Harmony Sofiel Jensen
Faceclaim: Zoe Kravitz
Species: Pure Nephilim
Age: Looks 25 | Real 28
Status: Warrior; In the community
Family: None

Being brought up in a state of poverty had granted the young Jensen with a sense of gratefulness and humbleness, especially living in a place where it seemed as though everyone else was rich and lived lifestyles of luxury. Harmony only started realizing that being poor was a bad thing when she started middle school. The other kids in her school bullied her for her poor fashion sense, and the way she ‘smelled’ most of the time. Day in, and day out, Harmony had went to school full of dread, and returned home crying, begging her alcoholic parents to take her out of school, or to move to a place where she wouldn’t be so discriminated.

Jack and Marianne Jensen raised their daughter to her teenage years, making her believe that being poor was a way of life, never letting her think that her future would be better than the present that they had offered her. Due to unfortunate circumstances and a bad home life, Harmony’s grandparents stepped in, teaching her that she did in fact have a future to await for and a pretty big one at that, they had told Harmony that the scars along her shoulder blades meant something, that she had angelic blood running in her veins, and even though she had very little knowledge on what they were, she knew they could heal people with their blood, had strength double of what humans had, and could easily inflict pain or relief with her mind

Harmony spent what time she was away from her grandparents, either reading their journals which documented everything she needed to know about Nephilim, or training in a nearby gym. Harmony’s grandparents and her parents were like day and night, she didn’t understand why her grandparents were her saviors, and her parents were her downfall. The young girl had spent time dwelling, crying herself to sleep night after night, anxiously counting down days to the day she could finally be free. Harmony eventually grew to resent her parents for the fact that they knew all about Harmony’s gifts, and had done nothing to prepare her for it.

Harmony enjoyed that her grandparents paid for, fighting her anger and grief away with all of the martial arts training, combat, hand to hand fighting, and even archery until she was the best in her class, eventually helping the trainer teach others. Her grandparents awarded her greatly, to show her how proud of her they were, they had left out one small detail however. Harmony’s grandparents had been hunted by Vampires for years, and on Harmony’s 16th birthday, she’d planned on spending it with her grandparents, but as she seen blue lights flash outside, she knew something was wrong. Her grandparents had been slaughtered the night before Harmony’s birthday by a set of rogue Vampire brothers, twins who’d held a grudge against the Jensen family, and there were other rogue Vampires on the sidelines who would make sure that the grudge didn’t end with her grandparents, they’d planned to make any Jensen’s life hell. It was days later that Harmony’s parents decided to buy her a belated birthday gift, which happened to only be a bottle of alcohol and they didn’t even spare enough money to buy a proper bow when she realized that there was only a string on the bottle, tied into the shape of a bow. But with her grandparents death, came grief, anger, and sorrow, so Harmony gladly drank the alcohol and ended up drunk.

It was then that she finally felt her life slipping through the cracks. After attending school and noticing how the rich girls got to celebrate their birthdays, with actual friends, gifts, and good parents, unlike what she had for her own birthday, tragedy and alcohol didn’t mix well for the young girl.

After Harmony finished off what her parents hadn’t drank, she’d ended up leaving the house in a fit of rage. Hostility coursed through Harmony like something she’d never experienced before. Harmony ended up doing something pretty stupid, given that she was hostile and drunk, a combination which landed her a place in the foster home in her city. It was a foster home created for angered teens, or that was the story that the owner of the home Stacy Devaul had given her. But, what Harmony didn’t know was that Stacy was a Nephilim like Harmony’s grandparents was, and her grandparents and Stacy were very close, they’d asked Stacy to take care of Harmony and guide her through the process of being a Nephilim if they weren't around.

