Name: Hana Sae
Species: Human

Supernatural Standing: Knows about the supernatural but isn't a member of the organization
Face Claim: Bae Joo-Hyun

Personality Traits
Pros: Charismatic, Responsible, Sophisticated, and Youthful
 Cons: Naive, Repentant, Strong-willed, and Willful
In the year of 1991, a baby girl was born to the Sae family.  There was something about Hana her parents noticed was her youthful beauty. Hana took after her mother beauty having her father's smile and eyes, naming her Hana. One new beginning, Hana's meaning for being the firstborn. Hana visited the hospital more than a healthy baby as Hana 's illness begin to show as later was found out to be Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV. At the beginning of 2 years old, Hana knew what a hospital was as she would not know more than her parents at that age. Her illness is not life threating, but to live with it for the rest of her life. Regardless, of her illness, she grew up being a bright and supportive, who does not show there was nothing wrong.

In the year of 1994, Hana was only 3 years old as well as being in Nursery School (Preschool) when she got the news she is going to be an older sister. At the time, she thought it was a joke. Until February 18, she came to the hospital to see her mom in the bed with a baby in her arms. “ See Hana you're a Noona.” Her father told her. Hana regrets to think it was a joke as she came closer to the bed and saw her little brother beginning to cry. Hana from that moment promised herself she will never find anything of her brother is a joke and swore to protect him from the world and people who want to be cruel. Her mother became confused about why she cried as she spoke up about his name. As her brown hues watched her baby brother smile when he looked at her a name came to her. “Emmoa, what about Ha-Joon. Bright smile like the sun a new summer.”  her parents looked at each other until they smiled and nodded. “ That’s a perfect name, Hana. Welcome to the world Sae Ha-Joon.”

From that moment on, Hana helped her mother with Ha-Joon to make sure he knows she is there and will always look after him. One day, Hana’s parents had to go somewhere quickly. Since Hana was only 4, there was no time to call a baby sister as Hana took her first time to look after her brother, Hana knew it will be hard work it was her job to look after Ha-Joon. She stayed quiet so everyone from the outside would think no one is home. “ Ha-Joon, What to do?” Hana asked him as she smiled, she looked after him until Ha-Joon fell asleep.  Hana watched her mother take care of him, making sure she did everything the order without missing anything. Her father carried her to her bed and sighed. “ Thank you, Hana, we will never forget this day.” Her first comment from her father but sadly she never got a chance to hear it. They knew she would be a great mother when her time comes.

Hana was never good at school, not like Ha-Joon but she did her best. Her School day begins during her Primary School day toward middle school as she knew Ha-Joon has to be alone for a few years. Not like he minded at all, every day Hana would always wonder how he was doing due to school bullies that found it funny to pick on him. One day, she heard about a school fight on the school campus as her brother came up, she dropped everything ran all the way to see Ha-Joon and a few schoolmates of his fought off the bullies.  “Ha-Joon, You don’t need me anymore,” she said leaving with a smile on her face before He saw her. What saw Hana knew he is now a man who didn't need his sister to protect him anymore. From that moment forward, went on her own life and waited for Ha-Joon needed her.

When she entered her High School years, she came the most beautiful face in school. Not like no one noticed her through the years, she stood out more. Girls asked her about her skin routine as well as how keeps her face glowing. It was nothing Hana put on her face, it was more water and steaming her face due to her illness. Hana never told anyone about it in fear they will treat her or think of her differently. Many boys confessed to her but rejected them as she knew it was just her looks are their reason. Hana promised herself she will never date anyone or fall in love until she finds a man who knew really love and to take care of her in a meaningful way. One day, their father talked to Hana about getting a boyfriend. She was shocked to hear this come from her father so soon. Knowing the oldest will have to have the responsibility. There was something she didn't want to tell him, which was she didn't want to date yet. Without knowing, her brother came home with new he got himself a girlfriend. Hana didn't expect that from Ha-Joon with the thought she would get a boyfriend before him. It didn't look that way anymore. Hana became very happy for Ha-Joon leaving him with all her trust in hopes she treats him well.

