Name: Raina Sterling
Age: 23
Species: Initia - Rare Deviant 
Family: Davina Sterling, Rosalyn Sterling
Element: Fire, Gravity and Electric
Face Claim: Taylor Hill 

Raina Sterling was born in to the leading family of Initia for New York City. Her tribe was constantly warring with the cities phoenix tribe so being the third daughter of her family she was welcomed as much as her two older siblings were. Her tribe needed bodies and strength and her and her sisters were the next generation of that. Even from a young age, being born in to the leading family came with a lot of responsibilities. Being the youngest sister, her two older siblings were there to help and guide her along the way, teaching her everything she needed. Because of this they were all very close. Even with their parents ruling the Initia and fighting a war, they made sure to make time for their children resulting in a very close knit family. It was busy, hectic, and sometimes hard childhood, but Raina wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

School started and seemed to fly by. Once again, having two older siblings made dealing with the pressure of school and her obligations of a daughter of the Sterlings much easier. Her sisters took care of her and made sure she was doing well. As the sisters got older, they and tribe eagerly awaited for their tattoos to appear. As time passed and Raina turned 10 and none of them received their tattoos yet, even her 15 year older sibling Rosalyn, they grew more and more disappointed. Luckily, 4 years later when Raina was 14 and her sister Davina was 15 their elements appeared. It was hard for her to be happy when she could see the sadness and disappointment her oldest sister, Rosa, tried to hide.

Fire chose Raina and she clicked quickly with the element. While her relationship with her parents and Davina remained the same, she noticed Rosalyn growing more and more distant and her parents spending less and less time with their first born. As much as Raina wanted to be there for her sister, support her, she couldn’t. Training with her element, school, and tribe matter took up nearly all of her time. Controlling fire was something that came to her so naturally that soon Raina was helping her sister with her element and found other members coming to her for advice. It wasn’t long after finding her element that Raina noticed her oldest sister starting to spiral out of control and completely pull away from her family until she finally left completely.

At first Raina was lost without her oldest sister. Davina and Raina became even closer as a result and their final year of high school seemed to fly by. Throughout this entire time no one received any word for Rosalyn. Her cellphone had become disconnected and she had left no forwarding address. They didn’t even know if their sister was alive anymore. It was only after Raina had graduated that her parents started to wonder and worry after her oldest sister. She couldn’t help but feel some resentment toward her parents for being part of the reason that Rosa had left. She became cold and closed-off towards her parents. Their once close family bond was ruined, in Raina’s opinion, shattered by her parent’s lack of understanding for their oldest daughter. They had pushed her away when she hadn’t shown the Initia gene and now no one knew what had happened to her. Raina completely blamed her parents.

After graduating high school, even with her anger and resentment towards her parents, Raina chose not to go to college. She remained with them and assisted in running the tribe and training new members and people who had just been claimed by their element. She liked what she did; teaching people to control their element and some fighting skills was something she actually took a lot of pleasure in. Around this time she also started dating a fellow tribe member, Connor Marks. For the first time in a while, Raina was starting to feel content again and was even started to work on her relationship with her parents. Things were finally starting to settle, the family accepting that Rosalyn was gone and doing their best to move on until she decided to make contact with them. But the peace would not last.

The phoenix attacked in the middle of the night. Raina and her family and Connor had just been sitting down to dinner when the first screams reached their ears. Her father quickly looked out the window and saw the Initia compound was already overwhelmed by the phoenix fire. Connor went to search for his family and friends and never returned. Raina found herself, her mother, and her sister being smuggled from the compound by her father. They made it outside and the sight that met them was terrible. The entire compound was on fire. The sound of fighting and screams of pain could still be heard from inside but there was nothing they could do now. Even knowing this, her father went back inside and moments later a massive explosion followed, the entire compound was brought to the ground.

The three women fled as quickly as they could but several phoenix quickly caught their trail and followed. Raina’s mother made the quick decision to leave her daughters to distract the phoenix. The sisters made their way to the train station and promptly caught the quickest train out of the city. With literally nothing but the clothes on their backs, the girls had no idea what to do. They made their to Chicago and spent a few weeks there getting their finances together and waiting to see if either of their parents would show up as this was their designated meet city. Neither their mother nor father showed up so after a few weeks of doing some digging and finding a newspaper article about a girl who had been in the hospital after a boating accident in a small South Carolina town, the girls put two and two together and headed out. The report said that the woman had been heading south, probably from New York when her boat had been caught in a storm. Dates matched up perfectly and Raina knew it had to be Rosalyn.

They rented a car and headed down south, reaching the small town within a few days and immediately seeking out their sister. They found her easily enough and the shock on her face at seeing her two sisters showed them that she had clearly had no intentions of coming back to New York any time soon. Despite the rocky welcome, Raina was happy beyond words to see her sister again and after they all sat down and filled her in on what had happened in New York. Rosalyn barely hesitated in welcoming her sisters back in to her life and Raina couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. The reserved 20 year old felt something loosen inside of her, a feeling of resentment she obviously still held towards her parents for chasing off Rosalyn was gone now that her sister was back in her life. The siblings embraced and that was when something changed. A feeling like some kind of electric shock passed through Raina as she took her sisters hands and she could see surprise pass through Rosalyn’s eyes.

That was the moment that Raina gained her abilities with Gravity and her sister with Metal. Listening to their sister’s story and learning of her strange new abilities, the two youngest siblings couldn’t help but be happy for Rosalyn. She was in fact an Initia and one with powers that were unheard of before. The family spent a few more weeks in South Carolina catching up and Rosa helping her sisters to get a basic understanding of their new gifts before they decided to move on in search of their mother. The newly reunited siblings travelled across the country looking for a lead on their mother. Instead, they found three other Initia like them, gifted with these strange new powers. Rosalyn then decided, and her sisters agreed that they needed further help in understanding what was going on. When the comet struck, giving them new powers, they finally caught a break and following a lead on their mother, they headed towards Evermore, Colorado…..

Sensible - Understanding - Protective - Responsible

Sarcastic - Short-tempered - Headstrong


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