Name: Justice Lovett

Age: 26

Species: Full-blooded Therianthrope; Lycanthrope

Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado

Face Claim: Nolan Gerard Funk

In the heart of Texas during one of the most modest winter the Lovett’s welcomed their last offspring into the world. Louanna was in labor for over thirty-six hours, while her husband Clifford nervously paced the waiting room with their older children. After thirty-six hours of nervously waiting the sounds of whaling newborn baby filled the waiting room. Clifford knew his wife had successfully given birth to their third offspring. The other two children jumped from their seats excitedly as they now had to wait patiently to meet their newborn brother or sister. Sister Elle-Mae prayed for another sister, while half-brother Tucker wished for a younger brother.

The youngest Lovett was only moment old and was being cradled by Louanna; when the father and children entered the room. A huff of annoyance left little Elle-Mae as she noticed the blue hat that covered the small infants head. Tucker on the other hand cheered silently as the youngest offspring was indeed a baby boy. The proud father came forth and kissed his wife on the forehead, his index finger being wrapped by the tiny infants palm. “Welcome to the world Justice Wayne.” A few days passed and soon mother and newborn were sent home, and the Lovett’s life could return to normal. Elle-Mae and Tucker would wake with Clifford for morning chores on the farm, before they were off to school for the day.

Clifford would later return back to his factory job and Louanna remained a stay at home mother and cared for all three of the children, but most of her attention was taken by newborn Justice. This change was hard for the children to understand, because both Tucker and Elle-Mae relied on their mother. Since the birth of their third sibling the two older children couldn’t rely on mother as much as they used; which eventually caused the older children to become jealous of all the time their little brother got compared to themselves. The older children felt that their mother and father favored their younger sibling more than them; However that wasn’t the case.

While Justice was growing up his siblings treated as if he was chosen child that both mother and father favored more than the rest. However mother proved that she loved all the children equally, but father he had yet to prove that Justice wasn’t more precious to him than the others. Unfortunately Clifford favored Justice and Elle-Mae more than he favored his half son Tucker, but Clifford had no rights to Tucker he had never legally adopted the child; So Clifford tended to treat Tucker worse than both Justice and Elle-Mae combined Which eventually led to family problems between Tucker and Clifford.

Justice became a young teenage man; Tucker left home and moved out by on his own and Elle-Mae was getting ready to go off to college for her freshman year at the college of her dreams. Slowly, but surely the Lovett’s family nest was dwindlinding down leaving Justice with both mother and father. Unfortunately a month after Justice’s sixteenth birthday Louanna was diagnosed with Ischaemic heart disease. The doctors didn’t give her many years to live unless she would get a heart transplant, but the waiting list for a donor heart was lengthy. The night his mother was diagnosed with heart disease ironically was the night of a full moon. Clifford knew how enraged his son was after finding out his mother was dying and there was no cure, but Clifford knew that his son was about experience something much more life changing.

That night while laying on his bed twiddling his thumbs Justice gazed at the ceiling of his room, just thinking. Soon the bright full moon lit his room and a scream of agony echoed through the Lovett household. Clifford had already changed and hearing of the scream caused his predatory instinct send him bursting through Justice’s room. Justice was hovered over in pain on his bed as the cracking of every bone in his body began to morph into a canine like way. His golden eyes glaring into his father’s wolf eyes. As he let out yet another agonizing scream, but the scream soon began a howl as a dirty white pelt now covered every inch of Justice’s body. Justice had just successfully transformed into his beast form for the first time in his life. However Justice was confused, but thankfully his father was there to show him the ropes.

Months after Justice’s first transformation his mother passed away before she could giving a donor heart. Justice was heartbroken as he held his mother’s hand as she took her last breath. He was the only one there with her when she passed away. Not even Elle-Mae nor Tucker came to see her since she’d fallen ill. However at her funeral they made sure their presence was known, but anger raged deep down inside of Justice. His two selfish siblings coming back to Texas to hopefully get items worth money value from their mother’s estate.

Two years after his mother’s death; Justice graduated from High School with a full scholarship to the college of his choice. Justice was undecided what he wanted to go to college for as he’d become very closed off since losing his mother and being disappointed with the way his siblings treated her death. He felt his mother deserved better children and they were raised better than to just think of her a money pit. He knew their parents worked hard for what kind of money their family had. Justice was scared to go away to college; perhaps college changed his sister and that’s why she was the way she was, but soon something would change his mind and change his entire life forever.

After graduation Justice thanks any of his relatives or friends who congratulated him on his success. One of his teachers who knew his mother said that she would have been proud and then asked about how his father was doing. Since Louanna’s death Clifford found himself in a drunken haze everyday. He worked intoxicated, came intoxicated, slept and ate; that’s all he did nowadays. While walking to his father’s old chevy pick-up truck; the sirens at the fire department were blaring. Curious, Justice ran across the street before he could make it inside the truck’s went blaring down the street. The remaining firefighters screamed the address and without thinking Justice ran to his truck, starting and sped down the street. In the distance he could see the smoke and flames glaring in the distance. His family home was on fire, all of his mother’s irreplaceable belongs were set ablaze. Taking a shortcut Justice arrived at his family home before any of the fire-fighters had even entered the drive.

The flames engulfed the entire house Justice knew his father was lying passed out on the couch. Forcing his way into the house by breaking the door down, just as the firefighters arrived Justice was already inside the burning and crumbling house. The firefighters began screaming at Justice to exit the house, but he was determined to rescue his father. However Justice was too late his father had already been burnt alive. The flames grazed Justice’s skin leaving scrapes, his eyes glowing yellow as he walked amongst the flames in attempts to reach his mother’s irreplaceable valuables. Before reaching those items he was escorted out by firefighters. Luckily they pulled him out in time, because the house came crumbling down moments after they exited the home. Everything just changed in Justice’s life that would change him forever.

After losing everything including his family home and his father; Justice relocated to a city by the name of Evermore City, CO. Where he enrolled in college and studied emergency medical teammate, but also majored in search and rescue. After college Justice dedicated his time to saving those from fires and fighting the flames that left scars almost every inch of his body. Being a firefighter now gives him a sense of hope, knowing that he can save those who think they could never be saved. He just wishes he could have saved his father from his own demise, but unfortunately it was his father’s time. Justice still to this day blames himself for his father’s death.

Positive Traits: Protective, modest, sociable | Negative Traits: Aggressive, disobedient, shallow

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