Name: Genesis Claustra
Faceclaim: Vini Uehara
Age : Looks - 25
Actually: 50 
Species: Instar Diviner - Dark 
Family: N/A

The colossal Claustra Family were only well known throughout Canada and various parts of Europe as the family had owned and effectively ran a multinational technological corporation. The Claustra Family had relocated from Brazil years back before they were married. In the beginning, it was but a small 'nuclear' family of parents and two children. Eventually, with the right connections and persuasions, Claustra Industries had begun. One nuclear family turned into two and continuously expanded over the years and as such bolstered their influence and control over their company and the regions they were stationed in.

Genesis' father, Estevon Claustra, was the newly appointed CAO(Chief Administrative Officer) of the Canadian branch after happily announcing the pregnancy of his wife, Aemelie, the current Vice President of Operations of the Canadian branch. Proud of his new position, this placed Estevon one step closer to the main Board of Directors; the many heads of the Claustra family. What the expecting parents hadn't originally intended was for two children to be born instead of one, fraternal twins. Pleased with how it turned out, Estevon announced it to the family, Genesis and Glory Claustra were born.

The entirety of the twins' childhood held only education; physical, mental, and magical for the betterment of not only the parents' pride but for also the entire Claustra family. The parent's had begun to notice small subtle differences between the two twins slowly forming, even when many factors between them were very similar. Genesis was becoming the powerhouse between the two, excelling better in his magical and physical studies while Glory seemed to become a savant in her mental and intelligence studies. As time had gone on, it was during these studies that both Genesis and Glory had to learn themselves the different characteristics of their family. During magical studies, they had realized the Claustra family had a powerful preference to darker magics, a vast majority having been chosen as Necromancers. During mental studies and teachings from their parents, they had learned that Claustra Industries had as many illegal connections on the political, corporate, and criminal platforms as they did legally. In their physical studies, it was taught the reason for the many members of the family to be top shape or at least physically fit by their standards is because they aren't alone in the vast world; a world filled with more than just them and humans, therefore being at their best is a necessity.

Years have passed on, their studies having only aided in hastening the passage of time, the twins have finally coming of age for the Choosing. The Claustra family organized a grand gathering for the twins at Estevon’s behest, hosting the event atop the large high-rise of the local Headquarters. The twins could only watch the beginning with amusement at the family around them, dressed glamorously in formal attire and accompanied by luxurious food and beverages upon the tables. One would think it to be a simple posh gathering instead of a magical ceremony.

Speeches were spoken from the Claustra’s leaders and the Heads of the allies, coven members and friends; the Nahiossi’s, the Vahlentien’s, the Laflamme’s and the Eymor’s. A night of familial and corporate celebration, stature and growth. It was almost nerve-wracking for the twins as for almost the entirety of the night, all eyes were watching them with either pride or scrutiny. Even as everyone’s eyes were turned to the setting sun, watching as twilight had arrived, the twins still held their formal posture. Even in their moment of emotional weakness as the sky had immensely darkened around them and both relaxation and happiness had overtaken them. The Dark had claimed them both, satisfaction on everyone’s face as the night had continued on into celebration and gaiety.

At a time when the head of the Family had decided the twins were ready for the world, they also wanted to perform a small experiment. As the twins were a force to be reckoned with together, they wanted to discern how they performed on their own separately. Starting the American Project, a mass expansion of the company into the United States, the Family Heads decided to send the two to separate cities to lead the city expansions, Glory to New York City and Genesis to a city called Evermore. Having sent construction crews years ahead, Genesis was only given the task to lay the foundation of the company and anchor himself into the city. They also warned him of the various supernaturals within this specific city, detailing what he should expect and recommending that he gain allies and connections where he can. Having already said goodbyes to his parents and his sister, Genesis readied himself as he boarded the plane; a small swirling feeling of both pride and unease rested in his stomach. Not only was he on his own for now, but he also needed to prove that he still belonged in the Claustra Family.

Half a month into his new home, Genesis had already went to work organizing the second half of the construction of the Claustra Building in Evermore. Even as the clamorous noises of tools and workers had deafened the halls of the new building, Genesis still relaxed himself in his new office, preparing reports and plans. Entering this city had an odd effect on him, something had obviously changed and as unusual as it was, it also felt liberating. Another additional reason for him to contact this Diviner coven.

Living in this city he’ll obviously need to not just live by this coven’s rules, but connect with them...join them. People who can relate to him, which in a place that he’s unfamiliar with, he sorely needs. He had been sent here for a rudimentary experiment by top management, but after seeing the diverse factions and city itself as a whole; perhaps something extraordinary could come of this city. So much potential for connections, allies and maybe even friendships.

Perhaps the Claustra’s could make themselves known here.

Positive: Loyal, Placid, Courteous.
Negative: Proud, Amoral, Mendacious

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