Hana stayed in the background of her family to focus on what she wanted in her future along with the big test came closer to her studies.  Hana knew The CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) was the hardest test. To pass will be given a great chance to get into any college or company that will get her well in life. Hana barely passed the test as her friends who passed went out for karaoke and Sojo. The worst of Hana's worries were gone, but now it was time to figure out what she wanted to do.  At the time of this, there was someone in the shadows watching her. This, someone, was not a Human but someone from the supernatural. It was unknown what species was watching Hana that night. Though, it was not the only supernatural who happened to be around the same time. An Aliward Guard a long way from where they live.

The night was very young as Hana got drunk as her friends wanted to walk her home, regrettably, she said for them to go home that everything will be ok. Hana knew if she could not do it a cab will be the best thing. That night would be the first she will find out Humans lived among the supernatural. People might think it's just made up stories only lived in movies, tv shows, no one really thinks the supernatural is a real thing.  As Hana walked drunk like thought the streets of Gwangu, the more she felt someone following her. Hana laughed thinking it was one of her friends just making sure she will get home safe she turned around to look around. "Hey, you know you're not that clever. I might be drunk but I'm not dumb." Hana said laughing waiting for her friend to come out to pout cutely to change her mind. Something about the moment didn't set right with Hana when she didn't see the person come out from hiding. It was not her friend, could it be someone dangerous.

"Hello, whoever you are stopping following me," Hana said, turning around begin to walk again. It did get through to the other as she felt who was following her beginning to run. She didn't want to die or anything to get worst. "Anyone around? Please help me," she screamed on the lungs. Hana tripping over a step and scraped her knee. She cried out as she turned her head to see the figure standing, looking at her.  "Don't you think about it. Don't come closer you hear me!" Hana screamed seeing the person walking to her. Before the figure came closer, she saw something silver and shiny hit the unknown person to the ground. "Will look at you. Attack on the innocent, careless of you to get out knowing what you did." A female voice ringed from the darkness as Hana picked herself up and backed away a bit.

Everything happened in the dark, Hana didn't know what was going on either if she did want to. After a while of not hearing anything, she didn't know if she needed to call the police or just run away from the scene and never speak of it. "You are fine miss. Everything is under control and your safety." The same female voice ringed in the darkness until she stepped into the light. A slender female, wearing all black but her white watch along with bold and silver bracelets. Her Black and blonde hair, full lip as nude lipstick painted on them. "You must be scared out of your mind. Sorry about that love. If my team caught him before coming here this night would've never happened." the female said in all honesty. Hana bowed to her, " Thank you for saving me. I don't know how to repay you." the female watched the young Korean with her green eyes checking her over.  "You can pay me back by being careful and not be drunk around this time."

Hana looked at the other female and then looked into the darkness. " Who was he?" she asked. The other female looked behind her and then sighed. "He is wanted by my team's bosses. That's what he gets for killing someone with his powers. Damn Diviner." Hana was very confused what the other women were talking about as she ends up repeating one word. "A Diviner?" The other women looked at Hana soon to realized she was talking to a Human with no knowledge of the supernatural. She messed up big time now. " What is a Diviner and why was he coming after me?" Hana asked watching the other female stalling her questioning now. " I deserve to know. " The female sighed, looking at the Korean knowing she will either regret this or can be helpful along with getting in trouble. " Ok If I tell you, never,  tell people what am going to tell you. Can you promise me that?" Hana nodded as the other female told her everything. Hana knew the supernatural was real as it's not make-believe.

The female was kind enough to get her a cab home. Hana could not get over what she knows, the supernatural wanted to attack her with no real reason. As she promises not to tell any of her friends, it was hard to handle as she mentioned it to her parents when Ha-Joon was in school. Her parents knew about the supernatural and never told her or Ha-Joon. Hana learned more about the unknown then before unbelieved they hidden this truth for most of her life. It made Hana's viewpoint on everyone differently. "Whatever you do, never tell Ha-Joon, He deserves to never know about them. You have to be careful now, or they will clear us out." Hana never knew who is us. She was now part of hiding the truth from her other brother.