Harmony was happy for the first time in her life. Being in a foster home, full of kids like herself, allowed her to finally make friends, people actually cared about her for a change, especially Stacy, and Harmony couldn’t help but wonder why in just such a short amount of time had Stacy chosen to treat her like royalty compared to the other kids. But who was Harmony to complain, she was finally rid of her alcoholic parents who had done nothing for her, nor had they told her anything about themselves or her grandparents.Stacy had enrolled Harmony into a program that taught teens to have goals, strongly encouraging them to always set their standards high for their futures.

A few months into foster care, Harmony had met a guy her age by the name of Kieran Fitzgerald. Kieran seemed to have had a rough go of things as well, his life with his parents had ironically matched Harmony’s to a T, and for some reason, it only drew the two in so closely that they had eventually told one another they were in love with each other. Kieran and Harmony spent every waking hour together, and even got the chance at having private moments with one another when all the staff members went to the lounge room while the teens were supposed to be tucked into their beds sleeping at night, everyone but Kieran and Harmony. Eventually however, Kieran showed his true colors, and he was much more troubled than Harmony anticipated on him being. She knew of his lifestyle that he’d lived with his parents, and she knew what that could do to a person, but after wandering the halls on one of her many sleepless nights, Harmony had seen Kieran in another girls room, through the crack of the door, she’d witnessed the love of her life hovering over a limp figure of another girl. Eventually, the worst feeling possible consumed Harmony as she knew the girl was dead and she screamed, alerting everyone around.

The tragic event of that night had ironically happened the night before her 18th birthday, and it was around midnight when the anger within her, had changed her.

Harmony remembered it like it was yesterday.

She’d had no knowledge that the only reason she’d been put in the foster home in the first place, was due to her grandparents ensuring Harmony would be safe in her future and their close ties to Stacy. And, the night Kieran had taken a girls life, Stacy was the one to rush to the scene. Trying to calm Harmony the best she could, telling her that the changes she felt within her, was her maturing into a Nephilim like her grandparents. It was now that Harmony began to piece it together “How do you know that? How do you know my grandparents?!?!.” she cried out, while cops took Kieran away from the building and the coroner loaded the dead body up quietly.

Despite what Kieran had done, now was the time she needed answers more than anything, due to the fact that she felt strength beyond what any human could feel, and wanted to rip Kieran apart for what he’d done to that girl, and for breaking her heart and betraying her. Although, Stacy was happy about it, as selfish as it was, Stacy told her that if she hadn’t done that, then Harmony may have been somewhere else, and with no one around to help her through the process of becoming a Nephilim. “Your grandparents really loved you Harmony, I know your parents were much different and they couldn’t compare to your grandparents by a sliver, but even in their own twisted ways, they loved you too.” Stacy spoke softly, Harmony noticing the purple tinge in Stacy’s eyes as they walked off to isolation. It was only then that Harmony smiled, feeling like she finally belonged and was at a place in her life where she didn’t feel different or out of place like she had in school.

“What do you know about the Vampires?” Harmony asked. Stacy could barely look into Harmony’s sad eyes before placing a hand on her shoulder. “What do you think about staying with me?” Stacy questioned, “For one, you’re now 18 and you can no longer live here as we make all of our foster children leave at age 18, sending most away with the life skills they need to survive, but you’re not just a typical foster care child, I have to help you, it was your grandparents wishes and even though they’re gone, I can’t let them down” she said firmly, giving Harmony a look that said she wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Fine, but only if you give me nothing but the truth” Harmony said in response, and happily, Stacy took Harmony up on that deal.

Later that evening Stacy Devaul took Harmony to her parents house, so that Harmony could grab personal belongings, but had informed Harmony that she wouldn’t need the ragged out clothes that she had there, her grandparents had left everything to Harmony and with that, Harmony would have the life of luxury that her parents could never give her. But on the arrival to her old home, she’d arrived to seeing her parents both decapitated, and from the looks of it they had been that way for a while now, the odor nearly knocked her and Stacy out, both of them cringing as they seen the message on the wall written in blood that Harmony was next. “The rogues…” Stacy said absent mindedly. “Come on, we have to go, quickly Harmony, I swear I'll explain everything when we get to my house but your grandparents left you enough money to where you need nothing from here, we can’t do anything for them” she said to the sobbing Nephilim who was scared beyond belief.

