**Trigger Warning: Kidnapping and sexual abuse**

Name: Kirby Eilish

Age: 23

Species: Therianthrope;Half-blood Lycanthrope

Faceclaim: Hayden Panettiere

+honest, loyal, protective | - stubborn, impatient, blunt

Kirby Sophie Eilish was born Clarissa Hale in Southport, North Carolina on February, 14th, 1996. Her parents Rebecca and Stanley Hale had an only child. She grew up in a white and blue house that had a porch wrapped around the house and a swing on the right side. She lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone so well that of there was a tourist the town would immediately know. This helped quite a lot but it was also a burden knowing everyone's business. Her mother, blonde hair with green eyes, was a nurse and her father worked, also blonde with blue eyes, to pay all the bills. She thought she had a wonderful life. Her parents loved each other so much it felt fake, like how could someone be so happy? However, they have since they were high school sweethearts. She went to the Southport High School where she had great friends, was head cheerleader, she was popular and had the perfect boyfriend.

On the night of Kirby's disappearance a man in a truck came cruising into the town. He came looking for a little motel to stay at when he spotted the short blonde female. His eyes immediately roamed over the poor girls body. He wanted her. No one seemed to have paid the man no mind which was odd due to the towns reputation. He followed her home from school where he sat in front of her house and watched her get dressed into a light pink dress her hair up in curls. She went to a house party a few hours later. Having the time of her life with her friends and her boyfriend drinking and dancing she ended up trashed. Wobbling her way through the house with the red solo cup still in her hand with her blue eyes roaming around the room in search of her boyfriend until she spotted him in the corner with her best friend Kate with their lips meshing against one another. In a fury she ran over to him and pried him off her. "What the hell!"

She screamed and they just looked at her. She lifted her fist and punched him across the face with tears rushing down her face. Not wanting to be at the party anymore she left the house and began walking home holding herself and crying. Meanwhile, the male in the truck followed her pulling up to her and asking if she needed a ride. Scared of him she told him no and wobbled off a bit faster unaware that he climbed out of the car following her down the road. Lifting his hand up in a quick fashion he placed it over her mouth and quickly dragged her into the car. Kicking and screaming yet her screams muffled by his large hand. She looked around the small dimly lit street knowing it was the last time she would be seeing her hometown before the doors to the back of the truck shut. He held her down as her cheek pushed into the cold truck before her with her arms behind her back. He had tied her up with rope and duct taped her mouth before returning to the front seat.

Soon he takes off down the road just as her boyfriend and her friends went looking for her. It didn't take long for him to take off into the night leaving the little town and going onto the road. Two mornings came and went and he was finally a few states away from where she originally lived. Thinking everything was going good for him until he heard her description on the radio. Everyone was looking for her. Her name was all over the news. Later that night he pulled up to the lake contemplating on what to with her. Thinking such horrid things he climbed into the back and began doing ungodly stuff to her. Her kicks and muffled screams filled the truck yet no one could hear her. Tears rushing down her face she knew she was going to die as she watched the man grab a knife from where he sat. He then lifted the knife from his side. Their eyes meeting for a split second before he began stabbing her. She went limp and pretended to the dead so he would stop. Her breathing was so low that when he checked up on her he thought she was dead. He proceeded to opened the back door and climbed out. Untying her he pushed her out on to the ground near the lake before climbing into the front seat to take off her body making a loud thud when she hit the grass trying so hard not to groan in excruciating pain. She held her side and her eyes closing and opening while blood poured out from her wound. She laid there on her side coughing up blood as she tried to crawl in a desperate need for help and yet was too weak to move.

She could then hear faint howling in the distance while she laid there on the ground. Her eyes closed as she knew it was her time to die just before she spots a large and tall man with long dark brown hair walk past her in a curious manner. She lifted up her hand which was covered in her blood, her voice sounding weak and frail, "H-help me..". Tears rushed down her face and her eyes rolling at how much the pain was killing her. Before she could pass out she squirmed in fear while watching his claws press into her head not knowing why at the time, but he was trying to take her pain away. Her body shook from the cold before finally passing out. The full moon glowed so beautifully into the sky causing the lake to sparkle by its light. Seeing that she was on the brink of death the man felt bad for her and then bit her. He picked her up into his arms and carried her over to the hospital. Sleeping the whole night away. She later woke up in a hospital bed covered in IVs. Glancing around the room in a confused manner she wondered how she got in here. She didn't notice the large man sitting beside her bed and startling her when he cleared her throat. At first she was terrified of him. Remembering him putting his claws into her head. This confused her because men aren't supposed to have claws, Yet she thanked him greatly for saving her life. Afterwards he knew he had to be serious with her. He soon told her of what was going to happen to her now.