Hana didn't know why Ha-Joon should be in the dark of the supernatural if they live among. She never told anyone about what happened, just letting it go and texted her friend so she won't worry. Ever since that day, she was more careful with who she talked with being surrounded by. As being the oldest and now out of High School, Hana felt the pressure to get everything together in life.  She knew marriage would be the next but how can she think about that? Hana wanted to land a good paying job and to make her family proud as the older sibling. Sometimes she wishes Ha-Joon would be the oldest, but that does not how life works. As thought about college and where she to go, a notification ringed her ear as Hana read the subtitle, Evermore College wants you. What a typical subject Hana thought opening it reading what they had to say. It's true most Koreans go to other countries to study abroad, but Hana didn't know if her family will allow it due to her illness. Deep down, Hana didn't know how to reply since it would be away from her family, friends also to be along with the supernatural. She pushed the email off but didn't delete it.

As three years from her graduation, Hana worked at a  convenience store as a cashier. It was like yesterday she just got out of school as not it's Ha-Joon's turn. All the Sae family's children are finally going to live their own lives and hope they don't disappoint their parents.  It didn't last long as a few days after seeing Ha-Joon walked their parents brought them together to talk about moving to America. "Umma, Appa, why?" she asked wondering what was up with the out of the blue decision. "We think it's time for a new change." their mother spoke as Hana's father looked at Hana wondering if she was crazy to ask that after what they told her. Hana and Ha-Joon could not say no to what their parents choose and agreed to go with them.  "Ha-Joon, you can excuse yourself. We need to talk to your sister." Hana smiled at Ha-Joon knowing she was singled out. Deep down she knew what was coming, more secrets to hide. It was different then what Hana expected as she found out the real truth why they are moving. "We want you to have a better life, your mother has an illness so she can't travel to a different country, we will relocate for your mother's health." Hana's father said wondering why could they shared it with Ha-Joon as well. She stopped and knew the answer, he would not agree to go and would not get to live his life if he stayed to help their mom.

When moving day came, Ha-Joon and Hana went to the airport first waiting for their parents to come. As the time came close, Hana told Ha-Joon to abord without their parents as she got a phone call from her father. Picking up she heard news their mother was in the hospital due to a fall. "Appa, should we go there?" Hana asked as her father told her to go to America he would keep her updated. Hana sits by her brother asking her if they were running late, "Mother is not feeling good, appa does us to just got to America. They will come when she is feeling better." Hana said with a smile knowing it was a lie. Hana knew now she has to protect Ha-Joon by herself and makes sure he makes the right choices in his life. Hana went back to her old self, being the sister-mother type.

When they arrived in America, she said a text from her father about the address to the house they bought for them. When Hana saw the city they are going to be living she thought back to the email and quickly went back to look if she had it. When the subject line meets her eyes once more, her dark brown hues looked at her phone like she is trying to find answers when the TVs in the airport reported breaking news about a meteor hitting the city they were going to live. "Noona, are you seeing this?" Ha-Joon said choked up as Hana went ghost white seeing the damage, Ha-Joon went to his sister forcing her to sit down. "How can this happen?" Hana asked with her eyes staying glued to the screen.   During the time of the rebuilding, Hana got themselves a rented apartment waiting for them to get into Evermore. She did do something during this time, Hana replied to the college asking if they were still interested in her. She got to apply to college even though the hardship. Hana knew that is one step for getting a better life along with watching her younger brother. Hana didn't start school until that fall as she drove from where they lived to the school thinking it was doing much.

After five months, she found an apartment for her and Ha-Joon as it came down to being her only for now.  Hana respected him for wanting to wait and to see where he wants to take life as they both grew apart for a time. Hana did do her best to go through one Hana thought she would complete it but to find out it was not for her. Hana grew to depression when she looked at a photo of her and Ha-Joon and felt inspired by him as she looked into the art program. Hana didn't know if it will be for her. Coming to the surprise she had talent in singing as Hana joined the choir club.  Hana begins to enjoy her college life finally as she got introduced in many other programs that will lead her to her goal.

As four years went by, Hana got a call from Ha-Joon about moving to Evermore and if she still had to room she left open for him. Hana got very excited to see her younger brother again. The day Ha-Joon come to the city, Hana focused on her studies as he brought in the money from his new job at a cafe. Hana knew if everything goes as plan, she will bring them a better lifestyle and opportunities for Ha-Joon. Even though Hana knew her brother's passion is for dancing she can see it is his dream job and prays for that dream to become his life again

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