Name: Lucas Holt
DoB: July 26 1987
FC: Alex Pettyfer
Age: 32, but looks 28
Species: Instar Diviner, Dark
Eye colour when using magic: Grey

Despite doing everything in their power to keep the money flowing in, The Holt family continued to struggle; they could barely keep their head afloat as the moment some income came in, it went straight out again on household bills. Yet, even with the constant financial stress that they were under, they always tried to see the positive of it - at least they still had a roof over their head and food upon the table; although, even with said happiness, resentment could also be tasted within the air of the family home. Matthew and Rebekah were young parents, and never expected to fall pregnant when they did; the news caused a rift between the two, being only 17 years of age, they both wanted to go parties, sleep in late and eat fast food. Matthew could only see one way out, and tried with all his might to talk Rebekah into an abortion - which was considered, but she knew she could not go through with it. She had heard the horror stories of women who would die due to going strangers houses and going through the procedure because they couldn’t face the judgement of the doctors, plus she was selfish; she wanted to live, and not die at the age of 17 years by an infection. The two were unhappy with the result of their conversation, but neither could lose the other and accepted that they made a mistake.

When they broke the news to their families - to say they were unimpressed was an understatement; both families were infuriated by the children’s recklessness and both refused them refuge when they baby was born. Matthew and Rebekah had to grow up incredibly quickly, both had to find jobs and find a home to live in, and afford; London was not the cheapest place in London to live, but they couldn’t move out of the city, despite the family’s reaction, they knew that when the baby was born, they would be somewhat excited over their grandchild. After a few months of finding a flat, which resided next to the train tracks, Matthew and Rebekah decided to get married, if they were going to keep the child, then they wanted them all to have the same name; and when that time came, and Rebekah gave birth they named their son, Lucas Holt. Being mere teens themselves, and with the lack of help from their parents, they truly had no idea how to bring a child up, let alone look after a new born baby.

The two continued to work day and night to make sure that they kept their living arrangements, but more importantly to keep the three of them alive; despite looking after Lucas, there really wasn’t much love there for him. They saw him as the thing that ruined their lifestyle, the thing that took away their freedom of being able to go out with their friends at night and illegally get into the best clubs in London. As Lucas began to age, the more confident they became with leaving him in the house alone whilst they went by their day to day lives; he was a quiet child, and never screamed when he was left alone, therefore, it was left unaware to the neighbours that this was happening. Lucas knew that he was never wanted, and that he was the being which caused his parents to struggle and not get a good living, thus, when he reached his teenage years, he began to stay out later and later; he found himself in the wrong crowds as he began to dabble with alcohol and drugs.

With all the negativity in his life, he could never shake that there was something different about him and the way in which his family lived their lives; he had very little to no friends, and knew he was an outsider, but he knew as much that they should have commonalities in life. Yet it wasn’t until his eighteenth birthday that his family finally came together to celebrate, which, despite the suspicious circumstances, Lucas couldn’t help but feel somewhat overjoyed; although this did not last too long, as it was then that he found out why he was so different to other people his age. His Grandfather explained the ceremony which was waiting outside for him - he was part of a species called Instar Diviner and he was now to be claimed by either Fae or Necromancy. The trust he held for his family was very little, but intrigued that he could be more than the weird kid was tempting. As the sky rumbled and dark clouds rolled it, it was no surprise to his dysfunctional family that he was claimed by the necromancer line; he could feel the power soar through his veins, and a loud, bellow of a laugh echoed around him.

Lucas, spent most of his childhood as the poor, skinny kid that took to the streets for money - he was unloved by many but now, now he could seek revenge; he knew he was inexperienced with his magic and that is how he justified his next actions. The young Diviner channelled the moons power and murdered his family - starting with Matthew and Rebekah, the parents who were never meant to be. Of course, Lucas didn’t get much out of his family's death, but he was now free from their disapproving glare; his life had turned back to normal, and despite the new power, he could not get out of the alcohol and drug trade. In fact, now that he was eighteen, he could enter a club legally; and he frequented the same club regularly.

It was in his bar, that he stumbled across a male who went by the name of Adolf Reigns - he was a being that Lucas had never seen before; the man, who only muttered a few words to him over the next few weeks and months, stirred feelings within Lucas that he didn’t know existed. The constant rejection was nothing new to Lucas, but Adolf was someone that he couldn’t shake - he thought about the male, day and night; he knew he could cast a spell upon him to make him notice him, but for once, he wanted to try and get something good in his life without the darkness. Lucas became obsessed with Adolf, he found himself following the male throughout the day, watching him at night through the windows; Lucas even began researching Adolf’s family, and noted that he had siblings also, he even found out that they were different, much like him. In fact, his obsession with Adolf reached new heights as he began to sabotage any future love interest which came his way - even though, from Adolf’s behaviour, he didn’t do relationships; and even when he dated someone, it was a woman.