Stacy left with Harmony and safely got them both to her house. For the next year of Harmony’s life, she’d spent in training day in, day out, Stacy made sure that her final step in Harmony’s life would be one that would help Harmony live her life the best she could in her new home, which Stacy informed her wouldn’t be anywhere near here. For Stacy’s and Harmony’s safety both, Stacy told Harmony about Colorado, Evermore city. A place where she wouldn’t have to worry, but to still keep her guard up and to keep away from Vampires, to never let them know who she was. So, after that year with Stacy passed, and everything that Harmony had learned from her grandparents, she left for Evermore fully prepared to live in the city full of supernaturals.

Stacy had even made sure that Harmony finished school while in her care for that last year, and now that Harmony had decisions of her own to make, the first thing she done was enrolled into college classes. Harmony had became obsessed with crime, not committing it, but following it, trying to understand why people did what they did, it was a small piece of her home town that had followed her and caused this obsession. She had never forgot about what Kieran had done, and with that, came the obsession of wanting to know why people done such cruel things, making up her mind that there was always two stories. Not that she condoned the evil that loomed around every city wall, but that she wanted to understand those who were corrupted by evil’s presence.

She remembered the date clearly, 15th of February 2015, when on her way to meet up her friends for dinner, a soaring pain ripped through her skin and she stumbled into a dark alley, crying out for help. The last thing she remembered was a pair of boots before she became unconscious.

Hours later, Harmony woke up back in her room but with a strange feeling on her back. Rising to her feet, she walked up to the mirror and gasped when she found out two large white wings fan out from the scars on her back. She quickly called Stacy and found out that after a comet had hit Evermore, severe changes were brought upon all species and the Nephilims were now blessed with wings and immortality. She found the new abilities too exciting.

It was late one night that Harmony had been up studying when she heard the echo’s of screams penetrate her ears, and upon walking out into the hallway, she’d seen a couple of bodies, and others scattering and running to any exit that they could before she’d seen Vampires at the end of her hallway. It had to be those who’d killed her family off, she just knew it in her heart, and knew they were there to finish what they’d started with the Jensen family. Harmony had nearly perfected the art of flying by now, and even if it did risk exposure, she was too far from an exit to get away from the Vampires. Using the ability to inflict pain on them, she ran into her dorm room, locking the door behind her, and her roommate being scooped into her arms. “I need you to trust me.” Harmony said before getting them to the window, and flying off to safety.

She’d never forget that night, which she could add to the list of events that would forever torment her. It was a couple years later that things had seemed to be quiet for Harmony again, and no sign of the Vampires who’d raided the dorm rooms that night. But at this point, Harmony had many nightmares, about her grandparents, Kieran, her parents, and the attack on her dorm. But surprisingly, despite all tragedies, the Nephilim had finally finished college and became a photographer for ECPD. After all of the deaths she’d seen in her life, photographing it was her way of coping and it paid well too. Finally having a job and a somewhat normal life, the young Nephilim moved to the Nephilim territory, formally and properly meeting the ambassador of her kind; Cornelia Bradford. Given Harmony’s experience in combat, fighting, archery, the knowledge she had of Nephilim’s alone, and all of the bad luck situations she’d been in, she’d became a big part of the Nephilim community, helping others in training with whatever they needed, whether it was in combat, sparring, archery, or just reaching out to the broken ones who’d faced tragedy.

Harmony would never forget the events that made her who she was today, nor the people who’d help make her who she was. Eventually, Harmony and Cornelia became close friends, Harmony often confiding in her ambassador about everything she’d ever been through and the effects it all still had on her now, and Cornelia wasn’t hesitant at all to guide Harmony through the dark. Under the peace treaty, the young Nephilim was safe in the faction but nothing could stop her from being paranoid every night before going to bed.

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