Name: Helena Alexander
Age: 27
Species: Therianthrope (Lycanthrope)
Pack Status: Omega 
Faceclaim: Jennifer Lawrence

Positive: Creative, Smart, Intelligent 

Negative: Outspoken, Reckless, Overprotective

Born in the suburbs of Newcastle, England to two loving parents who loved her dearly. Helena was a happy child who loved to get her hands dirty. From jumping around in puddles to climbing every tree possible (and getting a broken arm here and there in the process), nothing stopped the young girl as she made her way through the ups and downs of whatever life wanted to throw at her.

Her mother was a police officer with Northumbria police while her father was a bouncer at a fairly popular nightclub at Newcastle. They both had busy jobs, but they both made sure to spend quality time with their daughter whenever they could. The both of them were also lycanthropes, and they made sure to let Helena know that she was going to have to be ready for when she gets to that age, but she didn’t mind.

Despite her two parents giving their daughter a decent upbringing. It wasn’t without faults from other family members. It was clear whenever Helena met her family that there was always a rising tension between both sides of the family, and nobody was explaining to her just why exactly. What stood out for her was how they nitpicked how she took after her father or her mother. She grew to live with it, although it made her a little anxious whenever she was around them.

While she didn’t have a lot of friends, the friends she did have, she loved dearly. The small group always hung out together and always had sleepovers together whenever her parents were both working night shifts. That was how she was introduced to the world of videogames, and there was never a dull moment whenever the group had their little pokemon tournaments or saying out every line whenever someone played Tomb Raider with the rest of them watching.

As Helena began to start secondary school, the tensions between her family began to get a little worse, much to the chagrin of Helena herself. It wasn’t clear how bad it was however until it was Helena’s 12th birthday. Helena wanted a barbeque and she also wanted to invite her friends along. Of course, her family were also invited, much to Helena's chagrin.

What started off as a party ended in disaster for Helena, a fight broke out between 2 of her uncles and the birthday girl was caught in the crossfire. The next thing she knew, she was on the hospital bed for injuries and had to stay overnight so the hospital staff could remove all the glass from her arms and oversee everything else.

It came to light that evening that Helena had a brother, and that brother was when her mother and father were on a break out of all things. The news saddened Helena, they kept it a secret from her and even though her parents said it was when they were having a break but it would have been nice to see her brother and to see if he knew that they had a younger sister. It also came to light that her brother was the reason why the two families always appeared to be tense whenever Helena was around.

Due to the nature of what happened, Helena and her parents cut off contact with most of the family and moved to Yorkshire, taking Helena with them. From there, her mother swapped police forces and her father got a job in security. It was hard, her friends lived an hour away but she couldn’t see them as much as she used to. She made some new friends easily, but she just missed those familiar nights.

During her first couple of weeks in Yorkshire, Helena spotted her father doing some martial arts, and it eventually led up to Helena joining in with her father, and they trained together every weekend. It was fun for Helena, and it helped her bond with her father a little more. Every so often during those weekends she’d also be able to meet up with her friends and hang out like they used to, although things never felt the same after the party, it was good to keep herself in the loop with them, like lovers, enemies, rumors, all that juicy stuff.

As Helena navigated through life, it was soon approaching her 16th birthday. She was to leave secondary school that year and go into college on her chosen subject and her mother and her father were proud of her, she came so far and she had even bigger plans. She wanted to participate in martial arts contests and she also wanted to join the police force like her mother. Helena wouldn’t be able to apply until she was 18 though, which was fair really.

Helena was hesitant about having another party, but because it was her sweet 16th, she reluctantly held one and it went pretty well. There was a surprise during that party, and her parents kept it a secret from her until that evening, when an unfamiliar person stepped through the threshold and came face to face with Helena herself. At first, she was confused, but as soon as he explained who he was, Helena ran into his arms and hugged him with tears brimming from her eyes. This was her brother.

Her brother didn’t stay for long, only for a couple of days, but it was clear from how the both of them were together that they were definitely brother and sister. During this time, he told her about California, where he lived, and how tall the trees were. America sounded so different compared to the Yorkshire Dales, but so pretty too.

This made Helena more determined to go and participate in martial arts contests as that could possibly take her to California, that would be so cool. Especially if that meant her brother could watch her.

So when her brother left to go back to California, she got straight to work at doing what she wanted to do while she focused on college at the same time. When the opportunity for her first contest came up, she grabbed it with both hands and went straight to Sweden, where she came second place. It was a time to be alive, and her parents were proud of her. Sadly, that was the only contest she was able to participate in before being swamped with coursework, but it was worth it.

It was one of those nights when she was stressed thanks to coursework when she started to feel weird, she thought it was just the heat so she opened the window when her bones started to move around as if they had a life of their own. The pain was too much for Helena, and she fell onto the floor in excruciating pain. It felt like forever before the pain went away and it became clear that she finally shifted when she looked down at her paws.

Life was uneventful after her first turn. College went well and she finally got the qualifications that she worked so hard for. Her family couldn't be prouder for her. The only thing that seemed weird was that her brother was contacting her less and less over social media.

It was while she was finally applying for the police force at 23 when word got out that her brother was missing. Her parents got a weird letter stating that the family had something that they wanted in exchange for her brother. It didn't take long for Helena to crumple up her application to join the police and made her way to America after getting the paperwork sorted, where she has been searching tirelessly for him while taking up a job as a self-employed bodyguard, making whatever she can to aid in her efforts.

The latest clue she received resulted in her riding into the sunset, on her way to Evermore City with her Harley-Davidson - a present from her parents.

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