She was now a werewolf but she wasn't alone. There were people like them in a town called Evermore in Colorado. They soon exchanged names, her being Clarissa at the time and his, Dominic. She knew she couldn't go back to her normal life at her hone in Southport. This man took everything from her and left her to die and she couldn't sacrifice anybody she loved. So with a day of silence between them for her to gather her thoughts she decided it was best to change her name. Always loving the 'Kirby' games she renamed herself as Kirby Eilish. After she fully recovered and was able to leave the hospital, but just needed to wait one more day. She had no where to go. Dom stood there in the doorway with his large arms crossed over his chest as he had a stern look across his face. He didn't give her his number but instead a number to the ambassador of the Therian who was a man by the name of Orion Valkyrie. She took the note looking at the number and before she could say anything else Dom was gone. This saddened her because she didn't know anybody and it made her even more sad that he didn't want to take her with him. The day before she was discharged she stared at herself in the mirror. Completely naked head to toe she could see the scars all over her body causing tears to rise from her eyes and roll down her cheeks staining them. She had several stab marks across her chest, along her stomach and her thighs. That night, she planned out what she was going to do. Find Dom.

After she was discharged from the hospital she roamed back to the streets in search of Dom. With the number of the male named Orion still in her hand she couldn't bring it to herself to actually give this man a call afterall, she didn't even know him. He was an alpha what if he was rude or mean and banned her from moving into the territory with them. She didn't know of his intentions either so what would she even say? The only person she trusted after what happened was gone and she needed to find him again. She found herself walking in the woods, her feet trotting along in a hurry, as she would look back at any noises she heard.

The moon shined in the sky causing the water to glisten with its beauty. She wondered how it would feel to be a wolf, lifting her hand towards her face and exanimed it carefully. It would it hurt? She thought to herself until she heard rustling in the bushes behind her. Her blue eyes stared towards the direction of the noise, a little blue bird soon flew out from inside it, startling her. She was starting to creep herself out. Still shocked that werewolves even exists. She went as far as she could until she was just too tired to travel and falling, she asleep in a bustle of leaves. She contributed to walk along the road in search of this man with no sight of finding him. Remembering of the town called Evermore in Colorado she asked whomever she could find for directions to the place.

One lady who lived near there saw that she needed help and proceeded to give her a ride to the town. After thanking her she went off into the town in search of Dom. As night fell and it turned into a busy Friday night. she witnessed everyone heading towards the town club spotting the man in question in the distance, his stepped out of his truck and headed towards the club where he worked. Not wanting him to know she was there she quickly climbed into the bed of his truck and hid under some mat until his shift would be done. She waited which felt like forever, she fell asleep in the truck. Only awaking to a loud car door slam. She listened carefully as she heard him start up the car and drove home. She rubbed at her tired eyes while she laid in the back of his truck as he led her to the Therian territory. He stepped out of his car and slowly walked towards his home, he could smell her scent. He followed it to the back of his truck, lifting the mat from her body. Once their eyes met, she jumped up onto his back holding him tightly. "DOM!" She screamed, hugging him tightly. Tears streamed down her face as she stood there with him. His body stiff as a board she knew he wondered who was behind him until her voice came out causing him to relax just a little bit.

A few moments passed and silence filled the air. She would slap him in anger but not too hard. "I can't believe you left me there!" She growled. After a debate with himself he allowed her to spend the night on the couch. He handed her a blanket and pillow over going to sleep himself. As he made his way to his room, he called Orion on the phone and asked him if he could meet Kirby. He explained of her situation to him and the very next morning, they visited him at the Therian territory. Dominic told Kirby that Orion would help her settle in the community. After meeting Orion, he brought her into the territory and showed her around. She found a place to stay there, a home for herself.

Years later, at the age of twenty three, she was now a member of the Therian territory and resides there in her own apartment. Whenever Kirby gets a chance, she goes to see Dominic who p He taught her anything and everything to survive as well as be a wolf. They work at their relationship every day, hoping to find the family she needs.

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