good name to the Dark side of the species.

In time, Castor had become well known for her talents for fixing anything around town, but as her happiness grew, it was bound to come to an end the day her brother showed up in Evermore. She walked in to the shop to see a masked man standing over her uncle’s body. Her heart broke. The man who took her in and treated her like a daughter for most of her life was now dead.

Her eyes turned black as she cast a suffocation spell on the man and watched as he gasped for air before picking up a crescent wrench. As she was about to take the man’s life, her brother broke her concentration by casting an imprisonment spell on his sister and letting the man who killed their uncle get away. She turned to her twin and said with her eyes still dark, “I will never forgive you for this.” As he released her, she held her uncle’s lifeless body, knowing he would not want to return to this plain now that he was free.

Her uncle left everything he had to her even though it was just the shop they had opened together and a little savings that was more than enough for her to keep the shop open and running. She pushes away her brother every time he tries to contact her, though with each passing day she grows lonelier.

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