Name: Ronan Winters 
Age: 30 (Looks) 34 (Real)
Species: Ailward Guard -  Dhamapir (Weapon Affinity : Sky blue | Weapons : Bo Staff that breaks into batons )
Rank: Guard
Faceclaim: Kieron Moore

| Heroic | Quick thinking | Impartial |  Doesn't trust easily | Emotionally detached |

“Other things may change  but we start and end with Family “

Ronan was born 13th November 1992 to Liam and Siobhan Winters on the borders of Dublin, Ireland in the beginning there was just a small group of Dhampir but as Ronan grew so did the coven. As it grew Liam began to train lam and the other young Dhampirs that came of age at the age of six the family and coven welcomed Ronan's twin brother and Sister into the world Rowan and Lily when he wasn't training he was helping his mother with his brother and sister.

When Ronan turned 12 with the blessing of his father he began to train Lilly and Ronan train  them Lilly was well skilled with daggers and Ronan became in-depth with short swords their bond was unbreakable in their free time they would go to the cinema go on walks generally have fun, but things changed when the weapon ceremony happened 

On his 18th birthday Ronan was taken to a cave a few miles from home where his coven had used for many years for the weapon ceremony as he walked down the path he was met by the elders of each family as they explained what he had to do aide nodded as he stepped inside it was the first time he had ever seen what was in the cave a table full of weapons  instinctively he went to the duel swords and began to shadow train with them, but they didn't feel right nor did he see a colour for the next few hours he changed from weapon until he picked up a BO staff as he began to move with it felt like he was connected to it as he saw a sky blue light circling the BO staff not fully understand why this weapon had chosen him 

Over the next few years  Ronan had done what he had planned for him protecting Dhampir and human alike and meeting the girl of his dreams Jasmine he had defended her from a group of drunks that tried to harm her, and they fell head over heels in love with her his mind was focused on her every minute of every day even though he saw her every night, 6 months later he proposed and began to slowly move her into his home and community life was bliss for many years  until Ronan heard of news that people and supernatural were being killed mercilessly with this new Ronan 's father asked every Dhampir that could patrol to patrol till one night .

Ronan was in Dublin carrying his normal patrol all of a sudden his cell phone began to ring he  never answered it when on patrol but it was ringing continuously until it was answered it was Jasmine she was whispering he could hear blood curdling cry. From the background he listens to her answers till heard its ring. The line went dead putting his cell phone back in his pocket returning to his jeep heading home as fast  as possible.

Arriving home, the covens home was burning to the ground as he got out he pulled out his staff he began to scan the area, many of his friends he grew up with lay slain on the ground stopping when he heard Jasmine cry of Ronan he turned to see his younger brother standing behind her as he gave a fatal wound she fell to the ground rage filled hs body as he charged his former brother  with the ferocity of a tiger as the duel moved into a field they once trained together in at the bottom of the field Ronan received several injures leaving him slumped on the ground as he began to question Ronan why he did this he watched  as several questions were answered as the final answer  was “ I am taking what should be rightfully mine and leaving you with nothing
Days passed before Ronan awoke he was fully healed but not sure how he ended up in a hotel let alone being alive  on  the table beside him was a note  

We have watched you for a long time Ronan  

And how you  chose to defend your kind and the human race 

And we are sorry for your loss when you are ready come to 

 Evermore city and ask at the manor for a friend


The note puzzled him but made him chuckle to as the name was clearly a fake  but Evermore did ring a bell his father constantly said he was often in contact with Astoria leader of the Dhampir faction there he couldn't understand if he had not heard from his father Donovan would've surely sent someone as he packed the clothing that was placed on the table in front of him he knew someone was watching over him so he thought he would do as the letter asked and headed to Evermore.

Ronan arrived in Evermore a few days later as he stepped out of the airport he was met by a tall muscular man by the name of Edward who asked for Ronan to follow him to a car once he was inside all that was said was that A .friend  Sent him some time later he was sat in a manor house something like he would see on Upstairs Downstairs a few minutes had passed and he was met by a man  by the name of Venetus, and he explained that they were aware of someone protecting  humans and Dhampir a like and a few minutes passed before he apologised for his Coven being destroyed and he explained his role an that he cannot get involved unnecessarily but he would thing his coven would want him to carry on what he was doing but as a member of the Ailward guard and explained they are like peacekeepers and explained the core values  of them Ronan  nodded without hesitation but Venetus gave two  conditions “  that he proves that is hatred for his brother would not cloud his judgement and went on several missions with experienced  guard. Over a 6 month period Ronan went on missions with several Experienced guards to show he could show the Values of the Ailward  and that his past even though still there would not affect his judgement and an Oath of Service and Loyalty to his new Family.

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