Hunter Moore
Faceclaim: Zac Efron
Species: Privus Initia
Elements: Ice and Electric
Age: 23
Status: Rosalyn Sterling’s Bodyguard
Family: Jayden Moore

It was a 3am on a warm summer night when Lily Moore had been in labour for fourteen hours. Sweat covered her face and her entire body ached and she was about to give up. It was an hour later, on 14th of June, when she gave birth to Hunter Moore, and Jayden Moore followed five minutes later.

The Moore twins were born in a family of Initias, Lily Moore, Jackson Moore and their grandmother, Sophia Moore living in New York. Jackson Moore, their father, was a bodyguard to the Magister of their clan, James Sterling and most of the Moore lives revolved around the Sterling household. Lily often visited the Sterlings with her children and the twins got along with their kids - Rosalyn, Raina and Rita. They often hung out together, even having sleepovers when their fathers went on ‘urgent businesses’ out into the phoenix territory.

The twins still recall the nights under the large tent in Rita’s room, where the Sterling sisters and the Moore twins hid, listening to the cries coming from the Phoenix territory not too far away and the sound of footsteps of Sophia Moore, walking up and down the hallway with impatience and nervousness. At that time, all the kids knew about was that their parents were brave fighters, fighting for the survival of their clan. They were the true heroes in their eyes.

When the twins were of age, Rosalyn informed all of them about the details behind those ‘businesses’, about the phoenixes and the Initias, and their everlasting war. And on dark winter nights, when all of them were unable to sleep, it was Grandma Moore’s stories about these wars that kept them occupied.

The Moore Twins grew up dreaming of the elements that would choose them, excited and nervous. However, it was taking too long for the process to begin. Hunter and Jayden were both trained well while they grew up, both wanting to follow in their father’s footsteps and offer their services to Rosalyn Sterling, when she would become their Magister. They trained in the afternoon and throughout the evening, and at night, they would spend time with their grandmother whom they had developed a deep bond with. They would give their life for Sophia Moore.

Although they were physically stronger than average humans, their fighting skills not easily matched, the twins still felt that they didn’t belong in the community; not without their elements. This feeling of not fitting in started to take it’s toll on the brothers. Hunter started spiralling out of control, going down a path he wouldn’t return from too easily. Hunter had a short fuse, he was easily riled & quite rebellious by nature. While Jayden juggled keeping him in line, looking after their sick Grandmother & comforting Rosalyn; Hunter simply took advantage of not having his twins full focus on him. He got into the game of bare knuckle fighting & cage fighting, something he'd become quite taken with. He didn't always win & more often than not would come out of the ring bloodied & bruised but that was something he appeared to enjoy.

The Moore’s had taken up training untapped Initias, making them stronger as tensions between the Phoenix and Initias grew, threatening the safety of both the species. Since Rosalyn had run away, Raina decided to help them. And the three, with the occasional help from Rita began a training session for more like the Moore’s. It had been a few months and things were beginning to become better, the Moore’s were slowly coming in terms with the fact that maybe they wouldn’t be Initias like the rest of them, or maybe they will be chosen later - there were stories of some Initias being tapped by their elements at their late 20s, after all. However, fate seemed to have some other plans.

It was the first night Hunter and Jayden had accompanied their father and James to the phoenix territory, along with the rest of the army, and slaughtered phoenixes victoriously. The hatred came automatically to them, and although, they didn’t blame any individual phoenixes, they blamed the species. That, however, changed when the crew returned home. The Moore’s found out that their grandmother and their mother had been abducted by the phoenixes. Anger filled their veins but before they could do anything, the next day, the Initias discovered their bodies, burnt and thrown near the banks of the Hudson River.

Hunter’s ruthlessness intensified and something snapped in Jayden too. He became vindictive and merciless and although they weren’t still chosen by their elements, they waged war on the phoenixes, slaughtering any and every fire-wielder they could lay their hands on. Torturing and killing was their regular business. Hunter would always let loose on his enemy, coming up with the most vicious, painful ways to bring his victims to their end. Usually Jayden would reign him in, try to tap into his inner conscience but since their Mother & grandmother's murder he'd lost sight of any true values or morals. 

The attack of the Phoenixes was so unexpected that nobody was prepared for it. The Sterling family had just sat down for dinner when shouts and screams reached their ears. Hunter continued to eat at first watching as his Brother & James both got up to look out the window. James called Jayden over and told them that while they stayed here to help everyone fight the Phoenixes off, Marianna, Rita and Raina had to be taken safely away from the place. Jayden nodded determined to give it his all. His heart moved as he witnessed James trying to stay calm and strong as he hugged his beloved wife and the two girls. Hunter by now had gone to see what was happening through the window himself, he witnessed the chaos of crimson flames consuming the entire Initia compound, burning bodies on the floor while others fled in terror.

Hunter was taken by shock. Never had he imagined the Phoenix could amount to such a devastating counter attack, he could hear in the background James giving orders to Jayden who went off to execute them. James' family vanished into the flames fleeing to safety. Then their was a massive explosion & for a moment Hunter became confused, half conscious as a loud ringing buzzed his ears. He looked from laying on the ground to see where James was but the house was falling around him as fire consumed it, he had no choice but to escape through the nearest window. The boys decided to make a run for it. They hated running, hated not fighting, but at this point it time, with all the destruction and chaos around them, they wouldn’t be able to do a thing. 

After months of running, Jayden and Hunter finally stumbled upon the one and only, Rosalyn Sterling. However, she seemed different from the last time the three had an encounter. It was during the end of the meeting when Hunter reached out to hug the older Sterling, followed by Jayden when something changed but Rosalyn was already gone by the time they realized that. Jayden’s eyes flashed a silver colour and Hunter’s a bright white. The two stood in shock and it took them a few weeks to understand what had happened to them.

The tribal tattoo finally appeared on their lower back, although they looked different from the usual ones. Hunter decided it would be best for them to seek help from Rosalyn, since she had said that she was a different kind of an Initia - Privus, Jayden told Hunter. But, Rosalyn was in the wind and it took them a few more months to finally contact her once more. Hearing that she had been reunited with with her sisters and found others like her, The Moore’s didn’t waste any time travelling to Evermore, Colorado where she had taken up residence. Once there, the Moore’s were given proper training in controlling their elements by the Sterling's and their gang themselves and soon, they mastered their elements of Metal and Gravity and Ice and Electric, respectively. The latter elements gained due to the comet that struck Evermore.

Now, they are waiting, along with the rest of the clan, to make themselves known to the world and let the phoenixes know that they have tough competition.

Personality Traits

Alert - Attentive - Brave - Lively
Dark - Reckless - Ruthless - Menacing

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