Name: Fredrick Fairchild

Age: Looks 28, Real 70

Species: Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Katana Blade

Colour Affinity: Purple

Face Claim: Sam Claflin


If asked about his earliest memories or the first words he had uttered, Frederick’s reply would be protect and protection. The words not only rang in his mind, but it was almost as if, it was embedded in his very blood. From the time he could remember, he and his sister Dominique were always trained to be Vampire protectors. It was considered by many to be an odd profession but as he grew, it became highly in demand.


Dhampirs have always been there to protect those around them and traditionally it’s been the Humans which Dhampirs have protected, but some Dhampirs have gone into another route of protection - Protecting the supernatural.  Frederick’s great great something started off the family business by putting his life on the line to protect a friend, a Vampire friend. After that the family asked Frederick’s great great something to become a bodyguard of sorts and to protect members of the family as required. The tradition as such, when a Fairchild turned 18, after their claiming ceremony they would be assigned to a member of a Vampire family to protect for as long as the Vampire needed them.


Being the eldest of the Fairchild children, Frederick’s childhood was often lost in trying to be a person his family could be proud of. He rarely went out to play and would be in the dojo training constantly. He learnt the art of handling various weapons as it was unknown to him, what weapon would chose him at his 18th birthday. Although he knew his duty well, Fred resented the pressure his family put on him and it would lead into a lengthy row with him often leaving the house to go towards the lake and locking himself up in the boat till things could cool down.

It was during these times that Fred developed a keen interest in the violin for it’s music could sooth away all his frustration. From his monthly allowances he purchased a violin and began teaching himself to play it. It wasn’t easy but he was willing to learn. His family did not at first comment on his hobby but soon it was evident to all that his passion was not in protecting but in playing the instrument. His younger sister Dominique would try and support him, but even she couldn’t really understand his passion for music.


At his 18th birthday all his family and close friends gathered inside the Family's Dojo where he would spend hours handling weapons until he was claimed by one. Perhaps the weapon too sensed his weariness or was indeed kind towards him, for within the first one and half hour, the Katana Blade had selected him. He felt a connection and all the runes appeared on it’s sharp surface. After that the custom was that he would be allowed a few more months to practice with his weapon and fine tune his Rune Casting before he was shipped off across the world to his first ward.

Frederick tried his best to practice as he could, but his family’s constant pressure and the criticisms they would give became intolerable. It escalated to a point when his father, in all his anger broke Fred’s violin.That was almost like the end of all ends for Fred. He felt a sense of desolation, that he could never be who he really wanted to be for his family and six months after his 18th birthday, he ran away from home.


It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but for once, Fred wanted a taste of freedom without any form of pressure or expectations. He joined a music band and traveled with them around a year, playing in concerts. It was during one of those gigs that he met a former family friend who told him about Dominique’s injury during her protection assignment and the fact that she had too moved away from home and could not be found at all. Worried about his sister, and desiring to see her once more, Fredrick began making inquiries which somehow lead him to to Evermore City and he only could hope that this city would answer his wishes of reuniting with his beloved sister once again 

~Personality Traits~

Positive traits: Intelligent, Intuitive, Passionate

Negative traits: Short-tempered, Stubborn, Impatient.


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