It wasn’t until a few years down the line, that Lucas found out that Adolf’s parents had been murdered, which consequently lead to the siblings deciding to leave London and move to a different City. Lucas had overheard the siblings conversation one night, and listened as they spoke about going to Evermore City, a City in Colorado which welcomed supernatural creatures; it was strange that there was no mention of this in his Grandfather's books on Diviners. However, that was neither here nor there, and he knew he would need to move there also - yet he had no money to make such a move. The moment that Lucas left the Reign’s home that evening, he stood outside of his weary looking flat, and with a few muttered words - he set his home aflame once he had saved his family’s spell books; this was the final thing holding him back and much to his disbelief, his family had some insurance on the house which funded him his move to Evermore.

Upon arrival, Lucas located a fairly similar, run down apartment which was within his price range and began to seek out those who dealt with drugs; to see if they could take on another runner. All the while he built himself a life in Evermore, he kept close tabs on Adolf and watched how his family succeeded in the city. He eventually found the courage to speak to Adolf once again, it was possible that a new city meant that the male was more open to new possibilities; but once again, Lucas was shut down even harder than before. Lucas knew the man could be cold, but something had changed with him and he was determined to find out why. One evening, Lucas found Adolf in a rather heated argument with a woman that was somewhat familiar to the Diviner - he watched from the shadows as the man, without remorse stabbed the woman who was very clearly pregnant. Lucas didn’t know Adolf had that in him, and found himself to be even more attracted to him.

Lucas, knew, however, there would be consequences to such an act and began to read through his Grandfather’s books once again and began to truly learn his magic when he wasn’t running for drugs; he would practice at night, when the moon was at its peak and when he was at his strongest - he didn’t know what was to come, but he knew he would need to protect Adolf as much as he could. Yet when happened next, he did not expect - not one bit; right before his eyes, he watched how Adolf was murdered by the Father of the child he had killed only a few nights prior. Lucas had to swallow back the scream as he lurked within the bushes, to not bring attention his way; he had never felt so much pain and it felt as if his heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces - his future boyfriend was now dead.

The Diviner was beside himself for weeks as he allowed Adolf’s family to mourn their loss, but not in a million years did he believe that they would ever understand what he was currently going through; Lucas began to experiment more with drugs, he used them more frequently in an attempt to drown out the pain in which he was feeling. It was in one of his highs that the thought occurred to him, he had dark magic flowing through his blood - why could he not try and bring Adolf back to life? Although the thought was crazy, Lucas was equally as crazy and knew he needed to bring back his healthier addiction; and with that, Lucas located where Adolf was buried and dug him up - only for the dead corpse to lie upon his dinner table back at home for a few more weeks.

Lucas pinned somewhat as he looked over the lifeless body of Adolf, but soon slapped out of it so he could begin the ritual; it took countless of times, countless of efforts and still nothing. Time was beginning to pass him by and the body was beginning to rot out on his table; but it so happened that the night of comet that hit Evermore, was the night that allowed him to channel a little more power for the spell to be successful. The Diviner was stunned to see the cells beginning to grow again and begin to mend the body; the rise and fall of the male's chest was confirmation that Lucas was, in his mind, the most successful Diviner there was. Lucas was relieved, and screamed in happiness - but he, now, too was weak; such magic came with a price and he knew that other’s of his kind may have felt the power radiate from him - particularly the ambassador he had heard so much about.

Despite being mentally and physically weak, the male began to make preparations at the house, he stole food and drink from the local shops - as well as clothes so that Adolf would be able to change from his burial suit. Lucas was well aware that it would take time for Adolf’s mind to heal - if it ever would - but he knew that this was his last chance to win over Adolf’s heart; it was not every day that someone was willing to risk everything to bring back another. The days passed, and Lucas became Adolf’s carer, he would change his clothes, help him bathe but more importantly, he began to teach Adolf the simple but necessary actions to help him live more independently again; such as walking, and how to speak. Lucas also took it upon himself to change Adolf’s name, seeing as the blonde male had no recollection of it - besides, Lucas was never a fan of his name. Instead, Lucas named Adolf, Finnick, Finn for short. “It has a ring to it, don’t you think? Finnick Reigns” He exclaimed which seemed to have triggered some kind of smile out of the other man.

The two lived like this for many years - Lucas was selfish and kept Finn locked up in his apartment, even though he knew Finn was able to live somewhat independently; his mind was still not there yet, nor were his physical movements, but the diviner just was not ready to share Finn again with the world, let alone his sisters. If The Reign Sisters were to find out Finn walked the Earth once more, they would sure keep him to themselves; and ruin any sort of relationship that Lucas and he had. Yet it was on one evening, when Lucas had to go on a drug run, that he returned to find his apartment empty; there was no sign of Finn, there was no sign of an intrusion either - which meant, Finn had escaped on his own. In a panic, Lucas began to hunt him down, it could not be that hard to find someone who did not fit in well, or someone who kind of resembled Frankenstein’s monster at times; yet little did Lucas know, Finn could indeed remember fragmentations of his previous life, and had gone to seek answers.

Lucas was unable to find Finn that night, and continued to search for him; he would start war upon the Reign siblings if they denied him. He could not lose the only person who accepted him, and certainly not to those who could not keep him alive the first time round.

The good: Devoted, Determined, Independent, Quiet
The bad: Obsessive, Obnoxious, Selfish, Vulgar

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